Imagine Me and You (I Do) — A Single Dad!Ashton AU

Summary: Ashton is a father to twin boys, a YouTube vlogger, and also your best friend. 
Rating: T
Word Count: 4,858
A/N: This is the result of a series of text messages sent back and forth between Rachel and me. We’re kind of obsessed with Dadshton. I hope you like it, @gladsyoucame​!!!

It’s 8:30 in the morning on a Saturday when Ashton decides it’s time to wake his boys up so they can start their day. He himself has been up since five, long since finished his daily routine of checking his schedule for the day, powering through some yoga and meditation, followed by a few miles’ jog on the treadmill. 

His hair is still wet from the shower when he creeps up to Frankie’s room, pushing the door open to find the four-year-old tucked up beneath the blankets, eyelashes fanned out against his round cheeks as he snuffles softly in his sleep. Ashton walks over to the edge of the bed and sits down gently, leaning in to press a soft kiss to Frankie’s cheek.

“Frankie,” he whispers gently, nudging Frankie’s ear with his nose, “it’s time to wake up, Pal.”

Frankie grumbles tiredly, turning his head so he can bury it in the pillow.

He’s always been a light sleeper, and Ashton knows after all this time that if he doesn’t wake Frankie gently, he’ll be cranky all day.

“Gotta get up, Frank,” Ashton tries again, “I need you to help me make the pancakes.”

“Pancakes?” Comes the garbled reply, Frankie lifting his head to look at Ashton.

“Oh yeah,” Ashton grins, lifting Frankie from his sheets and cradling his slight frame against Ashton’s own. He knows Frankie’s getting too big for it, but he wants to hold onto his babies for as long as he can. 

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