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Dad Punchers - Self-Loathing

Wanna smash every mirror in every bathroom of your house, ‘cause you’re ashamed of who’s always lookin’ back. 

Wanna smear mud on every surface reflections bounce off of.

You don’t have to look, you could always live inside.

And that’s why we never looked at you, 'cause the self-loathing never stops and it’s tying you in knots.

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We will never ever go out on the weekends,
just embrace each other to Netflix,
and if that’s sorry, baby I’m sorry to you. 

We’ll never answer phone calls from our best friends,
everyone else is just excessive,
and if that’s healthy, baby I’m unhealthy to you. 

You wanna pack it all and run,
and while that sounds like fun,
I’d rather sleep alone in my own bed tonight 

Because I don’t run on love or affection,
I run on the tasks I’ve been given to do 

You’re afraid of sex and everything is second best
and you haven’t figured out how to be affectionate, I know, it gets confusing. 

What’s the point in pets? You get attached and they die,
you get bummed and it makes you realize that this is temporary. 

What you make won’t mean anything next year, it’s temporary.