Dad daughter moments

Parenting done right!

So this happened on my bus journey home from work.

A little girl was in tears and sat behind me with her father. Through her distress, I managed to figure out that she had been playing with her dad’s tablet on another bus and accidentally forgotten it. I heard her saying “sorry, I lost the tablet!” I sat waiting for him to shout at her for losing his stuff, but instead, in a calm voice, he said:

“It’s Ok, these things happen. Hopefully a good person will hand it in and we can get it back.
"But what if a bad person takes it?” She wails.
“Well then they’ve scored!”
*girl is very confused and continues to cry*
“Look, a nice person might hand it in, but if not and someone keeps it for themselves, there’s nothing we can do about it. Don’t worry about it, it’s not important.”
*girl wails something incomprehensible*
“It’s just a material thing, it can be replaced when we can. It’d be bad if I’d left you on the bus!”
*girl stops crying, listens*
*father, in a jokey dramatic voice* “Or, could you imagine if you’d left daddy on the bus!” *girl giggles* “But we didn’t lose each other. We’re both ok, and in the end, that’s what really matters. A tablet, a possession, isn’t worth your tears.”
*little girl agrees and there are no more tears*

Now, I know tablets are expensive, and I’m sure deep down the dad is gutted about losing something so valuable. However, he didn’t think it was worth upsetting his daughter and figured her happiness was the most important thing. In addition, he taught her a valuable lesson - the fact that family is worth more than any mere possession.

Yeah, he probably shouldn’t have let a child so young use an expensive tablet - lesson learned from his perspective. Some may say he was a bit soft - maybe she’ll think it’s ok to not look after other items cause they “don’t matter”. But frankly, he prevented a full scale meltdown, made his little girl laugh and smile, took the guilt away from her and taught her that material things aren’t that important. In my opinion, from her initial reaction, I don’t think she’ll be so careless in future. I think it was a beautiful moment and an example of parenting done right!


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