Daasu x Komimi <3
(full view

I was supposed to give you guys this quick sketchy thing last week for Maji Friday

But due to unforeseen feels…I got a little sidetracked. >__>;

For some reason it was really tough working on this pic cause I kept getting all kinds of doki doki feels. I don’t know if it was because I was working on it on Sunday (the day I tend to get more doki doki feels than usual), or because I find this pairing so hot…or if for some reason Kuumin’s grad announcement was having an effect.

I guess I’ll never know ヽ(ー_ー )ノ <3

Drabble #71 - SKE48 ( Akarin / Daasu Vader )

Another old one. This was after the 2013 Senbatsu Sousenkyo!

The Force is With Suda…

In Nissan Stadium, Yokohama | June 8, 2013 | Election Results Countdown @ #16

Announcer: Number 16… With 43,252 votes… SKE48… SUDA AKARI!

Akarin (SKE48) : *goes to the stage*

Yuria: *looks at Suda Vader’s fans* … !!! ( O . O! ) What the heck…?

Churi: Hmm? What’s wrong, Yuria? ( O . o? )

Kitarie: *looks at the place where Yuria’s looking at* ( O . O! ) … ( - _ -’ ) Oh. Look at where she’s looking at, Churi.

Churi: ( O . O? ) *looks at at the place where Yuria’s looking at* ( O . O! ) … T-the force is really with Suda… ( - _ -’ )

Meanwhile at the audience (Specifically at Suda’s fans)…

Luke Skywalker: *waves Lightsaber* I had no idea that this is the real Darth Vader. DX *face palm*

Padmé: Just shut up and support. *waves Lightsaber* ( - _ - )/

Palpatine: The whole empire will support you, Darth Vader… Or should I say… Suda Vader…? *waves Lightsaber* Dark empire, wave your lightsabers with me! >:D

Dark Sidious’s Minions: *wave their lightsabers* ( - _ - )/

Back to ze Stage…

Churi: Where the heck is Luke Skywalker when we needed him? ( - _ -’ )

Kitarie: He’s beside his Mom. ( - _ -’ )

Yuria: Bird brained as usual, Churi. ( - _ - )

Churi: It’s better to have a brain than NOT TO HAVE ONE, Yuria-chan. ( ^ _ ^* )

Akarin (SKE48): *goes to her seat* (I knew it… I still had the power of the Dark Side…! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! >:D)