I know you guys wanna hear all the details, but I’m super tired right now. Still, I wanted to let you know at least my impressions on the girls after meeting them irl. 

※the order is only based on which girl came to my mind first. not which one impressed me more, or which one I liked the most. 

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“I love Suda Akari in her every aspect and I respect her more than any other person in the world. Because of that, I’d immediately fly to her if she were crying and I’d want to stay by her side until she smiles again when she suffers and feels like she can’t go on anymore. That’s not because I’m especially kind or anything, but because Daasu is such a great girl it makes me feel like doing that. Please keep on supporting her like you’ve always done. #ZeroPosi”

Akari quoted the tweet, adding:

“I’m sorry I always do nothing but depend on you. I’m sure that feeling proud of how very blessed I am and of the fact that I’m surrounded by such wonderful people will lead me to also feel proud of my own self. Thank you so, so much, Yuria.”

I haven’t had time to watch the Zero Position episode yet, but I look forward to it. Also, Yuria’s words reminded me way too much of this :)

Drabble #71 - SKE48 ( Akarin / Daasu Vader )

Another old one. This was after the 2013 Senbatsu Sousenkyo!

The Force is With Suda…

In Nissan Stadium, Yokohama | June 8, 2013 | Election Results Countdown @ #16

Announcer: Number 16… With 43,252 votes… SKE48… SUDA AKARI!

Akarin (SKE48) : *goes to the stage*

Yuria: *looks at Suda Vader’s fans* … !!! ( O . O! ) What the heck…?

Churi: Hmm? What’s wrong, Yuria? ( O . o? )

Kitarie: *looks at the place where Yuria’s looking at* ( O . O! ) … ( - _ -’ ) Oh. Look at where she’s looking at, Churi.

Churi: ( O . O? ) *looks at at the place where Yuria’s looking at* ( O . O! ) … T-the force is really with Suda… ( - _ -’ )

Meanwhile at the audience (Specifically at Suda’s fans)…

Luke Skywalker: *waves Lightsaber* I had no idea that this is the real Darth Vader. DX *face palm*

Padmé: Just shut up and support. *waves Lightsaber* ( - _ - )/

Palpatine: The whole empire will support you, Darth Vader… Or should I say… Suda Vader…? *waves Lightsaber* Dark empire, wave your lightsabers with me! >:D

Dark Sidious’s Minions: *wave their lightsabers* ( - _ - )/

Back to ze Stage…

Churi: Where the heck is Luke Skywalker when we needed him? ( - _ -’ )

Kitarie: He’s beside his Mom. ( - _ -’ )

Yuria: Bird brained as usual, Churi. ( - _ - )

Churi: It’s better to have a brain than NOT TO HAVE ONE, Yuria-chan. ( ^ _ ^* )

Akarin (SKE48): *goes to her seat* (I knew it… I still had the power of the Dark Side…! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! >:D)


[NEWS] AKB48 36th single “Labrador Retriever” 36nin senbatsu, center and performance

Here’s the live performance of Labrador Retriever

Center: Watanabe Mayu

AKB48 (18): Iriyama Anna, Kawaei Rina, Takahashi Juri, Takahashi Minami, Watanabe Mayu, Yokoyama Yui, Kitahara Rie, Kashiwagi Yuki, Kato Rena, Shimazaki Haruka, Kojima Haruna, Minegishi Minami, Okada Nana, Kojima Mako, Nishino Miki, Owada Nana, Ichikawa Miori, Oba Mina

SKE48 (7): Matsui Jurina, Matsui Rena, Kizaki Yuria, Suda Akari, Kimoto Kanon, Furuhata Nao, Kitagawa Ryoha

NMB48 (5): Yamamoto Sayaka, Watanabe Miyuki, Yagura Fuuko, Yabashita Shu, Shibuya Nagisa

HKT48 (6): Sashihara Rino, Kodama Haruka (♛), Miyawaki Sakura, Oota Aika, Tomonaga Mio, Tashima Meru

Fact: The current Team K has only one senbatsu member; Kitahara Rie. lmao. Also first time senbatsu are 7 girls; Okada Nana, Nishino Miki, Owada Nana, Furuhata Nao, Kitagawa Ryoha、Yabashita Shu and Shibuya Nagisa

Minegishi Minami’s G+:

Mayu, happy birthday✳︎

Mayu was sandwiched between NakoMiku right on her 20th birthday, she looked happy(^。^)♡

And I’ll be on “The! Sekai Gyouten News” (The World Amazing News) at 19:00 tonight with that Mayu and Daasu. Please watch.

Heads up about the new members to be transferred\in concurrency in SKE48.

Karen: She hasn’t written anything today as well. She didn’t even send any mobile mail. Her fans are worried. There’s no way to know what her intentions are at the moment, now that a whole day passed from the comment saying she wouldn’t go anywhere.

Boss: Today she went back to Fukuoka and discussed the Reformation with her family.

Sae: She’s trying to write a blog post in order to express her feelings, but she’s having a hard time finishing it. She’d prefer to convey directly through her voice what she has to.

Suzuran: She hasn’t written anything.

Miyuki: She belives it’s going to be hard, but also that, if she’ll manage to do this, she’ll gain a lot of confidence.

Yurina: She’s still unsure about what to do and she asks the fans to wait for her to made the decision (they have until 18:00 of the 26th).

Nana: She hasn’t mentioned the topic today.

Sumire: Akarin (E Leader) shared her post from yesterday, thanking her and telling her to go catching a lot of chances together. Sumire shared a post from Akari and said: “I’ll follow you, Daasu-chan. I’m filled with things I don’t understand yet, so please teach me a lot, okay? Take care of me!”. Tsugumi, Madoka and Akari commented under the post welcoming her and reciprocating her greetings.

Tani: She shared Boss’ post in which she wrote she’d become Sakae’s boss. So Marika went like “If she’ll become Sakae’s boss, I’ll become Sakae’s busu!” <- ugly girl.
Also, Akari shared Marika’s post from yesterday, thanked her and said she won’t let her regret the fact that she’ll go to SKE.

In short: The situation is pretty much unchanged from yesterday, aside from the fact that Yurina showed some hesitation.
The biggest doubt is that surrounding Karen. We shall wait tomorrow for that.

[G The TV] - Bond, So Close. Suda Akari x Kizaki Yuria

So!! I finally managed to translate this relatively long interview :)
I’m sorry it took me this much but this time I really wanted to wait for my own copy of the magazine…
Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy the interview. I think it’s yet one more chance to find out more not only about Yuria, Akari and their relationship, but also about SKE, AKB and the differences between the groups!

Enjoy and remember you can find other translated interviews here.
ps: It would make me happy for you to share the interview by linking to this post. Please do not copy\paste elsewhere. Thanks :)

A year since the sudden parting.
Now the two of them work respectively as part of AKB48 and SKE48’s senbatsu.
And here’s what you get as they get together after a while…
16 pages of sweet memories overflowing with a feel of intimacy.
And even in the interview, they kept being perfectly in tune with each other.

Interviewer: I guess it’s also because you’re from the same generation, but your intimacy was in full bloom during today’s photo-shoot! Do you remember the first impression you had of each other?

Kizaki: It gets really impressive if I try to go back…I mean, I get like “how long has it been since we first met!?”

Suda: It was during the audition, wasn’t it?

Kizaki: Do you remember it?

Suda: Yeah. I remember there was a round girl (laughs)

Kizaki: Hey!! (laughs)

Suda: You were wearing a down jacket or something like that, right?

Kizaki: I was, I was!! I, on the contrary, really don’t remember it. I don’t remember anybody!! (laughs) But anyway, when I’m asked about which is the one episode regarding you that has left the strongest impression inside me until now, there’s one thing I always talk about…

Suda: Ahahah! I get it. It’s totally that story!!

Kizaki: Yes. That one. When it was decided for us to start performing the Party ga Hajimaru Yo show, we were practicing together and, since I had been taking dance lessons before, I was being able to dance the stage songs without many problems. On the other hand, Daasu had been studying ballet so, unable to properly do a 16 beats dance, she kept practicing while crying like crazy. It was incredible. Seeing someone evidently older than me crying out loud during practice, shouting “Akari can’t do iiiiiiit!!” was so shocking that I still remember it as if it was yesterday!

Suda: Eheheh I noticed you tried to imitate me while saying that! (laughs). My first thought regarding Yuria was: the kind of girl that will probably pass the audition. She was young, cute…and I thought someone like her would definitely pass. It does happen, after all, to see the other girls at auditions in this terms.

Kizaki: I know what you mean, you see everyone kind of like enemies.

Suda: After that, the dance lessons began and she taught me a lot. Then, for the choreography of the song [Koi wo kataru shijin ni narenakute] I couldn’t understand the difference between the move in which we have to bring the hand down, and the one in which we have to draw it back, so I went to ask her “What’s the difference between these moves?”. She looked at me, with her eyes wide open and told me: “What? They’re completely different!”. That made me feel so frustrated, I’ll never forget that.

Kizaki: No way! (laughs)

Suda: I’m serious. It felt really frustrating.

Kizaki: Ahahah. You’re a real hard worker, so you feel frustration over every single thing.

Suda: Yeah…Whenever I see someone around me being in a higher position than mine, I can’t help but feel “Why isn’t it me being there?”

Kizaki: But if we put it that way, you know? When we were performing the Research Students’ Stage, the fact that you were chosen to be the center made me feel frustrated. I never said it out loud, but I did feel that way. How to put it…? At first we pretty much all felt that way, I guess. We were inexperienced and didn’t understand one another.  But the more time we spent together, the more we become able to understand each other and I think that the fact that we got the chance to grow and improve ourselves in such a way is one of the greatest things about the 3rd generation. So, even though it felt really frustrating back then, right now there’s not even a bit of me feeling things like “If only I had been the center…!”. I believe it was for the best for Daasu to be the center and that it was the right choice!

Interviewer: I see. Sorry if I’m suddenly changing the subject, but…I notice that Yuria says “Daasu” when calling Akarin!

Suda: That’s right!! She doesn’t say “Daasuu!!”

Kizaki: It’s bothersome to stretch it…! Yeah, I know it’s barely a second, but still (laughs). By the way I also call her Sudachan from time to time. I used to call her Akarin, but only when I was in middle school. I absolutely never call her that way now.

Suda: I remember back then we used to call each other by our nicknames…But we’ve always all called you just Yuria. Aside from Masana-san, who calls you Omaru (laughs)

Kizaki: That girl is quite peculiar, after all (laughs)

Interviewer: Now back to the main topics of the interview. I’d like to switch the theme to the [3rd Generation Bond].

Kizaki: Our generation is basically made of bonds! There’s nothing but bonds in the 3rd gen!

Interviewer: There originally was 13 of you…

Kizaki: And now there’s Kaotan, Mikiti, Risako and…

Suda: …And then the two of us. There’s only 5 of us now

Kizaki: I think the 3rd one is the best generation ever. I’ve always felt sure it was better than any other generation. All 3rd gen members had confidence in themselves and were recognized by everyone else around, to the point that, I still remember, we used to wonder about what would’ve happened if only, back then, we would’ve gotten the chance to create a Team just with the 3rd generation members…”

Suda: That’s right…

Kizaki: After all, it’s only our generation that got separated that much, isn’t it?

Suda: Even though the 4th generation could create Team E, based on its own members, we, who joined earlier, were all promoted to different Teams. We couldn’t all become part of the same Team, it’s true, but precisely in the light of that I’m even happier, now, that we could experience the Research Students’ Stage all together, even if it didn’t last long.

Kizaki: It was a hard time, but it also called out for a very strong impact!

Suda: We used to get to perform it only once per month, so each one of us would think about nothing but making the performance a success! When it was first decided, I remember we all thought about many things, but in the end the only thing we were really considering was how to work hard in order to keep on performing this one Stage per month, which we were all so grateful for.

Interviewer: So it’s in the midst of these circumstances that your activities started out.  Also considering this, how did you feel when last Spring it was announced for Yuria to move to AKB?

Suda: Ahhhh, well. I feel that it was for the best that she didn’t decide to stay. Hmm, how to put it…?
There always are many surprises in the 48 Groups, aren’t there? And just to the same extent, we happen to feel startled and confused. I’m sure many of us end up feeling things like “I don’t want for things to change.”, “If only everything could stay as it is”. Even more because of that, I think that Yuria who, being told about the transfer, was able to accept it, work hard grabbing the opportunity she was given and moving to AKB, is absolutely magnificent. From our position, I tell you, it’s way easier to feel like you want to stay as you are, without changing. And I think Yuria chose the path of the transfer on top of being aware of the hardships that were waiting for her.

Kizaki: You’re flattering me. There also is the fact that you kindly pushed my back.

Interviewer: Did everyone push your back supporting your choice?

Kizaki: Yes, everyone did, but Daasu was not only the first one to do it, she also did it with very strong words. As I was panicking, asking “What should I do!?”, the one girl who understands me more than everyone else told me “Don’t worry, you’ll always be yourself”. Those words were so reassuring…She told me that “Even after going there, it’s okay to stay just as you are” and that really was…Well, thank you!!!

Suda: Don’t mention it!

Kizaki: You see how many have got the image of Daasu being always about herself, going like “I am this, I am that”? Well, behind that surface, there’s so much kindness. But I’m not going to talk about it or I’ll risk to ruin her image (laughs). Lately, every time we meet each other, without fail, we hug! We shout out our names, “Daasuuuuuu!”, “Yuuriaaaa!”, pretty much like, I don’t know, someone coming from overseas and not seeing each other for years!

Suda: I guess those around us just feel like “They’re at it again…” (laughs)
But when I talk with Yuria after a long time, I always think about how amazing it is for her to be able to understand someone’s heart and mind this much.

Kizaki: Now this makes me happy!

Suda: Plus, it’s not just about me. Even when, for example, I ask for advices regarding the Team or something occurred in SKE, she always answers back with very convincing and persuasive words. Everytime I feel that maybe one of the reason because she’s this good at acting, is the fact that she’s able to understand others’ feelings.

Kizaki: Hey, you’re praising me! It doesn’t happen often!

Suda: Well, it’s not like we usually get to talk together for an interview, so I decided to praise you openly (laughs)

Interviewer: Now after a year, what do you think about AKB48’s Kizaki Yuria?

Suda: First of all I think that, if it were me, I would’ve never been able to be recognized up to that point! When we perform divided by Teams in concerts and I see younger girls talking all happily with Yuria, I realize how she managed to become a real part of the Team, and that makes me feel reassured. To get to that point, I’m sure she did all she could in order to treasure as much as possible the time she spent with them. Seen from someone like me, really not good when it comes to relate with people, Yuria’s communication skills feel really incredible.

Interviewer: Now Yuria. What do you think about the current SKE48 and Suda Akari?

Kizaki: I feel like the current SKE is trying anew to find its own colors. In such a situation, seeing the young members working hard, and members like Daasu, Jurina-san and Rena-san backing them up and leading them, always makes me feel like crying. AKB48 has something SKE48 doesn’t have, and SKE48 has something AKB48 doesn’t have. I think this is something I could understand better precisely because I’m not there anymore. I find myself thinking “Wow, SKE48 really was great” and “Wow, AKB48’s really great!”.

Suda: You’ve felt the good sides of both groups on your own skin, after all.

Kizaki: Yeah. I also ended up understanding what each is lacking…Plus, something else I could get is that…Daasu is damn annoying when it comes to manners!! (laughs)

Suda: Ahaahahah!

Kizaki: Me and Yukko used to be, how to say it? Quite the happy go lucky type who would like, take one lunch box and say to a senior “Hey, how about we split this one?”. On the other hand, Daasu is the type that says “Please, you first!”. However, I believe that is a really relevant element. I feel so relieved when I think that Daasu is properly teaching all this to the juniors.

Interviewer: Now that you’re not there anymore, what’s that you can say being a positive aspect of SKE?

Suda: Oh! I want to know that!!

Kizaki: Hmm, I think it’s quite hard to put it into words…

Suda: I bet it is…Then…when it is that you perceive that?

Kizaki: Things are completely different even just from when you get in the dressing room! Both in a good and a bad way, in the dressing room of SKE’s senbatsu everyone watches out for everyone else, paying attention to them all, so in case someone is missing, it’s a matter of seconds for someone to notice. But when it comes to AKB’s dressing room…It’s pretty much super common for someone to be missing and it seems like all the others grew accustomed to it. Totally different in SKE…Like, if Daasu were missing, there would totally be someone going like “Hmm? Where’s Daasu?”, “She’s got some work to do!” “Oh! What kind of work?”.  Let’s say that work is a gravure photo-shoot, there would be a member feelings like: “Ahh, how nice. I want to do that too”.

Suda: Yes, yes, I know what you mean!

Kizaki: So…how to say it? I think that even the fact that it’s possible for feelings like frustration to be born in that context in SKE, leading the members to grown and improve also through the others’ experiences, is one of the great sides of SKE.

Suda: I see. Is AKB more about single individuals?

Kizaki: Yes, and not just that! It’s as if everyone is already established for themselves. Take Kojiharu-san!
They’re on the level in which, if someone were to hear that “She’s shooting for Peach John”, nobody would even feel jealous to begin with… On the other hand, if it were SKE, many members would start feeling like “If only I’d work harder I might get there too…”  and it’s an environment in which there always is the possibility for you to lose your head to someone else. I think this is a positive aspect of Nagoya and I feel like it might also be one of the reason why many fans feel like supporting SKE members!

Suda: I see. I think I get what you mean.

Kizaki: Did you really? I really hope I managed to properly express what I mean…

Interviewer: As for the last theme, I’d like for you to talk about your relationship and how you’d want for it to be.

Kizaki: Hmm, but…you know?

Suda: What, what!? (laughs)

Kizaki: At first we weren’t that close at all!

Suda: That’s true!! We were nothing more than simple same generation comrades…

Kizaki: I had Ogichan and Daasu had Shawako. Then the both of them graduated and our relationship began to intensify as in to compensate the holes left by them. But right after it started evolving that way, we experienced the shuffle and got separated. Surprisingly, thanks to the fact that being separated allowed us to see each other in a more objective way, our relationship got stronger and now it’s incredibly good.

Suda: There are 4 years of difference between us and normally I think this could cause a so called generation gap, but since we’ve been and we’ve grown in the same group, I really don’t feel the age difference at all and I’m so very grateful for this!

Kizaki: I agree. I think the current sense of distance between us is ideal!

Suda: We’ve been talking about our relationship during the shooting, wondering if it was kind of like that of sisters or what else. In the end we agreed it’s more like that of “childhood friends”.

Kizaki: Yeah…like living next to each other, maybe attending different schools but yet spending all the time together… “Best friends” might express a similar concept, but in that case the feeling of rivalry would fall to an absolute zero, so it would be different.

Suda: Yes. As long as we’ll both be in the 48 Group, I want for us to also keep being rivals.

Interviewer: Now, since the serious talk has been going on for a while, how about we close the interview with you saying something funny, maybe mentioning something you’d like to do in the future?

Suda: Wait, this is harder than it sounds (laughs)

Kizaki: Ah! Since this time the two of us got to be on the cover and in the opening gravure, for which I’m super grateful, next time I’d like to do that with all the 5 3rd generation members. (laughs)

Interviewer: Trying to do some marketing here, uh? (laughs)

Suda: But really. Right now they’re all experiencing their momentum, so much that, for example, Gotou Risako got to be center for the Team S Stage just recently!!

Kizaki: Things that would bring you to tears, right!?

Suda: I appeared in that Stage with her and, as she was talking, I started crying like a baby. We’re in the same generation so I know her worries very well, and I’ve been watching her working hard all this time, so I was happy!! Especially in this moment of impetus, I think it would be great to do something with the 3rd generation!!

Kizaki: Right? I want to give a form to this all!

Suda: That and, I want to work hard so that everyone in the 48 Group will look at us and think “I’m really glad that SKE48’s 3rd generation exists”. Oh, wait…I’m afraid this isn’t exactly a funny talk (laughs)

Kizaki: Hmm…true. But anyway, I shall keep on riding high like this and just tell you that I count on you for the 3rd gen shooting next week! How about that?

Suda: This is not a weekly magazine, so that’s out of the question I tell you (laughs)

Interviewer: You did close it up funnily in the end, I see (laughs)
Thank you very much for your time!

Kizaki Yuria's Ameba Blog - 21\04\2014

My baby!!T_T

Kizaki Yuria was here.( ・∀・>)

Good evening.

Thank you for
your comments every time!!

It’s Kizaki Yuria,
part of SKE48’s Team S.

Team S’ Final Stage,
which also was Aki-san’s graduation Stage,
came to an end without any problem!!

Aki-san’s Innocence
and Kono mune no Barcode
were wonderful.

It still feels so unreal
that even now I can’t seem to
realize that it’s over already…

I joined SKE48 as part of the 3rd generation,
and then I had the privilege to be promoted to Team S.

Thank you for having walked the SKE life
along with someone like me who can’t even
distinguish left from right.

Ahh…It was really enjoyable.

I think that the AKB life
that’s going to begin now
will be a start from scratch.

I’m sure a lot of
hardships are also waiting for me.

Even so, I’m going
to work hard being myself
so please keep supporting me!!

And…the 3rd generation!!!

The Team S I walked through with Daasu and Yukko, 
the one I experienced with Mikiti and Risako, 
and the bond of the 3rd generation I’ve lived
with Kaotan and everyone else…that’s all eternal.

I really love them all.

I even received mails by graduated seniors
and same-gen members…
I’m such a blissful person.

But hey, I’m kind of writing
as if this was the end, but…

…there still are handshake events
and the live with Team S…
Not to mention that I’ll keep running
this Ameba Blog and the Official one, so…
…I count on you!! lol

Oh, also!!

I already said it during the Stage, but…

…I went leaving a mark (?) in the theater (lol)

“Kizaki Yuria was here.” (tln: She wrote the kanji 参 in the wrong way <3)

I’ll be working hard in AKB
‘till when, one day, I’ll come back to SKE.

Well then, hoping you
may all sleep peacefully…

Good night Peace!

Good morning Peace!