Daan Jippes’ Mickey Mouse drawings are the epitome of cartoon appeal. Daan is originally from Amsterdam and did many comic covers for Disney’s republishings of the Mickey, Donald, Uncle Scrooge, and Ducktales comic series through Gladstone in the 1980’s and 1990’s. This is just a small part of an amzing career in comics and animation. I was introduced to his work a few years back and ever since, I’ve used his series of Mickey drawings featured at the top as my “There’s so much yet to learn” reality check.

Daan’s use of energy and line flow in his drawings demonstrate an incredible knowledge of draftsmanship and appeal. How your eyes travel through his drawings feel like butter melting melting down a stack of pancakes. The energy that he puts into his drawings truly makes the characters jump off of the page. His rounded shapes all work together in a bold and refreshing way.

It may be treason to say, but I feel like Daan’s version of Mickey Mouse is a bit stronger than Floyd Gottfredson’s. While Floyd’s comics of Mickey are unbelievably appealing and demonstrate and amazing an incredible knowledge of draftsmanship, solidity, and appeal, I feel like Daan is taking what Floyd established and pushing the shapes and pliability in the characters just a tad farther. That being said, without Floyd’s Mickeys, there would be no Daan’s Mickeys. I hope these inspire you as much as they do me.