I imagine dean doing this to cas, not me. Oh my god! Fluff time!

Movie Night

“Alright Cas, movie night!” Dean walked into the den. Since they stopped the end of times (again, for the last time), the boys moved into Bobby’s house, after working hard to rebuild it to its original condition. Every friday night Dean and Castiel would watch at least one movie. Movies that, over the years, Dean referenced to while interacting with the angel. “Alright Dean, what are we watching tonight?” Cas looked up from the coffee table where the bowl of chips and onion rings sat. Dean smiled and said, “Thelma and Louise.” He popped the video in to the DVD player. Towards the end of the movie, Cas looks back to say that he finally understands the reference he used on him years ago, only to find Dean digging into the large bowl of less chips and less onion rings. Dean lifts a chip out of the bowl satisfied, and pops it into his mouth. Cas rolls his eyes and then notices an onion ring stuck on Dean’s ring finger. Dean sees it too and reaches into the bowl again. He takes out the last onion ring, and smirks at Cas. “Give me your left hand Cas.” Dean smilled mischievously. “Why?” Cas asked, raising an eyebrow. “Just give me it.” Dean said as he grabbed the confused dark haired man’s hand. Castiel let his hand be controlled by Dean, as he watched him put the last onion ring on his finger. “There, now we’re married.” Dean beamed at Cas. Cas looked off to the movie blushing. “You’re such an L-7 weenie, Dean Winchester.” Dean laughed, “I don’t think you used that right Cas.” “No?” Cas turned back to dean, still blushing. “No, BUT I am glad you referenced your first movie!” Dean smiled. Cas then looked serious for a minute, “Hey Dean, remember when you said we were Thelma and Louise, years ago?” Cas asked cautiously. Dean nodded, “Vaguely, yes.” “Well,” Cas began, as he gestured to the movie, “in the end, right before they drive off the cliff, they um, kiss…?” Cas ended that sentence like a question, even though he was really just stating it. Dean looked toward the tv, the credits were almost over, and he nodded. “Yes Cas, they do.” He confirmed, getting a little closer to the angel. “Well, uh,” Cas stammered, keeping his eyes in the now looping screen of the DVD’s main menu, “do you, uh, um think that we-” His sentence was interrupted, by Dean’s onion ring-less hand, drawing his face toward Dean’s. Dean nodded once, before bringing their lips together, sharing their first kiss.

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Headcanon: Alfred accidentally flirts with Ivan. Like: "Wow dude I didn't noticed your eyes were THIS bright" "...you look hella good for a Russian wtf"

Daaawww that’s so sweet! I just love whenever Alfred is the one initiating the flirting hha :’D

But then imagine this happened when they’re in front of their bosses, when their political era isn’t so great. Alfred would then downplay the compliment , like “uhhh like the bright of a dying lamp” or “…umm and so are other people in this room! your Boss look hella good too! that random stranger walking that way also looks awesome!” Sooo awkward lmaoo hha :’D

“When I heard what happened I just instantly started drawing this. I uh I would have drawn more people npbut uh I wasn’t able to and I was trying to get this as quick as possible to you, skrill touch have given me and reason to live. A reason to stay on this stupid planet that we are forced to call home, I down only love you as an idol but as an indevidual. As a friend. I sadly am only an acquaintance. But I hope to God that we can be friends, I would do anything, I would sell my soul just to get to know you. I love you so much as a friend as a fan. As a person. And I am so sorry that this is happening to you, it’s so upsetting that people are doing this, I want to make it all go away so fucking baddly. But skrill, just knew that we are here. And that everyone here as your fan, I hope that we would all do anything, for you. Because we love you.”

Daaawww thank you so much;; I love you too guys, y'all r awesome
Reasons Why Raph RULES OOTS:
  • That big lug just can’t say no to Donnie. <3 And omg that must really HURT. He’s big! He’s HUGE! But he does it because, awwwwww <3 (and also because Donnie’s clearly trained him well!)
  • Cheering for his team. When Raph is rootin’ for ya, you know about it. The stadium shakes. Plus I just love his unrestrained enthusiasm - you gotta love the big, stoic, grumpy one letting loose and carrying on like a goon!
  • He’s there in an instant to pep talk Mikey: “you got this, you got this!” Listen to him! This is life and death! Right then, there is no task more vital on this earth than Mikey hitting his target: Vern. He’s completely, wholeheartedly earnest about it. It’s adorable.
  • “My turn, my turn, my turn!” daaawww, you big excited teddy bear! 
  • Actually, can we talk about how this movie laid down all these amazing clues about how Raph and Mikey have teamed up since they were kids, making their police headquarters break in scheme all the more natural and enjoyable? From the peashooter hyping to setting up Casey, you can see what Raph and Mikey’s relationship has been like all their lives. And it’s glorious. <3
  • Always being the one to give Mikey the hardest time when he’s goofed. And Mikey barely seems to notice it - it’s a perfect younger brothers dynamic, always bickering and hassling each other. But God help you if you try to mess with either one - the other will be there in an instant to shut that shit down!
  • His utter speechlessness when he beholds the battletruck for the first time. 
  • Damn, he can’t stand still enough to even watch what’s going on! There’s a fight out there and he’s not a part of it? No. Nope. Nuh-uh. No way. Not acceptable! Can’t. handle. thisssss! He’s just up the back of the truck, pacing around, slapping around those punching bags Donnie carefully thought to install, his fists itching to meet Foot.
  • “Enough! It’s time to take out the trash.”  (。♥‿♥。)
  • And then. And then. And then.
    ♡〜٩( ╹▿╹ )۶〜♡
    Oh. My. Goooooooddddddddddddddddddddd!
    This entire sequence is one of the most blessed and beautiful ever put to screen! Every second of it is an exquisite portrait of complete and total badassery the likes of which has rarely been witnessed before, an exhilarating demonstration of skill and might that combines in a glorious whole of raw eroticism that instantly destroys the panties of every girl, boy and non-binary individual who witnesses it. Let us bow our heads and give thanks for this blessing.
  • Restlessly playing baseball with Don in the lair. You can tell this has been going on for years - Donnie sits around tinkering on something, throwing a ball or whatever for Raph at frequent intervals to keep him distracted and moving. His bros know how to manage him!
  • “GET AWAY FROM HER!”  ♱♡‿♡♰
  • Macho stand-off with Casey. Who can be the most butch? 
  • Um, no way fella. You are not getting ANY closer to April right now. This is none of your concern. Just back the fuck up.  {{swoon}}
  • Eyerolling at Mikey. It’s just cute.
  • Casually doing situps with legs hooked over a pipe fifteen feet in the air. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (♡ ὅ ◡ ὅ )ʃ♡
  • Giving Casey shit whilst squishing Mikey’s soccer ball. Yeah, he’s being a dick but… such a sexy dick. 
  • It’s his idea to set Casey up and somehow that just makes it better. Love seeing Raph lightening up a little and being mischievous! Clearly, Mikey does too! XD
  • Chuckling and fistbumping Mikey when they’re successful. Raph. you should smile more. You’re so pretty when you smile. 
  • Two words: BENCH. PRESS. Σ_( ♡ ཀ ♡」∠)_
  • All he REALLY hears is that Leo wants to keep a secret for him. Fuse is lit. Explosion imminent in 3…2…1…
  • Ooooh the look on his face as he determinedly strides towards his bro. shrugging Mikey off like a knat! 
  • Hey Raph, that’s actually pretty cool and clever of you, confronting Leo with how his actions are not very bushido before you lose your shit.  You’re growing up and I’m proud of you!
  • “Where’s the honour in keeping secrets from your brothers?” This is a beautiful delivery, quiet and restrained and brimming with hurt barely concealed. And his expression! *heart aches*
  • It’s a recurring theme in the film that Raphael wants recognition and respect for who they are and what they’ve done. He makes his feelings strong and clear from the beginning - “we saved the city. We should be on the jumbotron, not in it”, “yeah, well, this arrangement has us sitting in the nosebleeds for the rest of our lives” - but does Raph actually want to be HUMAN? The exchange Leo and he have is instructive: “It’s not about what I like. It’s about what people up there are willing to accept!” oh, this is KEY. Raph loves being a turtle! This conflict of his is pretty common across all incarnations - Raph LOVES being a turtle but HATES not being accepted because of it.  At the heart of it, what Raph really wants is FREEDOM. The freedom to be who and what he is, to roam freely wherever he wants without being the target of prejudice. Unlike Mikey, who I think would embrace the opportunity to be human and live a human life and doubtless has fantasised about it a million times, Raph really wants just to be free. If the ooze is a means to that, then he’s willing to consider it. Regardless of whether it’s the ideal means or not.
  • “What about Mikey? He don’t get a vote?” I. freaking. LOVE. that! Because Raph just wants to be free. But he KNOWS exactly how MUCH this would mean to Mikey and it MATTERS to him. His bratty, annoying, pain-in-the-ass little bro who he constantly gives a hard time means the whole world to him. <3 <3 <3
  • Hot Head Temper Tantrum! stomp stomp stomp, fling, smash, kick!
  • Lying to April. I mean, it’s a terrible thing to do but goddamn, he’s really cute when he does it because he just really fucking sucks at it. And the Razzie goes to…
  • The look of sheer desperation when he’s all “ain’t that right Mikey?” Say I’m right, ohmigawd, pleeeeeeeease!
  • Shhiiiiit, Raph’s got blueprints and everything. He’s put hella thought into this plan! Nice work.
  • MACHO STAND OFF WITH CASEY! These are fun.
  • That “well?” look he gives Jones. Ooooohhhhh. 
  • "The only plan I got so far… may be a tad less than appetising” - why is it so hilariously cute it’s Raph’s idea to rope Vern into all this? 
  • Menacing Vern. Hee. XD
  • Every second of the police HQ break in is freakishly gold. From ignoring Mikey’s fistbump (jerk!) to being elbowed by Mikey, to being the amazing unwavering bridge for Mikey to sit on, to catching that card with HIS TONGUE (sqqqueeeeee) to being unable to fit through the vents is sheer adorable perfection. <3
  • Raphael on a mission is unstoppable - whatever the risk, he’s getting that ooze! Reckless, hot-headed, bullish and just a little crazy.  v( ♥ ڼ ♥ )v
  • That look of defeat when the cop calls them monsters. He didn’t expect any different, but all the same… it’s a shitty fucking thing to hear.
  • He can’t say anything when Leo confronts him about April. Because it’s true. And he didn’t think about that. And he doesn’t like thinking about it now.
  • “JUMP?” ooohhhhhhh my gooooodddddddddd I was NOT expecting any of this but goddamn it is next level cute. Raph is scared of jumping out of a plane! Big bad badass is practically soiling his ninja shorts at the thought of doing what his most nerdy brother did without a care in the world and has to call upon the spirit of Vin Diesel to overcome his fear! Too classic. ˉ̶̡̭̭ ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ ) ˉ̶̡̭̭
  • Oh but it’s okay, he’s got an immediate opportunity to remind us all just how badass he is: “the good news is, you’re wearing chutes”. Yeah, posture a little more, Raph. I like the way your muscles ripple when you do. :)
  • Picking Rocksteady up and throwing him across the plane. All that benchpressing has been working for ya, buddy. XD
  • Catching Leo before he can be blown from the plane. <3
  • The adorableness of his sheer gleeful relief to be back on land. And those lips… (ˆ ڡ ˆ)
  • Leaping out of nowhere to save Donnie from that missile. NO ONE mmessed with his bros. (♡ ὅ ◡ ὅ )ʃ♡
  • His frustrated and hurt reaction to Leo’s sarcastic “thanks guys. AHHHHHHHH, Raph, Leo loves you, HE DOES!!!!! Seriously, for all Raph’s defiance of Leo and all his conflict, deep down he really wants Leo to approve of him. Because he admires his big bro.  Almost more than he can bear.
  • Of course he starts the fight. Oh, Raph. 
  • When Raph takes a stand, he takes it BIG. I mean, he didn’t HAVE to chuck the ooze against the wall. He could’ve just put it down. He could’ve given it back to Donnie. He could’ve just said “naaaaaaah”. But no, he has to throw it against the wall, so there’s a big dramatic pause before it smashes everywhere.  Well, tell us how you really feel, Raph!
    Seriously though, this wasn’t just a moment of melodrama - Raph’s destroying any possible temptation the ooze may present in the future. He’s taking the stand of staying with his bros, always and forever.
  • “Let’s just say we’re four brothers who hate bullies and love this city” - best. description. EVER. Splinter, can Raph get some belated credit for that line to make up for all those times he never finished his homework? It should count.
  • Cracking his knuckles at Vern.  ლ(´ڡ`ლ)
  • And it’s Raph who starts the hand stackk. awwwwwww. <3 His nature puts him into constant conflict with them, but really he yearns for unity with his brothers.
  • Yeah, he’s got this, Leo. Check it out. The surf is UP. XD
  • I love that it’s Raph who corrects Krang about their genus.  I don’t know why. I just think it’s great. XD Maybe because it’s such a common mistake that people make and you just KNOW that’s gonna be a major sore spot for Raph. hehehe.
  • “NOBODY… MESSES… ” they’re all there for their little bro and to hear the pure rage in Raph’s voice that someone dared try to hurt his pal Mikey just makes me squeal and roll around in adoring glee, because there is nothing that isn’t perfect about this family team and ultimately, no matter who lies, or who screws up, or who is super mega annoying, they’re all there for each other, without fail or hesitation and love each other madly. <3 <3 <3 <3
  • “Garbage truck!” Okay, that’s adorable. That’s literally the first thing he thought of when Leo said they have something no one else does, and he just throws his whole self into that cheer, YES, THE GARBAGE TRUCK ALL HAIL THE GARBAGE TRUCK WITHOUT IT THEY WOULD NEVER HAVE DEFEATED KRANG! Raph, you goober.
  • OOOOMMMMMGGGGGGG that totally unguarded smile of happiness and pride when he gets his key!! It’s so rare to see Raph without the touch of a scowl on his forehead, so precious to see him simply feel uncomplicated or unburdened pleasure and joy in something he has accomplished, to witness it be reognised and valued. These are the moments to treasure with Raph, the ones to drink in and savour, to commit to memory to reflect on with affection whenever he is once again hiding behind frowns and machismo. Don’t forget there’s a big, cuddly teddy bear under all that armour AND WE LOVE IT. ;)
  • EEEEEEEE LOOK how he slings his arms around Leo and Mikey up the top of Liberty for a big bro hug! He’s so full of love and happiness he can’t even help himself. And OMG he reaches for Leo FIRST SQUEEEEEEEEEE ヾ(◍ ♥ ౪ ♥ ◍)ノ゙♡
  • Raph is a thing of beauty and a joy forever in this movie. He reveals hidden fears no one would’ve guessed at, shows leadership skills in creating effective plans, manages to confront two stubborn jerks in subtly effective ways without just losing his temper, loses his temper and is adorably rageful about it, is a scary big brutish motherfucker and yet omg he’s so full of love and protectiveness for his bros and family, lets his playful side out and demonstrates he can be a master prankster even though he cannot lie to save his LIFE, is always watching out for his bros, questions and defies authority and yet can concede when he recognises it’s crucial (and he agrees with what’s going on!) and yes, he has huge fucking muscles and shows us just exactly what he’s able to do with them. And we’re all incredibly grateful. Raph, you’re a big, cuddly, incredibly violent teddy bear we all just want to smother in kisses and remind you a million times: yes, you are loved, yes, you are good, yes, this team FUCKING NEEDS YOU! And SO DO WE! <3 <3 <3 <<3

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I love your blog so much. I know you've been getting these a lot lately but do you think you could do how the members of hellsing/millennium would react to walking in on their partner singing?

(This turned into “how many dancing GIFs can I find for the characters” XD”

Daaawww, thank you anon *kisses* And I went ahead and assumed the love interest can actually sing, unlike me.

GIF Request: Walking in on Singing Partner - Hellsing + Millennium


I’m sorry I couldn’t resist. He would swoop only when he felt it was the right moment. Instead of a waltz, no matter the type of music, he’d take them into a tango, making it as blush-producing as possible, if only because he was feeling like a massive tease that day.


Cue the silly dancing!~ She would try to join in, though wouldn’t be as a great of a singer as her partner, but, nonetheless, the couple would gallivant around the place, looking like two dumb love-sick teens.


She would listen quietly, standing by to listen until her partner saw her and asked her to dance, the two losing themselves in the non-existent music and each other.


He’s definitely start dancing, probably in the most dramatic way, embarrassing his beloved . Pip meant it in a good way, though couldn’t help but tease his partner, despite loving their voice.

Walter (Preference: Young or Dark/Vampire)

This little shit The tease would immediately pick on his love, raising his voice in a ridiculous manner to mock them, causing the ensuing play-fight.


H’ed sweep them into his arms mid-song, urge them to keep going, while he waltzed them around the room. If he was able to catch onto the melody, he’d hum along with them, though focused on the dancing.


It would start out as a silly dance when he walked in, but would soon turn rather steamy as their bodies danced closer and closer.


Cap’ would take this opportunity to get close to his partner, allowing them to sing softly as he took them in to dance, lifting them onto his feet so that he could do the moving while they did the singing.


H’ed ruin everything by barging in and trying to sing along with them, but putting his own spin on it, including lots of swearing and probably some innuendos, before making some crude joke about his partner singing something different later.~


Luke would turn this into a seduction rather than a duet, trying to win over his partner when he caught them off-guard. However, they’d have none of it, teasing back and only allowing him so close, frustrating him to no end.


She won’t directly dance with her partner, but will nonetheless shake around when her partner sees her and tries to get her to dance with them. She really REALLY doesn’t want to, but gives in after a while and tries to fake it.


He’d admire them from afar since he wanted to hear their beautiful voice. When they finished, he’d tackle them, begging for more while saying how much he loved them, getting far too excited about the whole thing.


The perfect singing partner. She’d be thrilled that her partner sang, joining them before begging for them to recite some of her favorite musicals and operas, going as dramatic as possible.


He would come up behind them, catching them around their waist, but telling them to continue. When it was over, he’d kiss them before complimenting their singing.

There you go sweet sweet anon!

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AAAGH I REALLY LOVE UR COMIC andTHE ART IS SO GOOD! (So is the story ofc) but i just wanna know if there'll be any shipping in this comic? o.O

Daaawww thank you so much ;\\; bu no not in this one ;-;


Continuation from this —> http://edwardsuoh13.tumblr.com/post/85584902087/foreshadowing-mayyyybeeeee-3


A lot of you have been wanting and loving the puppy!au and requesting it a little bit more, so I thought let’s just keep going with it! (and I had time to actually do a comic! YAY!! I feel like I haven’t drawn comics in forever! XD It’s such a relief in a way~)

And now introducing Puppy!Lovi! :D Daaawww~!! ♥