The Two Qiaos

In fictional portrayals of the Three Kingdoms, Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao are portrayed as two of the greatest beauties of their period. Daughters of the esteemed former Han minister Qiao Xuan, they were married to Sun Ce and Zhou Yu while the two were establishing a power base in the Southlands. Their beauty was so great that it drove Cao Cao to invade Yangzhou in a bid to capture them for himself.

Historically, very little is known of the Qiao sisters. They were the children of a man referred in the Sanguozhi as Qiao Gong (lit. Elder Qiao), who belonged to the respectable Qiao family of the Southlands (Wu 9). They were wed to Sun Ce and Zhou Yu in 199, in order to create political ties between the Sun clan and the local families of the newly-captured area of Lujiang (de Crespingy 214). Other than their beauty, they are not mentioned further in history. The elder Qiao sister bore Sun Ce a son named Shao who died in infancy, while the younger Qiao sister bore Zhou Yu two sons named Xun and Yin and a daughter who later married Sun Deng. Supposedly, the younger Qiao sister’s tomb is located near modern Yueyang in Hunan (Hanchang prefecture during the Three Kingdoms period) was destroyed and renovated repeatedly throughout history. A second location in Lujiang is also claimed to be the younger Qiao sister’s tomb, but there is no conclusive evidence that proves either location as her final resting place.

It is important to note that, as mentioned above, this is all of the historical information to be found on the Qiao sisters. Any other information is the creation of folklore and fiction.

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