“Calves have a dark cape and saddle, with little or no scarring on their body. As Risso’s dolphins age, their coloration lightens from black, dark gray or brown to pale gray or almost white. Their bodies are usually heavily scarred, with scratches from teeth raking between dolphins, as well as circular markings from their prey (e.g., squid), cookie-cutter sharks (Isistius brasiliensis), and lampreys.”

Substitute Princess ep 14


So I loves this episode and as always looking forward to the next one. So I think Da Hua is feeling something for Terry as well during the knife scene I saw her looking at him to and it might have been the music but I think she’s starting to feel something. Also I still see Terry doing “bad things” to keep Da Hua BUT since Guan Jun is going to do bad things next episode then its alright I guess. I hate that they keep interrupting Terry and Da Hua when they’re out together! Also I officially want to kill Da Hua’s father! Fucken son of a bitch who the fucken hell does he think he is betting all that fucken money! How is it that he’s ok with selling his daughter like that! Because that’s what he wants to do! I like how guan jun made that third condition.

Excited to see if Terry finally tells Mr Du that his daughter is dead and what will happen.

P.S. I have always been opposed to da hua and guan jun going out in public. I told you da hua but you wouldn’t listen to me!