you know what i just realised?
Calhoun from Wreck it Ralph

Looks a lot like Hannah Hart as Dyna Girl

The resemblance is quite 


and then i remembered THIS

Happy Hannahversary!!!!!! I will forever and always love this beautiful woman!! I’m a die hard hartosexual and 2016 was fucking HUGEEEE for Hannah!! But 2017 is only gonna get bigger and bigger!! I can’t wait for year 7!!😍😍😍😍 @mydrunkkitchen


What I really loved about Coming out Ch.8/ the coming out story in general on her channel is the fact that she still maintains her goal to have one giant community in which everyone is a conversationalist and you’re not judged by who you are but by your personality and how you treat others, I for one am proud of having no preference in who I fall in love with, which I think is a better way to say bisexual, and I’ve had my fair share of friends/family members who respected it but didn’t quite understand it, and also my fair share of judgments from my peers in school who I no longer speak with because I’d rather not hear what’s wrong with me..haha, because there IS nothing wrong with me! I love the fact that now with me being 110% myself, that I can be open to relationships with humans, and like not have to feel awful for just letting someone who is really amazing just pass on by, because I would be suffering in silence! I love myself and I wouldn’t change a DAAYYUUMM thing! Haha it’s really weird to say but I really love to think of you, Hannah as one of the best friends I could ever ask for! I love you! Can’t wait to see what’s next on your journey and mine!! 😘😘😘😘 @mydrunkkitchen //
YouTube.com/YourHarto // Coming Out Chapter 8. Spectrum


This is probably one of my favorite kitchens!!! It was raw and uncut of course! But it like shows your genuineness and like even though like us Hartosexuals love mdk and love watching you, we always get so excited when we can tell that you’re doing something for your own personal well being, like the stream of consciousness! To get inspiration for future endeavors! It was really cool to see what goes on in a some what behind the scenes version of an mdk!! Loveeeeee you! And as always! Loved the video babe! 💜💜💜💜 @mydrunkkitchen // YouTube.com/MyHarto // MY DRUNK KITCHEN: Raw and Uncut! // BufferingBook.com


This series always like makes me so happy! Like oh my god seeing how these people reacted to you guys delivering their food to them just made me wanna cry! I love volunteering so much I do it for my local humane society and I work with dogs,cats,bunnies,ferrets, and I get to like feed puppies and take care of the ones that just got out of surgery, it’s honestly the greatest feeling! And seeing someone who’s a constant light to me, being a light for so many people and helping people and like actually enjoying it like Hannah does whereas I hear people complaining at the humane society all the time just because it’s “work” and it’s just very refreshing to see like minded people like you and your community who created have a hart day, do all these things to not only make people feel good but to make yourselves feel good! Loveeeedd this video babe! And as always I love you hannahh!! @mydrunkkitchen // YouTube.com/MyHarto // FEELZ ON WHEELS! 💙💙💙 GO WATCH GUYS!!!