I’m sorry but did @mydrunkkitchen predict her future?!?

This is from an @autostraddle interview in 2011

2016 Hannah: - Currently filming a show that she is hosting on the @foodnetwork

- Stars in @dirty30movie that recently came out, also in @electrawomandynagirl that came this year as well as @camptakotathemovie-blog in 2014

*also adding in the fact that she has written TWO books with her second one coming out in October* (bufferingbook.com)


YouTube Stars, Wattpad Stories Tapped for Fullscreen’s Fan-Fiction Anthology Series
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By Todd Spangler

The “FANtasies” premiere episode will be directed by Mamrie Hart (“Dirty 30”) in a hospital-set soap opera segment called “Paging Dr. Hart.” She stars alongside her friends and frequent collaborators Grace Helbig (“Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig”) and Hannah Hart (“Electra Woman and Dyna Girl”).

The real star of while the water boils!! 😍 what was your favorite episode!? Mine was with the National Geographic photographer because if there is anything I love more than Hannah Hart herself it’s marine life and stuff like that! @mydrunkkitchen