• Dylan:There's something wrong with Norman
  • Norma:He's fine
  • Emma:There's something wrong with Norman
  • Norma:No there's not he's fine
  • Caleb:There's something wrong with Norman
  • Norma:Norman is fine
  • Everybody:There's something wrong with Norman
  • Norman:They're right Mother there's something wrong with me

Visiting my mom today and their oldest dog Dylan just had minor surgery and is wearing a tshirt to prevent him from chewing stitches (he has pretty severe anxiety and really doesn’t do well with the cone).

He’s not super pleased win the shirt either


I think in the end Emma is either going to die leaving Dylan so heartbroken that he will leave his entire family behind and move away cutting off all contact with the Bates. OR! Dylan and Emma are going to realize it is all too much for them and will leave together forever causing Norman to be more messed up.

Norma is going to stay behind even after everyone tells her to leave. Romero is either going to die or give up on her and get on with his life.

In any case Norman and Norma will be all alone by themselves until time comes where he kills her and becomes his mother.

What had started off as an innocent flirtation relationship had slowly turned into something of a sexual nature. Not that Dylan was complaining, he was obviously the most attractive man she had ever seen with those beautiful eyes of his, not to mention his devilish yet angelic smile. Though he was sweet as could be, there was something about him that gave off the impression he could be rough if he needed to be. Rugged, maybe that was the better description word for him. Clearly he was by far the sexiest man on the planet and Dylan happened to catch his attention at the beginning of the semester. She took out her phone and sent him a snapchat of her lying on her bed with a silk robe hugging her figure perfectly. “I need you” was the message he’d see as the picture filled the screen of his phone. newromantxcsx