Dylan Klebold Imagine

Mom Approves

You sat with Dylan in his living room with a binder of schoolwork laid on your lap. Your legs were draped over Dylan’s lap as he had fallen asleep while in the middle of studying.

The Klebold’s house was way quieter than yours so you decided to go ahead and finish your paper there and then you would go home.

“Dyl? Y/N? Are you guys doing okay?” Dylan’s mother called out before she turned the corner and entered the room.

She was incredibly protective so she liked to keep an eye on the two of you but at the same time she believed in giving Dylan some space. He was 17, after all.

“I was just about to leave, Mrs. Klebold. He fell asleep a few minutes ago.” You say as she laughs.

“No, no! You can stay a bit longer if you’d like. This is so cute. Let me go get my camera.” She gushed awkwardly before quickly exiting the room.

You laughed to yourself as you looked at Dylan sleeping. His hair was messy under his baseball cap and he wore a KMFDM shirt.

Mrs. Klebold came back quickly with her camera in hand.

“He’s gonna be so embarrassed when he sees these.” She says as you do your best to pretend you don’t notice her taking a picture.

She took a minute to look at the few pictures on her newly bought digital camera.

She smiles while she hands you the camera, allowing you to look at them.

“These are great.” You say as you hand the camera back to her.

“He looks so peaceful. And you look beautiful. You make him happy and I could never repay you for that.” Mrs. Klebold was the kindest woman you had ever met and it showed all the time. You could never repay her for bringing Dylan into the world.

Showering w/ Dyl (smut + bulletpoint)

-It’d be cute and sweet at first.

-He’d massage your head while shampooing it.

-C’mon, you’re a teenage couple, naked in the shower together. What do you think it’s gonna lead up to?

-You’d turn around and notice his boner, of course making him blush.

-You’d have a make out session, trying not to slip.

-You’d both stop for a moment and try to figure out a position that won’t end with the both of you slipping.

-It’d be hard to figure out because of Dylan’s tall, lanky figure.

-Finally you get into the perfect position.

-Somehow the shower made it all more intense, making you both moan loudly.(Thank God the family’s not home.)

-He doesn’t go as fast as usual but you’re still getting more pleasure than usual. 

-The kisses were more sloppy but it still worked.

-You couldn’t tell the difference between the hot water and the sweat.

-When it was all over, you washed off a little more and then got out.

-Dylan didn’t want to admit it, but he almost slipped while trying to get out.

-You would dry your body and put on some comfy clothes

-After Dylan dries off and changes into comfy clothes, you both sit back and he’d dry your hair.

guilleobsessions  asked:

Well... Dyl already wants Hoech to believe he's well behaved... And Bae says Hoech looks like 35 in a good way... So I'm suspecting bae already called Hoech Sir sometime...

I feel like ususally it’s the other way around because we know Hoechlin loves him some authority figures, but every now and again he likes to turn the tables. 

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Can you do an imagine of Dylan finally finding his halcyon girl and making love to her for the first time ever. But in Dyl's POV and like no smut just all romantic, because I feel like the real Dylan would have truly cherish this moment of becoming one with the girl he loved so much 😊

In this moment, at this time, I am one with her. Her hair is in locks, tangled around my fingers and I can’t bring myself to let go. Her eyes shine in the dim light from the window, and her skin contrasts the pale white sheets on my bed. Her skin is velvety soft, slick and sweet like honey. And when we are finally joined together as one body, she sounds like an angel. 
I can’t think of anything except the way her skin against mine feels; smooth, calm, wet like the ocean. Our eyes lock in this euphoric moment, and her hands wrap around my neck. I’ve been yearning for this moment. It started at wanting her to notice me, then wanting her to look at me, talk to me, touch me, kiss me, love me… I’m obsessed, and I don’t want help. She is my halcyon girl, and in these romantic moments I cannot get enough of her. I study the texture of her skin, the way her curves flowed gracefully and the way her hair lay perfectly over her chest and over her shoulders as she looks up at me. 
Our breaths are synced and our movements work together in this moment of passion burning itself into my brain. I finish in her, and the only thing I can bring myself to say is “Thank you,” between my ragged inhales.
She looks at me with gorgeous eyes and an innocence no one could replicate and whispers, “The pleasure is all mine.” I wonder for a moment if I am dreaming, but she pulls me close and presses her lips to mine and I realize that my new reality with her is more vivid and bright than ever. I had never known happiness before I had met her, and now that I have it I am not willing to let it go. 
We lay together for hours after, and the tension and passion dies down. With her in my arms, I am completely and utterly content. And even after she is gone, I feel her in my arms as if she were still there.

Spending the whole day being lazy w/ Dyl (bullet point)

-You’ve been pretty stressed lately and Dylan came over to make things better.
- You’d cuddle and have short conversations with each other.
-Breathing in his scent was really relaxing for you.
-He had to kiss you like every 5 minutes which didn’t bug you at all
-He’d run his fingers through you’re hair from time to time.
-he’d ask “How are you feeling?” Every now and then.
- He was just so happy to be there with you and you felt this same with him.
-eventually your stomach would start growling as it came around lunch time.
-He randomly scooped you up into his arms and carried you to the kitchen.
-neither of you were cooks so you just ate cereal.
- You’d sit on the couch together, wrapped in blankets, and what cartoons together.
-He’d tickle you until you couldn’t breath.
-you’d stay curled up on the couch until the sun began to set.
-he’d kiss you goodbye and leave.

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Damn Dylan must be going crazy with Tyler all boo'd up! I never thought we'd get a heart pic from No homo Hoechs. What's next, a pic of Dyl kissing Ki Hong's cheek as retaliation? Holding hands? Perhaps a hole pic? I need the entire TDC cast to be in on this.

Dame! This gay boner chicken game will not stand!

Imagine Dylan proposing to you!

Dylan x reader 

Warnings; nah

A/n: We all knew it was inevitable! As soon as I saw the American Assasin trailer and this scene popped up I was all like “ ghsdugfufusfaisfb” we’ve all been waiting for a gif like this!

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Y/n was floating in the teal water, swaying her hands, weaving them through the cool water. It had been almost a year since she had even come close to a holiday. So for her birthday Dylan, her boyfriend, flew them to Hawaii for a few weeks. He had booked the time off set, filming his scenes early, making sure that both he and Y/n would be in the sun for your special day.

Dylan intended it to be the best day of your life, well for a while anyway. The teen wolf star smiled as he took in his girlfriends glowing appearance. His heart jumped when your eyes met his. ‘ So beautiful ‘ he thought to himself.

“ Come on, Dyl “ the beauty yelled at her boyfriend. Dylan chuckled, unreluctantly wading through the salty water. He kept his hand under water gripping the metal object tightly in his grasp.

“Get over here!”  he giggled. Swimming the small distance, Y/n was securely in his arms, engulfed by the warmth of his toned chest.  Y/n smiled up at him, placing her hand on his neck and began to trace his features. Dylan did the same, gazing his thumb over her stomach drawing patterns on her y/c skin.

“ Marry me,” he spoke softly into her neck, placing kisses in and down her throat. Y/n pulled away. 

“ What?” she asked bewildered. To answer her question, Dylan presented her with the beautiful diamond ring he had been holding. She gasped.

“ Yes,” Y/n grinned. Dylan’s heart exploded grabbing her dainty hand in his and sliding the ring on her finger. The two’s lips met in a passionate kiss.

“Y/n O’Brien,” Dylan mumbled, “ Has a nice ring to it don’t you think?” The newly engaged pair stood there in awe thinking of the future and the memories that were to come. 

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guilleobsessions  asked:

If Hoech ever sees Bae making out with a guy, which is not him, in afraid for his health. He might travel where Dyl is and kidnap him and never letting him scape. Because of his friendship, nothing more. #Nohomo

Ha!  And he’ll tie Dylan up using Shibari and make him call him sir because he’s been a bad boy and needs to show some respect and nothing more. #nohomo

Shredded Clothes - Stiles Stilinski Smut

Paring: Stiles x Reader


Word Count: 3,077 words

Release Date: Apirl, 8, 2017 (AKA STILES’ BIRTHDAY BIATCHES)


You waited for your boyfriend Stiles to get into your car so both of you could get away from the supernatural for awhile. You didn’t mind the supernatural, but you just never had enough time with your boyfriend anymore to do anything special. So you planned out the day for you and Stiles to have a day together, no Werewolves, no Banshees, no Deadpool, just you and Stiles.

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When He’s Here - Dylan O’Brien

Paring: Dylan O'Brien x Reader

Warnings: Fluffy, fluff, fluff and the sexiness of Dylan O'Brien shirtless

Word Count: 2083

Release Date: April 13, 2017

*The inspiration of just reading shit makes me get ideas….* - Admin


“You know what, I quit!” you screamed at your boss, your body having this urge to throw something at your boss’ face.

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