You're The Alpha Now

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by supernaynay

Derek knew the instant it happened, he didn’t know what exactly happened, but he knew the instant he had a new Alpha and that it was Stiles.

His phone rang less than thirty seconds after he felt the shift in the pack bond.

“Derek…shit…I had to…he was dying…”

“Scott, it’s okay, I know. What happened?”

Words: 2748, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1LV7JsT

Can we just talk about how smooth Louis’ skin is?
Like, literally, I can just imagine Harry and Louis laying in bed and Harry running his fingers up the tan skin of louis’ soft arm and nuzzling against his neck as he falls asleep because he just loves how Louis’ skin feels against his own.
And also, when they’re doing more 😏😏 than just laying in bed and Harry just runs his large ass hands up and down Louis’ sides and always tries to maintain contact with him because he loves this small boy so much and fucking worships his body and ugh okay brb dying im sorry

Morning checklist:

Do I have my keys?
Do I have my phone?
Is my body about to collapse in on itself like a dying star?
Okay! Let’s go!

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Hamlet/Horatio headcannon: Horatio always kisses Hamlet on the head before they fall asleep and says "goodnight sweet prince" which explains why he says it when Hamlet is dying

it’s okay i didn’t need my heart anyways


We walked to the edge but we never leapt

If we're dying together, I'm okay with it.