Danny Yi war der König beim Turnier der Neckarsteinacher Schachfreunde - Verein ist hoch zufrieden mit der ersten Veranstaltung

Danny Yi war der König beim Turnier der Neckarsteinacher Schachfreunde – Verein ist hoch zufrieden mit der ersten Veranstaltung

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Erst ein Jahr gibt es die Schachfreunde in der Vierburgenstadt und schon haben sie ihr erstes großes Turnier erfolgreich ausgerichtet. 20 Mitglieder, davon sechs Jugendliche, zählt der Verein derzeit. Sie alle waren zwei Tage lang in vollem Einsatz – die Erwachsenen in der Organisation, die Heranwachsenden am Schachbrett.

Die jetzt veranstalteten Jugend-Schachopen in der Vierburgenhalle fanden…

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Assassin Ch. 1 (story by Dwz)

Chapter I – Role Model



Parents are supposed to be a child’s role models, it is according to the parents actions that a child grows absorbing values, morale, what is good, what is bad, what to avoid, how to be polite …


What if a child gets none of that? What would become of such a human being? A serial killer many would say, a psychopath with the feeling of remorse being as distant to him as killing to a normal well mannered person. A man that cannot distinguish bad from good and that’s supposed to be a taboo … after all … a man isn’t supposed to make his own rules, he is supposed to blindly follow someone else’s.



A seemingly ordinary suburban house, just another amongst the many, they all look alike. Two people are arguing in the kitchen of the house, a man and a woman.


For crying out loud, Alex, I can’t right now, Jack is crying in his bed,” a woman shouts at a man.


I don’t care! I want you right now! How dare you trade me for that fucking brat!” the man shouts back. The woman sighs in disbelief and turns around heading for the stairway to the second floor from where the child’s crying came from but Alex grabs her by her left arm and jerks her hard backwards. With the momentum the woman stumbles over and hits the refrigerator with her head.


Alex, please,” she says with a little fright in her voice.


Alex comes up to her and smacks her cheek, “Don’t you DARE turn your back on me ever again, you hear me!!” he screams and grabs a hold of her sweater, Alex rips the fabric apart and takes her in the kitchen while she cries and sobs.


Shut that kid up or I swear I’ll do it for you!” Alex yells at the woman lying on the ground with shredded clothes and leaves the house taking his cigarettes with him.



My father never cared about my well being, he only cared for himself, for his selfish needs and wants. By the age of five I had suffered more injuries from pops than a boxer throughout his whole career. And how could a child stand up to his own parent?



It’s dark outside, the neighborhood is quiet swaying to the silence of the night. A lone car pulls up and Alex gets out of it, he gulps down from a bottle and throws it on the lawn as he walks towards the house. He twists the handle but the door does not open. “Jennifer!! Open the fucking door!!!” he yells at the door. A light turns on in the second floor of the house and shortly after someone descends the stairway. The handle turns again and as the door opens it reveals a woman standing in between the doorstep. Alex looks at her and his expression quickly sours and he hits Jennifer in rage. As she walks backwards holding her jaw Alex walks in shutting the door behind him…



I never understood why my mother never left him, maybe she was afraid he would find her and hurt her even more. She was a kind person, always loved me, but she had lost any and all love for my father, instead, it was replaced by terror and fear.


It is no wonder a person would wish to create a world to escape to if thrown into such a family of suffering, a place to call haven, one’s own utopia, a place where no one is shouting, no one hurt, no one angry, a place of piece and tranquility. But with any good thing comes a droplet of evil, that sinister seed lurking in the purest of worlds.



You have to stand up to him, you have the power to do it, you only need the will,” a voice rings in young Jack’s room, the boy is around seven or eight years old. “You do not enjoy seeing your mother in pain over and over, do you now?” the voice keeps on persisting, diving through the boy’s toys coming from the corners of the room and disappearing as quickly.



He …it first appeared when I was nine years old.


I never managed to figure out where from or what, for that matter, the voice was but it always made sense, maybe it broke and violated a lot of things that are not acceptable but then again, I never was the normal type.



A woman walks into the boy’s room, “Jack? Who are you talking to, honey?” she asks.


Max, he’s my new friend,” the boy answers with a little joy in his voice.


That’s nice, honey, but why don’t you go play with other kids outside?” she inquires still smiling at Jack.


Max tells me that I don’t need to play with other boys, he says I don’t need any other friends but him,” he shoots back with a serious face.


Oh?” the woman says surprised, “What else does he tell you then?” she continues.


He says that I should protect you from dad, he says that dad does not deserve to live, he says that dad’s a bad, bad man,” Jack goes on clutching his fists, she notices this and comes up to hug him tightly in silence.


They enjoy the silence together when they hear footsteps near from below, up the staircase, it’s Alex, the stench of alcohol makes its way through gaps and cracks in the door before he’s even on the second floor, they both knew the smell well, it always meant bad things would happen.


And sure enough the door slams open violently revealing Alex in the doorstep leaning against the door casing, “Get downstairs and make me something to eat, woman,” Alex lets out, she gets up but Jack grabs her arm.


Mom, don’t, stay with me, please,” he says quietly.


SHUT up, boy, or I’ll have to teach you some manners,” Alex says as he clutches his fists, she sees this and runs up to Alex shaking her head trying to make him go downstairs with her, “Get away from me!” Alex shouts and smacks her sending her tumbling down the stairs.


Jack cannot take the sight anymore, “Do it, do it now,” the voice rings in his head louder and louder when Jack gives in completely and charges his father, he pushes him over the stairs and they stumble down together, Jack rolls some more hitting the kitchen counter, a knife falls down by his side. “End this, right here, right now, no more humiliation, END IT!” the voice screams violently inside Jack, the blade shines benevolently, inviting with its bright reflection. Jack picks it up and holds it before himself facing his father. “You don’t have the guts, you stupid brat,” Alex says mockingly stepping over Jack’s mother who lays lifeless on the ground, a little pool of crimson formed around her head.


Jack looks at his mother and calls out her name, she doesn’t move, not even a twitch, his expression fills with rage and hatred so rapidly that he cannot control it anymore, “Yes!! Give me control, I’ll end this for you,” the voice shouts again and moments after Jack feels his body go limp, then start to move on its own.


Jack charges Alex and with a swift single blow leaves the knife embedded in his father’s chest, he slams the knife’s hold from above and the blade moves up Alex’s flesh hitting something that makes him slump to the ground in seconds.



With that I had lost my parents but gained a friend, a voice, something that cannot be defined, something that knew me completely.


Grateful for all the opportunities and the new friendships formed. It’s been a pretty different experience dancing with new people but looking forward to more good times 😁. And also special shoutout to my NRA besties for being in this Tgt. There’s never a dull moment with you’ll. OH AND leon our new friend and korkor. Ahhaha here’s to the start of our awesome journey Tgt. 😚 #simdreamwerkz #dwz

Assassin by Dwz




A beautiful mansion gives out a faint glow from the bright moon residing high up in the dark abyss of the night sky - a few stars like little glints of hope decorate the night’s cloak. Impressive fauna resides all around the mansion, enveloping it with its grasp, protecting it.


Little, almost unnoticeable, rustles break the deadly silence. A man makes his way along the bushes and trees silently, carefully. Coming out of the bushes the moon reveals the man in full, he is wearing a black sleeveless vest, camouflage pants and black army boots, the edge of a hunting knife shines through from his holster that is attached to the belt along with a few throwing knifes on the sides. The man nears the front door and approaching it he listens then ducks and speaks silently into a radio he took out of his vest: “Two unequal breathings, at eleven and two,” the man whispers.


Seconds later two silent shots, less than a second apart, pierce the both sides of the doors and a noise of something falling to the ground follows instantly. The man gets up and speaks into the radio, this time not whispering: “Impressive, impressive indeed,” the man comments, “I’ll take it from here, sit back and enjoy the show,” the man finishes and puts the radio back in his vest. He opens the front doors and notices two armed guards, their bodies, on the ground lifeless, the man takes out his knife and waves it behind him reflecting the moon.


Further away from the mansion the mysterious man resides on a rooftop with a sniper rifle, he gets blinded by the reflection of the knife and speaks into the radio: “Show off, Jack, just do the job and try not to make it messy this time, will you?” he gets up and repositions himself aiming for the windows of the mansion.


Inside the mansion Jack continues through the huge halls, he notices cameras here and there, he doesn’t bother to avoid them and smirks as he goes past them. Nearing a corner he hears footsteps coming his way, leaning against the wall he slumps down. With his knife in his hand he closes his eyes and listens, waiting patiently for the footsteps to get close enough. Shortly after a guard passes Jack, he quickly gets up and goes up behind the guard putting his knife to the guard’s throat, “Where does your master reside?” Jack asks him, “Third floor,” he answers him. Jack smirks and slits the guard’s throat. The guard falls to his knees gasping for air when finally his strength leaves him. Jack twists his head at the body and goes forth.


Then a voice rings inside Jack’s head, it sounds much calmer and less rough, “That was a little messy, wouldn’t you say so?” Jack growls and speaks back to the voice, “Shut up, I’m in control now, we will do this my way,” he answers.


Passing along the window Jack lifts his bloodied knife in the air so that the sniper can see it from afar, “Tschh, you just can’t do it without making a fucking mess out of it, can you?” he speaks into the radio and notices Jack flipping him off through the scope,


Third floor, he should be there,” Jack speaks into the radio.


Got it,” the sniper replies.


Jack makes his way up the stairway to the second floor where he notices another two guards talking in the way up to the third floor, Jack peeks from below assessing the situation when finally he jumps out from the stairs throwing his knife at one guard, it lodges straight in the guard’s neck and not wasting any time Jack quickly charges at the other guards but gets thrown back by a burst of gunshots from the guard.


A window on the opposite side of the room shatters and the guard falls dead with a hole where his left eye was supposed to be. “Jack, get up,” the sniper shouts into the radio, “We have a job to finish here.”


Jack gets off the ground pounding his chest, squashed bullets fall off his chest. The holes reveal a bullet proof vest underneath the clothes. “Our cover is blown, shoot to kill,” Jack speaks into the radio.


No shit … you’re a fuck up, Jack, always seeking unneeded attention” the man speaks then a few shots follow, “Third floor is clear, finish the job. Oh and there’s a maid in there, she’s weaponless, leave her be


Jack mumbles something but quickly proceeds to the third floor. He takes his knife out of the guard’s body on his way and steadily ascends the stairway. Upon reaching the 3rd floor Jack notices the maid the sniper warned him about, she sits in a corner, her knees up to her chest, trembling in fear.


Jack approaches her and grabs her by her hair pulling her up to him, he turns her to the window where the man on the rooftop has a good view of her and Jack. He takes out his knife and twists it before the maid’s eyes, “Your master … where? Quickly now,” he says in a mocking voice.


Th-there,” the maid replies pointing at a huge wooden door with marvelous ornaments.


Jack, let her go, we don’t have time for this, proceed with the target,” the sniper speaks into the radio, Jack growls a little in frustration and looks out the window to the position of the sniper, Jack smiled and he knew the man saw it all. Jack started playing with his knife raising it up and then down along the maid’s clothes when he finally stabbed her in the stomach. He let her body slump to the ground and turned his back of the window proceeding to the big door when a shot flew right past his ear scratching it a little, Jack stopped, “You missed,” he said into the radio and went on to the door.


He pushes it open and steps through with his knife at ready. The room seems completely empty at first glance but Jack feels a presence within, he quickly turns around only to see a gun pointed right in his face. The man pushes the trigger, Jack tries to move out of the bullet’s way but it is too fast and scratches his neck badly, with blood gushing freely Jack is infuriated and pushes the knife from below upwards into the man’s chin slamming the knife’s hold with his palm sinking it even deeper. The man falls dead to the ground and Jack slumps down shortly after.


Target … is … down,” Jack speaks into the radio.


You’re hurt?” the sniper asks.


My … neck …,” Jack replies and lets the radio out of his hand as he’s not able to hold it in his grasp anymore.



Does a man truly see his whole life run through his eyes just before death? I always wondered if that was true. Maybe wondered is a bad word for it, feared would suit it better.


They say to become an assassin one must be free of any ties that bind him or that can lead anyone to him, I didn’t have any ties that bound me to anyone …


So so so happy to be back dancing along side my girlies, ½ bimbz,my BB and my ATM 妈咪 👯 Don’t say I don’t love you uh BB solo pic for you worzxxx.💕#dwz (at dreamwerks where my dream works. )

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Guess I shall upload a part 2. Heh. Heh. #simdreamwerkz #DWZ

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Yay happy to finally be back in class! Official start to my whole year of dancing. May this year be even bigger and better 🙏🌟🙏 #DWZ thanks for class @xu3huiii ☺️