This post has a lot of people Big Mad , so let this post be the official DWF response to some of the comments I’ve seen.

If you get reported to the Tumblr mods for malicious speech, then whatcha gonna do then, DearWhitePeople? Complain that white folks are takin’ over Tumblr? XD 

  • If literal and actual Nazis don’t find themselves removed from twitter, I think I’ll be ok. And since you’re up in my notes, I hope you’re also going after Nazis.

“If you’ve ever straightened your hair, you’re a fucking hypocrite”

  • White people don’t have a monopoly on straight hair. This is being willfully obtuse.
  • But more to your point (because you’re presumably targeting black people who are known to have coily hair), forced assimilation doesn’t equal appropriation. It isn’t a hard concept to grasp that black people would feel pressured to carry their hair in western hairstyles when we’re literally losing jobs and getting our hair cut off in school for wearing our natural texture.

It seems as if the only ones truly concerned with color are the so called “people of Color”

  • Why wouldn’t people of color be concerned with race?
  • And the issues that POC face in modern day are as a result of racialized institutions created by white people.

What would MLK Jr. think?

  • I’m gonna need y’all to keep MLK’s name out of your mouths when y’all are obviously not down for the current struggles of black people and people of color. We’ll never know what MLK would think because a white man killed him, but if the published works towards the end of his life are any indication, MLK would have thought more radically than y’all like to think.

So if white people want to stop sharing culture with you, we can stop you from living in skyscrapers, eating European foods like pasta, pizza, sausage, bread and grapes? We can stop you from using electricity and indoor plumbing? Can we also stop you from wearing mass produced clothing and footwear? How about we stop you from enjoying classical paintings and philosophy, or how about any form of government other than tribalism. The list can go on and on. “POCs” have only created music and dance.

Then stop using anything a white man ever invented. Stop listening to any music genres whites creates. Stop eating any dishes whites created. Then you can preach about it.

No, I think the OP’s point was that they regret taking advantage of things produced by ‘white culture’ like penicillin or the Internet.

  • White people, y’all have not invented nearly as much as you think that you did. Like damn. 

So a white man deserves to be castrated for wearing dreads? That’s pretty racist

  • Where does that say that?

Love the wonderful things POC get to say about white people. If this post was reversed and written by a white person, people would throw the race card as soon as it hit social media. 

  • The western world is saturated with white supremacy. The reason y’all struggle to see how POC are portrayed and perceived is because it’s ingrained in society itself

And finally to those on varying levels of the “culture IS meant to be shared” spectrum:

Culture is meant to be shared - among those to whom it belongs. Part of what makes it a distinct culture is a defined in-group.

I believe that sharing cultures is a good thing, when its multi-directional and given freely. If you don’t belong to a certain group, someone who is isn’t obligated to share it with you. 

Culture is a strong identifying aspect of one’s identity and while anyone can be appropriative, white people in the Western World do not have the same historical context of forced assimilation, cultural erasure, and future cultural bastardization that POC have.

Lastly, white people can have culture, but whiteness isn’t it. Being white is not a culture. There is no set of shared practices, beliefs, or experiences associated with whiteness. The only unifying quality of whiteness is white skin. 

And that’s all I have to say about that.


Dying Will Flames: Lightning
             └”Lightning Flames are in many ways more similar to electricity than actual flames. By themselves, the Flames can used defensively by projecting a solid barrier and offensively by cutting as if sharp blades or electrocuting as if real electricity.“

perfectlyrose  asked:

🎨 + martha/rose

🎨  - be my model for this art assignment?

“martha?” rose says, and then bites her tongue when the woman on the bench looks up at her in confusion. “uh – it’s on your name tag,” she explains hurriedly.

“it is,” martha agrees. she smiles politely, but still looks confused, which – rose thinks – is understandable.

“sorry, it’s just – this might be completely inappropriate, but i need a model for my first drawing assignment, and i don’t know anyone yet, and you’re, well… really beautiful.”

martha’s face lights up, polite smile suddenly entirely sincere. “thank you! do you – here, won’t you sit down?” she pats the bench next to her and moves her bag over.

rose grins back and drops onto the bench, feeling much more confident now. “none of my friends wanted to go to college, or they couldn’t. i’m starting late myself. i’m navigating this place on my own. i’m rose, by the way.”

“nice to meet you, rose,” martha says, and shakes rose’s hand. “it’s my first week, too.” she pats the name tag. “hence – this.”

“you mean it’s not a fashion statement?” rose teases.

“ha ha,” martha says. “so – tell me more about this art assignment?”

“it’s just a basic portrait; shoulder-up. hang on,” rose adds, and grabs her phone to check the time. “can i get your number? my next class starts in five and i don’t wanna lose you.”

“yeah, sure,” martha says, accepting the phone and entering her number. “it sounds really fun – i’ve never been a model before.”

“i’ll text you the details ‘n’ stuff later,” rose says, grinning as she tucks her phone into her back pocket. “see you around, martha.”

“hey,” martha says, as rose gets up.


“you will text, won’t you? it’s just, sometimes people say they will, and then they don’t, and –”

“’course i will,” rose promises solemnly. and then she disappears.

unknown number

12:30 this is rose from the park
12:30 there are no other details btw!
12:31 its just a portrait like i said
12:31 just had to have your number
12:31 ps told u id text xx

alone on the bench in the park, martha smiles.


Christel Dee, host of the Doctor Who Fan Show, got a chance to meet with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman last night after the LEGO Dimensions press event. She even made sure to strike the iconic Twelfth Doctor pose with the Doctor himself!

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