You want to keep going without knowing why it’s bad to travel at night? This was a living, breathing planet once, with an ecosystem, organic life and a population. There was a catastrophic event here. And as hard as it is for you to understand, you are not the only life form in this universe. Some of us feel a duty to others who might be in trouble.


“You are a very funny little bonus.”

The Ghost Monument not actually a story about a space race. We are dropped right in the middle of someone else’s confusing tale, but as the context of what we are witnessing unfolds in front of our eyes, it is already changing into something more familiar and yet still quite new. The Doctor is on a journey to find the TARDIS. And Doctor Who is on a journey to find Doctor Who.

Because the Doctor simply refuses to play by the rules. For one, she asks way too many questions. No matter her purpose on this planet, she cannot help but to try to solve the unspoken mysteries of the place. She could never be content with a simple trip from A to B, the need to help and to understand always too loud to ignore. But just as importantly, she turns her five travelling companions into a team - her friends from Sheffield and the two racers alike.

Epzo, in particular, is aware of what is happening. But all his attempts to keep a hold of what he came here to do are ultimately unsuccessful. “You’re irrelevant!” and “You’re not part of this!”, he tries to explain to these new characters that have inexpicably found their way in a competition of two. Still, even he gets pulled in by this new story, by themes of friendship and family. Hard-ass cynics rarely share their most significant childhood memory with perfect strangers. But now that he’s a side character in a story, there are many more possibilites. Even on a planet called Desolation.

This is what happens to Ryan too, when he picks up a gun to fight the robots. By any logic, shooting non-sentient robots with a gun is not actually a less moral method than taking them out with a EMP. The problem is that the former is simply the wrong genre. This simply isn’t Call of Duty. It’s Doctor Who and that comes with an entirely different, often idiosyncratic set of rules that he still has to learn. Beating bullets with your brain is just one of them.

By this new rulebook, a harrowing space race can end with two winners (and a couple of threats - but when you can threaten a story into turning into something kinder, that’s optimistic in its own way). And when even the Doctor nearly loses faith, she and her companions are saved by “that sound brings hope wherever it goes”. With the Doctor and the TARDIS reunited, the show can truly begin anew.

Me: I really appreciate everything Americans do for fandom. I mean, you guys really made enthusiasm for fiction popular, u invented cons, you write so much amazing fanfiction and u really keep the fan industry thriving

Also me: It’s spelt “mummy”