Sooo comfortable.. Can you hear me crying 😭💘💘💘

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[DL] GOT7 - Flight Log : Departure Monograph DVD

1. [167.8MB] FLY Jacket Making
2. [499.8MB] FLY Trailer & MV Making
3. [394.8MB] 니가 하면 MV Making
4. [141.0MB] 니가 하면 MV Dance Version

I didn’t watermark any of these videos as I don’t have the rights to do so but if you do download and make gifs or re-up elsewhere,the least you can do is link back to my blog as credits. Thank you~


Guys. I just watched the finale & there’s no awkwardly placed “I love you” on the DVD ep of 3.16!!!
I feel so alive & validated by that! Not because I don’t ship it, because it didn’t make sense & this just confirms the ADR. We were so justified in our comments meta team! @abazethe100 @rosymamacita and anyone else who commented on it being thrown in to appease “them”