A rant

About the latest GOT ep6 leak *spoilers*, and Arya.

WTF is this stupid nonsense??? Yer telling me that Arya would put Walder Freys FACE in her room like some weird TROPHY so Sansa could find it? Or she threatened Sansa that she could kill her????
I get that Dumb&Dumber have been trashing Arya’s plot since S5 and have no understanding of her character at all, but this is a new low even for them. There are so many ways to build tension between the sisters if you read the books, and at this point I’m not sure if the show runners ever have. Don’t even get me start on how they ruin Jon and Arya’s relationship which is the purest thing in the books.

I’ll just go reread my books and pretend non of this bs happend.

yesung1106: Yeah It’s a video 🐹 @superjunior.labelsj

Video ~ 170810 Yesung Instagram update with Eunhyuk & Donghae 😄

EunHae didn’t know it was a video, that’s why they were posing. They thought Yesung gonna take a selca, then Yesung laughing at the kids (success to fool the kids), Donghae realized & said ‘is it a video?’ HAHA gotta love our fansite masternim Yesex!! They’re so cute!