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hello i'm new here, why do we hate oli? do we hate stan too?

Hi new person!

I think it stems back to when he and Louis’ other “friend” Calvin were really helping to push and perpetuate Louis’ party image after he “broke up” with Eleanor. Around the time I got into this fandom, you could barely go a day without seeing Louis out at another cheap club with random club chicks and those two trailing behind him. (I call the Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber). When we first started seeing Briana and Ashley, those two were always always there. 

After Babygate dropped down on us, we had what we refer to as a Receipts Night. Basically, people started spilling shit that they knew that wasn’t directly outing of the boys. (It was one of the most beautiful nights in this fandom because people’s give a fuck was almost busted, but we still all had this line we wouldn’t cross). Anyway, something to come out of that were some allegations of coercion and manipulation in a sexual sense of girls, some quite young, with promises to meet Louis in exchange for certain things. And two of the main people behind those allegations were Oli and Calvin, though others were behind them as well. 

Stan has been problematic in the past, quite antagonistic to Larries on social media back in the day, but he went ghost because he had an actual life to live and honestly, I’d prefer to see Stan over the Trash Twins any day of the week.