San Jose Gigantes Vol.1 Mixtape Release Parties have been extended!!! More parties and chances to get this CD before it runs out! Here is the outline for Week 2!!

Thursday 1/19 - Temple Lounge Downtown San Jose w/ DJs Jaybiz and Dave Dynamix  * 2x4 sets *

Friday 1/20 - Kojis Sake Lounge *Solo Sets*

Sunday 1/22 - Cardiff Lounge Presents Boom Zap w/ DJ Goldenchyld * 2x4 sets* 

*** Also at Boom Zap We will be dropping an exclusive announcement! 

This is the 2nd half of the Trapper Keeper Mixtape…a nonstop, 30 minutes of indie/electro trap music, mixed in true turntablist fashion by Dstrukt X Wreckineyez!

Get full version here: http://www.mixcrate.com/djdstrukt/dstrukt-x-wreckineyez-x-markisa-present-trapper-keeper-226651

1. Big Sean, Kanye West & Jay Z - Clique (Zooly X Dstrukt Blend)
2. Lil Jon- Snap Your Fingers (Candyland X Dstrukt Blend)
3. eSenTRIK- Collapse
4. Dstrukt X Wreckineyez- Drippin Swagu
5. Zooly- You Should Know
6. Major Lazer- Get Free (Yellow Claw Get Free Money Remix)
7. Dstrukt- Bust Another Shot!
8. Dstrukt- Meet Me in the Skratch
9. THUGLI - What Happened (Dstrukt Don’t Like Me Blend)
10. Mayhem X Antiserum- Bricksquad Anthem
11. Dstrukt- Still Ballin on Hoes
12. Dstrukt X Wreckineyez- Royal Round of Applause
13. Big Chocolate- Blue Milk (Dstrukt Hola Blend)
14. Hardwell - Spaceman (Carnage Festival Trap Remix)
15. Deorro AKA TON!C- BIG FAT (Party Favor’s Big Fat RE-FIX)
16. Flosstradamus- UNDERGRUND ANTHEM
17. Bingo Players- Rattle (Luminox Remix)
18. Luminox- I Run This (Dstrukt They Know Blend)
19. Heads Will Roll - (Kid Kamillion X Dstrukt Blend)
20. Flosstradamus - Total Recall (Dstrukt Oh My Blend)
21. Dillon Francis - Masta Blasta (Dstrukt Technologic Blend)
22. Jay-Z- Encore (Dstrukt Dubstep Blend)
23. Big Sean & Kanye West- Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay (Party Favor Remix)
24. Dstrukt- Moments in Trap
25. Drake- Over (Dstrukt X Wreckineyez Blend)

OVOBevmo is a duo within a larger crew: Dstrukt & SmoovGroovs, both producers and DJs from the BevmoSJ crew from San Jose. This project consists of 10 originally produced remixes, all ranging from hiphop, moombahsoul, trapsoul, and more. Support these two hungry DJs and Producers! 

Purchase the remix album HERE

1. OVOBevmo Intro

2. That Girl

3. Day by Day Feat. Sheabutter

4. Do ya like

5. I Know

6. Thinking about You

7. GO

8. Ways more than One Feat. Tim Ferguson

9. Nobody’s Perfect

10. Lotus Flower Bomb

11. Crew Love


I KNOW [OVOBEVMO REMIX] from DjDstrukt on Vimeo.



THIS THURSDAY! Me and DJ Dstrukt will be releasing some musical Holiday treats! I will be releasing my first mix for my Homegrown Blends crew entitled SUBSEQUENT GENIUS (a blended array of futuristic Soul music…

DJ Dstrukt will be releasing a remix pack of 6 songs. I’ve gotten a taste of what he has in store, and these joints are ESSENTIAL for your digital crates. STAY TUNED 

06.15.11 Devils Pie presents: Gil Scott-Heron Tribute (w DJ Dstrukt)

External image

3rd Wednesdays Soul Party

June 15, 2011

Featuring Guest DJ:

On May 27, 2011 Gil Scott-Heron left this material world at the age of 62. An embodiment of both Black Power and Black Struggle, the self-proclaimed Bluesologist bore the weight of both identities on his shoulders and relieved its strain through his words. With his musical partners - most famously with Brian Jackson, and most recently with Richard Russell - Gil Scott-Heron created some of the most honest, inspirational, and heart-wrenching soul music the world will ever hear.

Join us in welcoming one of the most exciting and creative DJ’s in the community, DJ Dstrukt, whose mixes, which are both forward thinking AND respectful of the foundation, have been featured on the World Famous Wake Up Show. His tribute set to Gil Scott-Heron should not be missed.

With Residents:

Vinyl Sale By:
WAX ADDICT (Beat Swap Meet) hiphop/soul/funk/boogie/raregrooves


BEVMO_SJ presents: The 4Lokos Mixtape



It’s finally here y'all! The BEVMO_SJ squad finally bring you the highly anticipated 4 LOKOS Mixtape. Be sure to check us out all around San Jose this weekend to get yourself a copy! (yes, we got em printed and pressed as you can tell from the first picture). Just like our last Assorted Flavors mixtape, we’re hittin’ you like a pinata full of assorted goods, but this time, on the party rock steez. [Top40HipHop, R&B, Ghetto Electro, Dance]. GET LOKO! We’re droppin’ the mixtape tomorrow 9/1/11!

Follow the crew! Dstrukt, Shea-Butter, R-Cade, SmoovGroovs

No disrespect to any DJ’s but the radio hasn’t been the same ever since the 90’s and early 2000’s. We know it’s not your fault you have to play shit you don’t like, it’s the program director’s fault. That’s what motivated me to put this mix together. Now that it’s 2011 everyone pretty has the same playlist, and It’s not the size of the itunes library, it’s how you play your music. Mucho props to the big homies @DjEcho and @Nik_Ferrer for making this possible. Shout outs to my two crews Under the Table and BEVMO for the endless support. I’ll be posting the mix early Monday morning. Stay tuned.


Putting together a new reel, his time more Motion Graphic-friendly. While this goes beyond just that sort of thing & getting to be a bit old at this point, it has always been one of my favorites.