San Jose Gigantes Vol.1 Mixtape Release Parties have been extended!!! More parties and chances to get this CD before it runs out! Here is the outline for Week 2!!

Thursday 1/19 - Temple Lounge Downtown San Jose w/ DJs Jaybiz and Dave Dynamix  * 2x4 sets *

Friday 1/20 - Kojis Sake Lounge *Solo Sets*

Sunday 1/22 - Cardiff Lounge Presents Boom Zap w/ DJ Goldenchyld * 2x4 sets* 

*** Also at Boom Zap We will be dropping an exclusive announcement! 


Putting together a new reel, his time more Motion Graphic-friendly. While this goes beyond just that sort of thing & getting to be a bit old at this point, it has always been one of my favorites.