Protesters outside Dstrkt nightclub in the West End of London, protesting at their discriminatory door policy

Gif no.9 is one of the promoters protesting against the club, not the promoter [who was black African] mentioned by the two women. The discrimination, in London high end clubs, is also against black men, large women and Orthodox Jews. There also seems to be a quota on the number of black women in the clubs.

Incase tumblr didn't know about dstrkt and their foul play.

http://www.voice-online.co.uk/article/women-refused-club-entry-being-too-dark-and-too-fat ^ have a read guys in the event you’re ever in London.. Don’t bother wasting money in this ridiculous excuse for a club 😊. They have celebrity guests (some black) even karreuche is meant to be there tonight, but discriminate against black club goers. Lol lol lol The absolute cheek of the bastards