Black men are truly the funniest people. Earlier this year a group of black women were not allowed entry into a London club because they were too dark. After this, BW came out and protested and expressed their outrage and so many black boys on the TL mocked these black women for speaking claiming that we were making ‘a big deal out of nothing’ and made jokes about the whole situation. This week, a group of black boys were turned away from a club and those same cunts who were laughing before are the ones that are tweeting now ‘why aren’t people talking about this like they were before?’, I am 😂 the same cunts that were mocking the women before are now demanding support. This is honestly why I’m leaving black men behind in 2015 and focusing on black women and black queers in 2016 because it’s honestly so tiring having to fight against everything we endure and then black men too.

Black women denied entry Into popular London club for being “too dark” & “too fat”

Black women denied entry Into popular London club for being “too dark” & “too fat”

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A group of Black women are speaking out against a trendy London nightclub after they were denied entry for being “too fat” and “too dark,” The Voice reports.

The women spoke to the London-based newspaper this week after their unpleasant and reportedly racist experience with the West End nightclub DSTRKT, a venue that boasts attendance by stars such as Jay Z, Drake, and Rihanna.

Zalika Miller,…

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Black women stop being so selfless and give yourself permission learn to concentrate on and call out your own oppression (misogynoir, racism, sizism, ableism, colourism, lookism, hair texturism, transphobia, sexism, classism, homophobia etc) instead of solely caring about the oppression of Black men……especially when most Black men in Britain don’t even like Black women anyway

Omarion took a stand against a London nightclub that was accused of racism. On Sept. 26, Zalika Miller and four of her friends attempted to party at DSTRKT nightclub in London. However, the promoter told Miller that if she was bringing Black girls than they needed to have a certain look.

When they arrived at the club, the person at the door told them the club was at full capacity. But other Whitemen and women were allowed to enter the club afterwards. Miller, who knew the club promoter, sent several text messages. The promoter responded by saying that Miller’s friends were “too dark” and “overweight” to be allowed entry. Miller, who is an actress, took to social media and shared her story as other people revealed similar incidents of racism.

Dozens of people protested at DSTRKT and called for all Black celebrities to boycott the venue. Karrucehe Tran received some backlash after she made an appearance at the club days after the women were denied. Karrueche denounced the discrimination allegations, but some were upset that she decided to party at the club.

On Oct. 2, promoters at DSTRKT announced an appearance by Omarion. However, the R&B star tweeted that he would not support the club. Reportedly, the club owners have denied discrimination, but they have yet to apologize to the women who were insulted due to their skin tone.

Incase tumblr didn't know about dstrkt and their foul play.

http://www.voice-online.co.uk/article/women-refused-club-entry-being-too-dark-and-too-fat ^ have a read guys in the event you’re ever in London.. Don’t bother wasting money in this ridiculous excuse for a club 😊. They have celebrity guests (some black) even karreuche is meant to be there tonight, but discriminate against black club goers. Lol lol lol The absolute cheek of the bastards