DST Sebastian

Down in the Underground

Down in the Underground

He could hardly wait to see her face when she saw their new home. It had taken a few weeks of work, from mapping out the area, to finding a place that would allow adequate light from above to trail in.

But it was done.

Their ceremony had been a fast affair, all too eager to finally seal the deal as it were.  

Andrea’s hand was held securely in his as he lead her down. Once they had gotten closer he had her close her eyes.

“You’re not peeking, right?”

“Robbie! Come now, you trust me right?”

Robert chuckled, squeezing her hand.

“I trust you. I don’t trust Sebastian.”

“WELL, NOW I’M WOUNDED!” His voice echoed from the shadows. Robert and Andrea laughed.

Robert fell quiet, leading her along until he arrived at their destination.

“Okay… Now!”

Andrea opened her eyes, a surprised look coming to them. It was a base like nothing she had ever seen before.

In the center was a house that resembled the one she had above ground. She could see light flowers curling like vines around it, illuminating it.

She looked upward, seeing it was also nestled in an area where natural light flowed in.


“That’s not all.” Robert grinned, leading her around to the back of the house. “Ta-da!”

There was a massive herb and flower garden in the back, forming a circle around a moon dial that looked as if it was carved out of moonlight with how it shone.

Large crystal geodes surrounded it as well, giving off their own faint glow.

“A proper moon dial for your moon scrying… A-And a proper circle garden to cast in. D-Do you like it?” Robert asked, a nervous look coming to his eyes. Andrea had her back to him, taking everything in.

Andrea turned to him, an overjoyed look in her eyes. She squealed, tackling him, hugging him tightly. Robert was surprised before he let out a laugh.

“I take it that’s a yes?” He asked as she peppered his head with kisses.

“THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!” She laughed, nuzzling him.

Robert held his wife close, resting his head against hers.

“I’m so glad you like it my love. I just want you happy.”

“And I am. So very happy.”

“YA DID GOOD BROTHER IN LAW!” Sebastian screeched.

“And something for you.” Robert had a mischievous look as he reached over, uncovering a small stone den in the cave floor.

Sebastian scuttled over, looking at it.


“I mean I could just plant things-”

“IT’S MA HOLE.” Sebastian scurried in.

“I mean, now you can keep around when I have candles and stuff going without getting hurt by the lights.” Andrea pointed out with a giggle. Sebastian poked his nose out of the hole.

“It’sssss cozy.”

I think we’re gonna be just fine.


“Alright, let’s see… That should do it.” Andrea sighed happily as she stirred the contents of the crockpot. “Robert’ll be starving when he gets back.”

“Ya mean more than usual?” Sebastian asked, swinging down from one of the rafters. Andrea poked his nose.

“Maybe. We’ll see. Mandrake soup’ll warm him up good though.”

“Ya, it better. After all the trouble that thing was!”


“Guuuuh shut up, shut up!!!”

The siblings shuddered as Andrea stirred the pot a big more vigorously as if to ensure the strange plant creature was truly dead.

Let’s see… This should be fine to go for awhile.

She looked out the kitchen window into her garden, taking a second look when she noted some of the herbs had been disturbed.

… That’s not normal.


He swung down next to the window, peering out.

“I ssseee disturbed stuff.”

“And Robert’s not the type to go through my garden without explicitly asking me if he can snip down one of the plants.”

“… I scream?”

“No scream. We sneak.”

Sebastian dropped from his perch, hissing as he scurried after his sister.

“You never let me have any fuuun!”

“Brother, contrary to what you believe, you are not a good alarm clock.”

They quietly crept out, Andrea with a spear in hand, Sebastian darting through the shadows. Andrea looked around, taking note of some tracks in the dirt.

They look… insectoid…  Great, we got big  bugs. As usual.

Nothing looked as disturbed as she thought. A few herbs snipped down but that was about it.


Her eyes narrowed as she made her way for her moon dial, noting the water level had gone down as well.

Whatever was here, was sneaky.  Not a spider. Spiders are too dumb for this and they’re purely carnivorous.

Andrea kept scanning the area, keeping as quiet as possible, listening for any off sounds… That’s when she heard it. It was the sound of scuttling footsteps. They sounded like the footsteps of a spider but… yet there was a slight difference. A light scratching of claws.

She let her ears guide her to the source, seeing a shape walking around in the dark, their white eyes having a slight glow to them. Now she was certain it wasn’t a spider since there were only two eyes and not the eight eyes spiders were known for, not to mention these eyes were more human shaped and were set higher on whatever the creature was in the darkness.

She narrowed her eyes, gripping her spear tightly, taking a defensive stance.

“Sebastian, be a dear and bring ‘em into the light.”

Sebastian disappeared from her view before slinking into the shadows following the creature.


The creature gave a scream of their own, scuttling faster, trying to get away as Sebastian gave chase. He had to dodge a few hits from their own weapon before the creature came into the dim light of the light flowers.

Andrea’s eyes widened at the sight of the creature. It was a human bug hybrid like creature. The top half was humanoid while the bottom half resembled that of a scorpion. They were red and tan in color and wore a pale green cloak along with a gold headpiece and were wielding a spear that was made of an odd stone.

“What the…?” She shook it off. “Who are you!? What are you doing in my camp?”

The creature stared back her, tilting their head. They spoke but Andrea couldn’t understand them. The dialect wasn’t any language she had heard before. Though from the tone of the creature’s voice they sounded a little scared.

“Easy, easy…” She hesitated before going a bit closer. “Can you understand me?”

The creature stared on, seeming to try and process what Andrea was saying and gave her a confused expression in response.

Andrea hummed in thought before snapping her fingers as she recalled a spell she had read once.

I remember Melinda used it a lot when traversing the human world. Should work here too.

She focused as she conjured up a string of energy as it came around them both, chanting in an old language. When it was done the string faded away.

“Can you understand me now?”

The creature blinked before nodding.

“Y-Yes-” They brought a hand to their throat. “What… is this tongue I am speaking?”

“English. It’s the tongue my people speak as well as my husband. What was yours?” Andrea asked with a head tilt of her own.


“Hm… I’ve not heard of that one.”

“I have never heard of English before either.” The creature came closer. “What are you exactly?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing. I’m a Shadow Being.”

“Shadow Being… So strange.” The creature looked closer. “Why are your ears so far out?”

Andrea flicked her ears a little.

“They’re just like that. May I ask what you are too?”

“I am a Thulecitian.” The creature answered. “The dwellers of the underground.”

“Fascinating. So, you’re the little sneak who’s been taking from my garden.”

“I needed water… and those herbs tasted yummy.”

Andrea took note of how they sounded, her gaze softening.

Must be just a kid… not worth being mad over, Besides, this is definitely interesting.

“I-I promise I won’t steal again. I-I’ll make it up to you.” The Thulecitian bowed. “O-On my apprentice’s honor.”

“Hey, it’s okay.” Andrea held up a hand. “No need to bow. Just ask if you need something. I don’t mind sharing now that I know you weren’t causing trouble. What’s your name, young one?”


“Well, Laika, my name’s Andrea… and sorry for scaring you earlier.”

“That creepy thing was yours?”


Laika shrieked, backing away and pointing their spear at Sebastian.

“S-Stay back fiend!”

Sebastian gave an unimpressed look.

“Oh, that’s real polite. Reeeaaal nice. Hmph!”

“Easy now.” Andrea grabbed her spear, making her point it away. “That’s my brother.”

Laika’s jaw dropped.

“THAT is related to YOU?”

“It’s a looong story.”


Laika blinked.

“You mean… You used to be a Shadow Being?”


“Oh…” Laika frowned. “I see… So even beings like you are susceptible to such a mutation.”

“King Maxwell doesn’t like us very much. Namely my brother here. He used to work for him along with his former archivist.” Andrea explained. “The details aren’t ours to tell but… it wasn’t pretty.”

“I let my anger get a hold of me.” Sebastian bowed a little. “Sorry kid!”

“I-It’s okay…” Laika looked to Andrea. “I w-will make things up though. I promise.”

“Hm… Well, if you do wanna help, know where I can get some cave bananas? Robbie found some a few days ago but someone…” She looked to Sebastian. “Ate them all.”

“Oh, I can find them! And hunt some splumonkeys!”

“I’ll pay you in a good meal of Mandrake Soup. Deal?”


Laika scurried off without another word. Sebastian looked to Andrea.


“Indeed, but honestly I think he’ll be happy to know we have nice neighbors.”


“Andrea! I’m home!” Robert called as he came in from his long trip of scavenging for materials around the caves.

“Welcome home love!” Andrea grinned hurrying over to help him unpack. “Find anything interesting?”

“You just want first dibs on the crystals.”

“Maybe~” She gave a sneaky look before he pulled her into an embrace. “Eeep!”

“C’mere you!” He chuckled, kissing her head. “Missed you. What’ve you been up to?”

“Weeell…” She grinned sheepishly. “I met the neighbors.”

“… Eh?”

Andrea nodded.

“A being called a Thulecitian. Young one too. She was scrounging around the garden. Took a minute to understand her but she offered to make up for the stealing.”

“Huh… Intriguing. What did they look like?”

Andrea conjured up shadow flames that took the shape of Laika as Robert’s eyes grew wide.

“Fascinating. Do you know if she’ll be back?”

“I sent them on a little errand so, soon probably. She got happy at the idea of hunting splumonkeys.”

Robert grimaced.

“I don’t blame her.”

“So, we shall see. For now, how does mandrake soup sound?”

Robert’s stomach growled.

“Sounds wonderful.”

“Right this way then.”

Andrea lead Robert out back, quickly getting him a serving before getting her own and sitting down with him. They ate in silence, enjoying the food. They soon heard the scuttling of footsteps.

“Andrea! I’m back!”

Andrea smiled as she saw Laika approach, a sack slung over her back.

Laika grinned back before curiosity came to her face at the sight of Robert.

“Who is this?” she asked, pointing her spear at Robert.

Robert yelped, grabbing for his wrench.

“This is my husband!” Andrea quickly got up. “Robert, this is Laika. Laika this is Robert.”

“Your ears…” Laika tilted her head. “… They’re so tiny.”

Robert rubbed one of his ears unconsciously.

“Honestly, they’re considered big for some humans.”

Laika blinked.

“Hoo… mon?”

“Yes. That’s what I am, a human being.”

“Hoomon being… I thought there were just Shadow Beings up there.”

Robert smiled, giving a sheepish look.

“I’m not exactly local.”

Laika’s eyes grew wide.

“Are… you from another world?”

Robert grinned, giving a bow as he stood.

“Robert Wagstaff of Earth.”

“Wow!” Laika was in awe of the man. “I… I have so many questions. Oh, wait till I tell my chief. He’ll be amazed to know about other beings living down here!”

There’s more?

Robert smiled gently.

“Actually… if you’d be willing, I’d love to see where you’re from. It’s my current task to map out these caves and make note of what lives down here. I’d love to know more if I may?”

“I’ll talk to my chief but I don’t think he’d mind.”

“Then we have ourselves a deal.” Robert held out a hand.

Laika nodded, giving his hand a shake.

“Indeed we do, Robert Wagstaff of Earth.”

He smiled.

“Please, just Robert, Ms. Laika.”

“Hee okay!”

“And as promised, I got food waiting for you Laika. If your still interested.”

Laika’s stomach growled as she grinned sheepishly, showing her pointed teeth.


“Ah, rule number one broken!” Robert laughed.

“Rule one?” She asked with a head tilt.

“Don’t starve!”


*Deeeeep breath*


That is all.


Storm Snippets: “Little Shadow”

Little Shadow

The last few days had been a long one. 9 months of preparing, trying to make their home “safe” for a young child. 9 months of worrying and in Robert’s case, sometimes being a bit too protective when it came to his wife.

Andrea had taken less time outside of their home and wandering, opting instead to focus on ensuring she had everything ready for herself.

Visitors had been quite interesting. Namely their favorite visitor.

“And there’s no egg?”

“Nope. Just the baby and I’ll have to keep a close eye on them too. They’ll need me and Robert for just about everything.”

Laika gave Andrea a worried look when the woman winced, feeling a kick from her unborn child.

“Are you okay?”

“… You wanna know what it’s like to feel a baby kick?”

Laika nodded quickly, letting Andrea guide her hand to her stomach, eyes going wide as she felt a sharp kick.

“Wow….” She giggled. “Hi hooman-ling.”

“I think they’re going to love meeting you.”


That was a week ago. Now… they could hardly believe the change that happened overnight… Even if they weren’t quite used to it yet.


Andrea winced as she sat up, reaching into the bassinet beside the bed.

“Oh, oh oh, shhh…” She murmured bringing a bundle of blankets into her arms, bouncing it a little as she did so. “Shh, Mommy’s here Ciel, Mommy’s here.”

Her child was only three days old but already she couldn’t imagine her life without him in it. She kissed his head as he squirmed ,looking up at her with teary eyes. His elongated ears twitched as he wailed.

Andrea hummed softly, rocking him, keeping him close as she went through the motions with getting him settled. Ciel was still so new to her. Being a mother was still so new to her.

“I got you my darling, I’m here.”

Ciel hiccuped before settling down as he grasped one of her fingers in his hands. Andrea leaned against the headboard, cradling him.

So, that wasn’t hungry. He’s dry… so that’s… “Hold me”. Got it.

Robert peered in, still having been awake, tending to a project.

“You okay?”

“We’re both fine.” Andrea yawned a little as her son mimicked the action, a little squeak escaping him. “Just very… very tired.” Her eyes closed for a moment, her head bobbing a little.

Robert sat on the edge of the bed, laying a hand on her arm, getting her attention.

“You want me to…?”

Andrea looked down at Ciel before looking up at him.

“Maybe for a few minutes.”

“Just a few. You need a rest.” Robert gave her a gentle look as she transferred their child over. Ciel whined a little before settling down as he realized where he was.

Robert hummed softly, rocking him as he joined Andrea’s side.

Andrea closed her eyes, laying her head on his shoulder, listening to his voice.

They were figuring it out. It wasn’t going to be an easy path but it was going to be worth it.

We already got through bringing him into this world. And now he’s here… He’s really here.

“You know, I’m really glad I married you.” She murmured softly. Robert chuckled, nuzzling her.

“I’m glad I married you too. It’s all been amazing and now look at us.” He smiled warmly.

Ciel hiccuped, grasping onto part of Robert’s shirt, whining a little.

Robert and Andrea chuckled a bit before Robert brought him close, stroking his back.

“There we are… Shh… It’s okay Ciel. It’s okay.”

The boy yawned, nuzzling, letting out a small noise… A very familiar noise as Robert tried not to laugh.

“Don’t you dare say it.” Andrea giggled, nudging him a bit.

“He… purrs. Andrea, he purrs.” He chuckled, kissing Ciel’s head, his curly black hair being brushed aside by the action.

He definitely had inherited most of his appearance from his mother. The most he had gotten from Robert were his eyes and his hair to some extent.

The baby yawned once more before curling up against him, his green eyes sliding shut in the motion.

“There we go.” He hummed softly, rocking him in his arms.

He felt Andrea slump against him along with their son doing the same.

Robert chuckled, nuzzling his wife before sighing in contentment, leaning back against the headboard.

He was alright being their pillow for the night.

Once more I ask, how did I get so lucky?

Heh… Even though Maxwell has done things I don’t agree with… I would like to thank him someday for giving me this chance.

Robert kissed Ciel’s head before leaning his head back.



Moar snippets incoming, since I got stuff to share and fun stuff ahead! 

Oh this was just fun to write. Got to have Laika cameo being her precious bug child self, Andrea and Robert have a lil bab of their own. >w< And he’s smol. Little Ciel Wagstaff. 

Storm Snippets: “Mischief Unmanaged”

Mischief Unmanaged

Let’s see, where could that little rascal be hiding? I know he’s around here somewhere.

Sebastian slithered through the shadows cast about in the room as he looked for his target. He chirped thoughtfully as he pretended to not see a little pair of hands pull a blanket off of the couch behind it.

“Hmmm…. I wonder where he could beee…?”

Sebastian slithered as he heard a little giggle follow. He snuck around to the top, peering down.

He would admit, he was impressed with his nephew’s set up. Ciel was almost two now and learning very quickly how to be sneaky. Especially around him. He had his blanket and a pillow behind the couch, hugging a toy beefalo Andrea had made for him and a figure carved out of wood in the shape of a Thulecitian was “guarding” the entrance.

“Hee…” Ciel giggled, hugging the beefalo tighter. “I’m sneaky.”

“OR ARE YOU?” Sebastian exclaimed as the boy squealed, scurrying out of his hiding spot.

He was never rough on him and he was so very careful with their contact to not affect the child’s sanity. But Sebastian would admit, this was some of the best years of his life as a terrorbeak.

Just can’t wait until we finally find a cure. I’ll be able to actually hug him and pick him up…

“You can’t catch me!” Ciel giggled, darting into Andrea’s room where she kept most of her magical items in.

The boy looked around before darting under the table her looking glass was perched upon, the tablecloth covering him.

Just for good measure, he covered his eyes with his hands.

If he couldn’t see his uncle, he couldn’t see him. Ciel smiled to himself, nodding a bit at his surely genius plan to thwart his uncle’s attempts to win their game of hide and seek.

“Ciiiieeeeel. Wheeerrreee aaarrreee yooouuu?” Sebastian called, “walking past” the room, when in actuality he shuffled around the table, keeping quiet.

Ciel was trying to keep quiet, unable to help the little giggles that escaped.

“Could you be… HERE?” Sebastian bumped into the table leg as Ciel squealed. He moved to run only for Sebastian to stop him.


“I have WON!” He nudged him gently with his head. “And now I BOOP YOU!”

“Nooo!” He laughed harder, hugging the terrorbeak close. “I boop you!” Ciel smiled, poking him in return.

Sebastian gave a quiet screech as he flailed around.

“Nooo… I have been defeated… By the mighty Ciel!”

Ciel got up, holding his head up high.

“I am simply one… One… Um… What’s that word?”


“I am one… eck of a winner!”

Sebastian churred, nuzzling him.

“Eh, close enough.  Now, we’re in here without your mom so what’s that mean?”

CIel put a finger to his lips.


“That’s right. Let’s go say hi to her in the garden now.”


Ciel ran out, a force to be reckoned with if you were a terrorbeak nearly the same size as him. Sebastian wasn’t sure when he figured out running. One day he was crawling, the next, bolting from room to room, seemingly skipped walking altogether.

Heh, just like how our folks said I was.

He’s got a little bit of all of us.

And one day, I’m gonna be able to be around more. Not just sleeping in a hole outside the house.

He scurried to one of his hiding places, settling in to watch his sister and his nephew play. This was, as far as he was concerned, the life.