Memer Shiro is my favorite thing ever, so please consider Shiro sharing memes with the other prisoners while he was captured, and learning all their inside jokes.

  • Every time he utterly wastes an opponent in the ring, a chorus of “Mmm Whatcha Say” can be heard from the prisoners down by the ring. Eventually it spreads to the spectators, and it comes to a head when Shiro stabs an enemy and backflips off them and the stands burst into “Mmm Whatcha Say.” You have not lived until you’ve heard an entire stadium filled with Galrans singing “Mmm Watcha Say” with bloodthirsty fervor.
  • Shiro dabs after every win. It’s become his calling sign. Whenever he enters the ring hordes of people in the stands dab for his victory. After he escaped speaking his name was forbidden, so they dabbed instead to refer to him. The first time the gang learns about this is from some prisoners they freed; upon seeing Shiro all of them dabbed. Everyone lost it. Lance still hasn’t stopped screaming.
  • Every time a guard passes through there’s a chorus of “Oh shit it’s dat boi!” “Oh shit waddup!”
  • Shiro is basically Space Chuck Norris.
    • “I heard he swung his fist and 50 ships exploded!”
    • “I heard he had a staring contest with Zarkon and Zarkon blinked first.”
    • “He can bench press 1,000 Galra soldiers!”
  • Every time someone asks for Shiro:
    • Guard: “Where is the Champion?”
    • Some random prisoner: “Do you mean the ChamPPTHSHTHSTTHHHION!?”
    • Like 50 other prisoners: “The ChamPTHHTHTHSIHTSPPHION!!”
    • Guard: “Oh my god I am not paid enough for this.”
  • Referring to other prisoners with increasingly long, fake prisoner call signs. “Have you seen prisoner 02349712935123401238401273591231481023 today?”
  • Trying to bribe the guards with ridiculous items:
    • Prisoner: “If you let me go I’ll give you this pretty rock I found.”
    • Guard: “Ma’am, that’s an eyeball.”
    • Prisoner: “An eyeball then.”
    • Guard: “No.”

The other prisoners wonder how he can be so bright, and its because if Shiro laughs harder, if he laughs louder, maybe he can drown out the screaming.

Q: Member that you would like to be roommate with? Member that you don’t want to live with?

Baekhyun: I want to be roommates with D.O. and Xiumin hyung. Because i like clean, and both of them clean up very well, so i’ll be happy to be roommates with them. Members that i don’t want to live with is Suho hyung and Sehun. Based on my past experience, the floor will become the wardrobe. (laughs)

D.O.: I want to be roommates with Baekhyun. Among all the members, i think i get along well the most with him. Member that i don’t want to live with is Suho hyung. Because i like clean, i would prefer my roommate to be someone that will clean up too.

Chanyeol: I would like to be roommates with Xiumin and D.O. because they are clean. Member that i don’t want to live with is Suho hyung. He doesn’t clean his room. (laughs)

Xiumin: Either Chen or D.O. because their rooms are always clean. If my room is messy, i get stressed.

Chen: Member that i want to be roommate with is Xiumin hyung. He is currently my roommate! I do not regret a thing. Member that i don’t want to live with is Suho hyung. We lived in the same room once……………..i will not say anything more than this! (laughs)

Suho: I like Sehun as my roommate. He has been my roommate until now, it’ll be great if we can be roommates in the future as well.

Kai: Member that i want to be roommate with is Chen hyung, because he likes clean. Member that i don’t want to live with is Suho hyung. He practically doesn’t clean up at all.

Sehun: Member that i would like to be roommate with, all my members, anybody is fine! Member that i don’t want to live with, none.

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