thezeruieknerd  asked:

It would be brilliant if you could draw Garashir C2

Sorry this took so long I’ve been busy with school work a lot recently but I will get through the remaining requests I have left ^^”

Bonus (without the reference pic):

An AU where having a beard fundamentally flips your personality, like having an evil twin. Oh wait, that’s sorta the Mirrorverse, right? But-but-but what if it flipped *other* aspects of your personality? Not just Chief Medical Dork Bashir becoming angry, mentally unstable Captain Bashir BUT… like stoic, walls-up Malcolm Reed as a goofy, smiley dood once the beard was in place? 

Beard Power!

Anyway, enjoy some simple lineart for Mirror!Bashir and Happy!Reed, Gleeful!Garak and Angry!Tucker. I tried a new-ish style that you might like. <3