A lost Ds9 episode/fic idea:

Julian notices Garak starts to act weird. He’s avoiding him. He makes mysterious subspace calls. He meets Quark several times at odd hours. He leaves a book filled with what appears to be code behind in Julian’s quarters and then gets upset at Julian for looking in it. 

Julian investigates. He learns how to monitor Garak’s calls. He follows him when he goes out in the middle of the night. He learns some Cardassian and spends days trying to decode the messages in the book.

Then he finally decides to confront Garak. And the lizard man is all like “Happy birthday. I know you like to pretend you’re a spy so I created a mystery for you”.


Cardassian Memory and Truth




This line is all very cute and witty and everything but I think Garak does believe it. I wouldn’t be surprised if most Cardassians believe. 

Heres why:

In A Stitch in Time, Garak describes Cardassians experiencing all memories at all times. All of a Cardassians memories are experienced as the present. If this is true than one may presume that memories do not fade and distort to the same extent as human ones. 

NOW here’s the thing about that.  

The issue of perception and truth (in something less than a philosophical sense) is presented by scenarios such as those in the show Brain Games. 

In this particular example its possible a Cardassian would notice the switch due to the memory of the previous clerk being present. However there are other instances that I can’t seem to find clips of things such as clowns on unicycles going largely unseen on a college campus. 

Suppose two Cardassians were walking down a street and they were passed by a unicycle. Both saw it but only in their peripheral vision. 

One noticed and got a good look at it and one did not. A good look can be nothing more than a slight movement of the eye, presuming that only a small part of the Cardassian feild of vision is finely focused, as it is in humans.

The first remarks about it to the other but when he turns to look it has already rounded a corner out of sight. 

Both have a memory existing in their mind with the rest of their life’s memories in that moment. One features a unicycle. One does not. 

The second Cardassian that did not see is left with only a few possibilities

  • his friend is lying to him
  • his memory is fake (unlikely to be accepted as a memory that is always experienced as the present would likely be clear as bell) 
  • he and his friends had two distinct experiences of reality that are both experienced as Truth but are incompatible

It gets a lot more messy when you move to more complicated things. 

You don’t remember shouting at your mom. She definitely does. Your memories are contradictory. 

Now imagine EVERYTHING YOU HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED is subject to this. 

You would have to assume everyone no matter how trusted is lying to you.

Or you have to face the fact every person you encounter experiences reality in a way that they perceive as truth and may not be compatible with your own. 

Its the “is the blue you see the blue I see?” quandary expanded to all of reality. 

If this is the case, its hardly surprising that Cardassians would not believe in an ultimate Truth the way the average Star Fleet officer does. 

Early on in their friendship after Jake teaches him to read, Nog finds out that Humanity used to worship a capitalist demigod named Santa Claus. He calculates the day of the materialist celebration and surprises Jake with all the proper accoutrements - milk, cookies, and many many presents. The only caveat is that the presents are actually items which he had been stealing from his uncle, the senior staff, and Jake himself over the past month or so. Jake is rightly overwhelmed yet mediates a discussion between his dad and Nog’s dad to make sure that Nog stays out of one of Odo’s holding cells - not an easy feat, since a certain bucket was one of the gifts underneath Nog’s replicated tree.

Sooooooooo…. this is a very recent note from Adam Nimoy about the – yes!!! – DS9 documentary “What We Leave Behind.” Adam was behind the wonderful “For the Love of Spock” doc about his dad. To sign up for updates on the project, go to http://www.ds9whatweleftbehind.com. Oh man…. this sounds great.

UPDATE: Here is a short article on the project from Aug. ‘16 from TrekCore: “Ira Behr Says DEEP SPACE NINE Documentary Underway”


You know… this scene really shifted my entire outlook on the federation. 

Because I know the feeling they’re talking about. 

In high school I had a few theology teachers who were EXACTLY how they describe root beer. 

Man, this one kid and I used to debate her under her desk. If we’d been in the same class we might have given her an aneurysm. 

Star Trek Advent Calendar, Day 7 - Favourite Character not in Starfleet

Quark and Odo
A tie, as it’s already too hard to leave Kira, Damar and Weyoun out, to say nothing of Jaylah, who was the best part of ST:B by far. So here’s a pair of foils with two very different definitions of objective. They both wear masks, neither as holier-than-thou or amoral and conniving, or as sexless or lecherous, or as rigid and ideologically pure as they pretend to be, and even if they’re not truly more alike than they know, the parallels are unavoidable.


When Jadzia was killed off, I was angry at Terry for leaving. When she got the role in the sitcom “Becker” so quickly it looked to an outsider much like she said. Or that a better offer came along and she’d abandoned DS9. But I was wrong, like a lot of people back then.

A few years ago she said for the first time I can recall that she’d wanted to stay in a reduced role. And that the powers that be said “No, all or nothing.” I couldn’t believe it. I was so mad at all of them; Behr, Moore, Berman.

But it wasn’t all of them. Not Moore. Not Behr. It was just Berman and/or the studio. But the others didn’t even know what was going on! No one but Terry and Berman knew.

Berman of course denies it, but then what do you expect? There are dozens of stories about him being difficult and anal. None about Terry being difficult or greedy. Terry willingly gave up acting for over a decade to raise her son, and is only just now trying to get back into things.

Oh and that last paragraph from Berman? How you can’t do a reduced role because you want to do movies? Yeah. Colm Meaney had that arrangement from day one. They arranged his shooting schedule to give him weeks off at a time. So he could keep doing film roles. So that’s just a fucking blatant lie from Berman.

I really hope no one lets this stuff alter their love for Trek. You see here that the other creative people on DS9 didn’t know about what was happening and were outraged to find out after. That they would have stopped it.

Ira Behr, whom I’ve always respected, became visibly ill according to Terry herself. I’ve no doubt he’d have quit in protest if he’d known at the time what was happening. So let that be the thing you remember most: that whatever horse shit Berman might have done, there were good people who did stand up to him (on other occasions) and would have here if they’d known.

In TNG, Gates McFadden was fired for season 2 by Maurice Hurley for complaining about sexism. Patrick Stewart threatened to quit if she wasn’t brought back and Hurley let go. There are many examples of the good people standing up for what was right on the various Trek shows. Remember that. Remember all the good. It doesn’t erase the bad, but it shows that good people who care can make a difference and do more often than not.