Here’s the complete convention appearance (actually, a fan club appearance back in 1996) in Youtube of Garak and everyone’s favorite commander of the Second Order, Gul Dukat.  So here are Andrew Robinson and Marc Alaimo, together.  Their interaction is cordial but nothing like the close camaraderie that Andy and Sid share - then again, what would one expect from a pairing of Garak with Dukat??  Their disagreement later about Garak’s relationship with Ziyal is so much like the characters that it’s eerie.  BTW the sound quality is not great in this one but still okay if you turn it up and ignore the buzzing.

Star Trek Friendshipfest - Sign-ups Now Open! \o/

Sign-ups just opened for the second annual Star Trek Friendshipfest, a fic exchange for friendships in the prime Star Trek universe!

Go HERE for more info and to sign up! Don’t forget to check out the TAGSET to see what friendships you can request and offer. (The friendships are organised a little weirdly and aren’t all in the exact right categories, so to see them as one long list, go HERE.)

Sign-ups are open until Saturday 6 June, so you have around a week and a half to agonise over what to request. ;)