Valentina had just arrived back at the house after she had been out all night but she and the girls from the party who she’d invited to the house weren’t ready to let the party end yet. That’s why she ended up dancing on the couch in the sitting room with them, playing one of her favourite songs from her iphone to her beats pill and singing along to it. “♫ Some days I’m broke, some days I’m rich, some days I’m nice, some days I can be a bitch. Some days I’m strong, some days I quit. I don’t let it show, but I’ve been through some shit ♫” If she wasn’t that drunk she’d probably be aware that it was only 5am in the morning and that she could wake some of the housemates who weren’t out.

tea time for @valisi-clark. prompt: pizza hut

(because drunk val is apparently a good val and then we talk about weird shit)

erwin’s favorite cheat day place to eat is pizza hut.

the cheese is just the right amount of processed, the ham baked just crispy enough that it crunches under his teeth, and the olives taste just enough like tin cans that it makes his greasy lips crease into a smile. they have to order two pizzas, one loaded with all kinds of garbage that levi swears up and down shouldn’t be on a pizza, extra sauce and stuffed crust… and a small cheese pizza with no sauce. 

levi eats his pizza. he takes a bite, places it down on his plate, and wipes his mouth with a napkin before taking another bite. erwin is already through two slices and readying for a third when he makes the noise.

“nnnggghhh.” erwin says, as he bites into the slice.

levi’s face goes red. he looks around the restaurant. it’s dinner rush, and nearly all the tables are occupied by families no smaller than three. he dashes a hand to his face and sinks into the booth. “erwiiiin. what the fuck?”

erwin groans again into his pizza as he takes half of it into his mouth, bites off the piece, and starts to chew.

“erwin! knock it off!”

“what?” he says, mouth full and chewing as he brings a straw of his pepsi up to his lips.

“those noises…” levi looks around again, blushing furiously.

erwin swallows, puts his glass down, but continues to hold his piece of pizza. “it tastes good, babe.”

“yeah, well you sound like your dick is halfway down a throat instead!” he shouts, slamming his fist on the table. the two tables bordering their booths draw silent.

“might as well be.” erwin smiles.

“you’re fucking disgusting.” he shoves his plate away, goes to shift out of the booth. 

erwin drops his hand on top of levi’s and holds him there, looks into his eyes and places down his piece of pizza. “don’t be jealous.”

levi glares, curls his fingers in to his palm, and rolls his eyes. “gross.”

erwin keeps focus on levi’s eyes as he goes to grab his piece of pizza again, his grip tightening around levi’s hand as he does. he rolls his eyes back slightly and takes a bite of the pizza, groaning out long and hard as he does. because truthfully, cheat day was almost as good as an orgasm.


“sir,” the waitress comes up to them, a serving tray clutched to her chest.



“we’re going to have to ask you to leave.”


erwin looks at levi, then back at the waitress. “… can we at least get a box to go?”

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Challenge: Describe each of your neighbours with just one word (do kids too if it's not too much please)

Brian- Boastful
Daisy- Intelligent
Lucien- Irreplaceable
Hugo- Hot Brilliant
Ernest- Troublemaker
Joseph- Religious
Mary- Incredible
Chris- Responsible
Christie- …Creepy
Christian- Creepy
Crish- Invisible
Craig- Toned
Briar- Zesty
Hazel- Spunky
Mat- Polite
Carmen- Inquisitive
Robert- Drunk Paranoid
Val- Mature
Is this a joke? Kellin Quinn Imagine

Could you do a Kellin Quinn one when you catch him cheating?? Sounds bad I know I know. Thanks!!


“Hello Kendra” I smile as I walk to my desk.

“On time as always Y/N.” Kendra smiles, handing me my agenda.

She says that because I spend Monday-Friday almost always the same way. I go to Starbucks, get to work, check my email, go over my plans for the day, make necessary phone calls or respond to emails, and then I run throughout the business and make sure everything is how it is suppose to me. I’m suppose to be done by 5 every day but let’s be honest, I don’t get out until around 7 every night and then I get up and do it all over again.

I place my coffee on my desk and pull up my emails. Given that I spend most of my time in this office, I usually don’t have time to reply to every email so when I first get to the office, I keep the important ones and transfer the others to my assistant, Kendra.

It doesn’t take long to find the unimportant once, I usually don’t even have to open the email to know that it’s not important but there is one that really caught my eye. It was titled “Cheating Boyfriend.” I hesitate to open the email, afraid it’s some sort of virus, but I do anyways. I’m glad I did..

It reads:

Hello Y/N, I know you don’t know me but my name is Casey. I am sending you this email because I feel it’s important for you to know. My friend and I recently went to a concert where Sleeping With Sirens were playing in Tampa, FL. My friend, Val, and I went to a bar afterwards and bumped into the whole band (including Kellin). Now it’s pretty well known that you and Kellin are dating, everyone who likes SWS talks about it, but he wasn’t acting as if he was in a committed relationship, in fact, he was acting quite the opposite. I know this is weird coming from someone you don’t know, but I feel that it is my responsibility to tell you since I witnessed it. Everyone was pretty drunk and Val was kitting on Kellin hard the problem is he was flirting right back…They ended up back at the tour bus together and when I went to go look for her (we were sharing a hotel and she had the key) I witnessed them hooking up. I am truly sorry to have to tell you this and I’m sorry if you don’t believe. Please know I am not trying to do this to hurt you or your relationship, but think you deserve to know the truth. If you have more questions, please feel free to email back, if not, I’m sorry and thank you for your time.

I am stunned. I don’t know how to feel about this. Could this be real? Kellin and I have been together for almost 3 years now and have been talking about getting married. There’s no way this is real. I know people love him and all but who would go through all this trouble just to mess up a relationship?

I sit there and try to keep calm. I go over the recent tour dates in my head. I’ve been to almost all of them. Was I at the one in Tampa? I can’t remember. My days and weeks tend to mush together a lot.

“Kendra can you come in here.” I yell from my desk and Kendra is there in seconds as if she’s been waiting for me to call her in. I see she’s ready to go over today’s agenda, but I am not.

“Where was I on August 12th?” I ask her and she looks surprised by the questions.

“Oh..uh.” She says. She quickly runs to her desk and comes back with a big planner in her hands. She flips through a few pages as fast as she can. “Oh yeah, you were here! Remember we had that contract due on Monday for Mr. Welsh and we had to stay here all weekend?”

My heart drops to my stomach and I forget how to speak. I was very much not in Tampa that weekend..for all I know Casey could be telling the truth.

“Y/N, are you alright?” Kendra asks, moving her hands around to snap me out of my daydreams.

“I’m fine. That’ll be all Kendra.” Kendra looks at the agenda in her hands and then looks back at me. “Oh and if a Casey calls, direct her straight to me.”

“O…okay.” She says, shaking her head and then walking out of my office, closing the door behind her.

I look at my computer screen and browse through the email I have left open. What do I say? How does one reply to such an email? This all could be a trick, but what if it’s not? I take a deep breath and click ‘reply.’

“Hello Casey, if you could call me as soon as you can, I would appreciate it.
I attach my office number and quickly press send.

I try my best to go through my every day routine but I can’t stop thinking about the email. I constantly check my email and wait for my phone to ring, but after about 3 hours I decide I just need to assume it won’t happen.

I go to lunch and see I have a missed call and 3 texts from Kellin.
“Hey babe when do you think you’ll get off tonight?”
“You were right about that Tai place! Justin and I love it!”
“Hey just wanted to see if you’re okay. I know you’re busy but you usually reply by now. Let me know. I love you..”

I contemplate replying but end up putting my phone back into my purse and go to lunch.

When I return from lunch Kendra has a handful of mail and notes waiting for me.

“I’ll get to that later.” I say, wanting to just crawl into a corner.

“Okay, but that girl Casey called and left her number.” I look at her and before she can say anything else, I grab the note with her number on it and go to my office and close the door.

My hands are shaking as I dial the number and wait for an answer.

“Hello?” I hear from the other end.

“Hi..is this Casey?”

It is..Is this Y/N?” She asks. I can tell she’s as nervous, if not more, than I am.

“It sure is. Thank you for you email. I was just hoping to talk a little further with you about it.”

“Absolutely. I am sorry, I know it’s weird, but I would feel so bad if you never found out.”

“I appreciate that.”

Casey starts going over the whole night and explains how Kellin started playing with Val’s hair and then started whispering in her ear. Casey went to the bathroom and when she came back, they were gone. When she asked the guys where they were they all just smirked at her and winked. She knew what it meant, it wasn’t the first time Val had gone off with a band member. Casey and Justin walked back to the tour bus together, but Justin stayed outside while Casey went in to retrieve her friend. When Casey walked in she could immediately hear them. She explained the tour bus exactly and what really got me..she explained Kellin’s moans spot on too..

“I’m sorry this is happening to you.” She ends her story with. “I think they are still in contact so if you need more proof, I would go through his phone..”

We say our goodbyes and I sit there unsure what to do.

I get up and grab my stuff.

“Kendra reschedule everything else for the day, I have something I have to take care of.” Before Kendra could reply, I was out of my office and in the elevator.

The drive home was nerve-racking, but I needed to know.

When I walk into our shared apartment I see Kellin drenched in sweat and doing some stretches.

“Hey babe! You’re home early!” Kellin smiles, jumping up and kissing my cheek.

“Were you at the gym?” I ask, acting as if he didn’t just kiss me.

“Yeah, I was actually just about to shower. Want to join?” He winks, trying to grab my butt.

“I’ll pass, I have to finish some things before I am actually done for the day.” I smile slightly.

Kellin nods and begins to walk to our room.

“Oh and I forgot my phone in my office, can I use yours to call Kendra?” I ask, pretending to dig through my purse.

“Of course.” He smiles, handing me his phone and jumps in the shower. I run to my office and lock the door behind me. I go quickly to his text messages and scroll through all the names. My heart is racing and I can’t keep my hands from shaking. I begin to lose hope until I see her name and I can’t breathe anymore.

I tap on her name and go through the messages. In every text he is calling her “sweets” or “hun” and she is calling him babe. I mean that’s not okay, but is that cheating? I continue scrolling up and then I see it. They’ve been exchanging nudes and he, multiple times, says how he misses her body.

I want to scream. I want to throw his phone. I want to punch him. So many things are racing through my head…how do I handle this?

How the fuck could he do this to me? I have spend 3 years of my life with him and even before we were dating, I always supported him. I always believed in him and his fucking band. I never once questioned his loyalty. How could I be so clueless?

“Babe?” I hear with a knock on my door.

“How dare you call me that.” I say, swinging the door open to be face-to-face with him.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, looking genuinely confused.

“Oh I don’t know, why don’t you ask Val?” I say, throwing his phone at him. He dodges it and it hits the floor, leaving a crack on his screen.

“Listen Y/N, it’s not what you think.” Kellin begins, trying to pull me close to him.

“So you didn’t fuck her while you were in Tampa? And you haven’t been keeping in contact? You haven’t been sending her nudes and missing her body? None of that is true Kellin?”

Kellin goes to speak but I cut him off before he can. “And how fucking dare you send me the same texts that you send her. I have spent so much fucking time and energy trying to keep this relationship stable. I have traveled when I should’ve been at work, I have slept on stingers floors, in vans, and have eaten nothing but ramen for weeks at a time. All so I could be with you and see you achieve your dreams and this is how you fucking treat me?”

Kellin is silent. What can he really say? I know it’s true, I know it happened. Nothing he says can change that.

“I’m so sorry baby.” He says quietly, touching my hand.

“I don’t care.” I reply, snatching my hand from him. “I want you out.”

“Y/N, come on.” He looks shocked, “don’t do this. We’re happy together.”

“No we’re not. We were…but you ruined that.”

I push him out of the way and march to our room. I grab a suitcase and throw as much as his stuff in it as possible.

“You can’t be serious.” He says, trying to stop me.

“I’m dead fucking serious Kellin.” I dodge his attempts to stop me and start throwing his stuff in giant trash bags.

“I can’t believe you.” I say, finally letting tears fall down my face. “How many were there?” I whisper.

“Y/N.” He whispers back, trying to hug me.

“Answer the question.” I demand, pushing him away. If I let him hug me, I will never let go.

“A few.” He finally replies, staring at the floor. “Too many to count honestly.”

“For how long?” I whisper, trying to stop myself from losing it.

“I don’t know.” He shrugs, “2-ish years.”

I nod and wipe my tears away.

“Goodbye Kellin.” I say, handing him his stuff. I go into my office and lock myself in until he leaves.

It took every bit of me not to chase after him. I love him. I wanted a life with him. I wanted to grow old with him and if I didn’t get that email I probably would have..


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Hi Everyone! This is my new story! I have a lot of the chapters written so I will just post them as you guys read them. The title doesn’t really make sense now, but it will! I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think! 

Sharna stared at herself in the bathroom mirror and wiped away the tear that escaped from her eye.

“Stop it Sharna! You have a show right now. He’s nothing to you. Paul is nothing to you” she gave herself a pep talk. She couldn’t resist checking his twitter and instagram whenever she could and his comment to fans about their personal relationship pushed her over the edge. “I decided he wasn’t good enough? Is he kidding me. He was a sucky ass boyfriend.” Sharna put her head down and shook it. She looked at herself one last time wiping her eyes clean one more time and walked back towards the stage. She stood in the wings waiting to meet Val so they could perform skin. Val walked up behind her and stood next to her. “Ready?”

Sharna looked at him. “Yup let’s do it.”

He took a double glance at her and stopped her.

“Wait. Share. What’s the matter.”



“Nothing Val. Let’s just do the dance.”

After finishing the show the cast went out to get a drink at the nearest bar. After 3 hours, Sharna was phistiratically drunk. Val stayed sober and watched her to make sure she was ok. the cast had left an hour ago and Val said he would stay and make sure she was ok. At a quarter after 1 in the morning, Sharna closed out her tab and walked outside. Val followed closely behind. She waved down a cab for the two of them. The cab pulled over and as she made the sharp movement to walked towards it, she ran over to the bushes to throw up. Val walked with her and held back her hair. He took his jacket off and placed it around her and walked to the cab. He slid in next to her and once back at the hotel, walked her back to her room. He walked her in and changed her shirt to a t shirt and laid her down in the bed. He shut off the lamp and was walking towards the door when he heard his name. “Val?”


“Would you mind staying here tonight? I don’t want to be alone.”

Val nodded and walked towards the bed. He climbed in next to her fully closed and closed his eyes as he drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, Val woke up and noticed Sharna still fast asleep next to him. He got up carefully, doing her room key on the dresser put it into his pocket so he could come back and left. He walked into his room, took and shower and got changed. He walked down to the convenience store in the lobby and picked up a bottle of advil and a bottle of orange juice. He paid for them and walked back up to Sharnas room. He let himself in and went to sit in the chair next to bed. He was reading something on his phone when he heard her moan.

“Uhhh” she opened her eyes slowly.

“Good morning.”

Sharna sat up squirming from the sun which was giving her a piercing headache.

“Here. Take these” Val threw her the bottle of advil and pointed to the orange juice on the nightstand. Sharna obliged and looked to the empty space on the bed next to her.

“You slept here last night?”

“You asked me to.”

“I know. I’m sorry”

“Don’t be. That’s what friends are for. The advil should kick in, in about a half an hour.”  

“So did I do anything crazy last night?”

“Well you threw up when the night was over but I think that’s pretty much it”

Sharna nodded. “And you stayed with me the entire time”

“The whole night”


“Ok. Well i’m going to go. Im sure I will see you at some point today but if not i’ll see you at the show. Get some rest.”

“Thank you Val.”

“Of course” 

Drabble - Late Night Tweets

This is really silly and my attempt at comedy, but the idea of a drunk Val tweeting did something for me, so here we have a situation:

Late Night Tweets

I just keep staring at my twitter feed as the tweets role in.

I’m ova here in NY thinkin bout this chick like “why you all the way ova there tho”

shoulda cut ya wings

jk jk

go fly girl

you on da next level

I just want you to come back tho

you left your scar on me


“C’mon, Maks, you can’t ignore me forever.” I tried them all, Maks, Alex, Teddy, even Serge despite him being on the West coast, but it’s like they have this big conspiracy where they do not react to any of my calls.

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Life Next Door~ Chapter 1~New Girl

I saw this prompt and I decided to make it a multi fic AU. Let me know what you all think and if I should continue it. Happy reading bubbas! ~Brooke


Meryl shifted in the plane, stiff from the three-hour plane ride. Her luck, the flight was delayed because of ice on the runway and it had taken her an extra hour just for take off. She let out a deep sigh, stretching her neck, which was full of kinks from being stuck in one position.

“We will be descending in half an hour. Five minutes prior to the descent, the captain will go on the loud speaker asking for everyone to buckle up. Thank you for flying with Delta”

She gazed out of the window, going into deep thought. It was the right decision. The right time. She needed change. Screw the man she thought she was going to marry.

The last thing Meryl expected that Saturday that she came back early from the skating competition was that she would find a 20 year old blond in her bed with the love of her life of five years. 10 minutes later, he was history.

She was not a fool and she didn’t stay with him. Instead, she looked up apartments in New York City, and two weeks later, plane ticket in hand, she bid farewell to her parents in Michigan and walked through the tunnel. And now, the decision was looking quite daunting.

From the start, spontaneity was forbidden. Not just from her parents, but from herself. She was an up and coming ice skater. There was no time to be silly and have fun. It was strictly work and the can’t stop, won’t stop, type of attitude. With the sudden change in her everyday life though, that motto was thrown out the window. Who needed to be rational when what she thought was the most consistent thing in her life was gone?
“We will be descending in five minutes,” the captain buzzed, interrupting her thoughts. “Please take your seats and buckle your seatbelts. Thank you for flying with us and have a good day.”

Looking out the window one final time, Meryl clutched her necklace for moral support. Here we go, she thought. It’s time for a long, overdue change. And what better place to do it, than The Big Apple.


“Oof, thank you so much” Meryl panted, yanking her suitcase out of the trunk of the taxi.

The taxi driver, ever so nice, smiled kindly. “D’ya need help ma’am?” beckoning to the three suitcases Meryl had lined up on the sidewalk.

“No thanks, I’m good” she assured the driver, giving him a generous tip for being so helpful.

Tipping his hat, the taxi driver drove away leaving her struggling with the bags. Grunting, Meryl picked up the three bags, struggling up the stairs to get to the door. Finally at the door, she kicked it open with her foot allowing them to tumble onto the wooden floor.

Surveying the empty rooms, she glanced at her phone for the time. The moving truck should be arriving any minute. Perhaps it was the lack of furniture, but the apartment looked vacant and solitary.

It shouldn’t appear like that though. Several weeks ago, Meryl had spent practically all day looking at apartments. The neighborhood was safe and cute and the apartment was up to date. It was very fitting for her, a safe, practical woman to move into that type of a neighborhood.

Truth be told, whether she wanted to admit it or not though, she wanted to reinvent herself. Not be the strict adult she was back in Michigan. New York was the place to do it.

The buzz of the doorbell interrupted her thoughts, as she hurried to open to door to allow the movers to come in.


It had been a good day. It always was a good day when Val and Alex were involved. After a long day of dancing at the studio and after grabbing chinese food, pulling into the driveway was the best thing since sliced bread. The lights on in the apartment next to theirs was what caught Maks’ attention.

“Woah guys, someone finally moved into the apartment,” Maks remarked.

“It’s about time” Alex claimed from the back.

“Maybe it’s a hot girl,” Val chimed in. Laughing, he and Alex bumped fists. The two boys stumbled out of the car, leaving Maks alone. The flash of a body figure suddenly caught his eye, as it gracefully moved around the edge of the window placing items in its place. He stifles a laugh as the figure dances around, clearly unaware that anyone is watching. To Maks’ disappointment, the mysterious girl turned off the light, reminding him that he was still sitting in a car with Alex and Val probably wondering where he was. With a sigh, he slipped out of the car and into the house of noise, hoping to submerge himself into some type of activity.  


Her first night in New York and she was already regretting moving out here. What was she thinking? She shouldn’t have moved out here, away from her family and away from everything that she knew. And the worst part was, she couldn’t even find her favorite sweatshirt to keep herself warm from the New York City fall night.

“Arghhh,” she kicked one of the many boxes littering her new home. She guessed it was going to take her weeks to fully unpack and arrange everything the way she wanted. She also knew that 9 o’clock at night was not the time to start it.

Walking to the kitchen table, Meryl sat down, writing a to-do list for the upcoming day to distract her from the nerves she was experiencing. Introduce herself to her new neighbors, go grocery shopping, unpack at least five boxes, and attempt to finish at least one room by the end of the day.

She smiled to herself. Even in a new city, trying to reinvent herself, she still was the neat, orderly woman she has always been. As far as Meryl was aware, there was no escaping that quality.

That quality was the reason she found herself 10 minutes later, attempting to tackle the boxes in the living room. She had the layout planned out; it was just going to take some time. She walked around the living room, trying figuring out whether or not the lamp should go by the window, when she realized it was quite stuffy in the apartment.

Might as well get used to the noise and car fumes, Meryl thought as she cracked the window open, only to hear a blast of music and unnecessarily loud noise coming from next door.  Assuming the noise would die down eventually, she turned on her heel and headed back to tackle another box.

Almost 45 minutes later, the noise was still going at full force. “Shut up,” she complained. She knew that there was no way the noise would stop, unless she took matters into her own hands.

Wiping her hands on her jeans, she beckoned toward the front door. At least the walk to complain wasn’t far because the doors are on the same stoop she thought.

Meryl knocked loudly on the door several times until a drunken boy came up to the door.

“Yeesshhh” he slurred.

“Hi, I’m Meryl Daivs,” she said articulately.  “I just moved in next door and the noise was so loud so I was wondering if you could turn it down. It is 10:30 after all.”

“ALEX,” the boy hollered. Not even 5 seconds later, a boy whom Meryl assumed was Alex, appeared. Alex, Meryl hoped, would be more pleasant than whoever the boy she was talking to originally was.

“She wants us to turn down the volume bro,” the drunk boy shouted. Alex gave him one look and turned to Meryl.

“Sorry, he’s not usually this obnoxious. This is Val by the way and I’m Alex. And you are?”

“Meryl,” she said automatically extending her hand. “I just moved in next door.”

“Nice to meet you Meryl. We’ll turn down the music, sorry about this guy.” And with that, Alex dragged Val by the arm leaving Meryl alone on the doorstep.

Well that was interesting she thought, heading back inside. If these were her new neighbors she was already regretting choosing this house.

It was nearly eleven by the time Meryl finished another box. Moving day was officially done and now loneliness was sinking in. Loneliness from not being by her family and not having any friends in her new city.  Grabbing a mug, she poured hot water into the cup and dipped a tea bag in. She admired the city lights, something that she was unfamiliar with, having come from Michigan. Sure, there were cities, but nothing compared to the New York City lights.

One of the reasons she chose this particular apartment was because there was a rooftop designed for people to relax on. She knew though, that it was to be shared with the people next door, but that didn’t faze her. In her mind, she thought she’d move in next to a nice couple or a girl or guy her own age that she would become the best of friends with. Now, she was stuck with a guy, who as far as she was concerned, was a drunken mess. At least the other guy, was decent.

She grabbed her mug and trailed up towards the loft. There was an entrance to the rooftop and some fresh air was just what she needed to clear her head before bed. 


Back in the other apartment, Maks was growing quite irritable with Val. It wasn’t that he was irritable because Val was drunk. No, Val was actually quite funny drunk. The stress of the dance studio and feeling like he was at a dead point in his life was what was getting to him the most. Grabbing a beer out of the fridge, he headed to the rooftop. Maks considered the rooftop his only place to really think. Plus the view was incredible.

Opening the door, he was startled to see another figure. Squinting his eyes, he recognized the figure as the same girl who was dancing in front of her window several hours before.

Quietly, trying not to startle her, he proceeded to inch towards her. He cleared his throat, and she jumped, obviously deep in thought and had not been paying attention to her surroundings.

“Uh hi. Who are you?” she questioned uncertainly.

“Maks. I’m from next door.”

“Oh.” He couldn’t understand why she seemed turned off all of the sudden.

“I met your um, friend, before. Val I think.”

Laughing slightly, Maks put up his ands in defense. “I’m not like him, I promise and he’s not like that normally either. He’s my brother by the way. That’s only his personality when he’s drunk. Other than that, I promise he’s really nice.”

She shifted in on the ground to get a good look at him. The visibility was low, but from what she could tell, he was quite good looking. His eyes twinkled with a playful look, but his smile made her stomach drop. She needed to get a grip. What was she, a twelve year old preteen seeing a movie star?

“You do know you should creep up on people at eleven o’clock at night on a rooftop, right? You could be some crazy killer creeping on an innocent woman,” she chuckled.

“I’m not crazy, well, at least not that kind of crazy. I come up here to think a lot. But as far as I’m concerned, you’ve never been up here before.

Meryl nodded, suddenly feeling self conscious. Either being too polite to acknowledge or not noticing her blushing, he sat down next to her as if they had been the best of friends for years.

“Did you just move here?”

She nodded, not knowing what to say.

“So, why’d ya come to New York?”

She gave him a considering look. “You aren’t one of those creepy men who ask about a woman about her life only to use it against them later, are you?”

“I am not.”

Maybe it was the sound of the wind blowing around them, or the sound of their breathing quiet and consistent. It was a comforting scene.

He stretched his legs out in front of him, staring expectantly at her to go on.

“I needed a change,” she said simply. She wasn’t about to tell her whole life story to a man she only just met five minutes before.

Maks didn’t push her to go on. Instead, he took in her profile. Petite and brunette. She seemed to remind him of a princess of some type.

A sudden noise erupted from Maks’ apartment, interrupting the calm environment. Meryl raised her eyebrow at Maks. “Why aren’t you down there? With your friends?”

He looked at her for a long time, not saying anything. “You tell me, Meryl.”

Not even thirty seconds later, he stood up. “Goodnight,” he smiled, and headed back down. 

Stupid Serge

Time for some angst! This one is a prompt I got from this post. 

Prompt: “I still have your phone number memorized even though i haven’t called you since we split and somehow i remembered it even though i’ve had like six shots of bourbon and hey, i know you’re pissed that you’re here at this dingy club at 3 in the morning to pick my drunk ass up, but you have to admit that’s pretty impressive”


“H-hey beautiful!”

Val, is that you?”

“Yeah, ‘s me”

“What’s wrong?” I say with a slight panic in my voice. “Is everything okay?”

“I miss you, Daya” He says in between hiccups.

“Are you drunk?”

“What, nooo. Not drunk.”

“I know you Val, you’re drunk. Who are you with? Alex? Teddy?” Someone needed to cut him off before he did something stupid.

“Ha, no. I came with Serge but he left with some girl….. hey, Z…miss you” Oh God, was he crying?


“Z, Z… you’re so cool…. why did we break up? I’m sorry I was so mean to you…”

Oh no, I wasn’t doing this with him while he was at some bar crying. Stupid Serge. He just had to let Val get this drunk. “Val, why are you calling me? Just to tell me this? We haven’t talked since we broke up and you call me now, while you’re drunk?”

“I’m sorry, Z…” he manages to sob out.

“Val, where are you? I can’t let you be alone this late in the state you’re in.”

“umm, I’m—I’m at Bar Lubitsch. It’s so boring, Daya. The bartender won’t give me the shot of bourbon I asked for like… 20 minutes ago.”

“Good, smart bartender. Listen, I’ll be there as soon as I can okay? Don’t move!”

I quickly get dressed and search up the address on my phone. I drive as fast as I can and it takes me less than 20 minutes to get there. When I get there, the bouncer lets me in right away and I find Val at the bar talking to the bartender insisting that he’s sober enough for another shot of bourbon.


“Oh, look it’s Daya!” he exclaims to the bartender. “Isn’t she so pretty?”

Oh gosh, come on, Val. Let’s get you home!”

“No, Z. One more shot please. Then we can go.” This wasn’t going to be easy.

“No Valentin. You’re drunk, come on!”

“Hey, Z…. Serge just left me here, what a jerk, right?”

“Yup. Now come on.”

“It’s okay. I told him he should leave. I think I was making him sad be—because I kept talking about you.”

I didn’t even know what to say to that. Val seemed so unaffected when we broke up. There was so much arguing, but the last few days before we ended things he suddenly turned cold.

“Val, we have to go. The bar is closing in 30 minutes.”

“No, Z!” And here come the tears, he was so cheerful when I came in.

“Bartender, can I get a glass of water?” The bartender hands me the glass and gives me a sympathetic look. I wonder how long he had been dealing with Val. “Calm down Val, it’s okay. Drink this water and get up!” he shakes his head. “Valentin Aleksandrovich Chmerkovskiy, if you don’t get up and out of this bar I will call your mother! I know she wouldn’t appreciate you waking her up!”

“N—No, Day… I’ll go! Don’t call mama, she’ll kill me.”


By the time I’m actually able to get him into my car he’s actually calmed down a bit. I hand him some crackers I had sitting on my dashboard and he eats them. He’s oddly quiet and I assume he’s gone to sleep but I look over at him and he’s awake with a serious expression on his face.

“Hey Val, you alright there?”

“Your number was the only one I remembered.”

“Lost your phone?”

“Dropped in the toilet.”

“Hmmm….” That’s not surprising. Val was always a clumsy drunk. Then again, everyone is.

“I’m sorry I’m drunk, Z”

“It’s okay. I couldn’t leave you out on your own like that.  Serge shouldn’t have left you alone like this. He’s getting an earful from me later today. Stupid Serge. Come on, we’re here.”

He’s sobered up a bit since we left the bar, but he still stumbles so I have to partially carry him. He wraps his right arm around my shoulder and we trudge on towards the stairs. It’s lucky he only lives on the second floor but regardless, my small frame isn’t strong enough to hold his weight and we only make it to his couch before I’m too tired.

“Lie down, Val. Let me go get you some more water.”

“It’s not Serge’s fault. I was sober when he left.”


“Before he left he said I should call you… to talk, said I need closure so I’m not sad anymore. I—I promised I would. I got nervous…I drank. A lot. The—then I dropped my phone in the toilet and I drank more.”

“Well, he still should have stayed. Or at least called to check up on you.”  Wait, his phone fell in the toilet so of course Serge couldn’t call.

He gets oddly quiet again and then he suddenly breaks out in a smile. “H—hey Z, remember that time—that time we went to Disneyland. You looked so beautiful when you took that picture with Tinkerbell….”

“Val, that literally has nothing to do with what we were talking about” I say completely exasperated with him, when he got drunk it was like talking to a wall sometimes.

He gets serious. “I know, but that was the day you said you would marry me, remember?” Oh no.

“Uhm, Val, can we—can we talk about this some other time? Maybe when you’re not drunk and it’s not 4 in the morning?” I say, trying to hold back tears.

“Oh, oh Z, I didn’t mean to make you cry!”

“It’s fine, Val.” I say blinking away the tears threatening to come out. “Come on; let me help you get to bed. I’ll stay the night to make sure you’re alright when you wake up.”


Luckily, he goes to bed without a fight. He lays his head down on my lap, his arm draped over my thighs and I run my fingers through his curls to soothe him to sleep. It’s so odd being back here again. We had broken up three months ago, 5 months after we got engaged.  I never thought I would be in this position again, with Val resting his head on my lap, me running my fingers through his hair. Normally this would bring me comfort but it’s been 3 months since we broke up and being in this position again just brings a new wave of heartache. I had been trying so hard to move forward without Val. It was a daily struggle, everything reminded me of him. Maks had told me that Val seemed okay, that he was focusing on work. That only hurt me more, that he was so unaffected by the breakup. But tonight just proved Maks was wrong.

He falls asleep almost immediately and I start inching my way off of the bed so I can go rest on the couch, except once I move he just hugs me closer. I give in and make myself comfortable. Then I hear something familiar…

“I love you, Z.” He whispers in his sleep.

He used to say that every night in his sleep when we were together. He never talked in his sleep, except to say that.

“Love you too, Val.” The tears that were threatening to come out earlier have decided to come again, except this time I can’t hold them back. I break down in tears with a sleepy, drunk Val on my lap. When I went to bed earlier tonight I never would have guessed I would be here. Stupid Serge.