The best romantic comedies, from The Apartment to Zelig

The A.V. Club has compiled the following A-to-Z list of most essential romantic comedies, to highlight the brilliance and difficulty of this remarkable cinematic balancing act.

B: Bringing Up Baby (1938)

Possessed by an overwhelming sense of comic energy, Howard Hawks’ screwball masterpiece heaps on misunderstandings, misadventures, perfectly timed jokes, and patter to the point that it’s easy to overlook how rich and fluid it is a piece of filmmaking, effortlessly transitioning from one thing into the next.

H: Harold And Maude (1971)

This cult classic has shocked and charmed audiences since the early ’70s with its focus on the unorthodox love of Harold (Bud Court) and Maude (Ruth Gordon). As a bonus, the entire soundtrack is composed of Cat Stevens songs, his winsome folk lending itself well to what proves to be a rather pure and innocent love affair.

P: Punch-Drunk Love (2002)

Both the film and its humor are incredibly dark, but that’s what makes Punch-Drunk Love’s softer moments feel truly sweet. Punch-Drunk Love stands above the rest not for its ability to be playfully romantic, but its dedication to being painfully human.

S: Say Anything (1989)

It’s best remembered for that grand romantic gesture, but its timeless appeal lies more in the small scale of its adolescent love story. Cameron rowe would sporadically recapture some of the magic of his seminal teen movie, but to paraphrase another of his most popular romantic comedies, he had us at Say Anything…

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Drunk Confessions Pt. 10

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Your POV

You wake up on top of Derek shocked your brother actually allowed you to stay with him. Derek wakes up under you and smiles “Good morning baby.” He says in his raspy morning voice. “Good morning” You say smiling back. You hop off and head to the bathroom to brush your teeth as you hear Derek stretch behind you.  He follows you into the bathroom and starts taking his clothes off. “What are you doing?” You mumble before spitting out your tooth paste into the sink. “I’m taking a shower” He responds. He goes to take off his boxers and you shyly cover your eyes laughing. “What you’re not ready to see me naked?” He laughs holding you from behind, boxers still on. “I don’t know.” You say peeking through your fingers to make sure he’s not undressed yet. “Well whenever you are just let me know.” He plants a kiss on your cheek and you walk out closing the door. “What as that?” Nate scares you. You laugh it off. “It was nothing Nate calm down.” You say tapping him on the shoulder. You close the door to the room where your original bed was and get changed. You tie your hair up and put some make up on. “Y/n I have a question.” You hear Nate say from outside of the door. “You can come in.” You tell him. He walks in and sits on the bed. “Would you and Derek be okay hanging out just by yourselves today? Sam and I want to go check something out today.” He says. You’re confused on why he has to ask if that’s okay but by all means it was okay with you. “Yeah I don’t mind.” You say to him. “I just don’t want you to think were ignoring you cause were not.” He says standing up. “What are you doing, going on a drug run or something?” You ask making eye contact. “Sort of” He shrugs. “Just keep it away from Derek.” You say. “Of course.” He puts his hand on your shoulder and then pulls you into a hug. “I’ll see you later.” He says walking out of the door with Sam.

You pull out your laptop and walk to Derek’s room and sit on his bed waiting for him to get out. You look up things you guys could do together. You see the giant mall in the city called the Eaton Centre. You guys could go shopping, that would be fun. Derek walks in with just a towel on. You lift your eyes up to look at him and then look back down at your laptop smiling. “You like what you see?” He says laughing. “Pshh no” you say teasingly. “Are you ready to see more yet?” He asks. You laugh and your tongue sticks out a bit as a nervous habit. You want to but you don’t want to rush the relationship. Plus you don’t think Nate is ready for it either. He continues to stare at you while your eyes travel up and down his body. He laughs and walks towards the closet dropping the towel right before he disappears behind the door. You shake your head in amusement. You start getting nervous. You’ve always been so curious when it came to sex and foreplay. But since you’ve never done it before it always intimidated you. Plus, Derek was an expert. Your smile disappears as you get into a battle with yourself. You want to start doing things but you don’t want to make a fool of yourself. You brush it off when you see Derek walk out of the closet. “You can look again I’m dressed” he says pulling the strings to his sweatshirt.

You laugh standing up. You wrap your arms around his neck and his around your waist. You loved each other’s hugs. It’s almost like you guys fit perfectly. He plants a kiss on your neck before pulling back. Your body reacts by pulling your head back allowing him more room. He places another and you let out a small moan of pleasure. You definitely wanted him. You wanted to take your relationship to the next level. But will your fear hold you back? He puts his forehead against yours. You guys in a deep stare into each other’s eyes. “So what do you want to do today? Since we don’t have to worry about your brother we can do whatever we want.” He said putting emphasis on ‘whatever’. “Well there’s this giant mall I wanted to check out if you’re interested in that?” You say. He pulls his head back and wraps his arms around the back of your head pulling you into his chest. “I would absolutely love to.” He says before releasing you. You guys go to the lobby and grab a cab in front of the hotel. Your heart races as the cab driver starts driving recklessly. Your grip tightens on Derek’s hand as you’re in fear. He laughs and puts his arm around you. “Don’t worry I won’t let anything happen to you.” He says and you sink into his side. You guys finally arrive and walk in. Your breath is taken away by the size of the place.

You stop and stare at it for a while. You missed it here. “Where would we even start?” Derek says staring off into the distance, overwhelmed by the size of it. You laugh and start walking. You decide to go to Victoria Secret first. They have the cutest Toronto sweatshirts. You drag Derek in there and you can tell he’s a little resistant at first. You see his face go from uncomfortable to a smirk. “What?” You ask him smiling back while holding a sweatshirt up to you to see if it’ll fit. “First, get that sweatshirt in the largest size because it would look perfect on you. Two, what bra size are you?” He asks. You laugh “I’m not telling you.” You say turning around. “Fine I’ll just see for myself.” He puts his hand down the top of your shirt checking for the size. You allow him. After he finds out he gives you a slight tickle and then runs to the other side of the store. ‘Great’ you think to yourself. But then again you won’t have to worry about spending a ton of money on bras for a while. You pick out 3 sweatshirts and a 4th a size too big like Derek asked. You place them on the counter and then see a pile of bras and panties placed on top of it. Surprisingly they were all pretty cute. All of them were very modest which you loved, especially since that meant Derek respected you being that way. There were about two or three pairs that were prerogative. You didn’t mind though. Derek pays for all of it and you’re handed two giant bags, which he decides to carry for you.

It made your heart flutter that you finally found someone who was willing to give you everything they could. Someone who respected you. You then start to think to yourself. You’re defiantly in love with him.  Do you tell him first or wait for him to tell you? What if he doesn’t feel that way yet, or waits for you do it? You don’t want to scare him away either. You feel him play with your hand causing a smile to come upon your face. He points to the Tommy Hilfiger store handing you his car. “Go find something you think I would like in there and I’m going to go find something for you. We’ll meet right back here okay?” He says. You thought it was cute he wanted you guys to shop for each other. You walk in and a sales man asks if you need help. “My boyfriend wants me to pick out something for him. He likes larger shirts. I know he has one of your hockey shirts that I love.” You say. “I think I have something or you.” He says leading you to the back wall. You see a windbreaker you think he would like. He likes everything oversized so you grab a larger sized one and then checkout. You sit on the bench where Derek said you guys would meet up. While you’re alone you can’t help but think about taking the relationship farther. You were constantly arguing with yourself. You want to wait for him to say I love you first. You also didn’t want to try any foreplay with him until he says he loves you. But you wanted to try it right away, what if he takes forever to say it? And you can’t ignore the fact you’re still afraid.

Derek’s POV

I’ve finally come to the decision I want to take this relationship farther. I need her to know I’ve fallen in love and I want to be with her forever. It’s been six months now so I feel as if it is that time. I play with her hand while we walk around the mall. I see a directory saying the Pandora store is around the corner. That’s how I’ll tell her. She loves Pandora. I’ll get her a promise ring. I want it to be a surprise though so I’ll have to distract her. While playing with her hand I steal her ring off of her finger so I’ll know what size to get. I hope she doesn’t find out and freak out. I send her into Tommy to pick me out something while I go get her a ring. I get to the store and there is a ton of different options, I don’t know where to start. Then one in particular stands out to me. The princess crown. It would be perfect. I get a sales lady to help me out and she grabs the ring for me. I give her y/n’s ring for sizing. She puts it in a box and I head out. I take it out of the bag and put it in my pocket so that way she won’t see it right away. I see y/n sitting on the bench where I said I’d meet back up with her. You can tell she’s in a deep thought. I wonder about what. I get up to her and I see her face light up. She stands up and hands me the TH bag. I open it up and see this awesome windbreaker. It was perfect. I couldn’t help but smile. She really knows me, and I couldn’t ask for more. “I love it.” I say to her embracing her in a hug. “What did you get for me?” she asks. My stomach flips with nerves. I start sweating slightly. I really hope she feels the same way about me. I sit her on the bench with me beside her. Shakenly I start saying the words I’ve been wanting to say for a while. “Y/n, we’ve been together six months now. It has been the best six months of my life. I never knew these feelings before but thanks to you I know now. You have made me the happiest and luckiest person on this planet. I never want to lose you and for that I got you this.” I say pulling the box out. You can see her eyes starting to water. Mine do slightly as well seeing how happy I’m making her. Then the words finally come out. “I love you y/n. Do you promise to stay with me?” I ask. The water in her eyes turn to full tears as she hugs me tightly. “I love you too.” I hear her say in my ear. My body fills with excitement. Finally everything is falling into place. She pulls back wiping the tears from her face. I put the ring on her finger as well as the ring I stole from her before.

She laughs not noticing I took it. I wipe the remaining tears from her face and give her a long kiss. We look into each other’s eyes. You can tell we were both waiting for this moment for a while and it was the perfect time.  “Are you hungry?” I ask her, breaking the silence. She nods. I stand up taking her hand and start walking towards the food court. She stares at her new accessory the whole way which causes me to catch the butterflies. We get to the food court and order from some random restaurants we’ve never heard of before. We sit down and start eating. “I’m so happy Derek.” I hear her say. I grab her hand across the table. “So am I.” I respond. Her phone starts ringing playing some One Direction tune. “It’s Sammy?” She says in confusion. “Pick it up.” I tell her also confused.


“We’re at the Eaton Centre why what’s up?”

“Wait What!?”

I see fear start to take over y/n eyes. Causing me to worry.

“When did this happen?”

“Is he okay?”

“We’re on our way.”

She hangs up quickly grabbing everything. “We’ve got to go now.” She says. I stop her “Wait why?” “Nate got into a car accident he’s in the hospital.” She says, tears breaking the surface of her eyes. My heart drops and I run after her. We get into a cab. We drop all the bags off at the hotel and then proceed to the hospital. Y/n continues to look at the ring I gave her. I can tell its calming her down. She runs into the hospital finding Sammy and I follow. We get into the elevator and walk to his room. We see he’s standing, pretty beat up, but it doesn’t look like anything serious.

“What happened are you okay?” I hear y/n panicking talking to him. “Yeah I’m fine just a couple of cuts and bruises.” He responds grunting getting back into bed. “How long do you have to stay here?” She asks. “I’m good to go now I’ve been here about two hours now.” He responds. Damn, Sam you were kind of late. He gets up and y/n puts his arm around her shoulder helping him out. He checks out and we get a cab back to the hotel. She sits next to him in the cab inspecting his wounds. We get back to the hotel and she lays him on the bed and gets ice for him. “Do you need anything? You want soup or something?” She asks. She runs downstairs. I hate the fact she’s slightly ignoring me. I understand why but, I was the one she was nursing last night and now that he’s hurt I don’t even exist. She brings back food and sits in the bed with him. I walk and sit next to her with my arm around her waist. She continues to talk to Skate but not me. Eventually I just walk out. I understand why she’s not talking to me, I need to get over it. Her brother is hurt, she needs to nurse him. No hard feelings. Sammy then comes up to me. “Hey man since they’re in there playing doctor you want to go out and do something?” he asks. I figure why not. I go back in to let y/n know but she’s asleep along with Nate. I don’t want to wake them up so I leave a note on the bed and head out. Sam and I get into a cab and head into the heart of the city. Sam starts walking into a club. “Wait when you said do something I didn’t think you meant this.” I say. I didn’t want to be in a club without y/n. It was too tempting. “Come on dude we’d only be here an hour tops I promise.” He says while walking in. I follow. I head to the bar and order a drink. A couple of girls hit on me and I huff then walk away. I don’t want anyone except y/n. I then had a couple of dudes come up to me and ask if I wanted to buy something. I went to go say no, but, then a feeling took over me. A feeling I haven’t had in a while. I wanted to so bad. It was so tempting. It was right there in front of me.  I couldn’t control myself. They kept asking and asking. Eventually I bought some. I head into the bathroom. Before I do anything I look in the mirror. I look really hard at myself. Seeing how healthy I look. I never looked this good before. My anxiety starts rising. I have to call y/n. The phone rings once. “Hello?” She says. I can tell she just woke up. I’m on the verge of tears as my addiction starts to come over me. “Y/n Sam took me out to the club we were at the other night. I need you here now.” I say my voice cracking. You can tell she understands what’s going on. “You haven’t done anything yet have you?” I hear her say while struggling to get her shoes on. “No but I bought something. Please hurry.” I say finally breaking into tears. “Derek listen to me. I’m on my way right now, I’m in a taxi, and I’m coming, throw it down the toilet please. Do it for me please?” She says. I start shaking and drop the phone. “Derek please!” I hear her scream from the phone.

*Hey guys, a bunch of you were requesting a long chapter so here you go! 3,000 words. I’m still pretty drugged up from the surgery so I apologize if it sucks or if there are any typos I didn’t catch. I think I’m going to combine the parts so that way instead of having 10 short ones I’d have 5 or 6 long ones so if you see the number of parts change that’s why. Thank you guys for all or your support I appreciate it so much. I love talking to you all!*