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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is going to take place in 1920s New York. (You know what else takes place in 1920s New York? The Harlem Renaissance. Just saying.)

Newt Scamander is from England, born (according to the HP Wiki) in 1897. He had black hair. His grandson was described by Rita Skeeter as, “swarthy.” You know what else was happening in England in the late 1800s / early 1900s? A LOT of colonization! Which means, lots of colonial immigrants were coming in and out of the country. You know who lived in England in the late 1800s? Gandhi.

Now, I’m not saying that Newt Scamander is related to Gandhi, obviously. But! … Brown people existed in Europe around the time he was born. Again. Just saying.

So, this is all just a way to say, hey, let’s take a walk down fantasy land and dream-cast this movie full to the brim with people of color.

There was an ask from an anon about what kind of role we’d like to see Tom play, and I screamed because I’ve been thinking about this all week, but I couldn’t find the ask, so I’m just going to post my answer. K? K. 


So, I was watching the Thor screen test gifs (man, was I) and, with that build and the floppy hair, I think that if the powers-that-be ever decided to make a biopic about the British rock band, The Who, Tom would be a great choice to play Who frontman, Roger Daltrey.

(I realize I’m dating myself with this choice, but pfft.)

He’d be great for this. First and foremost because he’s an amazing actor, and it would give him an opportunity to play something totally different from the roles he’s had in the past.

But also:

Point 1: Return of the blond noodle hair. Let it grow, Thomas. I say let it grow.

Point 2: Lots of whooping and hollering and jumping around on stage, and we all know Tom loves whooping and hollering and jumping around.

(For example, here’s a clip of Roger in The Who’s classic rock opera, “Tommy” [ehehe]. Running, jumping, cartwheels. Our man lives for this shit.)

Point 3: This is Roger Daltrey on stage, kids. 

tom in these pants oh god oh yes oh please 


So yeah. Tom as Roger Daltrey. I’m calling it. Make it happen. 

- Mona

disney’s “the little mermaid” dream cast (as suggested by jewely):

darren criss as prince eric & emma stone as ariel

prince eric: You know, I feel really bad not knowing your name. Maybe I can guess. Is it, uh… Mildred? Okay, no. How about Diana? Rachel?
sebastian: Ariel. Her name’s Ariel.
prince eric:
Ariel? Oh. That’s kind of pretty. Okay, Ariel.