I'm sooo excited to post more MTMTE!SU stuff this Friday!!!

Dude I know a lot of my followers have been ITCHIN for some more TF!SU art/ ideas and comparisons!!! I’m back on the train folks! I’ve never really left the train but since a lot as happened since I graduated last May, things have finally settled down! I’ve had a nice break from transformers stuff and since MTMTE is on a short hiatus and SU is taking a small break too, I’m taking the chance to do some more TF!SU stuff since I’m out of school for good! Just wait for tomorrow folks! Things will get back on schedule. You’ll see your transformer fusion waifus again. Along with some new ones! Roll on the floor with me and Sanji….

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Inktober Day 21! It’s Eli’s birthday and even though she isn’t my best girl she’s still extremely loved (since she keeps blessing me on my love live account)! Also since Halloween is coming up soon i felt like drawing her from the Halloween set!


Legolas reports back to his father.

Really wanted to show off the full designs of my human!Tikki and Plagg! In my head, I want to think that their human forms change to reflect their chosen each time a new Ladybug/Chat Noir comes along– so these designs reflect elements from not only their kwami forms, but Marinette’s Ladybug, Adrien’s Chat Noir, and maybe a few tributes to Felix!


star wars rule 63: prequel trilogy

This has been lying around my harddrive for way too long, but I finally got around to colouring it! (just experimenting with a bunch of different things and inspired by SW concept art books :))

…. sometimes I suspect the reason for all these AUs is partly an excuse to draw the Mustafar duel a million times in marginally different ways.