DRAMAtical Murder

「Redemption」DMMd Drabble

PAIRING: Koujaku x Aoba
WORDS: 1,000+
RATING: General
NOTE: Samurai AU
A/N: Something I wrote a year back that I didn’t notice I didn’t publish it lmao! Something that I vomited out of my mind due to (thanks) overthinking but this theme suits KouAo so much I can’t help but wanting to write something for it~ The context is so blurred but I hope it makes sense because writing half-asleep is obviously not the best idea, more so when it has been a year since I revisit this www


Sometimes being loyal is more than just being by one’s side.

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His impression of Koujaku had always been someone of a hero – of someone he wanted to be. Being someone he looked up to, Aoba had often sneaked out of his house whenever he’d gotten the chance, just so he could catch a glimpse of Koujaku’s morning training right outside of his house. He’d known Koujaku ever since he was a kid; Koujaku had been exceptionally kind to him at all times, even though his sword style was one of fluid and merciless, the swings of it precise and spoke of nothing but a weapon for fights. The reason behind his training often sent Aoba into sleepless nights, thoughts filled with nothing but how Koujaku would put his skills to use, and for whatever reason there was.

Despite so, he also knew that his impression towards Koujaku would always be that kind big brother he’d come to adore. Nothing would ever change between them.


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I bought an umbrella specifically bc it’s looked like clear’s and every time I use it I think of when clear used his umbrella bc of the rain for the first time in the game

but then I think about how the anime made him use HIS FUCKING HAND. ????? the whole point of the rain scene and him shielding aoba from the rain was how he used his umbrella under the correct circumstances. it was about his umbrella…which he always had with him and never used properly until that moment. it was symbolic. it was about clear learning about the world from aoba. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. and the anime made him shield aoba’s face from the rain with his already soaked dumbass gloved hand. bullshit. even if was about getting lazy - an umbrella should be easier to draw than a hand??? don’t take on a masterpiece like DMMd if you can’t work with the symbolism.

it just made clear look so stupid and he’s not.

maddiekick-x777  asked:

Hello again! I was wondering if you liked DRAMAtical Murder and if you would cosplay any of them? I think you would do a good Noiz!

Hiya!  My feelings on DRAMAtical Murder are… mixed.  I love the character designs!!  Everything is so colorful and unique!  I have nothing against yaoi in general, but there are definitely themes in the games that make me wary and a bit uncomfortable, especially with certain routes.  I haven’t played the games personally, but I’ve watched playthroughs of it to get an idea.  And I watched the anime (I mean what, that totally didn’t happen), which I know is nothing close to a proper representation of the series.

However, through no fault of my own, I have been convinced to cosplay a certain someone from DMMD for the purposes of a panel we want to host a con soon.  I’ll give you a hint:  he’s my height exact, his birthday is very close to mine, and almost everything about him is my favorite color.  And his name is Aoba.

I’ve accepted it as a sign of destiny that I cosplay him, so I have resigned myself to my fate.

  • Person:So, how's your fandom going?
  • Me:I'm not sure, I haven't been on tumblr in a few days.
  • Me:*logs onto tumblr*
  • *Everyone from the fandom are running around screaming. Everything is on fire. The world is burning. People are dying*
  • Me:Nothing's changed.
multiple animes in a nutshell
  • Noragami:young, hot and broke?
  • Free!:no, haru
  • Haikyuu!:meat is god
  • Dramatical Murder:aoba, aoba, aoba, aoba, aoba
  • Black Butler:Yes my lord, I will shank that mofo for you.
  • Naruto:DAMN IT SASUKE!
  • Blue Exorcist:stop it Rin!
  • Mirai Nikki:Yuki, Yuki, Yuki, Yuki, Yuki
  • Hunter x Hunter:Gon, what are doing
  • Sword Art Online:KIRITO!
  • Bleach:Ichigo, do I need to kick you in the face again?
  • Assassination Classroom:b*tch-sensei!
  • Ouran High School Host Club:Give up Tamaki, she's never gonna notice u
  • Bungou Stray Dogs:Atsushi, stop twerking in front of Dazai!