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DR sections of the doujin event Nate and I are at today.

3132 Left Side

33-41: Ouma-centric
42-56: all characters
57-60: other female characters

3132 Right Side

29-30: Hinata-centric
26-28: Shinguuji-centric
22-25: Amami-centric
20-21: other characters
17-19: Momota-centric
7-16: Saihara-centric
3-6: Akamatsu-centric
33-34: Gundam-centric
35-38: Komaeda-centric
39-41: other female characters

Today I was at some malls lounging around for 7 hours because I couldn’t get home, and during that time I decided to visit our local gamestores and ask them questions, mostly pertaining to the 3rd of March, when I came across this


So in other words, Danganronpa is a disease and it will it slowly but surely eat out the rest of my life

at least whoever sees me playing consoles somewhere would immediately know I’m a huge trash for danganronpa

here’s to hoping V3 will tremendously exceed my expectations so I have enough resolve to remove the silicon vita case and just use the case with the V3 cast

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z nation prompt- 10k hasn't had a conversation with anyone but Murphy for days. He tries to strike one up with Dr. Merch. This can be fluff or angst (dealer's choice). The two of them can make fun of Murphy behind his back, or Merch can be Too Far Gone and tell 10k to get with the program

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“You know we’re going to die, right?” 10k asks as he sits on the table in Dr. Merch’s lab. He swings his legs in the light, filtering through the dirty windows, and wonders if Murphy’s going to make him clean them later. That feels like the sort of thing that asshole would do.

Merch rolls her eyes, glancing back at him from where she’s doing sciencey-things – 10k’s not sure what, seeing as he was pulled out of school at age 11 to live in the woods, but he likes to think it’s either to do with osmosis or the mitochondria, only because they’re the two things he knows about.

“We’re not going to die,” she tells him.

“We are,” he shrugs. “Everyone dies eventually – but we’re going to die right here, in Spokane, Washington.” He huffs, glancing up at the ceiling. Looks like asbestos. His father told him that asbestos is poisonous, so he wonders if he can pull down the entire ceiling on him, Merch and Murphy. It would make everything far easier. “What sort of people die in Spokane?”

Merch huffs, looking over her shoulder at him.

“Are you just bored?” she asks, and 10k shrugs. “Because if you are, you can help me with my lab work instead of sitting on my surfaces.”

“I want to leave,” he replies. “But that would be speeding up my death wouldn’t it?”

“What is it with you and death, today?” Merch questions, placing down the test tube in her hand. “You’re not usually this chatty, either.”

“That’s because Murphy banned me from talking yesterday,” 10k replies. “Today I was bugging him too much so he said to go and annoy someone else.”

“And here you are,” Merch sighs, turning back to her work. “We’re not going to die, by the way,” she adds, pouring the contents of one test tube into another. “The zombies can’t get us-“

“The zombies aren’t the only threat.”

“Murphy’s not going to kill us-“

“No, Murphy’s not going to kill you,” 10k corrects. “Murphy would probably love to kill me.”

“He hasn’t yet.”

“He wants to torture me first by making me his slave,” 10k replies, plain and simple. He kicks his legs a little more and watches the dust dance in the light.

“Why would he even want to do that?” Merch asks before noting something down on the sheet in front of her. 10k stares up at the ceiling again, frowning.

“We’ve never liked each other,” he shrugs. “But before I had the gun and the ability to murder him whenever I want. And now he has mind control powers.”

“Didn’t he always have the powers?” Merch questions. “Because of the serum?” 10k shakes his head.

“They evolved.” 10k jumps down from the table, and walks around the room, looking at all the beakers and liquids. He wants to just destroy everything, but Murphy’s been getting more specific with his commands. Leave his presence. Annoy Merch. Don’t ruin her work.

10k finds a stack of papers and a pen, and gets to work on making a small sign.

“He’s coming,” 10k mutters.

“How can you tell?” Merch asks. 10k smirks a little, glancing up at her from his small sign, before reaching over to the selo-tape that they found in one of the supply cupboards.

“I have fantastic hearing,” he replies. “I think his left leg is a little shorter than his right, and there’s a difference in the steps.” Merch tilts her head at him a little, as if noting to herself to have a real conversation with him at some point, but Murphy walks into the room and finds the two of them. He frowns at 10k.

“What are you doing in here?” he asks.

“You sent me in here,” 10k drawls in response, wandering back around the room with the paper behind his back. His fingers are still twitching to destroy Merch’s work, but he has a feeling Murphy would force himself to pull the trigger into his own stomach and well – 10k’s been shot there and he’s still not enjoying the after effects.

“You should be cleaning.” 10k doesn’t respond, just stands next to Murphy with an impassive look on his face. He knows Murphy hates not knowing what he’s thinking. Murphy studies him for a second longer, before waving a hand.

“Go clean something,” Murphy orders. “My throne room maybe. I want that place spotless.” 10k breathes out slowly as he feels his feet urging to walk away. He never wants to do what Murphy says, never actively tries to – he just does it anyway, like an autopilot.

“Alright,” 10k grits out, before sticking the sign to Murphy’s back, masqueraded as a pat. He pats Murphy’s back once more for good measure, before heading out of the room.

“Weird kid,” Murphy says as he leaves. “That’s what you get for growing up in a cave, though.”

10k grimaces to himself as he heads towards the throne room. The break was nice while it lasted. At least he managed to get a “kick me” sign on Murphy’s back.