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Are you going to buy some of the Namja-town stuff and add it to a raffle? Or would you possibly buy stuff from Namja-town for us? I really, really want cat Munakata and Sakakura so badly...

Nate and I are planning to hit Namjatown more than once, so this first trip will be to get an idea of prices.

Out of curiosity, how many people are interested in Namja merch?


The menu, goods, and decor for the DR3 Zetsubou-hen Cafe have been revealed!

Food includes Monokuma’s Search for the Attacker Stew, Monomi’s Soulmate Parfait, Hanamura’s Nikujaga, and Tsumiki and Mitarai’s Meeting Plate.

As for drinks, it appears that every character is getting their own. (The text is too small to read all of them, but the bottom right is Mukuro’s and I am SO ON THAT believe me.) Again, Junko’s and Kamukura’s drinks are only available if you preorder the blu-ray/DVD box set.

Super Nate and Jess’ Danganronpa Raffle 2!

Hey everyone! Our SECOND Danganronpa raffle is still going ! We’ve seen a handful of donations so far but many items are still unclaimed!

Here is a quick rundown of how our raffle works:

  • Our raffle works in $1 increments. If you donate $1 please specify what item you would like that dollar to be placed on. (For example: if you donate $5 on the Monokuma plushie then you have five chances to win that one item. If someone else then donates $1 on the Monokuma plushie, they have one chance to win that item while you have five. Statistically, you’re in a better position!)
  • If you enter our raffle and donate ANY amount, you will also be automatically entered to win a special bonus prize. Please note that for the bonus prize, you only get one chance to win no matter how many dollars you donate.
  • I realize this is a little confusing so if you want to contact Jess or I before donating to make sure you’ve got it right, please feel free to do so!
  • Like last time Jess and I will pay for all shipping charges. No need to send extra for shipping!

Now, on to the prizes. I’ve gone ahead and taken a picture of all the prizes with one of my dice next to it for size reference. Last time the Monokuma plushie was $2 per entry, but this time he’s just $1 per entry. Without further ado, here are the prizes broken down into category:











WHEW! That took awhile!

The raffle started during our first Persona 5 stream on Friday, September 16th. We will be running the raffle for 3 months. Our end date is scheduled for November 11th. If you donate we are sincerely thankful for your support. Every little bit counts! Good luck, everyone!


To donate please visit this link: CLICK ME TO DONATE!

In the purpose, please include the name you would like us to refer to you as and what items you’re interested in bidding on. If you are confused, don’t worry! If anything is wrong I will contact you to confirm. :)


So for every purchase you make at the Shibuya Marui event, you get a random V3 post card (one of four). This is mine, featuring Harukawa, Saihara, Shinguuji, and Chabashira, along with their sprites and a Monosuke sprite on the back.

The text behind the title on the front and the sprites on the back reads “The Curtain Rises on a New Chapter” while the text between the sprites on the back reads “The Curtain Rises on a New Chapter of Dangan Ronpa