every white person who says anything against blackout or even hashtags #whiteout should be doxxed.

if you dont support blackout you are fucking racist.


My brother works at this radio station and sits opposite the person who is employed to make their station look as tedious and unprofessional as those Lebanese ones on Facebook

anonymous asked:

Could the accusations of sockpuppetry against NYS be linked to the fact that 8chan et al make sockpuppets pretending to be women (or feminists, or feminist women of color, etc, etc, etc)? Perhaps we'll never know.

Uh huh, keep saying that.

Its amusing that people like to use 8chan, an anonymous board, where anyone can post anything anonymously, as cited proof that Notyourshield consists of sockpuppets.  Especially when we have proven that there were false flag operations against Anita, Wu and Quinn taking place there.

Nevermind that the so called ‘proof’ so many people float about NYS being an 8chan creation is bunk, given the times of posting doesn’t fit.

Tim knew exactly what was going on.  You don’t make a Notyourshield comment, you don’t know about NYS without knowing about the sockpuppet accusations.

Keep making excuses, it makes you no less deplorable.  

I’m sure Lizzy appreciates your comments.  She was doxxed and had her children threatened, as well as her picture printed out, ejaculated on and sent to her.

I’m sure Bunny appreciates your comments.  She was doxxed and left GamerGate.

I’m sure Jason Miller appreciates your comments.  He was doxxed and lost his job because of harassment.

I’m sure Mercedes appreciates your comments.  She’s been under a constant barrage of attacks because she’s a porn actress.

I’m sure Milo appreciates your comments.  He was sent a syringe filled with urine in the mail.

I’m sure Margaret appreciates your comments.  She was SWATted.

I’m sure the multitude of women and minorities appreciate your actions here.  When we’re called house niggers, oreos, uncle toms, fakes, race traitors, gender traitors.  We’re told we’re not gay or we’re using fake photos.  

And the absolute fucking irony of all of this?  All of us?  We’re fucking stronger than you.  And that’s why we’re winning.  That’s why GamerGate women are still here, still fighting and still willing to go through this.

You hate strong, independent women.  Because you can’t fetishize our weakness.

Yeah.  I puked out of anger.  You know what else I did?  Got back in the next day.  Without shilling a patreon account.