Okay so i need to talk about this. Tumblr doxxing culture is utterly disgusting. Today i found out via my school that someone after the incident had found my real name and details, and my school and possibly my home address and sent an email through to my school anonymously then with a possibly fake name telling my school “is this the type of person you really want at your school” and sending my blog link and generally trying to get me in trouble/expelled. But seeing as my school isn’t run by complete morons who don’t know who i am (they’re wonderful and i love each of my staff members) they knew for a fact i’m not like that and if anything i just make fun of nazis more than anything. But honestly fucking doxxing culture can really get people hurt, make them lose their jobs, their schooling and fucking ruin lives, fucking get your facts right before you act you fucking piles of shit. 

that is all from jake atm i love you all except you asshole who thought doxxing a 14 year old girl was a decent thing to do. xoxoxoxo

p.s i hope you feel good about yourself and nothing you can do will harm me.

The honest fact is, nowadays, “plebcomics” is just about a household name, and it’s one that the SJ community does not take seriously anymore. I remember no one really talked about Abby, probably because they were afraid of her and her rabid fanbase, who are capable of getting a trans child outed to their abusive, transphobic parents, if you remember that drama. But hey, Abby and her fanbase care about REAL tran*s*e*s*, as shown by every comic she makes about trans people and “transtrenders”, so it’s alright! :) It’s not like these trans and questioning kids’ safety matters.

But ever since she doxxed herself, she’s a thing to mock. At least no one I know takes her seriously anymore, and we regularly make fun of her work. Sometimes we doodle silly little “Your Life As A Plebcomic” scenarios where we turn ourselves into shrieking harpy SJWs and turn our friends and enemies alike into Rational, Calm, Anti-SJ Author Inserts. And honestly, bringing up her name alone is sure to get a laugh.

She’s even started to alienate normal people-tier liberals with a few of her comics (which apparently do not reflect her views at all, if you look at her side bar. Which is a crock of bullshit.), so you have to wonder, why DID she come back? Is that full regressive conservative audience (or conservative-in-denial audience) really worth knowing no one takes you seriously anymore?

These screaming irrational SJWs have real, complex, meaningful rebuttals to your content, and it’s getting harder and harder to strawman them (which she’s made it clear she does, even when she does leave sources). They aren’t scared anymore, and it shows. Their criticisms of your work are calm, logical, and honestly, they are laughing at you.

eee-in asked:

if you dox anybody and get them fired your a fucking piece of scum and i hope somebody punches you upside your stupid fucking head

since i couldn’t actually find what the fuck this ask was apropos of (like really how far back are you reading and what the hell are you talking about?) i just tried tagged/eee-in for context.

user is a racist, misogynist, and transmisogynist who sends asks (largely to women) who they feel are wronging “teh menz” in some way. textbook MRA-ideated friendzone genre of misogyny. some examples:

just go ahead and preemptively block them, if you don’t they’ll probably just get around to sending you some inane fucking whiny ask soaked in male tears at some point anyway.

check their track record out in their tag if you’re interested.

honestly… I’m petty bc this girl I know was being racist so I told our teacher on her and now he always shading her in class whenever he talks about social issues. this is like level one doxxing

I would immediately break up and cease contact with a significant other who doxxed someone. I don’t care if the person was perfect up until that point.

If you are willing to fuck someone’s life up because their opinions or morals don’t align with yours, you aren’t worthy of a relationship that involves trust.