Serious Question

I’ve quit my job today.

I haven’t felt happy for nearly a year, much less during the doxxing.

I really want to go back to doing things that make me happy and being at peace, but I just can’t afford to. There’s no sugar coating it, but this is a serious turning point for me, especially for those that still have stuck with me after all these months without a real blurb from me.

I want to go back to writing comics, articles and most of all, try and bring back happiness for myself and those around me.

If I became a content creator, who would be able to financially support me? 

anonymous asked:

To the anon who asked about the legality of posting already available information: it is completely legal to post and repost information that has been shared by the person the information pertains to in a public forum. If I share with my whole Facebook feed that I have crotch rot, I can't expect people to think I disapprove of sharing that information elsewhere, since I posted it publicly for all the world to see. Never assume anything on the internet is private; assuming so (cont)

would not hold up in a court of law. The best thing to do is NOT TO DOX YOURSELF or post sensitive information about yourself on the internet. If you’re a freak that shits themselves and then eats it, and you want to avoid harassment, its probably best not to share that part of your life with the entire world. Releasing information publicly is giving consent for its use and viewership by anyone. Don’t be an idiot. Don’t get doxxed.

My third-to-last film at Fantasia this year was Socialphobia, a Korean drama about social media, doxxing, and online harassment. The subject alone made it worth seeing but the trailer had me hooked, largely because it seemed a lot more intense than I thought it would be.

Ultimately, it wasn’t the film I was expecting—it was something I appreciated far more. Some of the editing is a little strange, cutting scenes to intense thriller/action music when really there isn’t that much tension going on, but it’s a pretty sombre film overall. 

The two leads, Ji-woong and Yong-min, set out to find who they believe is the murderer behind the death of an internet shitposter. They do so because immediately before, they started broadcasting themselves going to her apartment with 7 other people to confront her in person after she was doxxed for badmouthing a Korean soldier who killed himself over Twitter.

Both of them studying to be cops, Ji-woong and Yong-min organise their own investigation as to who could have killed her, which immediately turns into what they know best—them harassing who they believe to be the prime suspect online.

Where the movie goes from there, though, isn’t what I was expecting at all. Despite the movie’s setup of having some of the pivotal characters be the absolute extremes of their respective roles, like the first potential suspect being a chaebol CEO or the murder victim be Korea’s most infamous online villain, the development they go through is frighteningly relatable. I think whether we like it or not, we’ve all, at one point or another, been the person who’s talked smack to another over the internet. Once, twice, ten, or a hundred times, it doesn’t really matter. Those thoughts have likely gone through your head and seeing it portrayed by innocent youths, the stage of our life we probably understand and accept the most, is like seeing into an awful, embarrassing mirror.

What really hit me with the movie, though, is that it eventually goes places that make the harsh consequences of a single harassing tweet extremely clear, even moreso when it’s not one but thousands of messages. I sat there at the edge of my seat because the movie didn’t just captivate me, but essentially grabbed my the collar and shouted “You see what happens?“ 

The note it ends on is something I don’t want to spoil but is the ultimate truth of the entire subject at hand. It’s done in a rather simplistic manner but it was enough for me to sit in my seat wondering how much harm I might’ve done to others without me even knowing. Even if it’s heavy-handed and exaggerated in some of its execution, Socialphobia is a pretty important film, I think. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this idea re-done for a western audience so do yourself a favor and check it out.

The-Prolefeedvs.Post-Teenager: the fight of the ages

We started so young. I had just been doxxed and was immediately re-following the art people and anti-sjw’s, keeping my head low for a little while. I posted lightly, mostly art, but didn’t get my big break until I started looking into the communists. There I saw post-teenager, a cute icon with some shit spewing out.

We started rather nicely, a little exchange of ideals but we generally banded together over our leftism. I would reblog a bit of the agreeable content and post-teenager would occasionally engage me. This, however, would grow more and more as I saw them getting less agreeable. I got further into libertarianism, whereas they grew more into authoritarianism (under the guise of the anarchism inherent to “real communism”). Everything took a real turn when they began to advocate violence against fascists.

I don’t like fascism, nor do a like any other form of conservatism, however I absolutely believe in people’s rights to identify with them within the law. This means that I believe that anyone can take a soapbox and start preaching their respective bullshit, and anyone is obligated to listen or walk away. Once someone violates the constitutional definition of freedom of speech, freedom association, etc. then they are within the law’s interpretation of punishment. Post-teenager, on the other hand, considers free speech to be the “freedom to oppress” and believes that anyone saying anything racist or “Fascist” should be violently assaulted. When I confronted them on this issue, post-teenager would post “Goodnight white pride” shit. Around this time, post-teenager also began to advocate for theft from companies despite the fact that stealing and losses in sales most often, in trickle-down economics, affects the low-level workers before it affects the company as a whole or even a boss. Just like in the 2008 recession, bosses refused to take pay cuts and preferred to get rid of workers. They refused to acknowledge this widely sourced information and kept reblogging their own post.

The topic of “whiteness” was also rather hot between us. Around the time that The Guardian published an article advocating for the removal of all white men from positions of power on college campuses, post-teenager made a post about wanting to remove all white people from all positions of power. It gained much support and they called it justice for colonialism and stated that the whites essentially control the world. Whenever Robert Mugabe was mentioned, post-teenager would cease to respond or would merely post a “sassy” picture. Post-teenager is also Japanese, a little-known fact since being trans gets you many more points in the oppression olympics. Considering that they feel whites should be subjugated according to their treatment of other ethnicities, the subject of Japanese imperialism has always twisted post-teenager up inside. They feel that a due has been paid by their grandparents (apparently) being in the Japanese internment camps. Despite the fact that no Western white man has owned slaves in over 100 years, post-teenager feels that whites should be made into slaves as reparations and should apologize and get cucked by a black man. Post-teenager has adamantly refused to apologize for the Rape of Nanking.

The golden age was around the beginning of the election hype, when people began announcing that they would run. I made my own campaign section, and post-teenager announced their running. I asked if they would like a campaign picture, which I said I would do for $5-10. I made something like the image below. Post-teenager never paid me, nor responded to my allegations of stealing from the proletariat (which I am a part of).

Post-teenager eventually announced that they were trans, and began shitposting immediately. Again, I doubt the legitimacy of this claim, however post-teenager’s mental health does concern me. According to an irl source, post-teenager has previously referred to trans people as “trannies,” goes to college on their parents’ dime, mooches off of friends for places to stay, claims that blogging is their “job,” and has made several posts outlining bourgeois charity as negative despite asking for donations. I consider this to be a serious case of doubelthink, BPD, and possibly some sociopathy due to their violent tendencies.

Today was the final straw, apparently, and one of the first times that post-teenager has openly engaged with me in quite some time. I believe that I had thoroughly wiped the floor with them, due to the information I’ve received and what I’ve gathered from dealing with them for many months. They refused to acknowledge my claims and merely made insults, whereas I made a character critique. Finally, after posting an article which I very easily could have refuted, they blocked me.

Goodbye, you delusional freak. It’s been a fun ride.

I would immediately break up and cease contact with a significant other who doxxed someone. I don’t care if the person was perfect up until that point.

If you are willing to fuck someone’s life up because their opinions or morals don’t align with yours, you aren’t worthy of a relationship that involves trust.