Newly discovered star “Dox” is like nothing we’ve seen before

Astronomers just discovered a bizarre star unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, according to research published in the journal Science. Dox is what astronomers call a white dwarf. Many stars eventually evolve into white dwarfs, which are dense objects made of the remnants of a star’s helium and hydrogen core. But white dwarfs usually have lots of hydrogen and helium in their outer layers, Dox doesn’t.

Previously, astronomers didn’t think it was possible for anything like this to exist, and it’s challenging our understanding of stellar evolution.

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My Personal Experience With Doxxing

I see a lot of people asking what the danger of doxxing is and asking why they should care. While I can’t speak about every case I can speak on one, my own case. This is my story that happened from the time I was 13 to the time I was 18,

It started when I created an account on Gaiaonline, this website for those unaware is a forum based site that has anime style avatars and was popular in the early 2000s. Anyways, they used to have a feature that was called “personals” and being 13 and naive I put one out trying to find friends. I was confused why mostly men responded but hey I was 13, lonely, and craving attention they gave that to me so I didn’t question it.

Time went by and some of the men who responded to I connected with and others I didn’t. One in particular named Gabe I began talking to semi regularly. Eventually we talked to each other on yahoo messenger and even MSN messenger. I was 14 and he told me he was 26. He told me he wanted to meet in real life and I told him I wasn’t interested, that should have been the end of things right? I was getting creeped out, I made it clear I didn’t want to meet him and I tried to stop talking to him.

I ended up blocking him on yahoo and msn and Gaia. He made a new account just to tell me he missed me. I stopped using my gaia account after that and forgot about him until one day I got a phone call to my house. My dad answered and it was Gabe asking for me. My dad called the police and Gabe was investigated. He was in fact 26 and had no record of any bad behavior or anything.

So a few years passed and I didn’t think about Gabe or anything. I started tumblr. It was fun reblogging silly images and things that interested me and interacting with people of a similar age and mind set. I had grown a lot in the few years between when I started Gaia and when I started tumblr but I was also in my mid teens and still naive. To me it was important to be open and I had my information available on facebook and on my Skype.

I had made friends with one girl in particular. I didn’t know it at the time but she wasn’t really my friend she was using the fact that I was still a lonely relatively isolated person and using my interests, saying things I wanted to hear and liked to hear to get me to let my guard down. She was manipulating me into trusting her and I did.

This went on for a few months and next thing I knew my name, my cell phone number, my facebook, everything was made public. I was labeled a racist, a homophobe, and a general bigot. I was shocked and confused why this happened and who would do this to me. I wasn’t a controversial person, I tried to respect people so why would I be targeted like this?

Turns out she was friends with Gabe and through my url he was able to connect me to tumblr. They were able to use my facebook to get my information and because of the fact they used facebook tumblr didn’t care. They even revealed publicly that I was an abuse survivor, something I had never revealed before because I was still dealing with. Tumblr told me “facebook does not constitute personal identifying information”.

I was in tears, I was getting phone calls from people who had never met me telling me to die, telling me that I deserved to get raped and worse. People who use doxxing use it to abuse you using your most personal secrets. They want you to feel unsafe they want you to suffer.

You have the power to prevent it and we want this paranoids bible to help you do it.

Table of Content



All updated PDFs can be found located @ the “library” link.

Below is the Table of Contents for the Paranoid’s bible. This version of the PB, being hosted on the blog itself, is a “Dirty version” yet to be cleaned and corrected by the editors. It’s being posted as a means to offer a wider audience to test it out before its made into a PDF for download. We like to offer any and all people the chance to try out the PB and tell us what they think.

We also wish to remind people that the Paranoid’s bible is but the core book–a basic guide to help you find and clean most of your information off of the internet. This was shortened quite a bit and a lot of content removed. The removed content will most likely be reconstructed into a testament, which is the PB’s various supplementary guides.

We also extend a hand to people who’re willing to give us feedback, too.

NOTE:  Chapters 7, 14, 16 and 17 have not been updated.

  1. Preface
  2. A History of Doxing
  3. Weaponizing Dox
  4. Why You Should Fear Doxing
  5. Why should you care?
  6. The Need for Privacy
  7. Day-to-day invasions of privacy
  8. Find your Digital Footprint – Introduction
  9. Find your Digital Footprint – Dossier
  10. Find your Digital Footprint—Resources
  11. Find your Digital Footprint – Tactics
  12. Find your Digital Foot print–Things you should know and do
  13. The Paranoid’s Rules
  14. Opt-out Master-list
  15. What to do if doxed
  16. Resources and references
  17. Questions and Answers
QUINNSPIRACY- Fact Check Edition

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This party’s gettin’ crazy! Why contain it?

  • Liar, manipulator, hypocrite.

Screwed her boss and a Kotaku journalist, as well as someone who got her game into a game jam:

Bullying and lying about a depressed community while promoting her game about depression:

Sexual harassment:

Ruining a game jam for women and doxing someone:

Taking down MundaneMatt’s video:

Connection with a moderator from Reddit’s /r/gaming subreddit:

Connection with a janitor from 4chains:

Doxing herself with FAKE INFO:

Proof it’s fake:

Contacting Internet Archive to get articles removed:

People from the industry even donate to her:

Notable people who donated:
Vlambeer, which is made up of this guy.
Phillippe Poisson who is actually PHIL FISH! -
Anthony Burch
Ben Kuchera

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