Feck Me Of The Day- 26/5/15

My 10,000 post, only taken me 3 and a half years to get there. I’m terrible and too lazy to reblog more, I’m a compulsive ‘liker’ but will try more to reblog in future. Thanks to those who always like and reblog my posts, especially Feck Me Of The Day. As long as you still want FMOTD, I shall keep posting them.

For ELV’s 10,000 post it had to be Bates and I wanted one I was sure I had never used before so have this random cap. He is thinking about Vera ruining his happiness with Anna, hence the light for Anna and shade for Vera on his face. Either that or it’s bad lighting.


I am off queue (trying to get off for the time being!) because IT IS FINALLY DOWNTON DAY AND IN LESS THAN 30 MINUTES ILL BE STREAMING SEASON 5 AND I CANNOT WAIT. 

And in honor of this I dressed up to dinner to surprise (my family was far from thrilled) as my favorite footman in all the world: Thomas Barrow.

Now all I can do is sit and wait. and wait. and wait. 

Ok Downton Abbey fans, I don't care WHO you're shipping ...

but please show a little love and support for the Thommy fandom (Thomas/ Jimmy) as we’re going to get our fragile little hearts broken tonight ( Jimmy in bed with Lady A. o_O ).

So a few encouraging words wouldn’t go amiss today!!

Let’s have a great Downton Day together guys !!!


It finally arrived! I can’t believe but it is Downton Day! I never thought that a TV show would do this to me, but anyway, here I am counting the minutes in an infinite anxiety.

So, I just drop by to wish the whole fandom a glorious season, and wish that we all have the strenght to bear all the tricks and surprises that JF has up his sleeve. 

So, Happy Downton Day, my lovelies!