To over-generalize utterly, I think everyone I follow on tumblr is in love with Ben Whishaw, while everyone [who is female] I follow on facebook is in love with Tom Hiddleston.

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Of course, the recognition of Kate and recognition of Ben about homosexual experience different things. You as always has double standards for Ben and for everyone else.

I’ll answer this cause I’m getting tired of the anons. What the FUCK are you on about? You clearly don’t even read my blog, as I’ve stated my opinion on this subject repeatedly. I’ll say it yet again and then I’ll turn off anon if you don’t shut up: we obviously can’t know for sure but my personal best guess is that Ben is bisexual. I have repeatedly said with all the private life speculating we do that this alone is not a forbidden topic and that it is in no way insulting to wonder. I call it out when I see someone trying to imply that gay and straight are the only two options, that being with a member of the opposite sex means that you’re necessarily straight, or that staying in the closet and bearding are not common in any case. I have never called anyone homophobic for personally guessing he’s straight. Just because I don’t think a topic is forbidden it doesn’t mean I need to harp on about it all day every day or answer ever single argumentative anon. I ignore 99% of the argumentative anons I get on any subject. I happen to just not enjoy arguing. It’s a fact that his behavior does fit with not being straight (yes it could fit with other things as well) and that his PR the last 8 months has ironically changed many people’s minds, whatever the truth may be. Go away.

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POEMA / Body / Shape – Narbonne Today I share with you my little piece of heaven, you know those small moments in life that bring an extra sprinkle of magic to your days. Every time I see Matilda Soon post on her SL fashion blog it makes my smile even brighter, her style is so unique and she has t Read more on the website

FINALE || I have had the biggest box on my to-do list before 20 ticked. The journey has been an adventure and a great experience, a dream came true. It has been the best way I could ever imagined to sum up my journey with an “1” in front of my age, to sum up all the different experiences I have had for the past decade. Got to reflect on the past, set goals for the coming years and sort my thoughts out, knowing that I am on the right path, the path worth pushing myself harder to be out of my comfort zones again and again. I have been gone for long. More adventures and great time coming ahead back in Moscow. So, time for one last round of ramen and a bit more of London before heading back to Moscow! Cheers! #15daysinuk #dayfifteen #finalday (at London, United Kingdom)

Old Fandoms and New Fancies

Old Fandoms and New Fancies

Yes the fangirl posts are back with another installment of some of my favorite things. Hope you all enjoy!

The Brady Bunch

Ah, The Brady Bunch. I grew up watching this show all the time. It was cute, silly, cheesy, and all around good family fun.

The story is of a Mike Brady, an architect and widower, who has three sons; Greg,…

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