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For the doodle a day could you draw sam/cas in a pink frilly tutu? Idk i just find the idea hilarious.

I received several asks with several awesome ideas, but this one just made me burst out laughing. I actually intended to draw this as something sweet and funny but idk…. cas is kinda hot in a tutu? 

(also, congrats on being the first ever doodle of the day! New hashtag for this campaign: DOTD)

( a little late, but ) Happy Day of the Departed!
⚪[ “We honor our ancestors because if we never look to the past, we cannot envision the future. On the Day of the Departed, we pause to remember those we have lost, and enjoy our time with those we are still fortunate to have.„ ]
⚪Lego Ninjago — Day of the Departed
⚪Kai, Zane, Lloyd and Jay
⚪My edit. Hope you’ll like it. :-)


I made a character spot for Lloyd in Season 8, using footage from most of the seasons.

It’s kind of a tribute to his development.