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regarding your free! post about makoto's house being across haru's, it isn't likely that it's makoto's house because the curtains aren't the same, the fence border is too close and most importantly, makoto has to walk over and climb the stairs just to get haru out of the tub in the mornings

I’m sorry for my awful English beforehand, nah?

First, I just want to point out that on the very first episode, Makoto doesn’t go to Haru’s house from his own house. He comes from somewhere else (my opinion that he maybe walks Ren and Ran to the bus stop? Or maybe he arrives at the school and find Haru isn’t there yet so he quickly back to Haru’s house to pick him up). So his home isn’t actually that far.

I don’t know about the curtains or the fence border—more like, I can’t even see the curtains in that episode, so yeah.

However, we can see the similarities between these two buildings, yes?

External image

External image

  • They have the same ventilation.
  • The double windows, with the square wood in the middle of it.
  • The same lamp, positioned at the left-corner of the house.
  • The same roof and overall shape.

My opinion, though, doesn’t come from those pictures alone.

Now, we all are agree that Makoto has to walk over and climb the stairs to get Haru out of the tub. But, on the other hand, Makoto’s house is actually placed pretty high that it has its own stairs right in the front of it too. So Makoto needs to descending his house’s stairs first before climb the Shrine’s stairs to get Haru.

Remember when Haru waited for Makoto before the race on eps. 7? Haru is waiting on the Shrine’s stairs, right in the end of Makoto’s house’s stairs:

External image

This is the same place as this:

External image

And this:

External image

Then we can see Makoto walks down his own stairs:

External image

External image

Plus, there’s this descriptions from High Speed!:

When Haruka headed off to swim practice, once he’d left his house, he’d go the rest of the way by bike. After he got home from school, he would shove everything he needed into his bag and then hurry out of the foyer. After descending the stone steps, he would look up at Makoto’s house. Makoto’s house was pressed in close, facing the stone steps, and the stairs leading up to its entryway stretched to meet the base of shrine’s stairway.

Another one, this is when Haru’s waiting for Makoto in eps. 6:

External image

In my opinion, this is the same rail with this one:

External image

So we can see that the height isn’t actually that far from Haru’s house (if we count from that other wood fence on Haru’s right side, and the place where he sits is on the same ground level for his home), especially if we consider that Makoto’s home is a two floors house.

So, yeah from all of these I conclude that:

External image

The house on the green square is Makoto’s (again, the same build-shape, roof, and windows), meanwhile the house on the blue is Haru’s (the same wooden-fence, antenna, the corner of chouzuya near his home), and they stands almost side by side if not for the difference in ground level.

Besides, if it’s not Makoto’s house, then we need another house that looks exactly like Makoto’s and placed right in front of Haru’s and exactly on the right side of his own. But we have that tall gray wall (the Shrine’s area, I guess?) instead.

Even if my theory turns out to be wrong later, I hope this can clear out my point about this, okay? Thank you for your attentions! :)

Makoto is stuck babysitting his twin siblings so Haru comes over to hang out/help. But then Makoto is forced to leave for some emergency and Haru has to take care of the twins himself and he has never realized how good Makoto is at this job. 

“Oi, Ran! Pick that up.”

“Ren, let go of me”

And he’s just constantly huffing in annoyance and trying to keep everything under control and failing. Until Makoto finally comes back home and Haru promptly attaches himself back to his side because please dont leave me alone with them again.

And Makoto takes it all in stride cause thats what good big brothers do

Things Turkey is

  • incredibly attractive
  • hilarious
  • a dork
  • a country with a very interesting and unique history
  • hella fine
  • also apparently very strong
  • the character that (according to Himaruya himself) has the nicest body out of all the APH country characters
  • precious and extremely important
  • a beautiful man

Things Turkey is not

  • a creep
  • abusive
  • a sexual deviant/rapist
Jongdae Appreciation Post

An Amazing Vocalist

An Adorable Dork

A Sweet Cuddler

A Handsome Flirt

A Pouting Cutie

A Pure Angel

Chen is underrated in so many ways. I wish more people would appreciate this singing angel who is always kind to fans and staff. His beautiful smile can light up any room, and his whining is the cutest thing in the world. Hopefully, he’ll get the love and recognition he deserves in 2017! 

We are one! 

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I don't think they had to verbally admit their feelings for each other I mean it's pretty obvious they have feelings imao!!! Like when they talked about marriage and he was like "thinking of someone special" he totally knew she was talking about him and he knew the Stephen curry thing was a joke lol. I'm just so happy it's like they're unofficially dating