Narnia AU // Dark Wizard!Percival & Savior!Credence //

Percival used his powers for plunge Narnia in an endless winter, until the day Credence come to Narnia by a magical wardrobe and brings back the seasons - and Percival fall in love with his enemy, the savior of Narnia.

(I watched the first Narnia ten years ago when I was young. I watched it again with my mom, and I can’t stop thinking about this :x (sorry if I made some mistakes in my english :3)) 

Auslly Fic Rec list!! Because I’m pretty sure I’ve read everything out there and these are all my mind-blowing favorites. Also I’ve been revamping my page so I thought I’d share.

Really, seriously, this was his grade A material and in all of her seventeen years, nothing’s prepared her for this caliber of flirting. Mostly because, you know, the idea of the school’s most popular boy flirting with her was hilariously and disturbingly absurd. And yet, it was still happening.

The day started off simply enough, with the plan to hang out with his best guy bro and eat some giant turkey legs at the Renaissance Faire. Then things sorta got out of hand. Like, ‘suddenly being put in an actual suit of armor and having to win an entire tournament on behalf of his song writing partner’s honor’ out of hand.

“I want to taste the sun forever. I spent too long without it.”

Or Austin is a tattoo artist and Ally has never left her house.

Ally just wanted a place to study, that’s all.

Now that she’s graduated, Ally expects smooth sailing. Unfortunately, a certain blonde that goes by the name of Austin ropes her in for a crazy plan not even five minutes after she’s closed her locker. She expects it to be awful, but as it turns out, this is the first of many times she’ll be wrong about Austin Moon.

It’s not like she was planning on it, but after the craptastic week she just had, falling in love just seemed like the easiest thing to do.

Laura has a date to prom. Let’s just say Ross isn’t happy about it. Raura.

It’s a (not so) simple story about a secluded, angry, and cold boy and his quirky, loud, and clumsy, yet determined, neighbor who drives him crazy.

Transform a girl to be the most popular person at Marino High School so she can win prom Queen was the bet. Austin Moon, the most popular guy at school does exactly that to Ally, the school’s geek but along the way he starts to fall for her in the process.

He doesn’t like the rich life he has; her family is bankrupt due to his. He’s trouble, rebellious. She’s the good girl, who plays by the rules. Together, they’re the rebellion of a lifetime.

A reimagining of the concert video when Ross talks about Raura. And the aftermath.

He was used to the blood-boiling,vein popping anger blinding his vision. Jealousy was the most common side effect of loving her.

The holidays are just around the corner. Ally Dawson was prepared to spend it alone this year, as sad as that sounds. She was not, however, prepared for her new, attractive blond neighbor suddenly taking an interest in her life.

Austin just doesn’t understand the bubble tea craze, but hey, maybe the cute girl working behind the counter can help him out.

Or the one where Austin is her escape and saves Ally from herself.

e is for Elliot, n is for No, v is for Volatile, y is for whY. In which Austin is envious of Elliot, Ally’s old friend from camp.

When Ally’s first date with Dallas doesn’t go as she expected, Austin tries to help her figure out what went wrong. However, his way of helping isn’t what she expected either. Meanwhile, what happens when Dez accidentally handcuffs himself to Trish?

Austin thinks he’s a cat. Trish thinks it’s hilarious. Dez thinks this would be a good time for ham. Dallas thinks he should ask Ally out, but cat-Austin is a little territorial. And Ally thought it couldn’t get any worse.

Ally and Austin and the summer after graduation. They have changed, but in a lot of ways, they have changed together.

Ten years separated them, but now she’s back and she’s got a story to tell. Everybody loses, we’ve all got bruises.

Make a girl fall in love with you in seven days or less. That was the game and he was the best, so when he was given a new victim, why would he have any reason to say no. He thought it was no big deal and it would be easy money, but if only he knew what he was getting himself into when Ally Dawson became his next target.

Ally finds the original drafts of Austin’s letter from Fresh Starts and Farewells.

It takes eleven years of bad timing and miscommunication, plus one called off engagement, but eventually they figure it out.

In which Austin and Ally come up with more excuses to kiss after several failed attempts under the mistletoe … and maybe, possibly, finally get their act together.

Austin gets his big break a little later in life, and gets swept up in the fame. Now, he’s facing the very real possibility of Ally walking away: from their partnership, from their friendship, from the possibility of something more.

A tiny shred of dignity crouched somewhere between the tissue of Ally’s brain was shouting in a cartoonish, squeaky voice about how she shouldn’t say what she was about to say. But, chickening out just wasn’t time efficient with a looming eight hour deadline.

It’s hard pretending to be Austin Moon’s girlfriend. Rephrase; it’s hard pretending to be Austin Moon’s girlfriend while you’re falling hard for him in the process.

They’re broken up…but they’re not really broken up. Austin and Ally and the aftermath.

In which Austin is a charming barista and Ally is a talkative coffee shop squatter. There may or may not be some flirting afoot.

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My fic rec page [x]

nurse-peach  asked:

Hi hun! Sorry to bother you, but your townies are absolutely adorable like? How do you doooo that, I adore them all.

If I don’t have a specific idea in mind for a townie I want to make, I’ve been using a randomizing method that has served me pretty well so far and helps me get more unique genetics instead of just using the unaltered template features over and over. It’s a little long-winded but hopefully not too much.

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since when did bullets stop to sing?

The Anberlin Project (1/?) - We Owe This to Ourselves

me, in monet’s gardens, on the verge of an emotional breakdown: do u think trees feel happiness

girl that rarely talks: yes.

me, choking back tears: do the trees know i love them

girl that rarely talks: definitely. everything is connected.

me: (starts crying about trees)

my photographer friend: (snaps a professional fucking headshot of me crying about trees in monet’s gardens)

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mary !!!! i'd chop my left arm off if i could only know what exactly happened between h & l on the xfactor that made them fall in love w each other HELP

anon !!!!

i’d chop my left arm and right leg to be a fly on the wall and witness the exact moment when they decided to just go for it, but i don’t think it was just A Thing that made them go “oh i like that about him, i think i love him”, it happened gradually but fast, super fast. louis noticed harry before they even auditioned like what the actual fuck…

and they were infatuated right from the start! i really do think it was a love at first sight kind of thing. from the moment they met, they clicked, they knew they was something special about each other, they liked each other so so soooo much and it wasn’t forced it was a natural thing they couldn’t help it. like, harry has said that when you have a connection with someone you just know. and they knew. SO.


hahaha. “harry and i bonded immediately and he’s now my best mate in the band. i feel like i’ve known him for so much longer than i have” hahaha cool. totally fine. 

okay and the thing is. we know :D i think that they’ve talked about each other enough, complimented, praised, flirted, moon-eyed, went on and on about how great the other is, how charming, how nice it is to sit and admire what they are like, how you need someone like that, how protective, how supportive, to know exactly what it is that they like about each other, what made them fall!!! im not gonna say that i wouldn’t like to know more bc COME ON!!! of course i would. but im not really complaining i mean… they fell in love right in front of our eyes, they were embarrassing and cute boys with crushes and butterflies and sneaky little smiles and stars in their eyes and wow this got sappy really fast but it’s them. dumb boys in love since the very first day oh my god!!!


oh and anon, we can be sure that harry and louis touched dicks on the X factor and no one can take that away from us :)))))

hey guys the website I use for merch (redbubble) now offers calendars

would you guys be interested in a calendar? Maybe like have actual full text messages on them? Or something? Maybe like a mix of brand new texts not posted here, and the most popular ones? Probably with dumb animal art? Idk im still thinking and im open to suggestions.

But first of all would you guys even be interested in a calendar?

Shipping Fitzsimmons...?

You might expect the writers to give the fans what we want:

But, for Fitzsimmons, it’s been so long now that:

I’m sorry if this makes you scream at the top of your lungs:

Because you’re hoping they’ll do this:

Or, you might even settle for this now:

But, no, the writers are making us continue to wait and find out what happens.

I know, me too. So, we inform them with the utmost urgency that:

Please, you guys, can’t we just:

But week-after-week we must:

To which we respond: Hey! That’s not fair! Then they hit us with:

Good point, we admit. Let’s keep watching. It’ll probably all work out soon, right? So, we keep watching, in a state something like this:

I can’t believe that you still aren’t giving us anything writers!

Then by inflicting untold horrors on our favorite characters week-in-week-out, the writers remind us that:

When those bastards give us a little bit of hope, I can’t help but respond by screeching at the top of my voice:

“No, we ship it too!” we are told by the writers. And somehow it gives us that all-important little boost of hope again as it reminds us that:

Oh, really? Okay, I’ll keep watching just a bit longer but only because you ship it, too. Then with some new twist they go and do this to me:

What the actual Hell, writers?! How could you do that to our faves? That was worse than last week! They only laugh maniacally and make it clear that in the game of ships:

That’s how I know they’re doing this:

I’m so annoyed now, they’re turning me into this:

Then, I’ll be forced to do this:

Then, this:

The only thing I want to hear from you writers now is this:

And you better make it this:

Or you’ll have to do a lot of this:

Because I will fight every one of you!