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God help me I actually chuckled at a Gamestop commercial.

queenwhiskey asked:

are there any really bad doom cover arts? not counting the reboot one of course

all the official ones have been pretty good. the worst one would probably be the US Sega Saturn boxart.

even then it’s not necessarily bad, just generic.

if you really wanna get deep in there, PWAD packs and level resources had some funky CD coverart. there’s a website somewhere with a whole host of them in an effort to catalog them all but i forget what it is. anyway, this one is my favorite.


The DOOM 2016 gameplay footage is still coming! Now they’re definitely showing too much at this point. It’s a good thing though. Shows that they’re confident in the game.


Phobos Mission Control

Doom - 2016 - by John Romero

Part two of John Romero’s Doom-as-hype-machine-for-Blackroom. Phobos Mission Control replaces the last E1 level with someone else’s name attached to it and turns it into a freewheeling nightmare machine of constantly lowering walls and platforms that reveal more and more enemies and leave you with a much more open layout. It’s a fun, disposable blastathon, with some cool action gauntlet moments like the darkened computer area to the southwest and its raising / lowering catwalks and monsters lowered in on triggered Hellevators.



MarphyBlack the absolute madman actually went and made a Doom map with over 100,000 skeletons

Download it here
Court In The Act: Re-upload: Doom - Police Bastard EP [1989]
Although it's but a few minutes long, this is my favourite release of Doom's - and considering how most of their releases are considered seminal in the crust genre, that is saying something. The title is very much linked to the police brutality that took place in the UK in the late 90s - peaceful protestors were beaten up and hassled purely for arguing a cause.

Hit the link to Download Doom’s Police Bastard 7″

The Zippyshae link is the one that works.

Heir of Doom by hollowzo featuring fall plates ❤ liked on Polyvore

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The Fuck-Face treatise. A6, 2016.

Hairy piss lump with a bucket and brush banging face on the bookie shop window at 7am. I ignored him assuming to be fucked up on acid chops or stolen pigeon vodka. I’m here to paint your staff room walls with various industrial solvents and glue dead mice to the ceiling let me in. By 8 with milk bleeding eye flaps and chest full of pins I believed myself to have attained the ability to fold organic matter into any bread or pastry product the human mind could fathom by thought alone. I turned a postman into a croissant. A builder into a cheap quiche. At the height of my powers I made a six pack of individual Mr Kipling Bakewell tarts from a fat accountant. When I came to I was in hospital hooked up to a calor gas canister and missing a lung.