OMG there goes my entire Saturday. So much for homework. LOL. This isn’t the “big project” i said I was working on, and maybe I’ll have some WIPs up on that soon but…I ended up finishing @kryallaorchid’s second instalment of her ML fanfic series, Glaze and..well let’s just say Adrien with glasses is one of my big weaknesses :3 So obviously i had to draw him. 

Aaanndd…I finally got to draw some actual FLUFF. I haven’t drawn an actual kiss in so long xD But yeah lots of Adrienette :3 And bonus Plagg stealing Adrien’s glasses :P

Will do my schoolwork tmrw and Monday (assuming I don’t get an ML hangover after tmrw’s episodes hahahahah). I have been drawing all day…

As much as I’m holding out hope for next week, I also needed to vent my incREDIBLE ANGST WITH SOME HOPEFUL ARTS


EDIT: also for the love of fuck if you reblog this before the episode is released generally tomorrow TAG IT AS SPOILERS


My friend Vanille :D lend me her eye to translate it to Satoi’s style :3 then I used my own self insert for it :x

There is no trick for coloring in Satoi’s style because the eyes are really variated so I can only pin-point some details.

  • Linework has highlights for eyelashes.
  • Pupil shape varies a lot and generally is lighter than the Iris color (the pupil biologically is a hole this is why it’s black, but it’s Satoi’s style so :x)
  • The shape of the main highlight of the eyes also varies a lot. In Ayato and Cordelia’s eyes it even has its own slight highlights.
  • There is a general background color (darker) usually (except for Cordelia, Ayato and the Tsukinami brothers) it has a gradient from up above to the bottom, dark to light.
  • You should be able to tell that there is also an upper and a lower highlight in the iris (the iris is everything except the pupil and the white part of course xD) Usually the upper highlight is darker than the lower one (: or even has a contrast color (see Yuma’s eye)
  • There is also a contour highlight except for again, Ayato, Cordelia, Tsukinamis and Subaru.
  • Then the lights that are the white dots those should be pretty intuitive xD.
  • Females have more obvious eyelashes but this isn’t a rule.

I hope this serves as reference, again, there is no trick for coloring because there is huge variation so it is better to pay attention to official art and try to figure out how you’re going to process it (:


Some Azrael doodles! 

Something important I realized when working on this project again - Azraels more extreme expressions does 99% of the time overlap the mouth over the eyes. And something nagged me in the back of my mind that I COULD ABSOLUTELY NOT DO THAT when I finished up drawings of him. I think someone who didn’t like that kind of style told me off a long time ago. And I realized that it was stupid to keep myself from doing those expressions because of someones goddang opinion. I do wat I want. It overlaps. git mad abaoddit