The worst kind of loneliness is not from isolation, or because you are away from people, it is when you are between all the people you know and still feel lonely as fuck, when the people around you don’t understand, when you are scared of trusting anyone, when you don’t feel anything, when everyone seems fake, your heart wants to trust and love but your mind screams to stay away, when the fear of being hurt and being broken and being crushed away because of your expectations wins your willingness to make connections. When you don’t want to be lonely but you are because that’s what is keeping you safe from being broken again.

This is official art taken from a jojo animator’s twitter in a hypothetical situation if Jotaro and Kakyoin returned to Japan together in the Winter.

Translation (very rough feel free to correct) is something along the lines of: “I was interested in Jotaro and Kakyoin’s indescribable trust and friendship so I drew a scenario if they returned to Japan and were able to experience the Winter together.

edit: the animator conveniently deleted the tweet but you can see that it was legit here and here 

edit 2: aaaaad the animator reposted it here 

also here’s the tweet with the original message