The worst kind of loneliness is not from isolation, or because you are away from people, it is when you are between all the people you know and still feel lonely as fuck, when the people around you don’t understand, when you are scared of trusting anyone, when you don’t feel anything, when everyone seems fake, your heart wants to trust and love but your mind screams to stay away, when the fear of being hurt and being broken and being crushed away because of your expectations wins your willingness to make connections. When you don’t want to be lonely but you are because that’s what is keeping you safe from being broken again.

*in college au*

Raven: Damian, i told you not to mess up with the student council! I’ve warn you so many times!

Damian: And you are?

Raven: Let’s just say a friend who’s trying to help you from getting bullied.

Damian: tell your boyfriends-

Raven: they are NOT my boyfriends.


Damian: tell your friends that if they got beef….


Damian: that I am a VEGETARIAN and I ain’t fucking scared of em.


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So let me tell y'all this

I’m laying in bed minding my own goddamn buisness. Tryna get a nap in when boom, her phone rings. (It’s been ringing for like an hour, different people everytime,or so she says) Guess who’s on the phone? Her whole ass “ex” GF. Now if yall broke up in August why she calling you 8-9 times back to back ? So I’m like you should pick up your phone. Now they on the phone screaming at each other. And I’m just like why did I bring my happy ass all the way to Jersey to deal with this shit. I could have stayed in Brooklyn with my bed and my dog living my best stress free life. But nooooooo. Now she on her way over here to beat my ass, bitch im cute I cant fight. I just came hereto get my presents get caressed and lay on some titties. Now I gotta figure out how I'ma get angry enough to fight a bitch I don’t know over a chick I don’t care about because SHE NOT MY BITCH.lawd I feel like titties are evil.

This what I get for being a thot.

Merry Christmas. Don’t be like me.