~~~Smol Vacation Update~~~

Seeing my partner is really fun!! We fell asleep this afternoon and that was nice. Then we went to the hot tub and then got ice cream :’) I’m pretty awake right now and mostly finished 366 for the day, but I might want to write two 366s today, just in case my time gets more limited tomorrow (we’re meeting up with some of the friend group). 

When thinking about topics today, I thought “Huh. I went to a hot tub today. Maybe for 366 somehow….?” AND THEN LOL WAIT NO OVA 2 ALREADY HAPPENED SJHBFDKS and thaaaat was Day 34. Got that out of the way real fast who wouldn’t….that episode……………is a gold mine……………….. Theoretically I could do something along those lines for World 2 because I made plans to but we’re kind of in ~the Christmas arc~ right now lolol so. Long story short: everyday activities remind me of how much canon saigenos exists

Back to work now!! I will write back to more messages as soon as I have more time *_* 

reblog if ur a teen and on summer break, you sleep/chill in bed till after noon

my mom thinks no teen in america does this except my sis and i, so if yall can do this, id appreciate it. reblog so i can prove a point to my mom.


Don’t Break Up Device Hoon

A love story between one who is blind and another who is deaf. The meaning of true and pure love, no matter the consequences and troubles, you are both there for one another, both strong for the other, and no matter what, love one another. When there is a will, there is a way. Never give up despite the roadblocks life throw at us. |v|



I’m Here Now.

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader 

Warning: Angsty, Ex-BFs

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  could you do a steve oneshot where you and him see your ex (who you still feel hung up on) and their new s.o. and steve pretends to be your boyfriend so that you dont feel terrible??

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When you're addicted to a show, but have to pause it because you're scared of what's going to happen next...

Please for the love of all that is good in the world, don’t break up.

I’m begging you, Christian, do not let Rob tear you apart.



…Now I’m going to go to sleep so I can get some courage to watch this tomorrow. Horror films don’t give me nightmares, but if I see Christian cry, I’ll have nightmares for a year :(

anonymous asked:

I just rread the previous posts. Are those about Girl meets Goodbye? Is riley moving to London in that episode? Does it really happen or do they cancel the move at the last minute? + there are rumors out that Feeny dies in one of the final episodes? Is this all true? Rucas stays till the end right? Please tell me they dont break up or so. + I heard that they had a wrap party. Does this happen every season? Cause there are only wrap parties if the series is ending!

Yes it’s about that episode. No Riley does not move. No Feeny doesn’t die. Our ship is still sailing. They do a wrap party every season.


It’s funny how even in my happiest moments, I’m still reminded of you, feeling that pain again, wanting you, wishing everything was okay, then remembering how you really are.

And there I am, excited to be at my favorite bands’ concert and I could have sworn I saw you there, which would have made sense considering she likes them as well. I felt immediate panic, my stomach twisting, my throat closing, I just wanted to go home. But I didn’t, I stayed.

I turn my head constantly, expecting to see you with the stupid unimpressed look on your face. The one you would make when I annoyed you with my “constant dependence.” I didn’t see you. I didn’t even see her. Thank god, who knows what I would’ve done… Too many thoughts come to play when I think of it, none of which I like.

As the concert went on I found my thoughts to be less consumed by you, I was starting to have fun again. I never heard the opening act before, but I still enjoyed listening to him. Then as I really listened to the lyrics, taking in each word, I was again visited by my thoughts of you, only they were softer, loving and caring. Everything you used to be, well everything you used to be when you actually tried to lie to me.

And there I was, swaying to the softness of the music, wishing you actually were there to share this with me. I imagined you coming up to me, grabbing my hand and holding it oh so carefully, surprising me. I turn to see you, and immediately start to feel the tears run down my cheeks, and you with an apologetic expression on your face as you pull me toward you for a full embrace. I imagine myself sobbing and holding you so tight, not being able make out words, just loud cries of hurt. As you stroke the back of my hair, whispering how sorry you are, how wrong you were, how much you need me, how much you do love me. All while the concert goes on, and we together sway to the music.

What’s far worse than realizing this was a figment of my imagination, was knowing even if you were there at the concert, even if you did see me, even if you did go up to me, you would never do any of that. You would never carefully hold my hand, you would never embrace me, and you most certainly would never say you were sorry or that you were wrong.

I guess the imaginary you that I think of is far nicer than the real person you really are. That’s probably why it’s so hard to get over you. When I think of you, I think of who I thought you were, not who you truly are…

—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write
Saturday 23, 2016 1:20 AM
(It took a lot for me to write this considering this really happened > hope you guys like it /.\ this is kinda the first story format I’ve written in)
WHERE THE FUCK AM I: A visual novel

Uh… hm. Where does the trail go now, there’s no ribbons… also where the hell is my brother?

There that must be the Crystal Mountain summit. So it looks I have to go this way.

Pretty deep looking muskeg hole. Still no sign of my brother.

Er… I’m pretty sure I’m going the right way… I hear water falling down somewhere. And it looks like someone or something has gone through here.

*sees bear poop*

…this better not be an animal trail I’m on. A bear animal trail.

Oh cute frog too bad he can’t tell me where I’m going.

*sees more bear poop*

*continues to wander aimlessly till I hit a dead end*

There’s no sign of absolutely anyone here… the fuck. Something’s wrong here.

Shit uh, I’d better backtrack and start yelling, maybe look for some dry wood in the process (which is impossible to find here). HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY

The fuck?

Okay this must mean I am in the right area. (lol it didn’t). But where the fuck is my brother? Is that a trail leading up past this sign???

*goes up trail, finds another dead end*

I’m… going to stand around and wait a bit.

*hears some very faint yelling*


But where the fuck???

*continues backtracking*

Fuck I saw this mountain before where the fuck do I go now??? HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!



*hears response much closer this time*


And that’s my story of how we got lost in the mountains

Moral: don’t walk ahead of someone too far while hiking.