here comes all the fanfics of min yoonji being the sassy and hard to get classy type of gal, who of course, ends up falling for jimin while jealous!jungkook thinks of ways to get her. 

meanwhile, we have taehyung still clutching onto his heart because min yoonji is so ethereal in his eyes, despite her sassy ways. side note, jin tries winning yoonji’s heart by buying her love and namjoon continues writing love poems/songs for her. 

hoseok though, is still choking on his water after the big melt down, tbh.


iKON’s reaction to their parent’s letters

Chanwoo: “Our youngest Chanwoo who loves to eat home cooked food.  The food my mum prepared is like a medicine that heals me but now the situation is…this situation is…” [trans credit]


Eleanor (S03E04): I’m sorry I never called. The night before you, um, the accident, we had a call scheduled and I didn’t call because I was…Wasted. And I made this promise with myself that I would never call you when I’m wasted. And it’s been eating me up ever since that day. 


I’m really glad that Jisung is coming out of his shell more and becoming more outspoken. And I think some of that comes from his friendship with Chenle. Think about it Jisung has always been the youngest and had no same age friends and the hyungs usually treat him like the baby of the group. When Chenle came around he finally had someone close to his age since even though Chenle is a 01 liner and Jisung is a 02 liner, they’re only actually 3 months apart. 

You can tell from their interactions that even though Chenle is the hyung they most likely treat each other like same aged friends. Being friends with someone as outgoing and confident as Chenle has probably inspired Jisung to come out of his comfort zone little by little and that’s why their friendship is so precious^_^!

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