i dont know why im going to you for this but i feel so alone. this guy i currently like and been texting has slowly started taking awhile to respond to my texts and i feel like hes slowly not interested in me anymore… i hate that i feel sad over a guy but i do and it hurts. sorry to bring this to you i didnt want to tell my friends cus they might think im pathetic. its just hard to move on… if you have any tips on coping with this please tell me… also i love your blog it has saved my life. even tho most you write is angst it makes me happy overall so thank you

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you know what’s really disgusting about tumblr’s pervasive acephobia is the way that ace/aro people have to spill their guts about extremely personal, private traumas for their experiences to even be slightly taken into consideration 

i shouldn’t have to talk about the fact that i went through corrective rape as a teenager but i do

i shouldn’t have to talk about the fact that people tell me day in and day out that my boyfriend won’t love me if i don’t fuck him but i do

i shouldn’t have to talk about the fact that my parents mocked me and called me “unstable” when i came out to them but i do

we don’t ask any other LGBTQIA+ people to spill their guts about their very personal struggles in order for them to be “allowed” into the community, STOP MAKING ACE/ARO PEOPLE DO IT.

Asexual and Aromantic people are part of the community, period. No other modifiers necessary.

NATHAN ADRIAN - Swimsuit Shopping

Nathan’s face was full of concentration, searching from left and right he just wanted to find the perfect suit, a bathing suit that is. The goal wasn’t to find one for himself, but to find one for his beautiful, one year old, baby girl. The day was perfect, sun beating down not too much, but just enough for a beautiful family day out back in your two story, California home. “Maybe she’d like this one.” He mumbled to himself, holding up a purple, floral one piece. “But this one looks like it would fit her personality as well.” He argued with himself, staring at a yellow and pink, frilly striped suit.

“Baby.” He heard your voice call out, distracting him from battling with himself. Replying to your voice with a quick, “over here.” You and your daughter soon came into his view of focus, immediately replacing his once frowning face- due to his indecisive nature- with a big, teeth showing grin. His eyes lighting up, looking at his daughter in your protective embrace.

“Hi sweet pea.” He cooed out, poking at his baby girl’s chubby cheeks, causing a fit of giggles to escape her tiny mouth.

“Have you picked one out yet?” You asked your husband, his arms outstretched now in a desire to hold the tiny squirming toddler in his muscular arms, kissing your cheek as your daughter lands in his grasp.

“No.” He pouted, pointing at the pile of one pieces he pulled down from the many racks surrounding. His time spent well while you changed your daughter’s diaper.

“Nathan!” You laughed out, shaking your head at your husband in a mixture of- wow you were in love with him, but what were you going to do with his goofy self. “Well she can’t have all of them.” You pointed out, arms propped on you waist in a stern manner.

“I know.” He sighed, shoulders slumping in defeat, baby girl still in his arms, “but I mean…she could?” He turned back around to look at you, eyes opened wide in a suggestive look.

All it took was one glance at you to understand that maybe he was over doing it, but come on- days like this don’t come often, and plus, he’d do anything to make his daughter happy- even if she didn’t quite know what was going on.

Leaving the store fifteen minutes later, two bags filled with at least 10 swimsuits, Nathan was smiling from ear to ear. “We’re going to have soooo much fun baby.” Cooing at his daughter and her happy feet, he buckled her car seat, pulling at the straps for the third time to make sure she was safely secured.

“You’re the best daddy ever.” You smiled at your husband, reaching for his hand to intertwine as he threw the gear into reverse, trekking his way back home.

“I’m the luckiest daddy in the world, and I love you.” He smiled back, pulling the back of your hand up to his mouth, kissing it quickly.

“I love you too.”

I want you.
I want you at 6 am when drool covers your pillow.
I want you at 11 am when you’re barely awake and eat breakfast.
I want you at noon when the sun is bright and you’re telling me jokes.
I want you at 2 pm when you’re tickling me even though you know I hate it.
I want you at 5 pm when you get me to try new things for dinner.
I want you at 8 pm when you’re trying to keep me awake and playing the game.
I want your weirdness and to be there when you’re upset.
I want to love on you when you need me to.
Imperfections, flaws and all.
I just want all of you. ~
—  it’s always been you
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  • i fell down the stairs and you caught me like a princess. what….what do we do now………
  • is. is that a kitten in your sweater. oh my god. oh my god can i pet it
  • youre a terrible, terrible dancer but i love to watch you do it so i tell you youre great
  • i know im the one who suggested you try on eyeliner but youre too attractive now i cant breathe go wash your face off right this second
  • we’re starting a band, u in? thats okay we already signed you up you dont get to choose
  • last night you were the designated driver and i was wasted and i think i confessed to you but im hoping i can play it off when i see you today
  • we work in the same office and sometimes i purposefully jam the printer so i can see you bend over to work on it, and also because you curse in the cutest most creative way i have ever heard
  • i have never been happier than when we nap together, this is even better than going on dates can we just sleep here together forever
  • i told you i hated romantic movies but the truth is i love them and i cry every time
  • we’re camping as a group and some of our friends played a prank on me and pushed my mattress into the lake but i cant swim and you have to save me before i panic worse
  • we’ve been living together for a few months now and when we clean the apartment we always end up singing a duet and dancing like the gross married couple we’re destined to become
  • we always eat lunch in the same place but i eat an hour after you and we started leaving notes in the crook of the nearest tree so we can talk to each other
  • youre a collector and i work at a store that sells the things you collect and you think im a passionate collector like you but honestly i just live for the little moments in my day when i get to see you again
  • we’re on a couples game show and if you lose im kicking your ass on live tv
  • you’re a demon that tried to possess me but when you realized what awful shape im in you forgot your nefarious plans and now youre trying to help me get my life together
  • youre the landscaper for the place where i work and ive gotten in trouble twice this week for staring out of the window and watching your muscles ripple when you lift bags of fertilizer
  • youre my celebrity crush and im an aspiring actor that gets an extra part in your show and we bump into each other backstage
  • i work at a craft/fabric store and i know exactly what you’re making, you cosplaying nerd
  • youre a firefighter and you saved me form a burning building and i briefly considered becoming a serial arsonist to see you again
The honey hasn’t been sweet in years,
but my teeth are still rotting.
Mama doesn’t know the half of it.
She loves everyone too hard
even if she pretends
she can’t remember their names.
I would have told you this sooner,
but the poems had other ideas.
All those love letters were talking about someone else,
and I can’t even tell you what their hands looked like.
Tell me I’m changing the world
while you’re not looking.
Tell me that’s why you turned your back on me.
It’s okay, things aren’t so lonely
once you realize your own company counts, too.
It’s okay,
the bad men stopped showing up in my dreams.
It’s okay, we are all oceans trying to forget the ones
who drowned when they loved us.
I know you’ve been renting out that body
for so long,
and it’s still not home,
but one day the lights will stop flickering.
The bees will start singing again,
and honey will drip down every jar
like forgiveness that’s finally thicker than
—  Y.Z, the things that don’t rot

markhyuck would be awful parents can you even imagine

mark: donghyuck help me put jisung to sleep

donghyuck: lol put me to sleep and then i’ll help

mark: ??? youll be asleep how do you help???

donghyuck: exactly ur own ur own fried egg failure

mark: go help chenle he says he needs something

donghyuck: ok he might need something but what if iiiiiiii need something

mark: then help yourself??


mark: look at our cute children hyuck

donghyuck: im cuter

mark: youre really not


mark: that’s not how you fold clothes 

donghyuck: dont tell me what to do

mark: but youre just bunching the clothes up and throwing them in the basket??



sm: sir do u know him

donghyuck: lol what friend i dont know who this thug ass canadian boi who cant fry eggs is

mark: HYUCK

donghyuck: lol bye

so i never really trust anyone around me. because one second you’d feel like they’re the one who cares the most about you, then the other second you felt like nothing to them.

and even i feel so distant to my family. they ignored me too much, and now when they try to get closer, i push them away. i sealed myself from the outside world.

i’ve always feel so lonely. so empty. i dont let people see what’s behind these walls, but i want to see someone trying,

i want someone who is willing to fight for me

someone who spends their time wondering am i doing fine

someone who will be there to listen to my 3am thoughts

someone who would always check up on me

someone who’d tell me how much i meant to them, that the more i hold my shield, the more they will try to see what’s behind it

i want to see someone giving all their effort for me. don’t give up on me. i just want to feel the feeling of being wanted.

—  via (born-in-badlands)

Hey Taylor,

I know you will probably never see this but it’s worth a shot I guess?? I just feel like I really need you right now. Out of all the people, I always lean on to you for advice. I feel like and mostly know that my family hates me, the people who are supposed to love you. Why? Why do they hate me so much? I try so hard to bond with them but they don’t even try to act like they love me and I’m so done with myself and them. Why am I stuck with them? I can’t even remember the last time my dad smiled at me or pretend to care about me at all, and there is no question that my sister would probably run me over. Sometimes my mom is nice to me but every time she says “I love you” you could tell she doesn’t mean it. I don’t have any friends in real life I could talk to and I JSUT DONT KNOW ANYMORE. IM SO DONE WITH EVERYTHING. Everyone is just disgusted by me and every one hates me and I don’t know why? Why can’t I just be like what they want me to be like? I really don’t try to do anything but they always find something I did wrong. Everyone wants me to be perfect and no matter how hard I try I will never come close to that. I feel so low and done and I don’t know what to do. Why does no one love me?

i know this has kinda blown over but i really want to say something:

when you are big you are told two things, primarily, relating to your body. “lose weight” or “love yourself for who you are”. it’s not a secret that being overweight carries with it more exposure to health problems. but telling anyone to “just lose weight” or “just eat right” is not something that the common onlooker has any right to say. not only is it more complicated than that, there are many circumstances that make it even HARDER for a person to lose weight, an already difficult task. 

what it all boils down to, is that YOU have no right to tell, recommend, or nudge anyone towards diet and exercise because you are on the outside looking in. dont try to level with anyone. don’t try to rationalize what you said. own up to the fact that you not only are insensitive, but also ill-informed.

not to mention the fact that you decided to write up a little “self-love” post that is so transparently fake my 3 year old cousin would call bullshit.

you have no right to play with people’s self-image, view of their own self-worth or self-esteem based on your own opinion.

but, please, take your complimentary dildo on your way out.  

I can just imagine magnus trying to tell alec that he once defeated the dark lord and saved a school full of young downworlders from you know who and a bunch of death eaters because he thinks alec hasn’t seen the hp movies because he’s not really into mundane things and thought this story would really impress Alec. and alec is nodding along as encouragement and is concealing his smile whenever Magnus starts gesturing and really getting into it and by the time magnus is finished, Alec just smirks and says “magnus are you trying to tell me that you’re Harry Potter?” and magnus’ jaw just drops open in shock because how did Alec know the plot of Harry Potter and Alec just laughs and is like “c'mon, even I know that story Magnus, it’s a global phenomenon. I love that you wanted to impress me but babe, you don’t even need to try” and he just kisses magnus’ cheek and walks out the room mumbling “Magnus Potter” under his breath and laughing even harder at himself.

The Lyrics of “Freaking Out”

from what i can tell the default assumption is that the song is about lewis and/or shiromori but theres something thats been nagging me about the lyrics

more specifically this line

I can’t fight this feeling.
It’s not in my head.
I know it was something I did, baby.
I can’t fight this feeling.
I’m out of control.
Got to get back to the life that I know!

this person has wronged someone. a loved one. this doesnt describe either of the two aforementioned characters. lewis hasnt done anything to hurt the characters, though he did try and is still trying to do so to arthur (who he hates at this point anyway). it cant be misplaced guilt for vivi’s trauma either, since hes trying to get revenge on his seeming murderer indicating he knows he’s not at fault for that. and while we just met shinomori, i dont get the impression that she feels guilty for hurting someone she cares about, considering we dont even know if she has loved ones and if she does they certainly dont get featured.

who in the cast has wronged a loved one?

well weve only seen one person hurt the people they care about

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yeah. arthur

the rest of the refrain enforces this. specifically, an intrusive feeling originating outside ones mind that they are unable to resist, which leads to them harming others they love. certainly sounds like a case of possession, huh

after all, its not as if the possession theory was confirmed in the first few seconds of the video, right?

note also that the video cuts from lewis to arthur at the end of the second chorus

the first verse also mentions that he “Can’t see you turning up,” which fits the reveal that arthur is actively searching for lewis (and apparently doesnt realize that his friend is, in fact, the same ghost that tried to kill him X days ago, though it seems like he suspects it)

see here

the line “Got to get back to the life that I know” is heavily emphasized in the refrain it points to arthur wanting things to be the way they were before all the death and guilt happened and the gang got ripped apart by its own internal drama, hence the active search for their missing friend

I’m not freaking out.
But it feels like time is running out.
How did this shit come about?
I’m not freaking out.
But I’m afraid,
Afraid of losing you.

arthur doesnt know how the hell everything went down the crapper, but it did. now, for him, its a race against time to rectify things before he loses both of his best friends (if he hasnt lost one already, which he uh kinda has, so…awkward), all while trying to keep things quiet for vivi, who’s been hurt enough as is and wouldnt know what he was talking about if he tried to explain anyhow

none of them win like this