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so has a white person ever tried to teach you about your culture? Because I've had people offer theories about the origin of my name and try to tell me what I know about my culture is wrong like??? Did I ask????

white gentiles love to try to explain judaism/jewish culture to me but most white people dont even know where azerbaijan is so no lmao

NATHAN ADRIAN - Swimsuit Shopping

Nathan’s face was full of concentration, searching from left and right he just wanted to find the perfect suit, a bathing suit that is. The goal wasn’t to find one for himself, but to find one for his beautiful, one year old, baby girl. The day was perfect, sun beating down not too much, but just enough for a beautiful family day out back in your two story, California home. “Maybe she’d like this one.” He mumbled to himself, holding up a purple, floral one piece. “But this one looks like it would fit her personality as well.” He argued with himself, staring at a yellow and pink, frilly striped suit.

“Baby.” He heard your voice call out, distracting him from battling with himself. Replying to your voice with a quick, “over here.” You and your daughter soon came into his view of focus, immediately replacing his once frowning face- due to his indecisive nature- with a big, teeth showing grin. His eyes lighting up, looking at his daughter in your protective embrace.

“Hi sweet pea.” He cooed out, poking at his baby girl’s chubby cheeks, causing a fit of giggles to escape her tiny mouth.

“Have you picked one out yet?” You asked your husband, his arms outstretched now in a desire to hold the tiny squirming toddler in his muscular arms, kissing your cheek as your daughter lands in his grasp.

“No.” He pouted, pointing at the pile of one pieces he pulled down from the many racks surrounding. His time spent well while you changed your daughter’s diaper.

“Nathan!” You laughed out, shaking your head at your husband in a mixture of- wow you were in love with him, but what were you going to do with his goofy self. “Well she can’t have all of them.” You pointed out, arms propped on you waist in a stern manner.

“I know.” He sighed, shoulders slumping in defeat, baby girl still in his arms, “but I mean…she could?” He turned back around to look at you, eyes opened wide in a suggestive look.

All it took was one glance at you to understand that maybe he was over doing it, but come on- days like this don’t come often, and plus, he’d do anything to make his daughter happy- even if she didn’t quite know what was going on.

Leaving the store fifteen minutes later, two bags filled with at least 10 swimsuits, Nathan was smiling from ear to ear. “We’re going to have soooo much fun baby.” Cooing at his daughter and her happy feet, he buckled her car seat, pulling at the straps for the third time to make sure she was safely secured.

“You’re the best daddy ever.” You smiled at your husband, reaching for his hand to intertwine as he threw the gear into reverse, trekking his way back home.

“I’m the luckiest daddy in the world, and I love you.” He smiled back, pulling the back of your hand up to his mouth, kissing it quickly.

“I love you too.”

markhyuck would be awful parents can you even imagine

mark: donghyuck help me put jisung to sleep

donghyuck: lol put me to sleep and then i’ll help

mark: ??? youll be asleep how do you help???

donghyuck: exactly ur own ur own fried egg failure

mark: go help chenle he says he needs something

donghyuck: ok he might need something but what if iiiiiiii need something

mark: then help yourself??


mark: look at our cute children hyuck

donghyuck: im cuter

mark: youre really not


mark: that’s not how you fold clothes 

donghyuck: dont tell me what to do

mark: but youre just bunching the clothes up and throwing them in the basket??



sm: sir do u know him

donghyuck: lol what friend i dont know who this thug ass canadian boi who cant fry eggs is

mark: HYUCK

donghyuck: lol bye

I get it. I know i am too much to handle for you. But, can’t you see im trying? I’m trying to not be “manipulative” as you think i am. Im trying to not tell you everything i get sad about because im always sad. You know how you don’t text me when your emotions are everywhere? Imagine feeling like that everyday. Now throw in an intense fear of abandonment and hating then loving someone constantly.Let’s not forget that you also have no idea who you are. That’s my life. Im fucking trying, but it’s just hard sometimes. And it seems like you dont even notice. This is borderline personality disorder. I get it. Im too much for you. But im also too much for myself.

For @kwamikwami‘s road trip au: 

has anyone brought up car songs yet? like those folk songs or kid songs you sing in the car that have like 22 verses. cause I mean the radio and mp3 players are nice, but the stations dont always come in clear and sometimes ya just get tired of the same playlists over and over 

there’s the classics like 100 Bottles of Beer, When the Saints Come Marching In, etc etc

but, and the reason why I bring up this topic, this is the best damn song Adrien will hear on the whole trip: 

it’s basically a song that makes puns out of state names. don’t even try to tell me Adrien wouldn’t love this song from the moment he hears some kid singing it around a campfire at a campsite or something I will fight you on this

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What do you think of zenratta(zenny x junkrat)?

I love it holy fuck

It doesn’t make any sense because Junkrat hates the shit out of him but Zenyatta just keeps trying to be good to him because he’s peaceful af.

Zenyatta gives Junkrat his wisdom and advice whenever he sees him and Junkrat tells him to sod off, but he starts to listen when Zenyatta says even bad people can become good people. And it doesn’t help that nobody wants to to be friends with Junkrat, and this stupid Omnic is the only one who even talks to him besides Roadhog (who doesn’t talk much anyway). So Junkrat asks him what he means.

Zenyatta is pleased.

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Hello, I'm a big fan of your comics and I'm trying to get started on some of my own. Would you have any advice for trying to script/plan out plot and layout stuff? I love your comics, keep up the good work and thanks for reading this regardless!

im gonna be honest with you, i rarely write out any script for my comics, mostly because i tend to abandon them halfway through. “we need to talk” is one of my rare exceptions. as for planning out and scripting the rest of the time, i just do that in my head (which is helped by the fact that i can isolate myself from any outside disturbance & focus on my thoughts fairly easily). 

i dont have much advice apart from “think about what you want to do” i guess? if you want like, more specific advice on the layout and making the art tell the story without even needing words, do tell me, because i may have a few things to say on that. also listening to music helps creating for me!

what if yoongi has second thoughts you guys? he said in an interview that he wanted to drop the mixtape as a surprise for the fans without pressure. but then kablam! it got on the news even.

he’s a worrier you know. what if he’s contemplating? listening to the tracks on the mixtape over and over again trying to find fault because he needs it to be perfect since we’ve waited for it for 3 years.

/sigh/ min yoongi, we’ll love it no matter what and okay, if you’re not comfortable to release it now then it’s okay too. do it at your own pace. release it when you’re at your utmost level of confidence with no regrets okay.

in the meantime, i shall wallow in the end of an amazing era 화양연화. it will be missed.

“i dont know how to say this, it’s corny and it’s probably going to sound weird. gimme 2 to formulate.”

“ok ill wait”

“i was thinking last night that i need a stronger word than “i love you” sometimes. because i DO love you. that’s constant.”

“i’m already crying”

“but sometimes i remember HOW much and it hits me physically. like you know hte feeling in your chest or stomach when you’re sad or disappointed? well that, x 1000 except it’s the opposite. instead of feeling like the pit mof my stomach fell out i just feel so full of butterflies and love. and pride, too.”


“and idk how to tell you “i love you but like REALLY rn” bc usually you haven’t even done anything in particular except basically be yourself and i just, out of basically nowhere, remember HOW much i love you”

“i’m actually crying”

“so yeah i’m gay”

“i love you”

“i love you”

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Freddie there is something I dont really understand. How can you and bananashemmo be friends when youre in the front part of anti hating Luke while Julie is literally the complete opposite and keeps shaming people for hating on him for immature reasons? I assume you might have discussed this before I just find it bizare

We understand each others points of views. We’ve talked about it and she understands my reasons (and somewhat did agree with me on some, but did tell me off for others so) I don’t really send hate towards Luke or anything because I’m not that immature. I just get uncomfortable and don’t write about him anymore..and sometimes make jokes about it that people take to seriously I try not to mention him anymore. I do love the kid though don’t get me wrong. 

You can be friends with someone even know there views are different, I like Julie and I know she talks about people shamming for stupid reasons and I do agree with her. 

I like Julie for her not her love for Luke…

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I dont watch boys24 but this concerns duru so can you tell me more about your man doha like hit me with a profile and background check videos idk i need to know if he is worthy of you bc you're an angel who deserves only the very best

well well well where do i start wth this

his first appearance on the show the thing is, i fell for him even before that, i saw his smile when they were showing reactions of the other boys in the waiting room, i waited for him..there were 49 boys (in 1st ep he didn’t show up)  in 2nd ep i lost hope … i thought i missed him THEn HE CAME AND STOLE MY HEART WITH HIS VOICE AFTER HIS SMILE.  i searched for his instagram first and found out he makes cover(lot of exo omg) and he works a lot (part-time) so he’s definitely a good guy don’t worry. 

he’s also a super good dancer. the thing is i ship him with youngdoo(fellow boys24 member i also love) as well lmao.

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and even your friends suck. you all suck. stop being nice to evertyone. you sound like a fake ass bitch.

okay so here’s the thing. you can bitch at me all you want. you can hate on me. tell me bad things. i can handle that. if i have done you wrong in any way then im sorry. but dont you DARE start talking shit about my friends cos they have NOTHING to do with this. 

yuo know what if there is one thing that i have learned from all this, it is that i and everyone else should try EVEN MORE to be nice to all. if the world today is starting to view kindness as something negative and something “fake” then obviously something is going really wrong. im not saying that im nice every time. i get upset. i get angry. i oppose to some opinions. all i do is give love and kindness to those who deserve it. (and right now anon? u dont. and im sorry)

if your intention was to upset me or crumble me down or push my face to the wall, then im sorry. u failed lil thing. why? cos this whole fiasco made me realize that i have the best people in the world as friends. i have people who wont EVER turn their back to me. i have friends who GENUINELY care and friends who would actually feel bad if i was hurt. so no love. you lost this time. i feel even more blessed and happier and more thankful. so in a way, thank you. thank you for making me realize just how beautiful the world could be when you choose to be nice.

good day.

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I'm a Christian, and I'm a bi girl. I want to come out to my parents, but I have no clue how to do it. I tried telling them a while ago and they freaked and cried and my mom even said "if I see you about to run into traffic, I'm going to try and stop you." But after thinking about it and struggling between my faith and liking girls for six months, I want to try again. I don't want to come to them with just "this is what I feel," I want to be able to defend it. Can you help me figure it out?

I’d love to help you figure it out! I need some more details though. Like, do you live with your parents? If you do, and they dont accept it my advice is to wait until you are out of the house. I believe its always safer that way. 

reminder amelia shepherd was dead for 3 minutes and she describes it as “i was dead for three minutes, and let me tell you, when you are lying on a stretcher, gasping for what you think are your last breaths, you don’t think that dying happy is better than living sad. dying sucks. it hurts. in a way that i can’t describe to you.”

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Harley quinn is a villain. It's ok for her to be your fave but whether it was the arkham verse or canon she's still a bad guy who does bad things and saying "but she's different now" makes you look like one of those joker apologists but with harley

1) who even are you lmao

2) yes…… she is a villain…. my Favorite Villain…. who often does bad things and who i love regardless…… who i have had to inform people on multiple occasions is Not An Anti-Hero…. but rather a Definite Villain….. i dont know what you’re trying to say by telling me something i Know and Preach

3) “whether it was the arkham verse or canon” you’re saying this as if i think she isn’t bad in canon, which means you completely missed the point of the post lmao. she is definitely 100% a villain in every iteration.

4) you put “but she’s different now” in quotes as if you are throwing these words back at me when i’ve never said them in the first place lmao. if she’s in any way “different now” its bc she has finally moved on from the joker in comics canon, not because she somehow “isn’t bad”, which for some reason you seem to be trying to tell me is what i think, which is incredibly false.

5) the phrase “one of those joker apologists but with harley” is problematic for so many reasons lmao wyd. first of all, it implies that harley is not even her own entity that can exist separately from the joker and be a villain on her own, because if you thought she was, you would’ve thought to say “[…] makes you look like a harley apologist.” secondly, it implies that harley is a villain on the same caliber as the joker is, which is blatantly untrue. while the joker is essentially evil incarnate, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever or even so much as explanation for his actions (and dont come at me with killing joke because the fucker himself literally said he doesn’t even remember his own past), harley has a full backstory of bad things happening to her, including the joker’s manipulation and abuse, that explain (NOTICE: explain, not justify) her status as a villain, and she has been shown doing what could be considered good things on multiple occasions. furthermore, while she is of course remorseless at times, she does not completely lack sympathy and cares about people other than herself, which is far more than anyone can say about the joker. while harley and the joker are both villains, only one of them is a horrible person 100% of the time, and it ain’t my girl. which brings me to point 6.

6) apparently, you think that i am defending her from being called a villain or being called out for her actions. um. no. there’s a difference between attempting to excuse a villain’s actions and pointing out when some of a villain’s action seem out of character. when i speak up about harley, i’d say about 80% of the time i am defending her from over-vilification. a surprising amount of people wrongly see her as nothing more than “the female joker,” implying that she is exactly the same as him in every way, shape, and form, but with added sex appeal. which is blatantly incorrect, for reasons stated in point 5.

7) i am actually offended that you would even think about comparing me to a joker apologist bc if you knew anything about me or my blog you would know i hate him more than any other fictional character in the history of forever. so bye.

in conclusion, what are you doing. what was the point of this. what caused you to jump to these conclusions and attack me on anon out of nowhere. at least know what you’re talking about before you come at me next time. ill give your attempt at starting shit a 2/10–coulda used a lot more effort.

i meet him when im 15 and dont realize whats happening because im not used to people wanting me. i talk to him about sex and he tells me about his childhood and ill do anything for him. he tells me my art looks good and i look better and i love hearing his voice. i send him songs that remind me of him and he says he wants to marry me someday, i wait for him to text me all day. he watches my alcoholism get out of control and when i tell him someone is in my room and going to kill me he says hes gonna kill them (it) first. i know what he likes and try to be good and apologise but he says hell never meet anyone like me, better than me. even if he would he wants only me. he kees changing his mind and i try so hard to be as pretty as i can. i drunk text him and tell him i love and miss him and he says it back, i tell him i think im going to die soon. i say it so many times he stops caring. ive been daydreaming about him daily for a year and have dreams about him but he’s stopped answering my messages. i cry to him and he says we’re soulmates and always will be and i feel like im 15 again. when he says he says it like its nothing, theres just someone else ive been talking to recently. i dont answer but i feel everything collapse around me and i cry for two hours. im not going to send you the letter i wrote so you cant throw it away so ill keep it in my room hidden from everything and i dont want to look at it

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eridan for the ask meme!

  • Do you love/hate/don’t feel strongly about this character?

love !! so mUch!! hes my favorite homestUck character okay. its fUnny becaUse before i read homestUck, my friend (aka sol) was trying to get me to read it and so he showed me this fan art someone did with all the trolls and i was like “WHO IS THE PURPLE ONE I LOVE THE PURPLE ONE” and he started to scream becaUse eridan is my patron troll also and it was jUst a good time, i loved him before i even know who he was.

  • What’s your favorite trait of this character?

heck, this is hard i love everything aboUt eridan. bUt, if i had to chose one, its his vocabUlary. his vocabUlary is so…fUnny. hes so smart! and silly! and jUst gosh everything aboUt him is good and pUre. 

  • What’s your favorite moment/even involving this character?

powwoww, thats all im going to say. 

  • If you could have one power/attribute/etc. of this character, what would it be?

his smarts. i want his brain? hes really intelligent! 

  • Have you ever pictured this character naked?

nononononononononononononononononononononononono ew 

  • When did you fall in love/hate with this character? I you don’t have any strong feelings toward them, why not?

i loved him way before i even read homestUck. tbh he was the reason i actUally read homestUck i jUst really wanted to learn more aboUt him becaUse sol wasnt going to tell me anything !! i kept asking and he refUsed to answer anything becaUse he didnt want to spoil anything for me. (btw gUys im a fairly new homestUck ive only been here since like janUary or febUary and jUst finished homestUck like a month ago) 

  • Who’s your OTP for this character?

eridan x happiness and a redemption ark 

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please know that you are my fav outta the whole site and that i cruelly miss you when you're gone for some days, and i love how we can speak with you about kyungsoo (or mundane things), we don't know much about yourself (you said you were uncomfortable telling personal things about you) and thats completely okay, even I, dont mention personal things on social networks, so dont feel pressured if someone ask you, idk how to express this, i dont know you but i really like you lol feel like a friend

wow this is one of the nicest messages i’ve ever gotten ;-; and don’t worry, it’s expressed perfectly, i feel what you’re saying 100%
but i’m surprised, i always thought i’d come off as distant and not very likable and friendly (i actually do try to stay away from people as much as i can and not say too much) but i’m glad that even thru these barriers you can still connect with me and feel me close because that’s how some of you anons make me feel even though i don’t know anything about you either