When Donghae went back to Mokpo, he brought along our single to offer to his dad. I want to thank Hae’s dad. Thank you for encouraging Donghae to come to Seoul to fulfill his dream of being a singer back then. If it wasn’t for your encouragement, I would have never met Donghae in my life. I will protect Donghae. Just like when Donghae was young, Hae’s dad would carry him on his shoulders. Now I will use my shoulders to carry him.
—  Lee Hyukjae
[From. DongHae] To. ELF - 2016.06.19 ♡ ‏

[ English letter ]

[ Chinese letter ]

[ Japanese letter ]

[ Korean letter ]

[TRANS] Part of Donghae’s Korean letter that wasn’t in English:

When we meet, ELF be even prettier and i will be even cooler, let’s meet like that!! I love you ♡ ELF

This letter is a little different !! For the sake of the world ELF, I wrote letters in English, Japanese and Chinese!! I was thinking what kind of present i can give to ELF right now, so i wrote letters in each different country’s language!! i’m really sorry that i can only return ELF’s love in this way!! In the future, i Donghae will become a Donghae that gives even more love to ELF! i’m always apologetic and thankful, i’m sorry i couldn’t give you anything more than this!! This is my sincerity! Let’s meet quickly !! I love you !! ELF.

I’m always thankful and love you !!

2016.6.19 2:19PM from Lee Donghae. [c]

170418 Jinoo’s Instalive ~ Donghae singing Winter Love ❤️ 

Fr Jinoo’s IG live, Hae sang JB’s Love Yourself, Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You & Winter Love ㅠ He also said “We will meet soon”  © 

At first Donghae didn’t appear on the IG live but then Jinoo was asking who he was with & Donghae showed just a tiny bit of his face and just started playing the guitar; Jinoo even said he was with his manager. The live ended with Jinoo saying his manager is tired  ©


Hyukjae should have collected those balloons but i guess he found a more precious thing there~
[D-301] waiting for my ☾[D-303] waiting for my ☼