Minu Ga Hana (not seeing is a flower)

(a/n) What if post IDW 50 didn’t go the same way as you remember? Part One Of The Trilogy for @tmntflashfic! Theme: Regret.

When Michelangelo lets his heavy eyes slip closed, there on the dented, mangled roof of the church, he dreams of the forest, and does not know why. He dreams of the light and a lake dyed golden by the rays of something too luminescent to be the sun.

And he dreams of her- there. With him. His mother and then somewhere are his brothers, his father.

They sit on the lake but won’t fall through and the lights take his breath. And he drowns and chokes on the rays while she smiles at him.

And it warps.

Her face is cut and bruised and blood falls from her eyes like tears but she smiles while he suffocates on light. His brothers set aflame with it and it tears through the fabric of their being with a merciless penetration. He dreams of the light (it was something unreal, something so glorious and magnificent, golden and hot)  that killed them and the lake they never fell into, and doesn’t understand its meaning.

With the contradicting jingle- see, it’s so funny how happy the melody is and he’s trying to be but isn’t- of his ringtone that slices whatever silence clung to the brisk night, now the only noise with the city far off, Mikey jolts out of the vision with something like a startled scream- a strangled gasp- that gets lodged in his throat and rips past it raw and hoarse. With the the scream us pain and with the pain are tears of something to inexplicably troublesome and incredibly infuriating; Michelangelo has no idea just where this anger is coming from now, and yet, in the very same moment, he does.

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Behold, Donni-guana!

LOL, this is what I think would happen if Donatello got double mutated. I’ve got this fascination for iguanas and if Dogpound turned all spiky and pointy when he got double mutated, then theoretically, so would the turtles.

I was gonna draw the other brothers as double-mutated lizards, but never got round to it. If anyone out there does wanna see the other turtles drawn in this kind of style, let me know! :)


Jhonen Vasquez coupled with TMNT may be the best thing I’ve seen in some time. 

Like holy shit. Best.