entry #19: patient

cw: more ship noises 8)

“You’re treating me like a child.” 

It was a bold and likely inaccurate accusation, some part of her knew, but she was angry and exhausted and lacking any shred of patience.

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  • Alec, holding the door open for Magnus: Prettiest man first
  • Magnus, smiling softly: Thank you, darling *taking one step forward*
  • Jace, shoving past: Don't mind if I do
  • Alec, grabbing his collar and yanking him back: I'm not talking about you!
  • Jace: excuse me? Are you saying he's prettier-
  • Alec, whipping out a projector: Alright, here's my powerpoint on why Magnus is prettier than you, complete with photos.
  • Jace: has over 100 slides
  • Alec: I'm very passionate about this topic.