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Rules: tell us your favourite character from ten different fandoms and tag people

I’m only in like 6 soz

Supernatural: Dean Winchester, I love him so much

Emmerdale: Robert Sugden, he’s my precious slightly murderis bi baby

Sherlock: sherlock, my other precious slightly murderis baby

Doctor who: the Doctor I love all his faces and personalities

Hannibal: Will Graham

Marvel: Bucky, I love him so much when I went to a comic book store I was wearing so much bucky stuff and looking at so much Bucky stuff an employee came up to me and asked if I wanted to buy the full size Bucky cardboard cutout and I probs would of brought it if I wasn’t going home on the bus

I’ll tag the two people I’ve messaged before as I don’t know who else to tag:)

What I say: I’m fine

What I mean: skam has barely updated in the last three days and I know I need to wait and be patient because the characters are going through some things right now but I am currently using the show as a distraction from school and finals and the show is in an unhappy place right now and so now I am double-ly unhappy and also very concerned about two fictional characters that are going through so much right now and I just want to know if the are ok…

@shimmerleaf & @blurobolobo: Hah! I knew it! I suspected it but now it’s confirmed…! Your dirtiness levels are at that of an elementary school boy of the 90′s. [[Because they were ‘purer’ then, you see.]] Now I’m laughing, looool I’m using this against you two for sure! AHAHAHAHA.

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Just you wait.