Jason, Percy, and Capes

Or; Bi Ace Jason and His Journey of Self-Discovery

Or; Jason is Ace and I Am Projecting

So eventually Percy calling Jason “Superman” becomes kind of a thing between them. Jason only lets Percy call him that, and Percy uses it both to kind of tease Jason when he’s being extra heroic and praetor-y, and also as an affectionate nickname for his friend.

One year for his birthday, Percy buys him a Superman cape. He doesn’t wear it often, but it’s big enough that he uses it as a blanket a lot. When they hang out and play video games together, the winner gets to wear the cape. (He’ll never admit it, but sometimes Jason will let Percy win a little easier so that the cape will smell like sea breeze for a while after he leaves.)

A few months later, he sits Percy down and tells him that he likes boys as well as girls. Percy smiles, tells him that’s awesome! and that he does too, and hugs him. Jason hugs him back, burying his face in Percy’s shoulder. They watch a movie that night instead of playing video games, the Superman cape wrapped around them like a blanket where they sit shoulder-to-shoulder on Jason’s couch.

That year, Percy gets Jason another cape for his birthday. This one is just as big, but rather than red, it’s striped blue, purple, and pink. The bi flag, Percy tells him, a huge grin on his face. Then he unfurls it, and Jason sees the crudely sewn Superman logo in the middle. Jason laughs at that, head thrown back and just so damn happy, and Percy laughs with him. Jason refuses to take the cape off for the rest of the day (not that it mattered, since they spent the rest of the day bingewatching sitcoms on Netflix, but it mattered to Jason.)

Sometime later, they’re sitting next to each other on the couch, Percy’s legs flung across Jason’s lap, their video game controllers left on the coffee table from their last round. The bi flag Superman cape is tied around Jason’s shoulders since he’d been the one to blue shell Percy in the last seconds of the race and take first place. Percy leans forward, close enough that Jason can smell that sea breeze that just seemed to follow Percy everywhere, and starts picking at and fidgeting with the edge of the cape. So, if you’re Superman, he begins, nervousness wobbling his voice, is there any chance… I could be your Lois Lane? Jason smiles at him.

Things are going well between them. Dating is fun, even if sometimes their “dates” only consist of lighting a candle on the coffee table as they share a $5 pizza and watch cartoons together. Really, things between them don’t change much, they just get, well, closer. There’s more touching now, and for the most part, Jason likes it. He likes kissing Percy. He likes kissing Percy a lot, actually. And he likes the touching. He likes holding Percy’s hand, and he likes cuddling with him on the couch without fear of it being awkward. He likes when Percy comes up behind him and wraps his arms around his middle and rests his chin on Jason’s shoulder or presses his forehead to the back of Jason’s neck. He likes when they fall asleep curled up together and wake up with their legs tangled and Percy’s head resting on his chest, even if he drools, the bi flag Superman cape wrapped around them. There’s some things he doesn’t like so much, though. It’s nothing Percy’s done, because Percy would never do something Jason wasn’t explicitly okay with, but it’s the thought of it that bothers him. The thought of removing clothes and touching other places that leaves a distinct feeling of discomfort and repulsion in the pit of his stomach.

Unsure of what to do about it or what it means, he does the only thing he can think of and calls Piper. Surely, a daughter of Aphrodite would know what to do. He tells her what’s been going on, and when he’s done, she tells him that she thinks he may be asexual. When he lets out a noise of confusion, she tells him that it would probably be best if he talked to her half-brother Mitchell, since he actually is ace and could probably explain things better than she could. She gives him her brother’s number, and he thanks her.

Jason steels himself for what is to come. The talk with Mitchell had helped, and now that Jason has the proper words to put with what he’s feeling, he decided it was time to talk to Percy about it. It’s date night, which this time means takeout, a “clean linen” scented candle Jason had bought on sale, and a Star Wars marathon. When Percy steps through Jason’s front door, he greets him with a kiss and tells him he needs to talk to him before dinner. Percy nods, then asks if everything is okay as they sit facing each other on the couch. Jason nods, takes a deep breath, and carefully lays things out on the table, metaphorically speaking. He tells Percy about how much he likes being with him, but how the thought of doing… he fumbles for words… more… makes him nauseous. It’s nothing Percy had done wrong, just that this is who he is. He’s asexual, he explains, sex-repulsed. And he feels Percy has a right to know.

Percy has been nodding along as Jason explains things, ending with how he doesn’t think he’ll ever be okay with doing anything much beyond what they are doing currently. Okay, Percy tells him. He’s happy with how they are now, anyway, and he loves Jason so much that as long as Jason is happy, he will be happy, and that he’s happy Jason’s comfortable enough to tell him and that things are perfect as they are, and—


He’d said—

I love you too, Jason says, and pulls Percy into a tight embrace for a few moments before pulling back and pressing a soft kiss to his lips. That kiss brakes when Percy’s smile grows too big for it. The rest of date night goes off without a hitch, and they fall asleep halfway through Return of the Jedi cuddled together under both Superman capes.

When Jason’s birthday rolls around again, he’s surprised when Percy hands him a familiar looking box. He opens it, and instead of blue, purple, and pink, the cape he pulls out is striped with black, gray, white, and purple. Percy’s grin is so bright Jason can’t help but smile back. He unfurls it, and sees the Superman logo stitched into it, slightly neater than it was on his bi flag one. He hugs Percy then, and Percy hugs him back, whispering I love you, Superman, into the junction of Jason’s neck and shoulder. There’s a lot of kissing after that. Then, they end up curled in the corner of the couch, legs tangled together and Percy half on Jason’s lap. Jason has his newest cape wrapped around his shoulders, while Percy has taken the bi flag one, and the red one lays across their laps. They talk for hours, about everything and nothing, from some new designs Annabeth has been coming up with to which flavor of Starburst tastes the best. Jason isn’t sure exactly when they drift off, but the last thing he remembers is nuzzling into Percy’s hair and being hit with that sea breeze as if he’s actually sitting on the sand and looking out at the ocean itself, and a passing thought about how comfortable and perfect he feels wrapped up there with Percy and all of their capes.

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Can I please get an Archie x Reader where everyone sorta assumes they're the cliche, innocent, high school sweetheart, cheerleader and football player couple but they're actually like super kinky. maybe the reader accidentally calls him a title in front of their friends and they don't notice but archie has to make an excuse for them to leave so he can punish his s/o? preferably with some degrading please (and maybe a little orgasm denial?) sorry it's so long but thank you in advance!

Archie’s practice ended early today on account of the rain, but the River Vixens practiced inside, so you were able to continue. He sat on the stands cheering you on, beaming down proudly at you.

Every time you would land a flip and ace your solo, he would cheer, “That’s my girl!”

The second practice ended, Archie arrived behind you, engulfing you in a surprise bear hug, lifting you off the floor.

“Do you two ever calm down?” Veronica teased as she walked by you, taking a swig from her water bottle.

Archie flipped you over his shoulder, your ass sticking high in the air as he considered Veronica’s statement with a serious face.

He then smiled down at her and responded.

“No, it seems like we don’t,” He teased, then brought a cheeky hand up to smack your ass before placing you back on the floor.

You gave him a push, but he just tugged you back and planted a kiss on the side of your head.

“How could I ever calm down, have you seen my girlfriend?” He chirped out, causing the other two girls to laugh.

You hummed, also drinking from your bottle. “I may the one that got lucky, here, Arch,” You said once you had swallowed, smiling happily up at him.

Kev walked over with a bewildered look on his face, staring at the two of you.

“It honestly seems like you two walked out of a 50’s tv show. How are you so perfect?” Kev said with disgust, then quickly changed the subject, no longer interested.

You and Archie shrugged and giggled at each other, fine with whatever other people thought about you. You two knew what you guys had, and didn’t have to validate yourselves.

“You guys have heard about Cheryl’s party tonight, right?” Kev asked.

“Yea, she wouldn’t shut up about it during practice,” Veronica mumbled.

Betty added onto Veronica’s statement as she fixed her perfect ponytail.

“It seems like it will be pretty fun, I’m going to go,” She commented.

Veronica groaned but submitted.

“Fine, I’ll be there,” She grumbled.

“Me, too,” Kev quipped with a pleased smile.

“Then I guess we’ll see you guys there,” You answered for the two of you, knowing that Arch would be down.


The night was on the decline, most of the liquor gone and you feel as though you could be the main reason. You were borderline trashed as you made your way back to your boyfriend, who was dancing with the rest of the group.

You stumbled into his arms and he caught you, smiling down at you as you frowned at him.

You had been watching Archie move his hips in that special way of his, and every now and again his shirt would lift up to show just the base of his tummy, which was your favorite place to plant meaningful kisses.

It had placed you in an erotic trance where you could only think of all the times where his hips had worked their magic on you.

It reminded you of all the times he had made you choke on his cock, and how much you loved doing it. The memories made your tummy tighten in that enchanting way.

“Are you ready to go, baby?” Archie hummed at you, laughing at the pout on your face.

“Yes, Daddy, take me home and play with me,” You responded, licking your lips before tracing Archie’s lips with your tongue before taking his bottom one between your teeth.

He moaned until Kev shouted out.

“Oh, motherfucking, no!”

This got both of your attention, and you turned to see that Veronica, Betty, Kevin, and Jughead had all witnessed your interaction.

“I guess they’re not so perfect after all,” Jughead teased, the only one smiling.

“Sorry, guys, she must be wasted,” Archie apologized, running his hand through his hair before he grabbed you by your arm and dragged you out of the party, pulling you down the sidewalk behind him.

“What are you doing, Daddy?” You slurred, tripping over your own feet as you chased after him.

He turned back towards you, his face serious as he glared at you.

“You embarrassed us in front of all of our friends,” Archie growled at you, then closed his eyes to collect his thoughts. He then took a deep breath and opened them again, his eyes still enraged, but now in control.

“I want to be mad at you, but I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on,” He said, then continued tugging you forward.

Your own insubordinate feet below you were forgotten as you stumbled on. You were completely distracted by the angel before you. The snow was falling, being captured by his auburn hair, creating an icy halo.

His broad shoulders were tantalizing and perfect for latching on to when you want to ride out an orgasm. That beautiful face of his was always so attentive. His eyes on you whenever you needed them.

Such as right now.

He glanced at you to see you staring at him, staggering so drastically that he just picked you up and flipped you over his shoulder, once again.

“I love you,” You muttered out, the alcohol having no effect on these words.

He sighed at you, but there was the ghost of a smile on his lips.

“When we get home, you know I have to punish you, right?” He spoke, his voice filling with the rumble of authority that he only ever used in the bedroom.

“Ravage me, Daddy,” You commented, a smile complimenting your features, as well.

You’ve been so turned on for the last twenty minutes that no threat of his would scare you; all of his words would only excite you.

He smirked at you, wanting to be angry but not being able to. He loved how you were always so ready for him. Ready for whatever he wanted to do, and always so willing to accept him.

“Daddy, I-” You tried to say, but he cut you off.

“No, baby, you don’t get to talk until we get home. Do you understand?” He asked, and you nodded.

You weren’t even sure that he knew you nodded your head, he just knew that you were so obedient he didn’t have to worry about it.

He carried you all the way home. As soon as you crossed the threshold of his bedroom, he threw you on his bed.

You sat up to look at him, but he pushed you back down onto your back. You stayed down, knowing better than to challenge him. He stared down at you.

“What am I going to do with you?” He asked with a sigh.

You shrugged with a rebellious grin, squirming on the bed, waiting for the beating you were about to take.

He lifted a leg up and placed his shoe onto your belly, pushing your body down into the mattress to keep you still while he thought.

The boot was heavy on your stomach, making it difficult for you to breath, but that wasn’t even the worst of it; the remaining snow was now chilling your stomach, making you whine out.

Archie’s eyes lit up with excitement.

“You don’t like that, do you?” He asked.

You shook your head, trying to shove his boot off of you, even though you secretly loved it. The conflicting sensations made you so horny.

“You want me to take my boot off of you?” He asked, staring down his nose at you.

You nodded at him, “Yes, Daddy.”

“If I do, I need you to sit up and held Daddy get his belt off,” He said. “Can you do that?”

You nodded, being driven crazy with mystery of what the belt could be for.

He removed his boot, making you already miss the icy stimulus. You pushed up onto your knees, your fingers plucking his belt out of the loops, the metallic jingle sounding so sensually familiar. You squeezed your thighs together to offer friction to your already aching clit.

Archie saw this, then pushed you back down onto the bed, your thighs separating in order to catch yourself.

“Now get onto your hands and knees,” Archie ordered.

You did as you were told.

He then tugged down your yoga pants with one hand, the motion so swift that the chilled air immediately invaded your unsuspecting pussy.

You weren’t ready for the drastic sensation of the leather belt on your bare ass, so you howled at the collision, placing a bracing hand on the headboard before you.

“Are you sorry for embarrassing Daddy?” Archie asked, delivering another spanking.

You grit your teeth, collecting yourself before you panted out how sorry you were, meaning every unintelligible word.

Archie noticed something between your thighs, so he leaned in to inspect it. What he found was how wet you already were.

“Look at you, already so wet for me. Are you a slut?” Archie asked, smacking your ass with his hand this time.

You shook your head but couldn’t speak, not with his steamy breath pressing so delicately against your folds.

He smacked you again as he demanded that you speak.

“No, Daddy. Only a slut for you,” You whined out, finding it near impossible to keep your legs separated. They began to tremble at the lack of action.

Archie felt your tremors beneath his hands and smirked down at you.

“Oh baby, are you already wanting to come?” He asked.

“Yes Daddy.”

You heard muffled sounds behind you, but you knew better than to investigate. That had gotten you punished too many times before.

Archie yanked your arm so that you were now facing the edge of the bed, where his erect cock was hanging out of his pants. There was no time for you to object before his hand was tangled in your messy hair, forcing your face onto his cock.

You felt him tickle the back of your throat, so you gave a little moan so that Daddy could enjoy the vibrations. You heard Archie groan and looked up to see his head was tilted back.

He bobbed your head on his cock a few times before tugging you off of him by your hair, making you stare up at him. Rogue spit strands descended from your chin, which you were about to wipe, but were ordered to allow to remain.

“You want to come, right?” Archie asked, impressive restraint evident in his unfocused eyes.

“Yes, Daddy,” You said, feeling your spit and excited juices trail down your legs.

He hummed, his cock twitching.

“Then be a good girl and let Daddy come first,” He said, shoving your face onto his cock before another word could be said.

This time, he let your head go and placed his hands on the back of his head, loving that he didn’t have to control you in order to get you to do what he wanted.

You pushed yourself further than you were capable of, earning gags and chokes, but you refused to stop. Archie felt you shuddering.

“You’re doing so good, baby girl. Just like that,” He assured, his voice thick and strained.

You couldn’t deep throat him much longer, so to give yourself a break, you moved down his shaft, offering chaste kisses, before you took his balls into your mouth, sucking them gently.

This turned him into a moaning mess. He grabbed onto your ponytail to connect him to this world, because he was afraid he would just melt away if he didn’t have it.

Afraid he was going to be coaxed into an early ejaculation because of your magical mouth, he pushed you away from his body.

His body covered yours on the bed, his cock in his hand, slowly pumping it as he stared into your eyes.

“Are you ready to come, baby?” He asked you.

You couldn’t say yes fast enough, horny enough to come just from the idea of him touching you.

Tonight, it seemed his technique was to be quick and unprecedented, and this was not discontinued. He pushed onto you without warning or hesitation, filling you entirely to his base.

He groaned out loudly, but was easily upstaged by your prolonged moan, so loud that he had to place a silencing hand over your mouth. One of your hands clutched his shoulder so tightly that you left half-moon fingernail marks, and the other clasped the bed sheets so tightly that your knuckles were white.

Archie paused after the first pump, staring down at you with an amused, proud smirk.

“Did you just come?” He asked boastfully as you collapsed beneath him.

Ever since I reread The Andalite Chronicles I can’t stop thinking of an Animorphs AU set in the 1970s with Loren, Elfangor, Eva, Naomi, Chapman, and idk. Crazy Helen. Do these ages match up? I don’t think so. Locations don’t either. Who cares. I don’t.

Elfangor and Eva act as co-leaders and often times feel like parents on the brink of divorce, but they always manage to set aside their egos in the nick of time and come up with a life saving plan. Elfangor misses his homeworld but is so deeply in love with both Earth and Loren he never seems to mind being stuck on Earth. He has a scoop in the forest but he spends most of his time morphed as human and following Loren everywhere. He gets trapped as human at one point, on purpose, for Loren, jeopardizing the entire Yeerk resistance, but the Ellimist sets him back. Eva will never forget or forgive his recklessness and brings it up constantly, at the worst times, leading to loud shouting matches and compromised missions.

Eva learned English as a kid from watching Johnny Carson (the days Joan Rivers was on were her favorite.) She moved to Santa Barbara to attend UCSB at seventeen on scholarship, due to skipping grades and hard work. She’s not exactly a class clown, but she has a dry wit that she employs during class discussions that make everyone laugh. Fighting the Yeerks exhausts her, but she still manages to turn in every essay and ace every exam. She will defeat the Yeerks, she will get her degree, and she will give her mother a better life. These are foregone conclusions according to Eva. In the end, she achieves all of that, and more.

Naomi was supposed to marry rich. That was her whole thing. She was supposed to be very beautiful and very fashionable and very demure and she was supposed to snag a rich man. She went to college for her MRS degree, initially planning on going through the motions of a law degree like her father until she found her man, but she ended up taking her classes VERY seriously. So seriously the boys in her classes started calling her The Queen. She loved it. She takes her skill with arguing and logic to the war. She grilled Elfangor about Andalite culture until she learned all he knew, and now she acts as the Animorph’s voice when speaking to the Yeerks. She still wants to marry rich. She has her eyes on the Berenson boys across town. She wants Steve, but any will do.

Loren adjusts to the life of a child soldier almost immediately. It’s almost scary how well she takes to it. She’s reckless and dangerous and that makes Elfangor reckless and dangerous, because he’s madly in love with her and what small ability he has to keep a cool head go out the door when Loren is involved. She doesn’t attend UCSB but she has a part time job at a skate rink. She spends her free time protesting; against the Vietnam War, against racism, for women’s rights. The world is unfair and Loren wants to make it better. She cooks up crazy schemes and always ropes Elfangor into them, much to Eva’s chagrin. The tension between Eva and Loren is palpable (and maybe sexual). One day, Loren freed a ton of lab animals that completely destroyed important and helpful disease research. It was the worst fight Eva and Loren ever had. Elfangor had to lie down for a very long time.

No one has idea why Chapman fights. Sometimes, he feels like a real member of the team. Sometimes, he’s got their back. But then things get a little too real for Chapman and his volatile sense of self preservation kicks in and he nearly gets everyone else killed. There was a moment, when everything was fresh and new, when Chapman almost sold out the Animorphs. It was only Naomi’s eloquence and rhetoric that saved the day. After that mission, Elfangor told Chapman that if he pulled anything like that again, Elfangor would personally end his life. Chapman sneered and said Elfangor didn’t have the balls. Eva stepped up, holding a knife, and said “I do,” in a smooth and silky voice. She swung her knife in one wide and sure arc, slicing Chapman’s throat. It was shallow enough that he had time to morph and remorph. He was never out of line again. Loren asked Eva just how Eva had known how to make the cut to give Chapman time to save himself. Eva was silent. She hadn’t known.

And like to make the parallels I need a forth woman. Crazy Helen is an estreen. She spends most of her time being a horse. She makes people call her Crazy Helen even as a teen. She thinks the battles are super fun. Honestly she’s having such a great time. Crazy Helen survives the war and gets her own morning talk show. She has her own perfume line. No one knows why she decided to do that, but honestly the scents are pretty nice.

Nobody asked for... [Part 4]

Cuz @tsume-yuki continued her crossover, so I decided to follow up on mine~

You can find the links to the other parts here.

He didn’t like it. Not one bit.

Another round of giggles echoed from the Moby Dick’s figurehead and Ace felt a tingle down his spine at the sound. Whipping around, he glowered at the pair of women sunning themselves, heads of red and white sitting opposite each other in stark contrast like a chess pieces.

Riskua was doing that talking-with-her-hands thing she does when she gets really into a topic. Ace longed to spend time with her…


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Patater domestic headcanons !!!! Ft Jack

My dumbass is crying over Kent being hated on and the realization of his backstory like I thought I was supposed to hate him. Anyways here are a load of headcanons to cure myself

•Snowy finds out by walking in on them both asleep at Tater’s apartment on the couch. Snowy is like I’m not even surprised tbh and walks back out of the door but Kent and Tater are still asleep on the couch like late at night.
•KIT PURRSON. Tater automatically good with animals. Like Tater is almost like a parent to this cat “KENT WHY NOT FEED KIT”
“Oh my go-”
•Kent loves Tater’s chain because I mean why do I need to explain
•during bye week they just pretty much chill with each other in a small rural area near a lake. It was fun until Kent touched poison ivy
•they take fugly close ups of each other a lot.
•one time Tater posted one to his story on sc and Jack saw it before he deleted. They don’t know Jack saw it but when Jack saw it he was actually happy for them. He knew Kent needed this
•Kent and Tater learning each other’s respective languages
•they Skype with each other after games. When one of them are injured they’ll fly down.
•sometimes Kent hates the circumstances surrounding them.
•sometimes Tater will send flowers up to Kent’s apartment and only the manager knows about this. They keep it a secret and they think it’s sweet.
•75% of their relationship is just them laughing at stupid stuff
•"why are you looking at me like that?“
•Kent always being lowkey attention maintenance
“Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey turn around hey hey hey. Hey Alexei. Hey tater. Hey tater tot. Hey love hey guess what hey Al-”
“I want this for my birthday”
“It pass Kenny…”
•Sometimes Tater will just give Kent a piggy back ride when he can see the exhaustion in his eyes that he’s trying to hide
•Tater hates thunderstorms. He always has to have Snowy drive him when they come off of the plane. He hates them because when he was little, him and his mom both got into a car accident while it was storming. They were okay just fairly hurt by it.
•Kent moves his room into another room that doesn’t have a window wall for Tater’s sake.
•random 2am “I can’t go to sleep” talks
“Hey I have something to tell you”
“What is it?”
“I adopted Kit because one time I was attacked by a dog and HEY STOP LAUGHING”
•Tater takes one of Kent’s blankets with him while Kent takes some of his shirts
•jack may have found out their relationship when him and Tater share their hotel room and he sees Tater sleeping with it peacefully
•jack’s heart kinda swells because it’s like “hey Kent is happy !!!” But it kinda hurts at the same time since he knows that Kent still kept the blanket that the Zimmermann’s gave him when him and Jack were freezing from practicing outside.
•random and weird convo like this “I can play the guitar”
“Of course you would say that…”
•late night grocery shopping where all they do is just make puns out of things. One time Kent had to sit in the car because he couldn’t stop laughing.
•Kent takes a lot of offguards of Tater. He’s proud of them because they actually look good
•Tater’s wallpaper is Kit sleeping on Kent’s naked back
•Tater knowing what went down with Jack and Kent but he doesn’t mind all that much. He feels like it isn’t going to make him love Kent less and it was in the past
•Kent has nightmares about finding Jack on the floor or how they used to party when they were younger. He feels like he could have prevented that.
•When he wakes up Tater wakes up too so then they both try to go back to sleep together without wordlessly talking about it because Tater knows Kent doesn’t want to yet. So Kent just lays his head on Tater’s chest and plays with his fingers while Tater has his chin on top of his head and occasionally kissing his head. Tater doesn’t go to sleep until Kent does
•Tater doesn’t really try to hide Kent all that much and Kent doesn’t mind the news articles or fans
•they secretly own an another apartment together like a year and a half after they started dating
•Tater can actually drag race
and won’t tell Kent how he learned it but it impresses Kent
•Kent sings romantic cheesy songs into Tater’s face while holding his face in between his hands
•Tater knows how to play the piano and violin and Kent is still very much confused about this
•they once went on a vacation to Brazil and they just pretty much stayed on the beach watching the sunset. Splashing water at each other. Making small sand castles
•sometimes Tater has bad days because he just feels sorta less to everyone in the world. Not the team tho they make him feel welcomed and Kent just reminds Tater that he can speak three different languages and he is still making it
•Tater cries when he’s mad and it breaks Kent’s heart because the first time they had a heated argument was when one of the falconers accidentally shot a puck to one of the Aces’ face.
•Kent feels worried that he’s becoming his old self so he would leave small sticky notes apologizing in every room. There’s like 5 in each room and they’re all attached to where Tater can see them.
•Tater randomly hugging Kent and saying I love you when he feels like it
Kent cries the first time and Tater just silently rubs the back of his head because he knows •Kent has so many pictures of Tater on his phone like its wild. There are photos of him sleeping to him holding a turtle he proudly held and put back like 10 seconds later
•their trips are like half of the time Kent telling Tater no or not to do something while Tater does it anyways

Bonus: jack is the type of person to get hurt/hit and then stare off into the distance because he’s trying to comprehend what just happened and then he starts to cry

Open to add on !!!
A meeting of the Sans
  • sans1 has just created the room
  • sans2 has joined the room
  • sans1: hey sans.
  • sans2: hi sans.
  • sans1: any change over in your timeline?
  • sans2: eh. not really. the kid keeps botching his genocide run.
  • sans1: they still haven't given up on that, have they?
  • sans2: in a way. they always stop at my bro, thank god. speaking of, how is he on your end? you got a pacifist run, right?
  • sans1: yeah. he's studying for his permit. undyne is teaching him the ropes.
  • sans2: niiiiiice. what caught on fire this time?
  • sans3 has joined the room
  • sans1: nothing, but they did manage to destroy an old warehouse the other day. we've been told we're saving the city millions by letting them practice in destruction zones.
  • sans3: hey sans and sans. talking about papyrus?
  • sans1: hey, sans. yeah, post-pacifist and learning to drive from undyne.
  • sans3: nice. what caught on fire this time?
  • sans1: nothing.
  • sans3: really?
  • sans2: i know, i'm so proud of him.
  • sans3: hey sans. still on botched genocide?
  • sans2: yeah. hope the kid gives up soon, it's giving me a heart attack every time they approach papyrus.
  • sans3: yeah... god i miss him.
  • sans1: don't tell me. genocide?
  • sans3: the kid's taking a break from being dunked on.
  • sans2: how many times have you won?
  • sans3: 107. i know it's only a matter of time, but isn't that approaching the record?
  • sans1: dude, i think the record was 618.
  • sans4 has joined the room
  • sans3: oh man, really? so much for my record.
  • sans4: hey guys. dunking record?
  • sans3: yup. 107.
  • sans4: dude, nice.
  • sans3: oh, actually make that 108. brb
  • sans3 has left the room
  • sans2: christ how does he keep that up?
  • sans1: i hear the sanses in the genocide runs get numb a lot faster.
  • sans2: that's hard to believe for me. i still break into a cold sweat when my papyrus is facing the kid, and he always backs down in my timeline.
  • sans4: they're still at that?
  • sans2: yeah. can we move on to a lighter topic of conversation?
  • sans4: ah man sans, i didn't mean to rattle your bones or anything.
  • sans1: tibia honest, i didn't wanna make light of your situation.
  • sans2: heh. want me to pull papyrus in here? he'd hate this.
  • sans5 has joined the room
  • sans4: nah. he deserves a break every once in awhile.
  • sans5: hey guys. can't stay for long, about to head out. just wanted to check in.
  • sans1: hey sans. what's the rush?
  • sans5: date.
  • sans2: oooooooooh
  • sans1: oh oh oh oh
  • sans4: c'mon spill the beans man
  • sans5: heh, alright. post pacifist, toriel.
  • sans4: i can relate. i'm with toriel in my timeline, too.
  • sans5: how long?
  • sans4: about two years, now. first date on your end?
  • sans5: that obvious?
  • sans4: i can't even see you and i can tell you're rattling your bones.
  • sans2: wait, who's toriel?
  • sans1: the lady behind the door.
  • sans1: let's focus on what's important right now. namely, embarrassing sans before he goes on his first date.
  • sans5: wait. what.
  • sans4: i agree totally. hey sans, toriel really likes touching the rib cage. just saying.
  • sans5: oh
  • sans4: and watch it, she's a cuddler. like, you've seen how she hugs frisk? just wait until she gets her paws on you. like being wrapped in a thick, furry blanket.
  • sans5: oooooooooh
  • sans4: and if it goes well, she has this really cute dress that
  • sans5: i came here to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • sans2: guys if i laugh any harder i'll wake papyrus up
  • sans4: alright alright. seriously though, she prefers white wine, she'll expect a kiss at the end but she'll be fine if you're too flustered, and avoid talking about asgore, unless you immediately turn it into a pun. her favorite is the "my aim is getting better" one. if she's comfortable enough to initiate that herself, you're golden. that help?
  • sans5: yeah. thanks.
  • sans4: also, she has this sweet spot right at her thigh. she'll make this adorable bleating/giggle and you know you've got the right spot.
  • sans5: okay wow it looks like time i should go
  • sans5 has left the room
  • sans4: he'll be fine.
  • sans1: so toriel, huh? weird.
  • sans4: why's that?
  • sans1: honestly, i can't see myself with anyone but mettaton.
  • sans4: oh my god, mettaton?
  • sans2: dude. dude. whoa.
  • sans1: what? what's wrong with that?
  • sans4: my papyrus is dating mettaton in my timeline.
  • sans1: your papyrus is in a relationship? mine's aro.
  • sans2: and meanwhile i'm sitting in a timeline where papyrus just has a huge crush on the rectangle.
  • sans6 has joined the room
  • sans1: that's just... bizarre.
  • sans2: and chatting with parallel timeline versions of yourself isn't?
  • sans1: point taken.
  • sans6: hey guys. what's up?
  • sans4: quick, who are you in a relationship with?
  • sans6: uh... gaster?
  • sans2: ...
  • sans4: uh, ew.
  • sans1: whoa.
  • sans6: hey man, don't kinkshame me bro.
  • sans4: dude, he's my dad in my timeline?
  • sans6: your dad? freaky.
  • sans2: oh you poor soul. he was just my lab partner in my timeline.
  • sans1: it's... weird for me.
  • sans4: okay, i'm really curious. how weird?
  • sans1: well, "gaster" is actually the name me and pap used to call ourselves before he split into us two.
  • sans6: oh yeah, i've met a sans like that.
  • sans2: i sure haven't. when does he get on?
  • sans6: time is relative, but i think early morning?
  • sans2: ah. that explains it.
  • sans4: yeah, the only reason i get out of bed in the mornings is because toriel practically drags me out on my feet.
  • sans2: papyrus does the same for me.
  • sans6: so... wait. does this mean, from a multiversal sense, i'm engaging in both incest and selfcest?
  • sans1: hey, this is a judgement free zone dude.
  • sans3 has joined the room
  • sans4: you're the one who said not to kinkshame you.
  • sans3: back. 108 now. man i walked into a weird conversation.
  • sans2: c'mon sans, we've had weirder.
  • sans6: wait, 108 what?
  • sans4: speak for yourself. i'm getting weird mental images with me and gaster, now.
  • sans3: dunks. end of genocide route.
  • sans2: hey, remember when amalgamate sans entered the chat?
  • sans4: okay, i'll admit that was weirder.
  • sans6: and really sad. i think that was the only time alphys ever joined the chat.
  • sans1: yeah. i wonder how they're doing?
  • sans6: amalgamate sans or alphys?
  • sans1: both.
  • Core Frisk has joined the room
  • sans6: well hopefully
  • sans2: wait who's this?
  • sans1: frisk? wait, what?
  • sans4: oh, hey frisk.
  • Core Frisk: Hello Sanses. Sorry, I'm not interrupting anything, am I?
  • sans6: uh. hey kid. this is a little hard to explain, but
  • Core Frisk: Don't bother. I'm not your Frisk, anyway.
  • sans4: yeah, he's a frisk that fell into the core and now he's kinda omniscient.
  • sans1: wait, what?
  • sans3: whoa.
  • sans6: and gaster was worried about nearly falling into the core.
  • sans1: he had every right to be.
  • Core Frisk: I just wanted to pop in and saying the particular sans amalgamate you were talking about a moment ago is doing fine, in a manner of speaking. He insists that he's happy so long as Papyrus is with him.
  • sans1: that's a relief, i guess.
  • Core Frisk: Oh, and Sans? The one who's been married to Toriel for two years?
  • sans4: yeah?
  • Core Frisk: Just a heads up, sans' first date went fine, but he's plotting a revenge prank on you.
  • sans4: wow kid, that's real cool of you to let me know.
  • Core Frisk: Don't thank me. He asked me to pull the prank myself. Undyne is going to be hunting for you to get her eyepatches back.
  • sans4: what.
  • Core Frisk: if you start running now, you may just get a head-start! :-)
  • sans4: ...
  • sans4 has left the room
  • sans3: that was ice cold, kid.
  • sans6: and amazing. teach me your ways, o master of pranks.
  • Core Frisk: Aw, well I did learn from the best. Namely, you. You're gonna teach me that one in a few months when I visit you.
  • sans6: niiiiiice.
  • sans2: hey, kid? you know all possibilities across all the timelines, right?
  • Core Frisk: Yes. Your Frisk will finally quit at the King Papyrus ending. It'll be lonely for him, but so long as you're with him, he'll be fine. You're a great second-hand man and an even better brother.
  • sans2: ...i gotta run, guys. i, uh... i gotta tell my bro i love him.
  • sans2 has left the room
  • sans3: oh, same here. kid's back for more. don't tell me if i end up beating the record, i wanna find out for myself.
  • sans3 has left the room
  • sans1:, does he?
  • Core Frisk: Where would the fun be if I told you that?
  • sans1: fair enough. alright, i'd better head out. i need to go read papyrus his bedtime story.
  • sans6: and then have fun times with mettaton?
  • sans1: i'm ace.
  • sans6: oh.
  • sans1: ...i don't want to know what you do with gaster, do I?
  • Core Frisk: No, you really don't.
  • sans1: heh. alright, goodnight frisk. goodnight sans.
  • Core Frisk: Night, Sans!
  • sans6: night sans
  • sans1 has left the room
  • sans6 has left the room
  • sans7 has joined the room
  • sans7: i missed the chat again, didn't i?
  • Core Frisk: Yeah. Outertale, right?
  • sans7: ?
  • Core Frisk: Space?
  • sans7: oh. yeah. why?
  • Core Frisk: Well... I've always wanted to try out a jetpack.
  • sans7: you can jump across timelines, right?
  • Core Frisk: You HAVE met me, haven't you?
  • Core Frisk: That was a rhetorical question. I know that you've met me. Omniscient and all.
  • sans7: heh. get over here, i'll grab a pack for you.
  • Core Frisk: =D
  • Core Frisk has left the room
  • sans7 has left the room
3AM Talk
  • <p> <b></b> Farkle is staying over at Riley's place for Christmas. It's their junior year of high school.<p/><b>Location:</b> Matthews's living room.<p/><b></b> Farkle is sleeping on the couch. Riley walks in from her room. She goes over to the couch. She starts shaking Farkle to wake him up.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Farkle, wake up!<p/><b></b> He doesn't wake up. She grabs a pillow and throws it at his head.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Ow! (Looks around and sees Riley) Why did you do that?<p/><b>Riley:</b> So you would wake up.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Why?<p/><b>Riley:</b> I couldn't sleep and I want to talk to you.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Do you want to go to your bay window?<p/><b>Riley:</b> How about we stay here?<p/><b></b> Farkle sits up and makes room for Riley on the couch. She sits down. They face each other.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> What's wrong?<p/><b>Riley:</b> I'm worry about the future. This year is the most important school year in high school. I'm scared that I will let the pressure get to me and no colleges will think I'm good enough for them.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Riley, you are one of the smartest people I know. You have accomplished so much...<p/><b>Riley:</b> What did I accomplished?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> In the past year alone, you were voted captain of the debate team.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Only because you didn't want to be captain.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> The only reason I didn't want to be captain was because I know you are a better captain than I'll ever be. You are a lot smarter than you give yourself credit for. You are still tied with me for the most A's, which my dad hates by the way. (Riley laughs) Everyone loves and respects you.<p/><b>Riley:</b> (looks away from Farkle) Do they though? Don't they see a childish person when they see me? I still use a bunny nightlight. I talk to stuff animals. And they talk back. I always try to ignore when things changed.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Everyone hates change. And the other things you mentioned, makes you who you are. It makes you Riley, my best friend. There's nothing wrong with that. You are serious when you need to be, but you also have this innocence that people lose as they get older. I'm happy that you never lost that. It's one of the many things I love about you.<p/><b>Riley:</b> (looks at Farkle and smiles) You mean that?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I do. You helped me to have fun and let loose when I'm stressed. Remember the time, when we were studying at my place and it was raining? (Riley nods her head yes) I was worried about the final exams and you made me go outside, and danced with you in the rain. I had so much fun, that I started not to worried about the exams and I aced them. That was all because of you.<p/><b>Riley:</b> That was one of my favorite memories.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Mine too. You had made my life better since we met.<p/><b>Riley:</b> You had made mine better too. You're always there for me when I need you. We can talk each other about anything. We challenged each other to be better. I don't know what I would do without you.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> You'll never have to find out. You're stuck with me. We'll always be best friends.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Good.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I was going to wait to the morning, to give you your present, but now's a good time.<p/><b></b> Farkle walks to the tree and grabs the present. He sits next to Riley and gives her the gift.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Merry Christmas!<p/><b></b> Riley takes the present and opens it to reveal a locket shaped like Pluto. She starts to have tears falling on her cheeks.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Farkle, it's beautiful.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Just like you.<p/><b></b> Riley blushes.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> You should open it.<p/><b></b> Riley opens the locket. One side has a picture with her and her family. On the other side, a picture of her and her friends.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I don't know what to say.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I wanted you to keep the people that matter to you the most, with you at all times. The Pluto locket represents hope. I hope you never change who you are. The world needs a Riley Matthews. I need Riley Matthews in my life.<p/><b>Riley:</b> (tilts her head) Farkle.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> You're the best person I know.<p/><b></b> Riley gives him a hug. They stare at each other. Riley leans in and gives Farkle a kiss.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Wow!<p/><b>Riley:</b> That was...<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Wow! That was the best gift I ever received.<p/><b>Riley:</b> (smiles) So I guess you don't want the present I got you?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> No, I do. But, no gift will ever top that kiss.<p/><b>Riley:</b> (playfully shoves him) You're a dork.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I know.<p/><b></b> They walk to the Christmas tree and Riley hands Farkle his present.<p/><b></b> By the stairs, Cory and Topanga are watching Riley and Farkle.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> That was the sweetest moment.<p/><b>Cory:</b> I've seen better.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> They remind me of us when we were younger.<p/><b>Cory:</b> I don't see it.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> Like it or not, Riley's growing up.<p/><b>Cory:</b> NOT! I don't want her to grow up.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> We don't have a choice. Quit acting like a baby.<p/><b>Cory:</b> No. She's not growing up and she's never allowed to date. Especially Farkle. I can already imagine Minkus gloating about his son dating my daughter.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> It looks like they will be dating, and they're perfect for each other. Do not mess this up.<p/><b>Cory:</b> I can't promise that.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> Then I can't promise that you will be living here much longer.<p/><b>Cory:</b> You would really kick me out?<p/><b>Topanga:</b> Mess this up for Riley and you'll find out.<p/><b>Cory:</b> I always thought Farkle was perfect for Riley.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> That's what I thought. Now go back to bed.<p/><b>Cory:</b> Yes ma'am.<p/><b></b> Cory and Topanga head up to their room.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> How are you feeling about the future?<p/><b>Riley:</b> I think for the first time in a while, I feel better about it. And that's thanks to you.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I'm glad. Any college would be honored to have you at their university.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Thanks.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> So, where do we go from here?<p/><b>Riley:</b> I don't know. What do you want to happen?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I want to ask you to be my girlfriend and I'm hoping you would say yes.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Ask me and you'll find out.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Riley, will you be my girlfriend?<p/><b>Riley:</b> YAY!!!!!!<p/><b></b> Farkle smiles and kisses Riley.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Can you put the locket on me?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> It will be my pleasure.<p/><b></b> Riley turns away from Farkle and lifts her hair. Farkle puts the locket around her neck.<p/><b>Riley:</b> This was the best present. Thank you. I love you.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I love you too.<p/><b></b> They kiss again.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Best Christmas ever!<p/><b></b> The end!<p/></p>

anonymous asked:

RFA and Saeran having to deal with an MC obsessed with classic rock? Like Dean Winchester obsessed with classic rock. Plays it all the time, blasts it while cleaning the house, plays it in the car, knows Highway to Hell (AC/DC), White Wedding (Billy Idol), and Ballroom Blitz (Sweet) by heart, and WILL sing along to any song they recognize as classic rock, even if they don't know it. (I recommend all of these songs btw. Highway to Hell is my personal fav) Thanks Lovely Admins~

A/N: CLASSIC ROCK TAKES UP MOST OF MY MUSIC LIBRARY ON MY LAPTOP ON MY PHONE ON MY DEATH BED WHATEVER, THESE ARE SOME OF MY FAVOURITE SONGS I WAS FUCKING BORN FOR THIS REQUEST AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (not to mention I am 10/10 Dean Winchester trash, I also recommend all the songs mentioned in here if y'all haven’t heard them yet) ~Admin 404


           -He had his headset on while he played LOLOL, but?

           -He can hear some pretty cool guitar riffs in the background. Maybe someone else on the mic was playing music?

           -It wasn’t until he quit for the day that he realized it was coming from the bedroom

           -??? Were you playing music?? What song is this??

           -Why is this song talking about the state of California like it’s a person?

           -When he asked you about it, you told him it was Dani California (by Red Hot Chili Peppers), one of your favourite classic rock songs!

           -Classic rock??? What was that??? Just older rock songs??  listen here, buddy;;;;

           -He really really liked the guitar in it though!!

           -From then on, he asks you all about the songs you play, and you can find them on his phone later that day

           -10/10 you converted him half-way to classic rock the other half is pop like Katy Perry but that’s okay too


           -Pretty sure he’s heard of classic rock

           -During his motorcycle gang phase, definitely!

           -Used to play Highway to Hell (by AC/DC) all the time when he rode his bike!

           -So when he came home from practicing for a musical all day long, it was a huge surprise to find you in the kitchen making dinner, dancing to this song

           -It was so loud, you didn’t hear him come in or call out to you at all!! okay but you nEED TO LISTEN TO THIS SONG SUPER LOUD OR ELSE WHAT’S THE POINT

           -Hugs you from behind and scared the living hell out of you!!!

           -“MC!! I didn’t know you liked this type of music!! This is my favourite song!”

           -He tells you all the stories and feelings he had when he’d ride his bike, blasting this song

           -Begs you to play more music like this at home!!!! It’s a nice break from all the musical things he has to do all day!! Brings up so many memories!!!

           -As a surprise, he dresses the both of you up in some leather jackets and recreates that scene just for you!! Wants you to feel the same as he did! Free and happy!


           -The moment she got home, she could hear loud music and you singing along, but couldn’t find you?

           -What are we dreaming about? You want me to sing with you? What lines on your face are getting clearer?? Yes MC, the past is gone, what about it?

           -She walks in to the living room to see you dancing around with the broom, practically screaming at the top of your lungs along to Dream On (By Aerosmith)

           -MC you’re just flinging dirt everywhere that’s not very smart

           -You pointed and starting singing the chorus to her, and she got pretty flustered

           -At the end of the song though, you apologize for having it so loud, and offer to turn on some of Zen’s CD’s

           -But??? She turned down your offer???

           -Shyly asks what you were listening to, and asks if the two of you could listen to it again

           -She likes how slow it is, until it gets a little more intense and she’s fiRED UP

           -Any other classic rock band you attempt to put on though, no, the guitar is too much for her, please leave it to the softer Aerosmith’s like Dream On or Sweet Emotion



           -You were with Driver Kim, on your way to pick up Jumin from work since you kinda took driver kim away for the day lmao

           -Driver Kim knows your favourite songs now, and has a whole playlist ready for you! The two of you were arriving at the C&R building, but you were having so much fun singing along so loudly to the songs! Dancing in your seat! He couldn’t turn off the music and ruin your fun

           -That being said, the moment the door was opened for Jumin, the blaring music almost knocked him backwards a little bit

           -He got in and watched as you kept singing along, not realizing that he had entered the car

           -Immediately recognized the song you were singing as You Give Love A Bad Name (by Bon Jovi again, fiGHT ME)

           -When the song was over, he clapped a little and it scared the hell out of you because whEN THE HELL DID HE GET THERE??

           -You try to apologize for the music but to your surprise, he has Driver Kim keep your playlist going?

           -“MC, this is a secret between the two of us okay but what about driver kim tho. Although I thoroughly enjoy the beautiful instrumental pieces that usually play, I…. have a guilty pleasure for the guitar riffs in Bon Jovi’s works.” did jumin han just say guitar riffs, deceased

           -Loves listening to you sing along from now on! Every now and then you can hear him humming a few songs from your playlist, or even singing very quietly along slay me omg can you imagine tho


           -He’s into multiple genres of music sooo, why not classic rock too?

           -There’s been multiple times that he’s walked into the living room and you’re playing air guitar to some of your favourite songs

           -500% jumps on the table and joins you

           - once took air guitar too far and broke the table he was standing on

           -That being said, he really doesn’t mind that you’re so obsessed with it! He likes it too! CRANK IT UP MC

           -Loves when you sing along because he likes hearing your voice

           -When you sing Space Oddity (by David Bowie) he’s wEAK

           -Purposefully plays it often just to hear you sing along

           -Most of his playlist during car rides is classic rock, just for you!

           -The type of guy to slip song lyrics into casual conversations, which confuses the group chat but you’re always laughing at it


           -He came home earlier than expected from a photoshoot to surprise you!

           -When he got home though, he could hear music from the living room

           -Though it wasn’t usually the soft music the two of you usually have playing?

           -Why is it talking about a crazy train? What’s wrong with the train? It’s coming off the rails? That’s dangerous!!!

           -He noticed you dancing around, dusting, so he decided to just look at what you were playing himself

           -Crazy Train (by Ozzy Osbourne)? He recognized that it was classic rock, and decided to surprise you in a different way by plugging his own phone into the aux cord

           -Which, of course, scared the living hell out of you because you weren’t expecting the music to stop???

           -You went to apologize for playing such loud music, thinking that he was ignoring you and putting on something softer because he didn’t like it, but??

           -He put on Dust in the Wind (by Kansas)?? He knows Kansas???

           -Gets embarrassed when he explains he likes a few classic rock songs here and there, especially anything by Kansas or Lynyrd Skynyrd (His favourites are Free Bird and Simple Man)




           -It’s some of the softer music he’ll listen to what do you mean metallica isnt soft enough music to sleep to

           -He may hate singing in front of you because he gets embarrassed but!!!



           -So when you turn it on full blast in the living room, he comes RUNNING

           -S L I D E S into the living room and sings along!

           -Listening to classic rock with you, it honestly relaxes him and he comes out of his shell! So he obviously doesn’t care if you’re obsessed

           -Might even stay for an encore and sing Walk This Way (by Aerosmith) or Born to be Wild (by Steppenwolf), otherwise he’ll sit and watch you dance around like an idiot totally doesnt record you because you’re cute

anonymous asked:

What would Gaster do if his SO told him they were pregnant with his kid?


- You’re pregnant?
 - Pregnant??
- With his baby???
- It takes him a minute or two to process this, but once it finally gets through to his brain he squeals
- Your feet leave the floor, he’s just hugged you right off of it
- This is the best news he’s ever heard
- He’s always wanted to be a father
- Children! He loves them! So cute! So small!
- But you’re quickly set back down
- He gasps and starts fretting, deathly afraid he might’ve squeezed you too tight and hurt the baby
- You assure him that it’s way too early to do damage, especially from a hug
- He has no idea how pregnancy works, help him
- He does absolutely everything he can to prepare
- Kinda goes overboard, honestly
- An infant does not need this many clothes, they’re gonna grow out of everything in half a year
- “Gast, the kid is not going to care what color their pillows are.”
- “But we must stick with a theme! Now help me decide which best matches the carpet; pink or lavender?”
- He’s just so happy and wants everything to be perfect for his tiny child
- Every night, he holds you from behind and rests a hand on your stomach (which is starting to grow a little bump)
- He swears he can feel their soul
- Both you and your belly get a goodnight kiss
- He tells the baby how much he loves them every day
- Could he get any sweeter holy heck


- He’s…gonna need a minute
- He legitimately feels faint
- And then nauseous
- A headache follows shortly after
- Who’s actually the pregnant one here, damn
- He slumps into the nearest chair and tries not to panic
- He should be thrilled, but all he can feel is dread
- You might be hurt at first, but then
- “What if I end up just like my parents?”
- Oh
- Oh shit
- He thinks he’s the worst possible person to raise a child
- You know he can be kind, but Gaster isn’t so optimistic
- He goes outside to take a walk and ‘get some fresh air’
- And leaves you wondering if he’ll ever come back
- Surprisingly, he returns within the hour and promises to support you throughout this entire ordeal
- For the first time in his life, he’s found true happiness
- He’s fallen in love, and with someone who loves him back
- Not just tolerates his presence, loves him
- And now they’re carrying his baby
- He’s not about to ruin this by being a selfish prick (as he so often has in the past)
- This is too important to fuck up
- It may come as a huge shock to everyone that he ends up being the best father of all the Gasters
- He’s determined to give his child the most comfortable life he can, while also being the right amount of strict
- It’s a perfect balance that the others don’t quite achieve
- And no, he never hurts them or treats them cruelly


- He’s not exactly sure how to react
- Truthfully, he’s more worried about your reaction
- Are you really okay with it?
- Do you resent him for doing this to you?
- He’s terrified that this could mean the end of your relationship
- You’d never discussed kids, or anything long-term
- But once you tell him that you do want to start a family together…
- He’s on his knees, hugging you around the waist and resting his head against your abdomen
- Always with the dramatics, sheesh
- You’re very well cared for throughout the pregnancy
- He’s on high alert for danger 24/7
- No one is allowed to get too close unless you give them the okay
- It’s a little…excessive
- But you allow it, knowing it’s for his own benefit as much as yours
- He will allow nothing to harm either his beloved or his precious child
- Your comfort becomes his #1 priority
- He might even insist on carrying you up any stairs you encounter
- “You need to save your energy, love.”
- There are like six steps, god damn, chill
- But it’s all because he cares
- He’ll learn to calm down a bit once the baby’s born
- At least, after the first three months or so
- They’re just…so small and helpless
- He can’t help but feel protective


- He’s a sex-repulsed ace, so if you guys want kids you’re gonna have to adopt
- But since there’s a waiting period before you can take the child home, it’s still like waiting for the baby to arrive
- You both go to the adoption center
- A girl in the corner catches your eye
- She’s just turned seven, around the unfortunate age where it becomes harder for orphans to find new families
- Most people go for the babies and toddlers
- No one wants the ‘older’ children
- She’s shy at first, but quickly warms up when you show interest in her
- She calls Gaster pretty every time she sees him, which never fails to make him giggle and blush
- When a little kid gives a compliment, they really mean it
- She’s definitely the one
- You guys visit her as often as you can up until the day where you all go home together
- Gaster adores her
- He buys her custom tailored clothes, all the newest toys and electronics, barbies or science kits or whatever else she takes a liking to-
- That kid is gonna be so spoiled
- Family Cuddle Piles happen often
- You’ll be lounging on the couch when suddenly, your two favorite cuties are on either side of you
- Apparently, you’re the warmest


- Wait, what
- How
- You guys have never fricked the frack
- He doesn’t even have the parts for it
- But he knows the baby is his
- There’s no specific reason why, he just knows
- And of course, he knows you haven’t cheated on him
- Mostly out of trust, but also because he can literally read your mind
- He explains that sea monsters reproduce through magic, a soul exchange of sorts
- It can happen through any sort of intimate physical contact, such as a hug or nuzzle, and is usually accidental
- But it can only occur with two people/monsters who are deeply in love with each other
- So essentially, you were magically impregnated by an asexual merman
- Congrats?
- Gaster’s very excited, and endlessly proud
- Every time you come visit him, he insists that you sit in the water for a bit
- Mostly so he can curl around you, being close to both you and the baby, and talk to them telepathically
- It’s not like they’ll understand any of it, but at least they’ll recognize their dad’s ‘voice’ as well as yours once they’re born
- You guys wonder if they’ll be half fish or not
- Either way, Gast wants to teach them how to swim
- And to hunt in the ocean
- You’re not sure if you’ll allow the second part
- The best case would be that they’re both aquatic and terrestrial, like an amphibian
- This way they can spend quality time with both parents
- You can only visit your fish boo so often, what with having a job and other human things to do
- But at least your house is close to the shore
- You’ll make sure the kid gets to see their father as much as possible

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I feel like a lot of these Ikkaku roleplayers are getting too OOC, I mean, he's a meat head, and that's pretty much it - dumb, loud, violent, slob. Let's not look too far into things. Is there a reason why people are so into him? I wish I could see it, but I don't. Help?

Alright, since you’ve invited me to, allow me to tell you a thing.

Ikkaku able to cry, Ikkaku as ace/demi, Ikkaku showing a ‘soft’ side, Ikkaku being less than the complete asshole that people like to see on the surface… Why do I think all that can be written/roleplayed easily without making it OOC?

Pack some clean socks - you’re in for the long run, so I can hook and drown you on one of my favorite sweeties.

So, to prove to you that this dork isn’t a flat or shallow character, let’s just hear a complete rundown of my Ikkaku headcanons, backed up with canon examples and pictures. Yes, because I am just that obsessive. I even had to update this post because this little shit keeps developing more and more.

Yes, Ikkaku is a rough-and-tough fighter who eats nails for breakfast without any milk. Lean, mean, fighting machine, yada yada, but he’s not heartless. He’s got layers, okay?

On the surface, Ikkaku does put up a tough guy veneer, but it’s plain to anyone with a brain stem that he’s sensitive and still has his doubts about himself. I mean, although it’s subtle most of the time, it’s definitely not subtle if you hit him in his sore spot, because then he’ll stoop to fighting with children. Exhibit A: 

(Read all panels right to left. It’s manga, so I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but…)

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Who to fight: Ace Attorney
  • Phoenix Wright: Ha ha, you're not fighting Phoenix Wright.
  • i mean, most likely you would lose, he's all but undefeatable - but no the actual reason you're not fighting Phoenix Wright is that i am already fighting Nick. I am never not fighting Nick. one day i will defeat him and we will finally be Free
  • Miles Edgeworth: You could fight Miles, but you'd feel awful afterwards. He's a pale weak noodle of a man, a small porcelain prince. would you hurt this man? would you?
  • Franziska von Karma: You're already fighting Franziska. She's always fighting.
  • Maya Fey: I don't know why you would want to fight Maya, but i think if you did she'd win. She stands under waterfalls and meditates in frozen chambers for fun. If Maya Fey got into a fight she'd destroy you
  • Mia Fey: You can't fight Mia she's already dead sorry. You'd lose anyway
  • Lana Skye: Don't fight Lana! Did you see her smile? That smile was filled with the purest light. It made me weep. You can't hurt this woman, she is too pure.
  • Ema Skye: Ema is a nerd but i get the feeling that she probably carries extremely corrosive acid around in her bag, I'd watch out if I were you. It could get dangerous. She's got a good aim, i wouldn't want to get hit with an acidic snackoo
  • Kay Faraday: Ha ha. Ha! Ha ha ha ha
  • You'll lose
  • Dick Gumshoe: I would imagine fighting Gumshoe would be like playing tennis against the wall - like, every hit you make is just going to bounce right off. He wouldn't make any effort to fight you back but every punch you throw would just be empty. he'd look at you sadly with each punch you make. he doesn't want to fight you, he just wants Miles Edgeworth to stop cutting his pay. please be nice to this man
  • Winston Payne: Honestly, you could fight Payne but I think by the time you track him down, someone else will already be fighting him. He's just got such a punchable face.
  • Trucy Wright: If you fight Trucy I will stop fighting Nick and I'll start fighting You. how dare you.
  • That said she'd kick your ass before i even got there, she's an illusion master. you won't even see her coming.
  • Pearl Fey: DON'T FIGHT PEARL
  • Apollo Justice: He'd yell for help and then you'd be screwed I do not recommend fighting Apollo Justice. You'd be stunned by his loud yells, and then the rest of the Wright Anything Agency will be hot on your tail. A bad decision if ever i saw one.
  • Klavier Gavin: You can fight Klavier, he'll probably write a song about it. Make you famous. Win win situation really.
  • Athena Cykes: Did you see her throwing Apollo? She'll do that to you. If you're up for a challenge then by all means, fight Athena Cykes. it will be a long battle. She's good at those, she fought for years for Blackquill. She's powerful, good luck, you'll probably lose.
  • Simon Blackquill: Honestly he'll probably provoke you and threaten you with his invisible sword but you shouldn't fight this man. He's just a sad, sad lawyer. He's so sad. Have you seen his cheeks? They're literally stained with tears. Don't fight Blackquill, he needs a hug.
  • Manfred von Karma: Man I'm packing my things right now, booking a flight to his fuckin house. As soon as I'm done fighting Nick I will destroy this man for hurting my children
  • Wendy Oldbag:
  • That's a bad idea.
  • Larry Butz: Man Larry is so fightable, you could probably get anyone on this list to join in on fighting Larry. He's just so fightable. I'd fight him. You know speaking of men who are fightable
  • Diego Armando: Fight this man. Fight him. He needs to be punched. I would punch him myself but I'm too busy fighting Nick. I need your help here, please punch Godot. I'm begging you. Do this for me

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So I headcanon that Dean's aromantic, and once he gathers the courage to tell Sam that no, he's not (just) a slut, just not interested in a romantic relationship, Sam's no longer looking at him with judging eyes. Soon after, Sam comes out as asexual, and Dean thinks briefly "What a pair we make!" and they both understand each other a little more and don't make fun of each others' sex life or lack thereof. <3

Oooohhh, I can just imagine that conversation. Dean pacing nervously, starting out with stuff like, “I  mean, I know you went to Stanford. Smart kid. California’s a pretty liberal place. And you’re really into labels, so … “ and just rambling on until Sam rolls his eyes and tells him to get on with it. “Dude, you’re my brother. You could tell me you’re into goats, and I wouldn’t care. I mean, I’d care. I’d probably be a little concerned. But you get what I mean.”

So Dean just bites the bullet and says he’s not into romance. “I love sex,” he says, and Sam rolls his eyes again because duh, “But I’ve never really … I mean, the whole romance thing? The boyfriend-girlfriend, holding hands, falling in love chick flick crap? I just … don’t get it. I don’t feel that, like at all.”

And Sam’s expression softens, and he says softly, “There’s a word for that, you know.”

“There is?” Dean’s not broken or has a few wires crossed or whatever? There’s a word for it, and there are others who feel this way?

Sam nods. “Aromantic. It means you don’t feel romantic attraction. So, like, you don’t want to date people, but you can still like sex.” Then Sam takes a deep breath and says, “On the other hand, there’s asexual. Where you don’t feel sexual attraction. Some people are both aromantic and asexual, but some are only one or the other and can still – “

“Wait,” Dean interrupts, “Are you trying to tell me you’re – ?”

“Asexual? Yeah. I am. But I’m not aromantic. I want a relationship and all that. Just not the sex.”

“Huh.” And Sam’s a little upset because huh? That’s all Dean has to say, is huh?

Then, “Sorry I ever made fun of you for it. For, like, not getting laid or whatever. I didn’t know that was a thing.”

The corner of Sam’s lips twitch in something like a smile. “Yeah, you too. I mean, I knew it was a thing, but I didn’t know you were … you know, you were.”

And they both nod, apologies accepted, and basically never talk about it again, beyond the occasional teasing. (Jesus, Sam, get a room.)(Wow, at least wine and dine the witness first, Dean.)

hey sense8 fandom, here are some free capheus fic ideas besides “shows up in other people’s stories to be generically ~wise~, issue-free, and conveniently asexual”

(because a lot of this is the show’s fault but not all of it and you know what, YOU CAN DO BETTER. that is a choice that you have.)

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Why do you think asexuals are q***r? We are not institutionally ruled out of anything, there's no legislation, medicalization, or anything on a systematic level. Asexuality is not a visible identity. We don't get called q***r, so it isn't ours to reclaim. The LGBT+ acronym isn't necessarily q***r, and it's almost insulting to people who've faced those hardships for us to try and yell our way into q***r spaces.

*sigh* Knew it was coming. Can’t have a big follower count without the people coming at me about posts I make or reblog on asexuals. I’ve got to be the informat.

Okay so, fun short story, when I was at university doing a presentation on asexuality for ace awareness week in a room full of 40 other LGBTQIAAP+ folk, we inevitably came across some acephobic questions that was just acephobic because it was shrowded with ignorance; like yours is right here. While I was talking about intersectional problems in the LGBTQIAAP+ community, somebody raised their hand for a question. I called on them, and they said,

“But do aces even get called queer?!” The person in question asked with annoyance in their voice, eyes half-lidded, and I instantly felt the blood drain from my face like it does every time somebody asks this; because the question is directly trying to invalidate aces within the space of the LGBTQIAAP community. One doesn’t even need to call it the “queer community” for somebody to say that aces don’t belong there, after all, but “queer” is an easy way for people to do it.

Immediately, without raising their hands, four people in the audiance, as well as the person presenting with me, answered with variations of, “Yes”, and “I do.”

The person presenting with me actually got into how important it is for them to be able to call their ace experience a queer experience, because they’re a queer person of colour. They’re a queer muslim, which constantly gets erased by every media imaginable. And to their parents, it doesn’t matter if they were lesbian, gay, bi, or ace, it all equals the same thing. They’re queer. And they’re scared for their life because of it.

(This is not even mentioning how ace people use to get primarily bunched up with lesbians and gay people in olden days and have to deal with the same attention, and still to this day, it often happens, because straight people don’t care that we’re different, they brush us together with the same stroke.)

I, personally, have a hard time calling myself queer though because of the “aces aren’t queer” rhettoric, that is spurred on from “aces don’t get called queer!” Which, as we’ve just noted from this, aces do get called queer. For me personally, being asexual is the biggest part of my identity! I am trans, I’m definitely not heteromantic, and I’m ace. But, when I’m called queer, it’s like, well, people already tell me it’s not because I’m asexual, so it’s because I’m trans, or because of my romantic orientation…. but.. then I never call myself that because in my eyes, if I can’t call myself queer for being asexual, then I can’t call myself queer at all. Just like, if I don’t belong in t he LGBT+ community for being ace, then I can’t be in there at all. Because being ace has impacted me stronger than being trans, and it has impacted me stronger than my romantic orientation. My acephobia I’ve faced in my lifetime has been huger than those. So when somebody denies someone else a safespace because they’re not “oppressed enough”, or because they’re “practically straight”, because they’re ace, I don’t feel like I belong there at all, even if by all other means I belong.

And honestly? This has been happening to Asexuals from the beginning. The “You don’t belong” club because “you don’t feel the attraction I do. Trans still included though.” And it happens. It happens again, and again, and again, and again, just with different codes of paint so people can look less like badguys when they say aces don’t belong in non-cis-het spaces. As a reminder though; aces don’t belong in cis-het spaces either. It’s the same shit, different colour.

But you’re wrong on other accounts too. The major difference though? Is that we have less visibility.

For example! In the US at least because I cannot speak for other countries; adoption laws and marriage laws hurt aces. Just like it was a diagnosable illness to be gay, up until recently, it’s been a diagnosed illness to be ace! Only now, it’s only a diagnosable illness if you don’t ALREADY IDENTIFY AS ACE (which means actually knowing what it is first, and did I mention the thing about less visible? Yeah.) Not only that! There’s medication out now for ace women, but that’s a huuuuge topic which makes me very angry, and I’d rather not get into it? But you can research that on your own if you want, it just makes my skin crawl, and there’s a controversy over it and- ugh.. You can form your own opinion more on that.

So yes. Laws, medication, aces actually getting called queer….

What else?

Oh right. THE FACT THAT I HAVE TO GET INTO THIS IS REDICULOUS. I should not have to spell out every reason why I should be able to use “queer” as an ace person. Because saying “LGBTQIAAP+ is not necessarily Queer” means that it is literally only annexing the A in that whole acronym, unless you want to argue that intersex people also aren’t queer, which- I’m not intersex so I’m not going to speak for them at all, and I don’t hear what they get told or what they call themselves as far as that word, or whatever so- I’m not.

NEVERTHELESS, people STILL use “Queer community” to mean “LGBTQIAAP+” all the time. Unless they’re specifically saying that they mean all lesbian people, all gay people, all bi people, all trans people, all questioning people, all pan people, just not the cis het aromantics, cis het asexuals, or cis aro aces.”. Again, not saying anything on Intersex cause I don’t know but-

Don’t you think that’s arophobic or acephobic at least a little? When none of those letters have a common ground beyond “Cis straight people treat us like shit?” It comes from seeing aces and aros as straight and it’s bullshit, and I’m so, so, so tired of it.

deansthighs  asked:

i finally thought of a prompt!!! dean know cas is ace and he's 100% fine with it but one day cas is acting a little flustered around dean and dean can't figure out why (it's because he's getting chubby) so then they have the whole 'i don't like sex but i have this kink' talk (((because kinky ace people deserve attention too)))

“Cas, what’s up with you lately?”

“I have no idea what you’re referring to, Dean.”

“Really? You mean it’s my imagination how weird you’ve been around me lately?”


Dean sits at the kitchen table and gestures for Cas to sit across from him. “You’ve been looking at me weird. Like you–I don’t know, like you’re ready to jump my bones or something.”

Cas squints. “I don’t understand what that–”

“Sex, Cas. You look like you want to have sex with me.”

“Oh. No, I’ve never desired that. We’ve had this con–”

“Then what’s the deal?”

Cas blushes and looks down at the table, and Dean is so fucking confused. “It’s not–it’s not a sexual attraction, but…”

“But what?”

“You’re gaining weight.”

What. “Come again?”

“In the past month or so, you’ve started gaining weight–quite rapidly, I might add–and I…it pleases me. It’s very, um, pleasurable to watch.”

Dean stares open-mouthed at Cas for several long seconds.

“I don’t know why. Apparently I am aesthetically attracted to fat or something.”

Dean can tell Cas is embarrassed, more embarrassed than when he explained how he doesn’t feel sexual attraction, so he decides to take this seriously. “It’s OK, Cas. Not the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. Are you–what do you want to do about it?”

Cas looks back up at Dean and tilts his head. “What do you mean?”

“Well, you said it’s–pleasurable or whatever. But are you comfortable with that? I mean, you’ve been acting kind of awkward, so I’ll go on a diet if it–”

“No! I mean. I’ve been acting strange because I didn’t want to tell you. I definitely do not want you to lose the weight you’ve gained.”

Dean can feel his cheeks heating up. Talking about how he’s porked out recently isn’t exactly the most fun conversation. But hey, if Cas likes it then who the fuck cares. The more junk food the better. “Would you like me to…keep gaining weight?”

Now Cas’ cheeks are reddening. “You may do as you please, Dean, but it would make me very happy if you continued to gain weight.”

“How much?”

“Whatever you feel comfortable with.”

Dean smiles sheepishly at Cas and says, “You’ve been pushing me to eat more lately, haven’t you?”

“I–yes, perhaps I have. I would, um, I would love to feed you by hand sometime.”

Dean’s only a little bit confused when his dick twitches at the idea. He simply nods at Cas, and that’s the end of the conversation.

There’s a fundamental shift in their relationship after that, though. Cas stops being awkward and starts being more inappropriate than he probably realizes.

Cas has never really wanted more physical contact than just a touch to the shoulder or the hand, but now he wraps Dean in his arms and grabs at his belly any chance he can get. After particularly big meals, he reaches over and shoves his hand up under Dean’s shirts without warning. He pinches Dean’s ass and hips when they pass by each other, and he curls against Dean’s side at night and presses the heel of his hand all over Dean’s stomach until they both fall asleep. And none of that even compares to the times Cas has fed Dean and stuffed him so full of food that he can’t move.

Sure, Dean’s had to buy a whole new wardrobe to accommodate his growing waistline, but it’s fucking awesome. He’s never gotten this much attention in his life, and, well, to be honest, being well fed is better than having sex.

Kerrang "Brian Molko - "My year", Dec '00
  • Kerrang "Brian Molko - My year", Dec '00
  • by Simon Young
  • 2000, How was it for you?:
  • 'It's not over yet! It's been work, work, work and hardly any Play. It's been a full-on emotional year.'
  • Album Of the year?:
  • "At The Drive-in's 'Relationship Of Command'. It's an amazing record. I heard 'One Armed Scissor' and managed to get a copy of the album before it came out. It's like a cross between Fugazi and Jane's Addiction. They're my favourite band and they harness energy and passion. It's all over the Place musically. It goes off on tangents and there's a rebellious spirit which I like. I also love the new Queens album, 'Rated R'. It's hedonistic and really fun. 'Feel Good Hit...' is my karaoke favourite.'
  • The must-have item of 2000 was?:
  • 'I've just bought an Apple I-book laptop. That opens up several new doors of entertainment. Never a dull moment. I check out the Placebo chat rooms and forums and have a bit of fun trying to find out what everybody thinks. It hasn't backfired yet!'
  • Where did you go on holiday this year?:
  • 'I haven't really been on holiday this year. We've done a whole bunch of festivals: Japan, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium. We never get the chance to check anv of the cities out. It's been a series of hotels and tour buses.'
  • Film of the year?:
  • "Boy's Don't Cry" It's shocking that that kind of thing happens even today , that people can be that backward. The fact that it's a true story makes it all the more heartbreaking.
  • Person of the year?:
  • "Anne Widdecombe for taking the legalisation of marijuana one step forward instead of backward, which was what she was originally trying to do.'
  • Wanker of the year?:
  • 'Me.'
  • Tragedy of the year?:
  • "What's going on in the Middle East right now. It seems to me that people there don't want peace and it's pretty heavy."
  • Personal high point of the year?:
  • 'The tour we're on at the moment. It feels like freedom from responsibility. It's th. most fun because you feel like a teenager all the time.'
  • Personal low point of the year?:
  • "I've had several, and it's all relationship based"
  • Worst Hangover of the year?:
  • After Mark Richardson (drums) from Skunk Anansie's 30th birthday . We went out and partied like it was 1997. I couldn't make it to the studio the next day. It was the last time I break danced too. It was a good party"
  • Weirdest fan request of the year?:
  • "It involved deflowering. No, I didn't"
  • Most famous person you've met this year?:
  • PJ Harvey. Outside Ladbroke Grove tube station by accident. Her drummer Rob Ellis worked on our new album.
  • Most embarrassing moment of the year?:
  • I don't get embarrassed about break dancing. None so far thankfully. I haven't been really embarrassed , it would be difficult.
  • Sexiest person you met this year was?:
  • 'I think Melissa Auf der Maur has to he one of the sexiest people in rock. It was a real shame because we were on tour when The Smashing Pumpkins played at Wembley. Typical.
  • Best band you saw this year?:
  • 'Queens Of The stone Age at a festival in Belgium. That was amazing. Nick Oliveri, their bassist, was naked and how he didn't get sunburn on his ass I'll never know. Sonic Youth and Einstfirzende Neubauten too. We had a studio outing and came back feeling really inspired.'
  • Best Song you wrote this year?:
  • "All of the songs we've written since the new album came out. They have to remain a secret, sorry.
  • Joke Of the year?:
  • 'I'm really bad with jokes. I would have to say Limp Bizkit.'
  • 'Big Brother': ace or arse?:
  • 'I unfortunately saw that programme. Arse. Complete arse. They should have axed the show. The fact that these people are becoming celebrities is disgusting. What's the point?'
  • What should Slipknot do next year?:
  • 'Go unmasked, and see if they can Pull it off without their costumes.'
  • Personal motto of the year?:
  • 'Fear of flying'. I usually have a few double vodkas before getting on the plane and after that, I'm still shitting it.'
  • if I could change one thing about 2000, it would be:
  • 'Peace in the Middle East.'
  • What would you do with Britney spears?:
  • 'Ignore her.'
  • My ideal Christmas present is?:
  • 'Mental stability..
  • How will you be seeing in the New Year?:
  • 'I'm not sure where I'll be. Somewhere exotic, hopefully. I definitely don't want to be in London. I haven't decided who I'm going to take yet.'
  • In 2001, I intend to:
  • 'Try to give up smoking, but it's not going to be very easy. it improves my voice, but I can't keep going on like this. I doubt it's going to happen, actually.'

anonymous asked:

i don't really understand why that tumblr model is as terrible as you say it is could you please explain it a little bit more??

sho thang

strap your seatbelts kids because i am probably going to talk way too long abt this post thats been going around. we’re gonna take this slide by slide to keep this shit cohesive

okay, slide number one:

like okay, this model is a pretty sound starting point. tumblr is known for becoming fanatical and intolerant (anyone dissed superwholock lately?), so i, like many others, probably went into it with an open mind and feeling interested in reading a good critique on tumblr’s echo chamber.

not really much to say here, so lets move on over to the next slide.

here’s where things start to turn into trash. the first bar is fine, pretty much, run of the mill non-shitty behavior. but from that point on, op starts using strawman arguments like there’s no tomorrow.if you don’t know what a strawman argument, here’s the definition off of wikipedia:

“A straw man is a common type of argument and is an informal fallacy based on the misrepresentation of an opponent’s argument.
The so-called typical “attacking a straw man” argument creates the illusion of having completely refuted or defeated an opponent’s proposition by covertly replacing it with a different proposition (i.e., “stand up a straw man”) and then to refute or defeat that false argument (“knock down a straw man”) instead of the original proposition.”

So line two.

Pretty much, there is a huge number of young teenagers who go through this phase, but it’s literally that, just a phase. Whatever, I can ignore this, but I’m starting to get suspicious because i can already feel the strawman getting set up.

line three:

holy fuck, the alarm sirens should be going off in your head by now. op is talking shit about non-mainstream identities, which pretty much means anyone not gay, bi, or binary trans. like, he’s mocking the acronym, which yes, is long, but for a good reason. Some people prefer umbrella terms, and some people prefer using the lgbtqiapp+ acronym, but the reasoning for that is for another day. nobody who considers themselves queer or an ally should even dream about making fun of the acronym’s length.

still on line three, we get a faceful of arospec and acespec mockery! he makes fun of the concept of a greyromantic demisexual, implying that both aromantics and asexuals are just making up their orientations for attention. he also more or less says that aros and aces never experience any form of discrimination, which i can definitively say isn’t true.

fourth line:

op is now denying that there is a power imbalance within the queer community. just a glimpse makes it apparent that gay men get the most attention of any queer minorities, and anyone with basic knowledge of gender inequality knows that nonstraight men can be just as misogynistic as straight men.

line five:

refusing to acknowledge that monosexual queer ppl and straight people alike love to erase bi, pan, and poly people. “pick a side!” “bisexual people are sluts!” “pan people are special snowflakes!” and so on and so forth. it is a very real and legitimate problem, and op is acting like it’s a hysterical, baseless exclamation someone is making for the sake of toxicity. so yeah its all bullshit

ok so that’s one slide down, lets move on down toooo

slide two:

i hope you guys appreciate that i have to save all this trash onto my computer for you

line one: once again, nothing awful. it’s like the most basic behavior you can expect to see.

line two:

welp, right back into the strawman arguments. you do see this sort of thing floating around on tumblr, but it doesn’t mean what he’s implying it to mean. minority groups expressing frustration with the treatment they receive in the hands of oppressors is completely justifiable. like, why would you get mad at someone who’s been abused by a certain party all of their life for saying “i hate cis people”

so like, you could glean some legitimate criticism out of this slide, which is more or less the same as with the lgbtqiapp+ slide, but once again, line three is taking us straight to bullshit town

line three:

gatekeeping! doesn’t everyone love gatekeeping? gatekeeping is the best. trying to say only people who experience gender dysphoria are trans is incredibly elitist and panders to the cis community for the sake of validation. also random discussion of otherkin which has no other mention in this slideshow. im going to reiterate that trans otherkin have every right to use neopronouns and that op is just bringing them up to get people to side with him because it’s such a divisive line

line four:

first off, the asterisk in and of itself is problematic because it erases nonbinary identities. i think based off some of my previous statements you can see how this one is fucked up, because it’s literally the same as line three, just with a wilder strawman fallacy present. it’s worth noting op’s stance on nonbinary identities

line five:

i have literally never seen this kind of behavior in my entire life ever. also look how it’s trying to implicate trans women as vengeful spiteful creatures. like transmisogyny isnt bad enough without his shitty ass contributions

moving on

slide three:

line 1:

blah blah blah normal basic shit

line 2:

like okay once again this is kind of a legitimate issue. but once again, minorities venting for the sake of getting some glimmer of relief against the building pressure of their oppressors is hardly something anyone should be talking shit about.

line three:

um, if a poc tells you something about the nature of being a part of that identity… yeah? you listen? they have experience you dont have and their word should be taken as an authority on the matter. woc experience simultaneous misogyny and racism, and like yeahhhh they kind of get shit on constantly? the praise and glorification of woc on tumblr is a pushback against the constant hatred they get. like damn come on give the girls a break

on the topic of cultural appropriation: it is okay to partake in cultural exchange and sharing, so long as the group you want to do so with is willing to do it. cultural appropriation is when you take from the group without their consent, often desecrating religious or spiritual aspects of their culture.

line four:

um. again. fuck racists. having a hard time disagreeing with that tbh. also, the literal sociological definition agreed upon by scholars is that racism=discrimination+power. so only people with institutionalized power over other races can, in fact, be racist. poc can be discriminatory and prejudiced, yes (if you’re curious, discrimination=prejudice+action), but poc in white-dominated societies literally cannot be racist.

while i am not qualified to discuss white adoption of poc children, it kind of cycles back to not listening to poc opinions on the matter. most of these are directed to out-of-country adoption but one is on whites adopting blacks in america. america centric because im a texan and i dont know shit about the outside world

line five:

its like he ran out of strawman arguments so he just cycled back around to being racist

and on again

slide four:

yeah okay i was gonna do this one but its just a whole bunch of self serving bullshit and its completely irrelevant to the rest of the items on this list so goodbye i have reached my doneness levels for the day

please look at this guy’s profile and recognize that he is a garbage can

religion is apparently a form of discrimination and tumblr teenage girls with our “identities” are idiotic


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Write me something about Kent Parson and cooking. :D

This took me way too long to respond to, but here you are:

Here’s the thing that most people wouldn’t guess about Kent Parson: that boy can cook. As in, he can cook real meals out of McDonalds Big Macs and a jar a queso. He kind of had to learn when he was younger and it was just his mother and his sister, and his mother was always working to make ends meet. So he did what anyone would do: he picked up slack, and he learned how to do basic household chores. Including cooking.

He’d take food that cost a dollar and twist it into something that may not have tasted any more special, but it definitely looked much better. And everyone knows presentation is half the battle, anyways. He learned how to shop for the best deals and how to become a coupon-saving king.

And then.

He got kind of famous?

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Callie Curious About War Boy Chicks

You know what Fury Road was missing, at least to me?  Wild and crazy puppy like chicks among the wild and crazy puppy like Boys now here me out k, just, listen.

All the chicks in this movie, even Furiosa, are depicted as “good” and “caring” and all around positivity.  Yes Furiosa has done some seriously fucked up shit in the past and at first just helps the Wives out to spite Joe but she’s still a good guy after that.

How sick would it have been to see a few bald, scarred chicks with huge pants with many pockets atop a few cars?  I mean, not all chicks feel sympathy for chicks, and in War Boy culture there’s no sympathy for outside their own kin anyways so I don’t see how it couldn’t work.  Gender obviously doesn’t matter to the War Boys, or you might have heard them say some word or something about women at least once.  They see the Wives as Joe sees them, property and if they catch them, they can get rewarded big time.  They see Furiosa as Joe does, a force to be reckoned with.  I mean come on, he’s got three war parties after her!

I’m not saying throw a million chicks in there, but a few peppered throughout the crowd wouldn’t’ve been too bad.  I’m not talkin’ about focusing on them either, I’m just sayin’ I saw a lack of breasticles among the crowd of War Boys.  You could close up on one chick, as they close up on several other people in this movie even when they don’t have to like Ace and the V8 salute or the Polecat who spotted the rig.  There’s a lot of close up shots of people in this movie where there doesn’t need to be but George wants there to be because he wants you to see this world and the people in it.  I did almost think this one War Boy in overalls was a chick…

Hey man, even Humungous had a chick among his boys, and Aunty Entity was a villain all herself, and ya know, I’m always wonderin’, why ain’t no chicks in these crowds?  I mean what does Joe do with the half life chicks…unless they cut off their tatas or something.  Idk, maybe George didn’t wanna show titties (cuz he didn’t show any titties in this thing, not like a full show of a rack) but then he showed titties in Road Warrior…granted that chick was being ahemed…

I’m sayin why not have a couple vaginas with flamethrowers or something? 

Plus, wouldn’t it make it harder to call this movie Feminist Propaganda that way?  Cuz ya got chicks on both sides…

In the end I don’t care too much, but I did care a little.  I just wanna see one wild and crazy chick among a wild and crazy group of dudes without having to do it myself, and I’ve had to do it myself.  They don’t gotta be important, I just wanna see them there somewhere.