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Hi! I'm a big fan and I have a strange ask if you don't mind answering it. I'm an artist myself; I'm making a portfolio for art school but lately it's been difficult for me to produce work. I feel intimidated to start sketchbooks in fear of messing up and digital art because I suck at it. Anything else I put too much thought into planning and getting it right the first try that I end up making nothing. Do you have any tips on how to overcome what I'm going through? Has it happened to you before?

Strangely, I have felt this numerous times. Right now especially. It’s kind of like art block, but I think its more about fear of ‘making mistakes’ and being in a rut of creativity.

As a kid, I used to draw RELENTLESSLY. All day, everyday, whenever I could, wherever I could: in class, in textbooks, in exercise books. It didn’t matter. I was always drawing from this constant stream of seemingly endless creativity and imagination. I loved it.

When I first picked up watercolour, I decided to get a sketchbook so I could start sketching pictures and practicing watercolour by painting things, not really putting much planning or thought into it. I would just sketch and practice freely in this sketchbook, because I wanted to document my progression, mistakes, successes, experiments – all of it!
Then when that one was finished, I started my next one, my ‘2016′ one. And with every sketchbook since, I have increasingly become more careful with my ‘sketches.’ These sketchbooks are becoming less of a sketchbook, and more like an artbook. It’s gotten to that point where I’m scared of messing up a sketch and it’s terrifying. I admit, it’s also because all of a sudden I feel this pressure to show not stuff-up, and hide my flaws. I even sometimes plan or think out what I’m going to draw, and I hate that, because it’s not my natural workflow. Sometimes, like you, I can’t get it right so I end up making nothing too, and that frustrates me so DAMN much!

To tackle it, recently I’ve decided to step back a bit, and start from scratch, to sketch like I used to as a kid. I bought a crappy little small sketchbook, and I’ve been doing just quick pencil sketches and trying to let my mind run free like it used to. I give myself a few hours to plug in, and just draw whatever in hopes I can  get over my fear of ‘being perfect’ and of making mistakes. These are after all, meant to be sketches. My mind isn’t as wild as it used to, its legs are maybe a bit worn out from not exercising as much. 

But, I think if you, and I, keep exercising our creative brains again and give ourselves the time to let them wander through pencil and paper, we can start filling up those sketchbooks again like we used to!

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Actually, there's a lot of belittling happening on shipper blogs right now. MM, as usual, is still copping a beating because shippers think everything is about them. Both sides belittle, both side do and say nasty things. I've been around for a while as a neutral lurker and have seen a lot of shit from both sides. I don't think it's fair to put all the blame on antis.

Ok… I wasn’t going to answer this now (if at all), but might as well. And it got longer than I meant it to, but even though I have a lot bubbling up, this is all I’mma say about this so…

This here is a big problem for me in this fandom: Trying to pit sides against each other - this ‘you’re either with us or against us’ mentality. I never said anything about antis and shippers in my earlier comments only called out the practice of screencapping people and tattling on them to people that have no business in our space. If that’s a practice that is utilized by one “side” more than another enough for it to seem like I was taking sides (when I wasn’t)… Well what does that tell you?

No “side” is faultless (including prod/cast/crew). Going to someone’s blog/IG/whatever and mercilessly trolling and abusing is beyond wrong. What Shatner is doing is beyond wrong. There is a fine line between snark and hate and truth (harsh as it may be sometimes), recognizing what something is or isn’t, that’s the trick - everyone’s line varies. But people that are expressing themselves on their own blogs (without the need to screencap others)… Let them. Why the need to screencap and tattle on them? Whatever “side” you’re on, that’s just a shady move. 

I’m a frustrated neutral. And I’m tired.

I’m tired. I’m tired of “sides”. I’m tired of this fandom being made a laughing stock. I’m tired of having to keep silent for fear of setting off one group or another. I’m tired of Tumblr being labeled toxic, when every SM platform has it’s own set fanbase (NOT EVERYONE IS ACTIVE ON ALL PLATFORMS ALL THE TIME). I’m tired of being treated as less than a fan because I’m getting fed up with the cast/crew shenanigans when all I want is some level of enthusiasm and relevant PR for the SHOW - instead of seeing fans getting flipped off. I’m tired of seeing fellow fans/people being bullied. I’m tired of seeing/hearing about people irrelevant to my OL experience but keep getting inserted and force fed into the forefront. I’m tired of every complaint/opinion/observation made being labeled as ungrateful fans, when it isn’t. I AM TIRED.

It has become unavoidable. There is only so much scrolling, blocking and muting one can do before there’s just no point anymore. There comes a point when even the most patient of people has to vent. We can’t disagree with respect now without being labeled haters. Everywhere you turn, there are labels.

Ask yourself why some neutrals are seemingly gravitating towards fellow fans that just so happen to carry a label of ‘shipper’, more and more. Why now? 

What is happening to make neutrals shade as hard as they are? Just because a neutral is silent, doesn’t mean they aren’t observing. All of it. 

Ask yourself why more and more fans in general are slowly speaking up and calling out prod/cast/crew. Take the labels off, and what do you see?

This fandom has fractured. People are frustrated and have just reached the end of their ropes. Either time will heal and come September, everyone will inevitably flock back like nothing happened OR it’ll be tumbleweeds. With the way things are going… I dunno, guess will see.

A united fandom that stops pointing fingers at each other, puts aside their hate and toxicity and petty policing, and instead focuses on getting a fandom experience that isn’t predicated on paying every TomDickandHarry for a little enthusiasm and respect (and GD relevant PR), which we deserve to have regardless. That isn’t entitlement - it’s Fandom. And it starts with us.

Wouldn’t that be a sight…

  • <p> <b>Slytherin:</b> *is in an important meeting*<p/><b>Hufflepuff:</b> *calls"<p/><b>Slytherin:</b> "wait a moment this is an very important call I have to answer that."<p/><b>Hufflepuff:</b> "hey, are you free atm or did I interrupt something?<p/><b>Slytherin, while everybody stares at them for interrupting:</b> "now, I'm free. Why are you calling?"<p/><b>Hufflepuff:</b> "are you sure? I thought you had this meeting today.... But this thing happened and I thought if the meeting is already over... But I don't want to bother you..."<p/><b>Slytherin, while everybody is screaming at them because THE MEETING IS STILL GOING! :</b> "Naw it's fine. So tell me...who do I have to kill?"<p/></p>

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Someone asked if I was a feminist and I politely responded with I don't feel comfortable answering because I'm not but I know a lot of my friends on here are (and idk how they'd respond if I said no) and I run a blog where I try to keep any political/social/etc. stuff off it since it's a fandom imagines blog and in the last half hour I've recieved 26 messages, from "im unfollowing because youre cleatly not" to "kill yourself". I specifically said nothing so things like this wouldn't happen....

That sucks, dude. People just don’t realize that not everything need’s to be politicized.

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hey.. I've been wanting to make a webcomic for a VERY long time now, and I just have one problem. I dont think i believe in my own abilities to draw well enough so I dont know if I want to put myself out there, so I thought I'd ask YOU because i really like your art. How do I do it? (It's fine if you don't answer, I don't wanna waste anymore of your time.)


Well, thank you first up, I like my art too!

The thing is, I’m sure you’ve noticed, as you grow and draw new things and improve, your style might change, the way you shade, everything. Eventually those first few pages or pictures you’ve drawn don’t look as awesome as your current stuff- and that’s OK! I’ve seen that happen with loads of comics I’ve followed, it doesn’t make the old stuff bad, but it is amazing to see everything change so much.

Zombie Hunters, Looking for group, Not a Villain and Questionable content are all amazing webcomics that gradually change style, and the way they tell the story :D

Here, this is one of my first comics on tumblr. (ok why does Sans look the exact same as I draw him now??? lol)

The thing is, if you don’t start, you won’t be able to find out if you can do it. I’ve had a habit of starting comics and never finishing them because I would get stuck or bored with them. But eventually I finished one, and although no one cared for it, I was incredibly proud of myself, it felt so good to finish it!

The second comic I’ve ever finished was “Don’t Come Back” here on tumblr.

So it’s mostly about starting, and getting through it, I tend to find the Point A to B parts the hardest. “How do I get this character over here??” So planning out EVERY small detail is important, even if you’re not sure you’ll use it in your story, it might help!

Anyway! I’d recommend grabbing some tutorials about comics, BOOKMARK THEM, and reread them sometimes! I revert to laziness or I sometimes forget how to panel my comics or pose the characters (This is mostly noticeable in the drunken comics) so even I reread tutorials frequently to refresh my memory :D.

This is my personal favourite tutorial

and my friend skyriazeth reblogs some great tutorials about all sorts of things!

I posted about this a few months ago but..

Old comic:

Recent comic:

Damn Papyrus, you’re so pretty~

Anyway, sorry for the wall of text, I hope you can start your webcomic! They are incredibly fun to do :D

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Um...I have a question, you don't hate people that like fontcest do you? I was just wondering. Its fine if you don't like fontcest, I just wanted to know if you disliked the people that do ship it.

Of course not!! I’d never hate someone (or god forbid, go on a witch hunt) just because they happen to like a ship that I don’t. There. My answer.

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I really don't see it as lying, it's just something Even's not ready to talk about. I mean, a lot of people already said it but Even is avoiding talking about something that apparently happened because of his mental illness. Talking about something like that is difficult for all mentaly ill people (me included). I can understand Isak wants answers but he doesn't have more rights than Even on the topic.

❗❗❗❗ IMPORTANT ❗❗❗❗

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I think some people are only saying that Malec isn't going to do it because they don't want to get their hopes up and than be disappointed when nothing happens. It's always so tricky with the promos, because we were so sure that the date would be all lovely and in the end malec nearly broke up? I mean whatever happens let's be happy with the content we get (we know it will be amazing!!!)

Somebody should give that memo to Todd after reading his latest tweets. Because please…. make him stop!

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Headcanon: Otabek will ask Yuri to help him shave his undercut in the back where he can't reach and every time Yuri doesn't this Otabek will start giggling and squirming away out of reflex whenever the razor brushes up against his neck because he's sooo ticklish there and Yuri gets so nervous and starts yelling at him like "STOP SQUIRMING BEKA I DON'T WANT TO CUT YOU!" and Otabek will be giggling and is just like "I CAN'T HELP IT YURA!" I live for domestic otayuri ahhh they're so cute <3

(Omg I love headcanons because I can answer them in my phone *0*) YASYASYASYAS, domestic OtaYuri gives me life sjckksf.

But listen, after the first time that happened Yuri’s like “like hell I’m going to help you, you squirm too much!”, and Otabek swears he will not do it again, “you caught me off guard”, he says, but of fucking course it happens again.

Like Otabek is giggling just by hearing the little machine making its buzzing sound and Yuri finds this hella cute but ‘fuck I’m going to razor his head off *internal screaming*’

Omg when Yuri’s finished he just needs to really wreck Otabek because you can’t be a squirming mess while someone is razoring your frigging head! , so punishment for squirming too much. So he’s like “Altin, let me help you get rid of those tiny hairs” and Otabek just nods because Yuri is such a nice boyfriend

But oh surprise: Yuri will need a brush to sweep all those baby hairs away and when the bristles touch Otabek neck he starts to laugh righr away, scrunching up his shoulders and trying to squirm away so Yuri has to pin him down the flor or couch and brush Otabek’s neck until he’s begging foe merci. “Y-YURI! I’m suhuhure there are nohohoho baby hairs thehehere!”, Otabek giggles as Yuri starts to brush Otabek’s sides. “There are, and im trying to clean them up now shush”

Otabek really thinks twice before asking yuri for help after that day (that’s what he likes to think, he actually looks forward for when he needs a cut again, mhm)

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I just don't want them to destroy CS for this stupid reboot. It's like what was the point of the last 6 years if their happy beginning is destroyed by the time the reboot comes around. It just seems like a horrible nightmare and I don't want any part of it. I'm heartbroken, I thought CS was true love and endgame. Now because of this stupid reboot, they won't be. BC it's gonna be very hard explaining away Emma not with Hook for the rest of the series. :(

That’s why I’m hoping for Wish Realm as the answer to S7. If they go with that concept we have a chance of preserving the Happy Endings. Really, it’s my last shred of optimism. My last tiny, sliver of hope. A&E….

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Alternatively, Emma just magically happens to be offscreen at all times. 

“Killian, where’s Emma?” 

“Oh, she’s napping. Pregnancy really takes it out of her.”

“Morning, Killian. What’s Emma up to?”

“Picking out baby clothes.” 


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"hope for the best but don’t get so worked up about it that it will ruin the experience of the show if it doesn’t happen" --Too late... (different anon) Also, I get characters might not be together till the "end" for tension reasons and to keep us tuning in, but what about Bi!Dean being indisputably canon or the romantic attraction between Dean and Cas being shown without a doubt ffs? It's 2017! (sorry this is wankish I know you don't have all the answers but I want all the answers.)

In reference to this post.

Oh hon… I’m sorry you feel that way. I mean yeah, Bi!Dean could be a thing, but so far it isn’t textual and, well, I don’t want to be wanky towards *anyone* so, well, we shall see what happens with that. To be honest I think it’s more likely we will get indisputable romance between Cas and Dean before we get Bi!Dean, because that is the story we are being led down this season.

I mean…. don’t panic, you know? The season hasn’t ended yet, there is a huge build up going on with whatever is happening between Cas and Dean. 

It’s been building and added to every episode since 11x23 but most heavily in : 12x01, 12x03, 12x04, 12x07, 12x09, 12x10, 12x12, 12x15, 12x17, 12x18…  So, actually, well I do mean ALL SEASON.

If you follow me you know my thoughts about 12x19 and season end, but if this doesn’t happen I’m not going to let it ruin my summer you know? It’s a TV show, one that I LOVE and am hugely invested in, but its not real.

Dont panic until the bad thing happens OK? Just enjoy it for now, it’s great! 

They’re mad, but they’re not mad, they’re worried, they care enough to try to save each other again and again and…..again…and not just saving each other from life and death situations but also just being there

I mean…. they decided to write this stuff, it doesn’t just happen, knowing full well that Destiel is a huge deal to a lot of people, that people are invested in it, that it is a controversial topic and is a large part of their negative PR with queerbaiting in the past:

- Cas literally ignored God and only cared about Dean in 11x23, even offering to die with him so he wouldn’t be alone. He has never looked so wrecked as when he saw Dean was alive in 12x01.

- HUNTER HUSBANDS in 12x01-02. Need I say more.

- Dean is pissed that Cas just isn’t with him in 12x03-09. 

- Cas is clearly having thoughts about where he belongs and wants to be. 

- There’s been whole story lines about Dean being more honest and accepting himself and about Angels being in love with Humans on top of the old Dean representing Humanity while Cas is said to be in LOVE with Humanity etc etc. I mean, this isn’t coincidence. If they didn’t want to bait us they wouldn’t have whole storylines based around Angels and Humans being in love.

- Saileen was so heavily paralleled with Dean and Cas, so much so it was like an anvil to the freaking face.

- Sam and Mary are so awkward around the both of them these days, it’s made clear in CANON that this is the case, with her little questioning face and Sam’s acting like the 3rd wheel, because something is happening there, clearly.

I mean, it’s pretty darn canon and the season hasn’t even finished yet. Do I think we’ll get a fantastic, OMG you’re not dead kiss at the end? Well, I’d love it but no, not really, but I do think we will get stronger and stronger subtext until it’s not even really subtext anymore. I mean, what else are they doing all this for? Shits and giggles and to piss off the shippers and the antis? Because it’s not just us noticing it now, casual viewers are too, antis are getting threatened, everyone knows so what would be the point in making it so obvious if not to do something about it?

So, indesputable romantic attraction? I think pretty much check already tbh, but, personally, I think we will get a big fat tick in that box by the end of the season.

I recommend just chill, have a glass of wine or a beer or whatever and enjoy the fabulousness that is the Destiel narrative so far this season :)

And, well, because apparently at 29 I’m a tumblr granny…

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Depression is not what you think it is. 
Depression is a mixed bag of unsavoury items, like all the reject lollies in the mixed party bags.
Depression is both sleeping too much and sleeping too little. Sleeping too much because you’re exhausted and sleeping too little because you know sleep won’t help anyway.
Spending a lot of time writing, and not a lot of time talking. Writing is easier; you can say what you feel on paper and the paper will never reject you. It will never ask you questions you can’t or won’t answer. People are too inquisitive, sensitive…
Forgetting and neglecting to do normal routine jobs and tasks: taking the bin out when it’s so over full the bag breaks, forgetting to shower for days on end, wearing the same shirt to bed and out of the house, washing your sheets but then not having the energy to put the sheets back on the bed once dry, so sleeping on a bare mattress.
Things like groceries or answering a text message become way too much for you. You wear the same clothes because taking the choice away takes the stress away. Not eating takes the choice away of what to  make, again, taking the stress away.
You ignore phone calls. You spend as little time outside in the world as possible.
The same song on repeat, which you never get sick of. You listen to it while you sleep, while you drink tea, while you stare at the ceiling, out the window, at the wall. It’s the only soothing thing you have. Picking a different song is not an option.
You cancel last minute all your plans, saying you’ve got a cold or you had something come up. You imagine them all out without you, hating yourself but also thankful, because the stress of finding a park would have killed you. 
You find your brain wandering to places it’s never been before.
You can’t keep up, your brain moves too fast for you. It’s exhausting. You fall asleep. You wake up and it’s 3 a.m. You start your day now. The cycle continues. The vicious cycle of existing in non-existence. Trying to exist as little as possible while remaining alive. 
Sometimes you might think of death. Sometimes you think of life, of times when you’re not like this. See, you know the pain is temporary. You know you’re just in the thick of it. That it gets better. You’ve been to hell and back before, this is just another trip down the deep end. And yet, overtime it's like the first time. You don’t quite know how to manage. You find yourself crying in the aisles of the supermarkets wondering why this is happening, as if it hasn’t happened every single time before.
Because depression breaks you into millions of tiny little pieces, like torn up paper, and scatters you across the room. All together, you have the strength to do all that you need to do. But when you’ve been ripped up and tossed on the ground and stepped on, you just don't have it in you, not even to answer a few emails or do the vacuuming. 

 Depression makes you worse than a child. It makes you a broken adult. Knowing all you are capable of, but taking away your right to do it. Making you believe you can’t, that you aren’t worthy. That you are hopeless. 

And without hope, well… you just have nothing.

—  Diary // 19/05/17 10:00 p.m. 

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OMG I can't believe i actually caught the ask box open XD but do they have condoms or stuff in the aot universe? And if don't, how the hell aren't all the girls in the military getting pregnant all the time? (Sorry if you feel uncomfortable answering an ask like thus but you said once that ymir would want to have a sex doll for birthday present so I guess it's okay. And I've always wondered)

Well, they most likely use animal intestines as condoms. Additionally the girls in the survey corps wouldn’t be as fertile anyway, because of their nutrition and body fat percentage, since that’s a sign for the body to look out for other stuff, so ovulation doesn’t happen as regularly.

First You Say You Love Me, and Then You Say You Don't

I know who it is when my text alert sounds, I know its her, and I know I should ignore it because nothing good will come from this exchange. Nothing good ever happens after 2 am. I just wish she wasn’t who she was, because if it was any other girl I would be strong enough to say no, I’d be strong enough to ignore the phone. But this time, like all the other times before, I wont ignore it, I’ll answer it and I’ll go wherever she is and I’ll be whatever she needs me to be in this moment.

‘I miss you’ it reads, I roll my eyes, she has said this before, and she’ll say it again and I’ll fall for it every time.

‘Do you miss us?’ So she hasn’t been drinking, its legible, she’s either up too late and thinking or, she’s up too late and she’s not thinking.

‘I’m sorry ‘bout last time; you know I love you, answer me’ three in a row, she’s getting persistent. Sometimes I like to see how many she’ll send before I respond, because this will be the only time tonight when I will hold any of the power in this relationship. Five more minutes and no new message, so I’ll need to respond soon or I might lose this moment.

‘Course I do’ its all I can muster; I wish someone would take her phone away; in the end she’ll be the death of me, and I wont survive her.

‘I knew you did.’ Did you see that? All of the power I had is now gone, she’ll have it all now. ‘Have you been thinking about me?’ All the time, constantly, I wake up thinking about you and spend most of the night lying in my bed, and looking at the ceiling wishing you would make up your mind. I can’t respond with that though, because she can’t handle that much truth, she can only handle the childish back and forth.

‘Yes, Rae, I’ve been thinking about you’ too many words, I’m saying too many words.

‘Come over’ I shake my head no, I will not do this again, she is going to destroy me. I run my hands through my hair, I am showered and ready for bed, not ready for a 20-minute car ride to hers.

‘You think that’s a good idea?’ I ask tentatively, most of me wants her to say no, it’s a horrible idea, but I want you to anyway. But then there’s that voice in my head saying, you know this is a terrible idea and that you’ll be worse after this is over.

‘It’s an excellent idea, see you in 20’ and she’s right, she will see me in 20 because I’m the fool, and she’s got me on a string. Deep down I know this should be the last time I come over. She’ll say she misses me that she loves me and then in the morning, in the morning she’ll be different. I wont be though, I’ll still be the same stupid Finn making these same stupid decisions, maybe I’ll be a little different I’ll be a little more broken.

After spending 30 seconds pretending like I wasn’t going to go, I found myself in my car driving straight to her. After sitting in the car, looking at the light on in her bedroom window I found myself heading up the walk and knocking on the door without hesitation. I’ll save the hesitation for another time, cause right now she’s gonna open this door, pull me in by my jacket and kiss me as hard as she can and all I’m going to taste for the rest of this night is whatever cheap wine she’s got, her mouth, and her body.

“I’m so happy you came” she smiles and it breaks me even more.

“Course I did” by the time the door has shut behind us, and she’s flipped the lock I know I’m in trouble. This night’s gonna be different, because she’s made popcorn and she’s readied a movie and spending quality time with her not just the tiny pieces of herself she’s only ever given me, never all of her, I’m not going to make it out of this night with the rest of my heart.

“I thought we’d watch some TV, yeah?” I’d agree to anything, any amount of time she let me spend just being around her. I shake my head in agreement and we settle in on the sofa. She’s in my head, and I don’t know if this is a new trick or if she’s changed, and she’s going to give me more of her.

Wait ten minutes Nelson, you’ll find out.

“You’re so far away from me,” she says tucking one hand under my arm drawing me in closer to her perfection. I let her consume my space and I am flooded with how she smells and my stomach wont stop doing somersaults waiting for what will come next. She’s gonna leave me such a mess.

If this wasn’t my fault, if I hadn’t broken her first, maybe it wouldn’t be like this, and maybe one day she’ll trust me with more of her. Until then I’m gonna take what she offers me.

Warm kisses trace my jawline, and I can feel her hands all over me, and I can’t breathe, and I’m so happy in this moment because I am in love with her, and she; she only gives me pieces of her love now.

“Did you miss me?” She asks again, and I can’t answer her, so I’ll show her this time how much. She tells me she loves how I make her feel, and that no one knows her body like I do, and how to make her feel good. But I want to make her feel good all the time and she only wants me to make her feel good when she calls me at 2 am.

After she’s gotten what it is she needed from me tonight we’ll fall asleep in her bed, this she always gives me. She’ll afford me the luxury of sleeping next to her, and waking up surrounded by that mess of dark hair on my shoulder. But after we’ve had coffee and she’s awake enough to realize that I’m still here and she has to say those same words to me again, the air gets thicker, and I can feel it change when that happens.

“You don’t have to say it again this time” I’ll save her a few words this time.

“I know” she half smiles, and wraps herself up tighter in that ratty bathrobe “but I’m still sorry.” And it’ll sting just as hard every time she says it, and I’m going to keep coming back when she calls every time because I know one day she’s going to wake up and not feel like she made a mistake with me.

“I do love you” she huffs “and I know you want it all, but I’m not ready for that.”

“I know,” it’s my turn to half smile with my reply “I love you too.” It’ll be all I can do to get out of this place without breaking down in front of her. “Let me just get dressed and I’ll get out of your hair.” Her pretty little head tilts and she looks at me like I’ve said the most offensive sentence she’s ever heard.

“I didn’t ask you to leave,” and I’ve never been told this in the morning. She’s always hurried me out; she’s never ready to let me be there with her in a way that wasn’t in the bedroom, not since I let her down. “I’m not asking you to leave, I’m actually asking you to stay. I cant promise that I’ll be better this time, that I wont push you away again but I feel better about this now and I’m always going to love you so I either need to forget about you or give you another chance because this back and fourth is exhausting for both of us and frankly I’m shocked you’ve put up with it for this long.”

“You’d be surprised what I’d put up with when it comes to you” I smiled and kissed her lightly on the lips.

So maybe it wasn’t perfect, but the air didn’t feel thicker, it felt electric and full of hope; or maybe that was just me. Either way I wasn’t going to risk it by asking questions.

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I've see you in the Sasusaku tag before. I love your drawings. U liked something when sasuke says to salad that because she exists is why he loves Sakura. I never understand this . There is also a version where he say that because we have you. I don't understand English well so it's hard to know what's happening. I can't find the answer

The proper translation was “because you exist, Sarada” alternatively, people saw the mistranslation saying “Because we have you, Sarada” which in turn made people believe Sasuke was saying he’s only connected to Sakura through their daughter, which is the opposite of what was meant.

Sarada straight up asks Sasuke if his feelings are connected with Sakura. He responds with a simple “yeah.” Sarada then asks how he can be sure. He answers her saying “Because you exist, Sarada”

Lots of people surprisingly don’t understand this line and Miscomprehend what Sasuke’s saying.

In a nutshell, he’s telling Sarada that if he and Sakura didn’t love eachother that she wouldn’t exist. That she is living proof of their love. That she exists BECAUSE they love each other , not that they love each other because she exists, see the difference? He’s telling Sarada he’s sure he loves Sakura because if he didn’t then she would not exist, and she does- sooooo…

Hope this helped you anon 💚

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ASHTON I REALLY NEED YOU TO ANSWER THIS!!!! So I haven't cut in over 3 weeks because of you and the band but a lot has happened and I have had the urge to every night but is really strong tonight. A lot has happened today and I just really need someone to talk me through not cutting! Please help me I really need you since no one else is here for me. If you answer this its going to be a big sign to not cut. Please!!!!! I'm going to try and hold off but I don't know if I can make it much longer!

Please don’t hurt yourself, you will regret it when you get over your depression. I have been through this. It does not help, you’re ruining your body, and I know you’re not sure what else to turn to, all I can say is try to distract yourself, try to do things that will make you feel better or talk to somebody. Realize your self worth, it helps a lot. Just please don’t hurt yourself, it does not help anything. You will get over depression. Don’t feel pressured to get medication or therapy either, you can get over it without that, but Im not saying not to get it either. Do what you think is best. Just don’t hurt yourself ❤️

Conversation with a girl who had a spiritual awakening
  • This is a part of conversation I had with a girl who replied to my latest blog post about consciousness on FB. She had an awakening and was wondering what happened. Hope this helps some of you understand your situation.
  • Girl: Thank you :-) I have heard a lot of people saying that I am waking up but to what extent I don't know. I don't even completely understand what I'm waking up from.
  • Me: Jillian, that's the same for everyone in the beginning! Basically, that's a wake up from the illusion of physical reality and the lies that society has input in your mind :-)
  • Girl: OK. Why is it happening? What triggered it? What's your experience with all this? I'm sorry for all the questions, I just feel like information is flying at me from all directions.
  • Me: I understand you're pretty much confused with all of these experiences and wondering why this happened. But there's NO perfect answer for this, because the reason varies by each individual and there's no need for you to know of answers for everything. You're literally fine without them and that's something that'll reveal itself when the right time has come for you.
  • So I just want you to remember some important facts: one is that there's NO coincidence in the Universe, even if your physical mind don't think so. Everything happens for a REASON no matter how small it is, and has its own purpose to serve something for you. You were born on this planet, at this specific time to LEARN something for your soul.
  • And "for what?" is something I can't answer for you, because it's your journey and your soul's purpose in this life, and it all depends on the development of your consciousness.
  • But all I know is that it happened (awakening) at this timing for you, because your soul is ready to experience/learn the next lesson. Each soul has their time to bloom just like each flower has its timing to bloom. Some souls has to experience more life's to be able to understand this or awaken to spirituality.
  • It really depends on each individual, everything has its perfect timing to happen, even if you don't think so. So trust the flow of the universe, and everything falls into one place at its right timing by synchronicity. So pay attention to what happened, and what you can learn from it is more important than letting yourself focus on "why" it happened. That's something you'll know afterwards, so don't worry about anything. Life's ultimate purpose is to develop consciousness which applies to every being on the universe. In short, it means to be happy, and do what makes you happy. Souls love that shit, A LOT.
  • *Hope this helps anyone out there who's new to awakening and left confused. I wanted to share tonight's conversation for people like you.

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Do you happen to know of any neurodivergent resources for figuring out the difference between being drawn to Judaism for special interest reasons vs. a true spiritual calling? I'm very cautiously looking into conversion things, but am worried that it's just another special interest thing, and I don't feel like I can trust my feelings about it because I always become deeply emotionally invested in my interests. Sorry to bother you, I just couldn't find much & thought you might know of something.

Anon, we don’t answer questions about conversion process, experiences, etc due to our lack of relevant background (none of us are converts, so we don’t know). In such cases, we direct the people with questions to (and ask for help from) @bneiruth. Additionally, I’d check out @autistickitten as well — not a Jewish blog, but one that I do recommend for fellow Autistics, as well as Allistics. (Neurodivergence includes a number of neurological variations/differences, but since you stated “special interest” I’m assuming Autistic) 

Since I’ve never gone through the experience of finding out about Judaism, learning about it, and then converting, I don’t think I’m qualified to assist you with your concerns. I used to know of a few Autistic gerim, but it’s been a while so I don’t remember their URLs (assuming it hasn’t changed). 

If anyone could help anon, please say hi to them.