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your type of angst matches really well with abot because it isn't hit you over the head with angst, it's the slow creeping angst like a vine and you don't realize what's exactly happening until you're out of breathe and oh, that's what happened. I do like this style of angst, it takes a lot of work/subtlety and I sometimes feel like I don't even realize the full depth of the angst so just kudos. quick question, how many warm-ups have you drawn? I saw so many snapshots yesterday it was wowing!

That’s much more in line with my current interests nowadays.

I prefer moments of silent breakdown to explosions and shouts of agony. But-! I’ve got a few different flavors lined up, so perhaps there’s something for everyone??? Reigen’s brand of angst is different than Teru’s is different than Mob’s is different than Ritsu’s, etc.

I’ve drawn a good amount of warm-ups, but I won’t reveal exact number here bc I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve

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1, 9, 18 please ❤

1: Do you have a crush at the moment?

Sorta. There’s this really hot, really nice, really liberal guy in my history class but he’s married and has a kid. So… Kind of a bummer, there.

9: What’s the most important part of a relationship?

I’ve never been in a romantic relationship before but I figure it’s the same as for friendships: trust and commitment, but it’s super important to always make sure to keep it light sometimes.

18: What do you consider a deal breaker?

The second someone makes me feel stupid, inferior, uncomfortable, etc. I’m done. And of course, any hint of racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, etc. is definitely a deal breaker.


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How different do you think your Snape is from Canon Snape?

nicer and 12% more fulfilled because he gets to have more bitchfests with sirius than canon snape was allowed

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Its so sad that alot of us are not looking foward to the Brits because no true fans want to see a dead inside Louis next to a smug proud of herself Eleanor. Does Louis team not know how bad these stunts are for their client number one and two the fans who support their client? They need to be fired. Ot4 showing up will be the saving grace. Louis will have his boys with him and Harry there to just fuck Eleans smug ass attitude up. No one will care about her and she wont get any attention.

I don’t know what’s going on.

When Did Captain Swan Begin?

A post crossed my dash awhile back (and now I can’t find it!) about when Captain Swan became part of the writers plan. I know we all flailed over that “Always” but that was really a non-answer. Because writing doesn’t work like that! And while they may have always envisioned a partner for Emma that had the characteristics of Killian Jones I don’t think it follows that Captain Hook was always her intended partner.  So where did “always” start? How far back can we trace the writers commitment to Emma getting into a relationship with Captain Hook? 

Short answer is; we have no idea. But that’s no fun so I am taking off my shipper goggles and delving into it! 

First let me say that I 100% believe that the character of Killian Jones is perfect for Emma Swan. But as a writer I know characters and plot points don’t exist in a vacuum so this will attempt to be objective. Please don’t expect this to give you shipper feels!  

It got long so have a cut to save your dashes! 

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