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I heard that Baekhyun and other members are sick and won't be going to Hawaii is this true? They have been working so hard and I'm worried :(

Baekhyun have a slight cold, and I think Sehun caught it as well. Nothing too serious though. - I also heard some members had to stay, but it was because of individual schedule that could not be re-scheduled - Even with SM delaying the trip. However, it’s just a rumor and SM has not said anything other than the fact that EXO would join after all so. We’ll see anon!

does looking through your own past art make you egotistical

sometimes i do, usually if i’m looking for something though, and sometimes it inspires me to draw again

i can’t draw rn cuz i’ve been busy running back and forth (and i haven’t been streaming because of my ISP being an Actual Idiot (it’s not just happening to me either))

but yeah. does this…happen to anyone else?

or am i being egotistical? ;-;

does your own art make you inspired, even if it’s older?

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So some blarke hates a character because you love him? What would happen if you started liking Beachball McMurderer? I know you won't but imagine. They'd probably suffer the blue screen of death lmao.

It’s not a Blarke. 99% of the hate I get for Chris (and my opinions in general) comes from people in the Kru. Trust me, there are groups in this fandom who hate me more than most Blarkes do. I know that for a fact.


Yo, how do you guys feel if you know there’s a couple that ARE having s e x even with the female being pregnant because I know someone that legit feels it’s awkward along fearing what can happen to the baby but then there’s myself that feels it’s necessary because pregnant women are legit at their horniest moments along with there’s no way you can hurt the baby when pregnant and if I was pregnant I’ll be damned to wait nine months or even longer than that to have an orgasm.