I do think  if we do continue to make Daredevil, I would like to see Bullseye show up because I don’t think he would be complete without him. But I do fear for Karen Page’s life if that happens.
When Did Captain Swan Begin?

A post crossed my dash awhile back (and now I can’t find it!) about when Captain Swan became part of the writers plan. I know we all flailed over that “Always” but that was really a non-answer. Because writing doesn’t work like that! And while they may have always envisioned a partner for Emma that had the characteristics of Killian Jones I don’t think it follows that Captain Hook was always her intended partner.  So where did “always” start? How far back can we trace the writers commitment to Emma getting into a relationship with Captain Hook? 

Short answer is; we have no idea. But that’s no fun so I am taking off my shipper goggles and delving into it! 

First let me say that I 100% believe that the character of Killian Jones is perfect for Emma Swan. But as a writer I know characters and plot points don’t exist in a vacuum so this will attempt to be objective. Please don’t expect this to give you shipper feels!  

It got long so have a cut to save your dashes! 

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Do you ever just find yourself like quoting Carol in your head? Like if someone asks me what happened with this? I answer in my head with Therese's "oh nothing" from when she was painting with Danny. No? Just me? Alright... (in Therese's voice)

no i do this too, a lot of times when i hear a line similar to one in the film i’ll like finish the rest of the scene in my head because i have a fucking problem, why am i like this

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she replied with this: "I think right now it's time to explore the relationship between Barry & Iris" She said that exact answer like a year ago too.. And Candice and Grant have both said "we're gonna see them trying to make it work" and Candice also added "you never know with this show, but I think we'll see them trying to make it work" I'm worried.. I know the show is hinting endgame but why would she say 'let them have it first'?

Anon, do not worry. That is her way of trying to seem relevant, without crushing the hopes of SB fans (even though they are not going to happen.) Westallen are endgame.

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are you gonna be posting a lot of dr strange stuff?

no, i won’t. mainly because i don’t support all the whitewashing happening. 

but! it’s still a marvel movie and i’m a marvel blog and maybe - just maybe - the movie doesn’t turn out that bad?? so i guess you can expect just a little bit of dr strange, but it will always be tagged as ‘dr strange’ for you to blacklist.