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What ever happened to Fourth Night?

I wasn’t going to answer this because it always makes me feel stressed getting asks like this. (Every time I manage to update one of my fics I always get an ask like ‘but what about this other fic???’ and it’s stressful.) But I’m too much of a Hufflepuff apparently to just delete it, so, here goes.

Nothing ‘happened’ to it, I just haven’t been updating it. I have to be in a very particular mood to write smut and I just haven’t been in that mood for awhile now because of my depression and my mood with TWD in general. I have about half of an update written and I have for awhile now, but unfortunately the part I have written is right up to the smut part and I can’t seem to finish it at the moment. 

So I don’t know when I will update it but I promise that eventually I will. Right now I’m just focusing on the fics that I can seem to update. (Mostly Chasing Cars, Still Breathing, and occasionally PPFF apparently.)

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what did you think of tonights episode (and its amount of romance going on haha)?

I really liked tonight’s episode. I can’t quite explain all my thoughts on it because the last like twenty minutes of it i was just like screaming (literally me and my roomie were just like WHAT THE F IS HAPPENING WHAT IS GOING ON HOW IS THIS GOING TO WORK) but yes overall I liked it. 

Murphy’s sass: top notch.

Jaha: annoying af (as usual)

Bellamy: you are bad at science but good at giggles ily

Clarke: damn right love isn’t weakness


;; PSA

OOA ;; This isn’t directed toward anyone in particular but I figured I should make a PSA about it since it’s happened many times before. If I close my askbox after a meme is reblogged, PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED IN SENDING ME FANMAIL INVOLVING THE MEME OR WITH THE MEME’S CONTENT ITSELF IN IT IN HOPES THAT I’LL ANSWER IT THAT WAY. My askbox is closed after I reblog a meme for a reason, && that reason is because I’ve already received more than enough to answer && won’t be accepting anymore. OR — I’ve received more than enough for that moment && will be accepting more after I reopen my askbox. If you send me Fanmail with the meme in it after I’ve closed my askbox, I will delete your message, plain && simple.

Also, don’t send memes after I say I’m no longer accepting them. The reason for that should be obvious.

I mean
as if you hadn’t ruined enough things in my life you also had to go and ruin vampires

When people complain about my trust issues, it really annoys me. I tell that person multiple reasons why I find it really hard to trust anyone, the majority of them tell me that about 9/10 of those reasons don’t count for much cause they happened when I was like 5, children don’t know what they’re doing at that age, they say.
Well maybe your right is my answer but I will never forget all the times my trust has been broken. And it’s mainly the number of times my trust has been broken that I don’t trust anyone that much. And I will never truly forget each time.

That’s why I keep a lock on my true emotions all the time.

When my friends were here this weekend for skiing, one of them asked me what I looked for in a guy. I know they were just being nice and making conversation. I kind of kept avoiding any real answers because I really just wanted to shout “WHAT IS THE POINT? NOT GOING TO EVER HAPPEN.” I really don’t think it is even worth talking about anymore. 

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I'm sorry you are feeling so low. Although you may not feel like it, your friends do love you so so much. You are more than worthy of their love and they know it, because you are such a magnificent person. You are extraordinary and they are lucky to know you and for you to be their friend. You are wonderful. Its okay if you don't feel like it; that happens. It doesn't change the truth of your goodness.

And they asked me how bad I want it.

MFers say they spend 3-4 hours a day studying for this class.
I usually spend zero.

It’s a pretty fleeting question.
This course is my present-most obstacle(it’s hyped up so freaking much) but I’ve limited myself to not being able to think beyond it. What happens next?

I don’t have an answer because I can’t see my dreams anymore. Looking into the future is a useless endeavor that I don’t draw energy from anymore. I don’t care much for ‘hope’ or ‘things getting better’. I don’t want to wait around stay in the first place so, what the hell?