Squad goals

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Guess the member! (or how our squad interacts on a daily basis)

Member 1: *makes a text post* “I’m hungry.”

Member 2: *sees post* *reblogs post* But what if you were hungry for goats…”

Member 1: *replies to post* “What HAHAHAHAHAHA”

Member 3: *scrolls down dash* *sees post* *reblogs post with perfect gif of feeding goat or goat being eaten

Member 4: *is late to the party* *reblogs post* “But wouldn’t this be cannibalism if your icon is a picture of a goat?”

Everything goes insane; Post separates into three different reblog threads with everyone commenting on each one at different times

Member 5: *reblogs everything* “I love you guys.”

Member 5′s followers like every post

Members 1 to 4: *message member 5* “We love you too.”

Random member: *makes text post, tagging whole squad* “I love you guys but let’s stop embarrassing ourselves.”

Another member: “Yeah let’s stop we need to sleep!”

Someone: *replies* “But we were all hungry for goats-”



Just a few Don't's of relationships.

Do not:
- ask them to do anything they’re not comfortable with
- assume that they’re comfortable with it now
- keep hashing that thing and trying to pity them into
- do anything they’re not ok with
- manipulate them
- keep from telling them if you are polyamorous
- tell them you love them and then cheat on them
- call cheating on them just polyamory
- purposefully hurt them

These may result in but are not limited to them:
- developing trust issues
- having depression and / or anxiety
- being messed up in some way thanks to you
- being in a toxic relationship
But if you’re sneaky!
- being in a toxic relationship without knowing only to realize long afterwards all the terrible things they went through.

There are many others, but these are just a few.

If you read this thank you.

Listen the FUCK up.

We all understand that, yes, Bro was an asshole. Go ahead and hate him if you want! But understand that BRO ASK BLOGS AND COSPLAYERS ARE NOT BRO. I was cosplaying Vriska and someone at comic con had said bad things about me just because of who I was cosplaying. DO NOT. PUT. DOWN. BRO. COSPLAYERS. FUCK. Just because you have a grudge against a character, doesn’t mean you should hate the cosplayer.