PANTS: Pin Up Girl Clothing
HEADBAND: Forever21
CARDIGAN: Wheels & Dollbaby
BAG: Baby The Stars Shine Bright

I’ve wanted to own something from BtSSB pretty much since I was 13 & started discovering Lolita (for those who don’t know, a vintage-inspired Japanese fashion subculture that’s gotten even more popular outside of Harajuku). When I saw this Ribbon Heart Bag at the BtSSB store in NYC I knew I had to sacrifice some funds for it. I had it shipped from Japan when it sold out! So expensive, but it’s so precious & it looks like a retro valentine (oh boy I do adore valentines!

My PUG black stretch capris have been one of the best purchases I’ve made in a while. They’re high-waisted and come with a belt and should be a PinUp fashion staple! Plus my limited edition Dita Von Teese cardigan in pale pink from Wheels & Dollbaby (who recently gifted me the new lavender colorway), I’m feeling pretty cheesecake right now <3 My hair could use some TLC though :c



The Barbie Look™ Barbie® Doll – Pool Chic

Black Label®

Designer: Bill Greening

Release Date: 9/30/2016

  • Body Type: Articulated
  • Facial sculpt: Karl
  • Fashion Sewn On: No
  • Fashion: Floor-length aqua blue halter dress with gold detail
  • Accessories: Doll, fashion, shoes, earrings, bracelet, purse, phone, compact with pom pom, lipstick

Release Date: 9/30/2016

(via New Barbie Look and Silkstone News! | Inside the Fashion Doll Studio)

LE Moana

so excited to tell you all some details of the LE Moana doll :)

“The LE moana doll is featured in her island outfit as seen on her classic doll and in trailers. Beads of water can be seen on her embroidered skirt. Her doll is embellished with a flower crown, arm and leg bands, sandy feet and decorated oar.  By her side is hei hei and pua”


Collage of (almost) all the Miyu’s I’ve painted over the past 6 years! There’s a few I never took pictures of (we’re talking over 5 years ago) and some I just couldn’t fit in because tumblr has a limit haha.

I think Miyu’s are my most painted sculpt. Even after so many years, I hope people keep sending me them. They’re so cute!!