I’ve been in a funk lately blogging wise, but Diners “Always Room” has lifted me out of my blog fog. This album is so good, I have to tell the world! Diners are one of a slew of criminally underrated gems from AZ (see Dogbreth). “Always Room” is their debut LP and it delivers the same catchy pop that could be found on their first two EP’s, but with a little bit more polish. It has all the charm of Mac Demarco, but with a bit less schtick and a bit more sincerity. While their straight foreword lyrics could be compared to Demarco or Best Coast, theres a level of honesty and transparency here that you don’t get from the aforementioned bands. The songs on this record have a great ebb and flow end to end, from rockers like “Good Zone” to the laid back instrumental “Daydream Receiver” Diners cover enough ground to keep you listening while keeping things cohesive and bouncy enough that you’ll never have to skip a track. This is a seriously catchy record. Listen to it! I pre-ordered the vinyl over at : “Always Room” by Diners


4/20/14 Henderson, NV - Phoenix, AZ

Played a really fun show last night in Henderson, NV with Waxahatchee.
Cool ceiling fans. Afterwards we got burritos and hung out with our friends Alex and Africa, their rats Dingus, Doom and Mamma, and their cats Kiwi and Odin. Nathan slept outside.
Today we tried to see the hoover dam but they were going to make us take down Roofio Baggins (our roof rack) to search it, so we said “forget it!” And went to a nearby lookout instead. Then we payed too much for gas at a weird place where you can shoot a machine gun and take pictures.


dogbreth performs “Blueprints” for the Trundle Sessions! More videos here:

Here’s our new tour poster! Designed by our best pal Patrick Sexton!

5/23 Tour Kickoff - TBA
5/25 Flagstaff, AZ - TBA
5/26 SLC, UT - TBA
5/27 Boise, ID - Feral House
5/29 Missoula, MT - Camp Daze Fest
5/30 Seattle, WA - The Cockpit
5/31 Olympia, WA - Flop House
6/1 Portland, OR - TBA
6/2 Corvallis, OR - Interzone
6/3 Davis, CA - Shaq’s Shack
6/4 San Francisco/Oakland, CA - TBA
6/5 San Jose, CA - TBA
6/6 “SO-CAL” - TBA
6/8 Phoenix, AZ - Trunk Space