random inspiration hit me because drunk stuff is my schtick apparently so have this

the RFA members getting drunk


  • i mean we technically have canon drunk yoosung already so i don’t really have to add to this but hey
  • affectionate af drunk
  • calls everyone cute
  • whines almost constantly and probably cries at the smallest thing
  • like sees a picture of a dog and is found sobbing on the floor
  • you give him food and he starts crying, hugging you, and eating said food all at once it’s a mess
  • tells you how much he loves you like 50 times 
  • “did i tell you i love you so~~~~~ much”
  • “ yes yoosung you did five seconds ago”
  • “ i just love you so much your hair is so soft how do u DO THAT (now crying) ”
  • drink of choice: honestly soju came to mind because he’s a college aged korean boy but i could see him being a mike’s hard lemonade/smirnoff ice person too


  • at first she’s super quiet
  • u know those people that just suddenly stop talking and just look around at everyone listening when they drink
  • that’s her at first
  • then suddenly you come back in from getting another drink from the other room and she’s on the table yelling at the people at the party because SOMEONE just HAD TO call Zen overrated
  • it was jumin. he said it on purpose
  • 100% fights people and you have to hold her back because ‘Jaehee THAT’S YOUR BOSS ‘
  • the most embarrassed about her drunken self
  • a bit of a lightweight too
  • drink of choice: PROBS white wine . pinot grigio. only the really good kind


  • so it’s not canon what he’s like WHEN he’s drunk (i don’t think?) but we do know that he is a DRINKER
  • i 100% see him as the kind of drinker that doesn’t get affected by it at first but when it hits him IT HITS HIM ALL AT ONCE.
  • like literally one second he’s chilling, maybe a little more giggly but then suddenly he’s belting and preforming full on musical numbers 
  • the rest of the people around you want to THROW UP he won’t STOP 
  • “(while basically holding you WAYY TOO TIGHT) gosh look at her SHE’S SO CUTE Aand she’s MY girlfriend have u guUYS SEEN HER -” “zen please i can’t breathe” “i can’t breathe around you either babe GOSH I JUSTloveyou” “yoosung next to you: please let me die”
  • sleepy drunk sings to you 
  • falls asleep as soon as he hits the bed at home and you have to take off his jacket and stuff for him 
  • despite that he got the drunkest and drank twice what everyone else did he wakes up in the morning with no hangover and remembers everything what even is he????
  • drink of choice: beer or whisky i’d say. i know in canon he mostly drinks beer but i feel like he’d be a whisky guy (maybe that’s just me projecting because i’m a whisky person too okay)


  • also a super heavyweight. i 100% think at some point zen and him tried to out-drink each other and both of them had to be cut off by everyone else
  • very chill drinker, mostly drinks to calm down after work.
  • when he does get drunk, he’s very stoic about it until he gets out of the car and you have to practically carry him up to his penthouse
  • when you put him in bed, he pulls you in with him and just starts.. talking
  • like just talks about how feels about you and how much he cares about you and everything he noticed about u that day
  • like zen, i’d think it’d hit him all at once but he wouldn’t show it. 
  • he definitely laughs more tho and it freaks the other RFA members out
  • slightly more physically affectionate in public, that’s his big tell
  • not too touchy feely but much MORE than usual
  • the type to zone out suddenly and have random af thoughts like how tigers’ skin is striped under their fur and everyone is like ???????????? we know???????? you told us that last time????????????
  • drink of choice: red wine. that’s canon as well. i imagine he does have white wine too depending on what he eats. but he’s def a wine dad.


  • this boy is dangerous to get drunk idek 
  • like the puns come quick and frequently 
  • he tries to climb things. all the things. constantly.
  • breaks a lot of the things he tries to climb
  • tries to fix said things with scotch tape like babe i guess you tried but????
  • he’s just out of control like i imagine him being like this dude i used to be friends with that when he got drunk he would do shit like army crawl across our friends’ yard with everyone’s cigarettes and stabbed a mango and threatened everyone with it (we had to take it from him and then afterwards he tried to run away and fell flat on his face) and also walked through the house while everyone was trying to sleep blasting classical music from his phone THAT IS HOW I PICTURE SEVEN GETTING DRUNK (it makes for good stories but man can it be A SHITSHOW)
  • like you get home and he’s drunk and he’s hacking into nasa while wearing your underwear on his head and has somehow built a chair out of Honey Buddha Chip boxes and is sitting on that and you have to stop him because bABE THAT’S A FEDERAL OFFENSE AND IT’S NOT FOR YOUR JOB YOU CAN’T DO THAT
  • probably, at some point, caused a barfight
  • i don’t know how, i don’t know why, i don’t think he was involved in it at all but he somehow caused one
  • drink of choice: i say rum or flavored vodka. like WEIRD flavored vodkas. like that one kind that’s made with grass that bison peed on or whatever. i think weird alcohols in general. 

i just spent an hour crying over adam parrish u don’t even understand how much i love this soft boy with beautiful working hands, who works and studies himself to death every day just to get out and get a good life and to get there on his own and who didn’t know love growing up and still cares for his friends so much and would do everything to protect them,, pls just let my son get the happy ending he deserves i’m begging u


Yo hello its going to take awhile so sit yourself back down and let me explain the analysis of this. This epilogue (or atleast this era) is supposed to finally show the relation and back story of I Need U and Run (part 1 and part 2 era). 

From what we’ve seen before, it is clearly obvious that the main plot behind this was about a group of 7 boys talking about both the pleasures and pains of youth/being young. (the whole JIN IS DEAD and TAEHYUNG KILLED HIS FATHER thing can be considered as side plots for now).

First lets start off with the symbolisms (bc we all know how much they love doing this):

It starts off with a distorted projection of the title “YOUNG FOREVER” which was previously only “FOREVER”. Considering it is a projection, we can safely assume this is from a TV. Normally this kind of misinterpreted screen comes from a TV that’s old and worn out so the quality tends to be worse than being young and healthy. However right after this, the projection changes to show a high quality version of the title “YOUNG FOREVER”. This transition meant that although they have grown older, the spirit of their youth shall not die.

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Honestly Bang PD is such a sweet guy. You can really tell he loves bangtan very much. He’s always treating the members to dinner, always nice to them. He might overwork them sometimes but I know deep down, he cares a lot. Rmb when bangtan said that Bang PD cried watching the I NEED U Original Ver? And recently he said he cried after reading yoongi’s lyrics. He’s such a softie. I like how he lets the boys do whatever music they want, letting them write music that they want. I just really appreciate how he treats the boys and I hope he continues to do so in the future.

"Suki da" - SouRin coloring

I’m trash so I spent the whole afternoon coloring this beautiful SouRin scene. 
This doujinshi is called “Wakatte yaritai keredo” and you can find it here.
It’s very graphic so…brace yourselves lol. I’m a romantic dork so I chose this scene, my favorite one. Sousuke’s expression is just beautiful *-*…the boy is so in love I can’t stand it.
You all know how much I love Sousuke so wait for more colorings of my gorgeous virgo prince <333

Note: Maybe others could do it in an hour or less, but I’m new at this so it takes me more time u_u. I’ll keep practicing!

anonymous asked:

Paladins with a nonbinary boy s/o who deals with constant misgendering and dysphoria?

;;;anon if yr struggling with this im terribly sorry, im literally in a similar situation (im a demiboy) and i know how much it sucks. just know: you’re a nb boy no matter what anyone thinks or how u look, as long as you know youre a nb boy what more proof do u need!! love u!

Lance -

  • If someone misgenders them, he wouldn’t let it slide easily. He knows how sensitive they are towards someone referring to them with something they’re not, so he’d correct them coldly with a warning glint in his eyes.
  • When his s/o is feeling uncomfortable with their body, he’ll take them somewhere isolated like the barren infirmary to ground them, reminding them that their body in no way defines their gender nor who they are as a person.

Shiro -

  • Hearing someone misgender his s/o would trigger fire alarms in his head, he’ll literally interrupt a whole conversation just to remind the person of their correct pronouns, voice bordering sour.
  • When he finds out that his s/o is suffering from recurring dysphoria, he’d do/say anything he can to help them feel safer in their skin. That’s his top priority.

Hunk -

  • If someone misgenders them to their face, he’ll be pissed. He’ll hold a hand up ‘woah, woah, woah, hold up. When did [Y/N] start going by X pronouns? I don’t recall getting the memo.’ sassy hunk reveals himself
  • He’ll have no problem buying [Y/N] anything that would help with their dysphoria.

Keith -

  • He’ll be pretty good at keeping his cool when someone misgenders his s/o, quickly correcting them with that look that tells u you’re on thin ice. When he’s alone with his s/o afterwards, he rambles on about how it shouldn’t be so hard to just refer to you as your gender.
  • Keith’ll pull them into warm hugs and rub their back reassuringly while validating them in the best way he could.

Pidge -

  • Hearing or seeing someone misgender their s/o would definitely strike a chord in them, and their expression would tell it all. Their scowl alone would remind the latter to correct themselves.
  • Pidge would do anything for them to help them feel comfortable, they’ll know how much their s/o’s struggling with their gender, but they’d be able to count on Pidge to be there for them when they need reassurance, 24/7.
My thoughts during AoS 4x04


As I was watching season 1 earlier, the character development astounds me.

“We’re making a comeback” you sound like a 90s boy band.

Does May know Radcliffe’s “assistant” an Ai?

Can we talk about how Daisy just bought an apartment for Simmons?


Dude the whole Reyes family is s a v a g e.

Lola can haul some ass tbh.

I LIVE for chase scenes. just ask @panickingcats and @sorrysosorry why I love Live and Let Die so much. 

like is there anything a quinjet can’t do?

Simmons is a sly fukin dog damn.

“Your eyes do bug out,” w2g Radcliffe.

“Like you, he couldn’t get away fast enough,” I really need to know what happened all those months ago!

Being a boss really went to Simmons head.

I like to think Robbie won’t anyone but really??? Would he???

James in a fireworks store is the definition of irony.

Seeing James makes me nervous. Like everyone know that Daisy and him in the comics get together.

I like how May just knows about Aida. Even with Fitz trying to cover her (is it a her?) ass.

Ah yes. Family opening to each other. That just melts my heart.

How did the creepy ghost lady learn to do that?

“Not all lies are bad,” BITCH YOU ARE CREATING ULTRON 2.0


Really? The chains again?

I never thought I would be this happy to see Robbie. Ever.

Now this is taking fighting fire with fire to a whole new level.


“The two fire dude jumped into a warehouse full of fireworks?” “You had to have seen that coming”

“You said alive, right?”

“I’m just glad you’re safe.” DADDY COULSON BACK AT IT AGAIN!

So…Daisy is back with Shield?

Reunion 2.0!

Ah Jemma knew right off the bat-WAIT WAS DID SHE SAY “I LIKE THE VIEW” OR?

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*nudges my url in your direction* hey...

send me a url and i’ll tell you the following;

my opinion on;

character in general: teru teruteru teru teruteru hana hanamura hana hanamura he’s a cook……… im joking okay but teru my pansexual smush ball….. i didnt like him for a while (how dare he wanna see sonia’s panties) but overtime i learned he had reasons for doing what he does and it made me appreciate him a lot more. that pomp too. he’s a momma’s boy and everyone knows how much i love me a good momma’s boy
how they play them:  ok i love how your teru isnt all about those girl tiddies tbh. like wow in game he does say “im good with everyone” but he nevr shows it and u SHOW IT AND IT MEANS A LOT FAMILIA give the boy his bisexual. also all that anime food you reblog makes me wanna rewatch all my food shows gdi


do i;

follow them: oui
rp with them:
I WANT TO WE DID ONCE ON MOM…… we have 1 thread and i gotta reply to it im sorry crispy
want to rp with them: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
ship their character with mine: THE SAUSAGE

what is my;

overall opinion:

So I was tagged by @tinygayminyard to do 10 things I love (I feel special now 😊) So ye here we go

1. BOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKSSSS (if u didn’t realize that, I am shocked)

2. The ppl who bless us with amazing fanfic and fan art and make me cry at how beautiful it is

3. Tea.

4. Tumblr, for officially making me have no social life

5. MY VIOLIN!! Omg I don’t think u peeps even know I play 😬. Well I do, and that thing is like my life (after books)

6. Music. (BTW my fav artists are Fall Out Boy and Lindsey Stirling)

7. SIMON LEWIS (he’s my mental boyfriend 😅 (I love him so much))



10. Just ma fandoms. The biggest ones being Carry On, HP, PJO/Everything and anything by Rick Riordan, TMI/TID/TDA, Six of Crows, and so many others that IDK what to do anymore

Well, most of the ppl that I consider my friends on Tumblr have already been tagged. But I tag the amazing @chai-a-book to do this one!