So upset because I haven’t been able to keep up with the New Prince of Tennis episodes because they’re all specials and none of the streaming sites here support or keep up with them either and when I see other posts about the U-17 boys I feel like crying ugh give me back my tenipuri feels please I need to know about the boys are they alright are they doing well is anyone injured I just really need to see and love my babies again AND WHEN SOME OF THE BLOGS HAVE TENIPURI SONGS PLAYING I WANT TO CRY SO BAD UGH I MISS THE SERIES SO MUCH HOW AND WHERE DO I FIND THE NEWER EPISODES HNGGGG

drasticallyfantastic replied to your post:for real though today has meant so so much to me…

i am so so proud of you bb. every day i see u come into your own on ur identity and make your own happiness makes me so glad. don’t ever stop growing and loving urself lil bro <3

i dont even know what i would DO w/o u ur the best most supportive big sister and im so glad i have u in this chapter of my life bc boy do i need u…. ilysm caitlin u mean the worl 2 me !!!! thank u for teaching me how 2 love myself its the best thing anybody has ever done for me ily !!!!!!

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these boys all love each other so much and have such hearteyes i literally refuse to believe any of them are straight. BUT YES. tbh i want to write pre-series fic for them but also the idea of writing pre-niall’s death ronan is daunting because we mostly just know that he was cheerful and that ronan’s kind, silly moments now are what remind gansey the most of the old ronan?? and like. how do u write ronan lynch without heaps of anger on his shoulders idec man

i know that is the thing because it’s a near entirely different character. and our only insight into pre-canon ronan is through gansey’s memory too. like there isn’t even a full on flashback it’s just things that give gansey glimpses into the old him. but gosh it’s so interesting, and it would be really fun to write, just difficult.

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/clearly missed the anon button/ You restored my love for Alistair, ok. And I do mean well beyond the ship we developed. He started to fall a little to the wayside for me, both in general and the preferential 'golden boy' treatment, but your commitment to him and developing both his good qualities /and/ his flaws have reinstilled that for me. Alistair is so much more than 'awkward prince' and 'lovey-puppy-boyfriend' and I love how you really flesh him out without ignoring his bad side.u fab liz

ooc// You’ve told me this before but it never fails to blow me away, like seriously. Knowing I did something like that, and for more then just you, has given me so much confidence in Alistair. Especially when I was new to him and intimidated by all the other blogs for him that there were/are. You’re the fab one here okay just fyi.

Plus you made him fall utterly head over heels with Nanna and that is perfectly okay with me more like I sob over them a lot

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For some reason… Kyungsoo makes my life worth living, & Baekhyun too… basically EXO makes my life worth living, and I'm glad they're the reason that I'm still here. ✨✨

I feel the same way you do„ without our boys I think it’d be a dull world. I think if we had a chance to thank them, we should! I really wanna do a whole bunch of like mini-thank you letters for them from y’all but its like.. How do u give them thaT………… But I srsly wanna do a project like that or something i wanna let them know how much we love them 🙊

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me my url thanks!

[ ♛ ] send me your url and i’ll tell you the following; (Accepting, mutuals only)

my opinion on;

character in general: Reece is a really interesting character okay I love following all your threads and seeing how he reacts to stuff (and lbr what he says about it that boy has a mouth on him)
how they play them: As I say for every OC, there is no way for you to play them wrong because they are yours and only  you will know what they will do.

the mun: IS A HELLA BABE we haven’t spoken much on these accounts but we used to talk heaps in the way back & I still love u bb

do i;

follow them: yes
rp with them: no :(
want to rp with them: I would love to. I think Reece v. Flynn’s blindness would be interesting.
ship their character with mine: no

what is my;

overall opinion: A really great character and a really great mun and even though we don’t rp rn I still love seeing them on my dash.

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

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I hope u r right :( I just want them to be ok. I've only been in the fandom for like a few months, August last year. I can only imagine how it's like for people who have been with them for ages. I don't know why this bothers me so much, I get so attached so quickly I have to deal with people who tell me I'm not a real fan all the time. asdffjfkf I'm so sad omg I hope the boys now what they are doing. Ok I'll stop bothering you with this but thank you I love you ♥️♥️♥️

look, if you’ve been here for less time it doesn’t make your feelings any less real or valid. please don’t beat yourself up. it’s okay to be sad, it’s okay that people don’t understand because only you know that you really loved these boys. you don’t need those shallow bastards telling you what and what not to feel

i’m so sorry for how hard it is, i have no idea how to cope. and if i can help please dont feel bad about messaging me, i will be a bit less sad if i help somebody. i love you too, please stay strong. it will be alright.

Im just tired to be fake people, cause i dunno to choose who will i trusted very much. I need someone who can make my feel so good if i trust them to keep my secret.
Well, the boy who i loved, he cant make me so comfortable.
I think i cant open my heart to him again, i just want him to be with me, just it.
Where are u now? Yes, you. You who can make me so glad tobe with you, who can make me smile when im sad, who can make me so useful when im feel alone.
I dont know what do you want.
Whats your goal?
How are you feel when you with me?
Do i have something for make you so comfortable? Happy?
Do you?
Please make me convinced with your choise.

Đôi khi, tình yêu tôi dành cho anh lớn đến mức tôi sợ khi mình thể hiện ra sẽ có ai đó nhận ra anh tuyệt vời đến mức nào và mang anh rời xa tôi. Chính vì thế, những khi không có anh, khi tôi quẩn quanh trong hàng tá suy nghĩ do tôi tự vẽ ra, tôi thường viết rất dài, rất nhiều về anh, về chúng tôi, sau đó lại xóa đi. Thế là xong, anh lại là của tôi, chẳng ai biết anh của tôi tuyệt vời như thế nào nữa…

Sometimes, I loved him too much that I felt like if someone knows how big my love is, they will soon realize how awesome my boy is, then bring him far from me. 

So, I used to wrote lots of things when I’m not with him, I wrote about our love, about him, then I deleted it all. 

Ta~dah! He’s mine now, no one could ever know how great my boyfriend is and no one will bring him away…

I guess it calls love addict or something like that, but I really don’t care, I lived with that feeling almost 2 years and it’s still here, in the bottom of my heart <3