Grieving Louis Tomlinson splits from girlfriend just week's after mum's passing
I AM very sad to reveal that grieving LOUIS TOMLINSON has split from his girlfriend DANIELLE CAMPBELL. The break-up comes at a difficult time for the singer following the tragic death of his mum Jo…

FROM DAN WOOTTON’S BIZARRE COLUMN 19th January 2017, 9:58 pm 

I AM very sad to reveal that grieving LOUIS TOMLINSON has split from his girlfriend DANIELLE CAMPBELL.

But I’m told there is no bad blood between the couple, who have agreed to remain friends.

A source said: “Louis and Danielle have made the decision to split up but they are still going to be mates.

“They’re still talking to each other and there is no bad feeling whatsoever.

“It’s really sad because Danielle has been there for Louis through this horrible time.

“She has stood by him, remained loyal and continued to be a great support, which is exactly what he needs.

“Sometimes these things just don’t work out and for Louis and Danielle this was the best way forward.”

The pair started dating in November 2015 while Louis’s ex, Briana Jungwirth, was pregnant with his first child, Freddie, who is now one.

But he and Danielle have not been seen together since December, when they celebrated Louis’s emotional X Factor tribute performance to his mum.

In fact, the most recent sign of affection between the couple came on Christmas Eve — also Louis’s 25th birthday — when Danielle posted an old snap of her kissing the singer alongside the caption: “Happy birthday my love <3”.

When you go through a massive trauma like losing a family member it does make you think about your life, which may explain why the pair decided to call it a day.

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im mad bc now i wanna do "what if thorin, fili and kili end up in star wars after dying during botfa" fic and i do not need this hell. thanks pop. i blame(love) you

Do it. Listen to my voice. I sound like Sheev Palpatine. Dew et.

(Seriously, I need. Imagine Thorin meeting Baze Malbus, and being all like “I'mma braid Dwarven beads into your epic hair”)


(And cmon, Fili? With lightsabers and blasters and all that at his disposal? He could be the clones’ favorite.)

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