It’s been four days since your death
Three since I’ve known
I’m either crying or sleeping
All I do is miss you
You had so much to offer the world
We had made such big plans
You’re the most thoughtful person
I’ve ever met
I’ve never met anyone so eager
to change things
It’s just not fair
How can God be so harsh?
To just take you from me
To just take you from everyone
I’ll remember you forever
I’ll miss you forever
God I really want to stop crying.

little abuse survivor things: do you ever talk to someone you care about, about like… some real shit? and they offhandedly say something that just paints a huge picture on what that person has gone through, in so few words?

someone you love saying something like “are you mad at me for crying?” can suddenly be so eye opening and you just want to hold them and inside you’re just wondering who hurt someone so good

Merlin Femslash Fic Rec (Part 1)

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In which there is so much great femslash in the Merlin fandom that I couldn’t fit it all in one post! To be continued… until then please enjoy these lovely fics from these amazing writers <3

The Secession of Cornwall (soon to be officialised) by Allothi

“I’m really not sure this is a good idea.” (Morgana/Gwen)

One of my favourite ever Morgwen fics, it’s so funny, sweet, and emotional <3

Liminal Rites (A Deep Dive Remix) by nomical 

They say there’s a woman in the water. (Freya/Vivian)

Do you like mythical sea creatures and historical feminism and endings that make you want to punch the air in delight and also cry a little? Of course you do, go read :)

Centre of Gravity by Woldy

No summary (Morgana/Gwen)

Swordplay and sex, what more do you need? Morgana is so cheeky and fun in this one! Lovely remix by emei available too.

Be Wary of Powerful Magic and Strong Drink by Netgirl_y2k

The AU of Sweet Dreams where the love spell makes Vivian fall for Morgana. (Morgana/Vivian)

Absolutely hilarious fic, Morgana’s POV is laugh out loud funny and it’s packed with great one liners.

Overtake by emei

Sometimes you don’t know what’s missing. (Morgana/Gwen)

A teeny tiny wonderful fic that somehow perfectly captures the excitement that comes with the first flush of love.

Doorsteps by kathkin

Vaguely Victorian AU in which Vivian is a wealthy lady and Freya is a werecat who sleeps on doorsteps. (Freya/Vivian)

Short and sweet historical au with cursed Freya and deliberately oblivious Viv.

Bird of Passage by emei

“I don’t believe in ownership. And I’m going home. Have fun now,” Morgana says and leaves Gwen hot and breathless, staring after her. (Morgana/Gwen, Gwen/Others)

A lovely, sexy, complex polyamorous Morgwen fic.

The Last Human Word by lady_ragnell

Princesses are supposed to have feelings, after all, but only good ones. (Mithian/Elena/Vivian)

A sad yet hopeful little fic where ‘Princesses’ are AI prostitutes who risk being reprogrammed when they displease. But Mithian has a plan…

The Super Part I Can Handle by sophinisba

Freya’s secret identity is less mysterious to Gwen than she thinks. (Freya/Gwen)

Sexy little superhero au in which Gwen is badass and knows what’s up.

Before We Get Much Older by Zee

Gwen and Morgana grow up. (Morgana/Gwen)

A long, emotional look at Gwen and Morgana through their childhood and into the first series. Beware of feeeeels.

Plans for You and Me by lady_ragnell

Elena wakes up in Gretna Green, hung over and married to her best friend. This is not how their post-grad road trip was supposed to go. (Elena/Morgana)

Elena and Morgana accidentally get married and neither of them are exactly unhappy about it, even if Elena always thought she was straight before…

moon signs in love
  • aries moon:warm, protective, possessive; will grab your waist in public so everyone knows you belong to them, roasts you and compliments you in the same sentence, will only be selfless for you.
  • taurus moon:steady, gentle, attentive; they'll hold you when you cry, they'll be so afraid to let you down. they'll offer to buy you anything you want. they'll promise they won't ever leave you.
  • gemini moon:always so lighthearted, they fear the deepness of their feeling for you... they'll do anything to make you laugh and smile, they'll kiss you and then ask if they did alright. they will tell you everything.
  • cancer moon:caring, receptive to your needs, clinging; will never be the first to break away from a hug. they'll insist on babying you and making sure you're comfortable. they'll follow you anywhere.
  • leo moon:they are your knight, your bodyguard, your friend; they'll protect you and support you, they'll ask about your day before telling you about theirs. they'll proudly introduce you to everyone they know. they'll rub your back and hold you tight when you cry.
  • virgo moon:always shy in love, but never flighty or insincere; will help you with your work and try to help you improve, will go out of their way to help you excel, will nag you to take care of yourself. will put you first in everything that they do.
  • libra moon:romantic, compromising; they'll do anything to keep you happy. they'll give you a bubble bath when you're exhausted and sad, they'll cook you your favorite food and always let you pick the movies you watch together, they'll take cute pictures of you so you can see how beautiful you are.
  • scorpio moon:deep, painful, obsessive love; you will be the only thing on their mind. they'll hold you so tightly to keep you (and them) from falling apart, they'll defend you in public, they won't hide things from you. they'll be honest for you, and they'll make sure you know they will never leave you.
  • sagittarius moon:the strong becomes soft, the runner slows to a walk. they'll take you on adventures and teach you everything they know about the world. they'll be so patient and loving with you, because they've become putty in your hands.
  • capricorn moon:steady, thoughtful, patient. will help you with school/work, will be your rock in times of crisis, will be the only constant thing in your chaotic life. they'll see the brighter side of life in you. they'll hug you and tell you they never want to let go.
  • aquarius moon:they'll tell you everything they know about everything, invite you into the strange world of their mind. they'll introduce you to their way of life, their opinions. they care what you think, they want to know how your mind works. they find beauty in the mind before your body. they find you the most interesting creature they've ever met.
  • pisces moon:dreamy, idealistic, pampering; they will want to know who you are, your secrets and your dark side. they'll talk about you like you're a god to their friends. they'll do their best to explain to you why they are broken. they'll kiss you so gently, like butterflies against your skin. they'll paint the world in new colors, just for you.

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers recreate a pose from Swing Time (1936), in the 1980’s.


“I hope people half my age and twice my age will listen to my music. I want it to live forever and for my audience to feel like they have a friend in my music.” - Hunter Hayes

inspired by [x]

I wanna be that girl… The girl you can’t stop thinking about all the time. The only girl you ever want to talk to. The girl you talk to your friends about. The girl you introduce to your family. The girl you dream about growing old with and having a family. The girl that can actually put a real smile on your face and who makes you laugh until you cry. The girl you can be your complete self around. The girl you love to death and would do anything for her. I wanna be that girl.

Nick Jonas, Taylor Swift & Lorde chatting at VMAs 2014


cs hiatus meme :: two important moments [½]

Killian figuring out exactly who Emma was (something that even she had trouble admitting in 3x02), and seeing right past all those walls, within only hours of knowing her.

Do you ever think about me?

At night, do you ever wonder how I’ve been doing, or what I’ve been up to?
During the day, do you ever see something that reminds you of me?
Do you ever feel the need to say something but just don’t know how to start talking to me?

Because I do think about you.


Things I cry about at 1 AM

S. N. A.


25 days of delena | day 6: delena + season 6

You erased him. You had Alaric compel you to forget every good thing that Damon ever did. You made him a monster in your own mind because you couldn’t handle the grief of losing him. Because you were in love with him, and he was in love with you, and when Damon died, a part of you died, too.